NEW: Casio’s latest selfie camera – EX-TR80


The new generation of TR80 from Casio will BLOW you away for sure! These selfie-oriented compact digital cameras never fail to meet a girls expectation.

As you can see, it is available in three colours – White, Pink and Black. My personal favourite is black because one can never go wrong with Black & Gold!

This time round, not only are there additional functions, you can find glitters around the lens too!

As an owner of TR60 and TR70, I must say that TR80 impresses me the most. Of course, how can one go wrong with a newer generation right?

The LED Screen display is 3.5-inch now. I also love the new functions that can’t be found in the older models. I don’t even have to shape my jaw in MeiTuXiuXiu anymore!! Just kidding! I don’t! Lol.

If you visit the make-up mode page, you will realise that other than the Smooth Skin effect, you can find other effects like Dark Circles Remover, Slim Face, Face Brightness and Sculpt. Keep your contouring and shading tools at home. You don’t have to touch up before you take a selfie/wefie outside with Casio TR80.

The camera also automatically detects and adjusts skin quality regardless of the amount of makeup worn, producing glowing selfies while retaining beauty naturally.

Once you are done with your settings, you can save it so that the next time you on the camera, you don’t have to adjust the settings again!

A girl can take at least 30 selfies before they find the right one to upload. With that, TR80 allows you to compare your pictures against each other. You don’t have to swipe left to right and back to left again to compare anymore.  Thank god for the split-screen display.

Notice the heart icon in the picture above? You can favourite your photo and retrieve them through the favourites tagging function when you need them.

The double LED light also allows you tot ale a beautifully illuminated complexion selfie in a dark setting – be it in a dark cafe, bar or party. Try taking it with a smart phone and TR80. They are different. TR80 will never give you the grainy effect.

Some similar functions that can also be found in the previous generations are personalising your selfies with Selfie Art, Bluetooth Smart and EXILIM Auto Transfer.

The Auto Transfer function is something I can’t live without because life can never be the same again when you can upload your photos taken via a camera straight. Photos taken via my current smartphone can’t be compared to TR80. No, I am pretty sure about that… At least not for mine.

Here is one selfie taken with TR80 itself! It was already 6pm when I took this photo. My makeup smudged from an entire day of work and errands ran but I still look fresh in the photo! My chin is obviously slimmer too LOL!

These babies are already available islandwide at $1,299. Do check them out before they go out of stocks! I remember TR70 going out of stock one month after the launch :O

For more information:

Casio Selfie Camera TR70 Software Updates


Author: Maybeline Sim

Are people still going gahgah over Casio’s selfie camera? The answer is yes. Not exactly new, Casio TR-70 was launched early this year with three sexy colors – Gold, Pink and White.

I did a review on the day of the launch. If you are interested in getting one for yourself,  read my review here:

If you are a proud owner of TR70, like me, I am pleased to share with you that Casio heard you and they do take care of after sale. There is a software/firmware update from Version 1.00 to Version 2.00.

If you are not sure of your version, go to 1) Menu, 2) Setup, 3) Version. You will be able to see if you are still using Version 1.00

Download the update here:

If you are happy with the current version, you can choose not to update but for me, I updated mine to Version 2.00 and did a comparison with the older version on another TR70.

What you can expect from the update are:

  • Improved Make-up Mode
  • Dark Location Shooting Performance

On the left: Version 1.00 ; On the right: Version 2.00

If you look closely at the two photos, you will be able to see that Version 1.00 gives a “whiter” tone while Version 2 gives off a more “orangey” tone which makes the overall outlook natural.

As for night shots, Version 2.00 looks brighter because of the improved performance. Haha, I am quite amazed by how I can maintain the exact same face for the two pictures.

So in case you haven’t already know, Casio TR70 has LED flashlight for you to selfie in the dark. This is so much better than taking selfie with your phone’s front camera.

Worth the update? You will be the judge. If you need my opinion, the answer is a yes for sure. I have been taking photos with Version 2.00 for all my latest Instagram posts, including all my OOTDs (and a lot at @james_awyong as well) and all the comments are really positive!

Updating the software will probably only take up less than 10 minutes of your time.

All you have to do is to:

  1. Download Version 2.00 here:
  2. Delete the old version and drag Version 2.00 into your memory card
  3. Insert the memory card into your camera
  4. Go to Menu
  5. Select Setup
  6. Select Version
  7. Tap on Update

If you prefer visual tutorial, here’s a video you can refer to for better understanding.

NEW: Casio Concept Store at Tampines Mall


Casio is well known for it’s selfie cameras and watches – it could be G-Shock, Sheen or Baby-G. But they are always sold separately.

Now, you can shop for all of them in one place – Casio Concept Store. It is a one-stop destination that showcases a unique combination of gadgets and accessories to suit the various lifestyle needs of today’s tech-wavy and active lifestyle consumer. This is a first time ever! Shop all under one roof!

“Casio has constantly been expanding its presence in Singapore, with 12 timepiece-exclusive stores, including the world’s first G-Factory PREMIUM store at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. In recent years, we have seen how consumers today expect brands to have all their products available in one place. Through the world’s first CASIO concept store, we intend to provide shoppers a one-stop shop for an exciting lifestyle that only Casio can offer. Synergising the latest innovations of our camera and timepiece divisions, we want to give our consumers a whole new shopping experience right here in the bustling heartland mall in Tampines,” said Mr. Watanabe Shunichi, Managing Director, Casio Singapore.


You can find the store at #01-02 from 11am to 10pm daily.

New Selfie Camera for a beautiful you: Casio TR70 Review

Know what is the best way to do JUSTICE to a selfie camera! That is by just snapping NON-STOP!

I do practice what I just preached! At this point of my life, I CANNOT LEAVE MY HOUSE WITHOUT MY TR. ESPECIALLY DO YOU KNOW WHAT?


My heart AND my mind was one! Both just kept chanting: “I want the one in whiteeee. I want I want I want!!!!! In the end, fairy god mother did pop one for me for this review! Yeppy! As always, Casio is my favourite camera brand! A definite TOP of the mind when it comes to selfie cameras and it serves as a pocket mirror whenever I need to touch up my makeup.

In fact, the design of TR70 is soooo versatile, even the vain pot guys like my dear J can use it too without appearing too metrosexual! ><

The new TR70’s design is so beautiful and elegant, don’t you think so? Pretty much because of the full metal frame and the lens decoration! Easily the state-of-the-art for Selfie camera!

Apart from the design of the camera, do you know what I love most most most?

The VERSION UP Make-up Mode!!!

If you think the old model of TR series was already answering your need to look flawless, just imagine this VERSION UP one!

Personally, after taking a few shots with it, I felt the TR70 delivers a whiter tone as compared to its predeccesor, thus making the subject look even fairer. Furthermore, a more smooth, dewy-looking skin in the pictures too! Best of all, you will still look natural in it unlike those typical over-filtered shots in IG !


I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the photos! You can be the judge for yourself too! 🙂

Selfie under low lighting. This was taken at Henderson Wave at 10pm so you can imagine how dim the lights were. Surprisingly, the selfie is not as grainy as I thought it would be due to the low exposure! KUDOS to its night shots!

Because I have a camera thisssss good, more guys came to join in for a flawless wefie!

It has a 21mm wide angle lens that is wide enough for group portraits. Because of the screen’s flexibility to rotate and freely movable frame, you can capture a lot of error-free wefie with your friends!

There are also two new functions:

Make-up on Movie – which is very good for make short vlogs and video reviews!!! Make up mode is on even when you are recording yourself. Who doesn’t want to look flawless in videos too you tell me?!

Instant Movie – You can join multiple cuts together to make your own movie. It’s like creating a higher quality video for Instagram!

Like other Casio camera,

You can download Exilim CONNECt in apps store or google play and have your desired photo transferred to you instantly. No more blurry photos for your social media platforms? Only prettier and clearer selfies? YAY!!

Other functions like Selfie Art, Selfie Pad and more remains the same from my previous review. To find out more, read here:

TR70 is retailing at $1399 and is available in three colors: Gold, White, Vivid Pink.


JamesnMaybel’s Bali Adventure Trip with Casio FR100

If 2016 is a 365 page book, I would think JamesnMaybel has already penned down an exciting first chapter by being part of Casio’s Project: To review their latest FR100 camera in Bali!

But before I begin, let us set three important disclaimers. One to fully credit the pictures & another to prove our objectivity in reviewing this camera.

1)All photos are NOT edited (aka #nofilter in IG term) & FULLY taken with the Casio FR100.

2)No payment nor sponsorship of FR100 was exchanged for this project.

3)All opinions are made solely based on our own experience – JamesnMaybel.

With that said, now you are all set to click your way through this post as though you were also on this Bali adventure with JamesnMaybel + Casio crew!

Why Bali? What better place to review the FR100 other than Bali with its myriad of exciting outdoor activities! In fact, some of the activities we engaged in are definitely ready to put the camera to its TOUGHEST durability test yet. In terms of the extremity, let’s just say some bruises were inflicted upon our limbs during these activities which took more than a week to heal! *Sob*

So, was the FR100 able to prove itself to be as tough as its sister brand, the G-Shock? Let’s see ><

How can we go Bali without a single picture of its beautiful beaches! So let me start the post with my most satisfied photo of the peaceful beach at Crystal Bay!

Why am I satisfied?

Simply because we managed to still capture this landscape picture clean, clear and most importantly in HIGH resolution despite of the difficult condition we faced that day due to strong lighting. No conditions is ever too difficult for the FR100 to handle with its facelifted engine & lens! Good for those who are camera/photography newbies, this is simply a quick cheat to show off your photography skills with the pictures taken by the FR100! ><

Activities done to test the camera:

1. AVT Ride (@ Bali Quad Discovery Tours)

First day was all about beaches & high resolution landscape shots. The real adventure came on the second day with the AVT Ride being the first challenge for the FR100!

First, let me show you the standard ‘Casio-Approved’ stance we took to snap most of our shots during this trip: Shot Free-Style (With the camera lens at the tip of a selfie stick while controlled close to you)!

Truth be told, I used to sneer at the sight of selfie sticks but the versatility of FR100 combined with a selfie stick just proved me all wrong! Detaching the camera from the controller makes for a more advanced free-style camera which allow us to creatively snap our selfies/wefies!

See our Epic 360 ‘Trusurround View’ shot taken on our  AVT ride!

Combined with its 16mm (35mm film equivalent) SUPER W-I-D-E-angle lens, this allows for easy capture of the magnificent outdoor as natural backdrop! Outdoor shooting never been this fun till we got hold of the FR100!

On the flip side, it is so wide, I find it hard to not get photobomb sometimes! Grrr!

One other versatile & creative way we snap our AVT ride experience was to mount the camera lens onto the front of the vehicle which continuously took videos of us going up and down the bumpy mountains!

This is just 2 of the 6 ways we manipulated the FR100 to create a wholesome gallery of our AVT ride experience. We showcased 2! We shall save the other 4 methods to your creativity! Lol!

Off JamesnMaybel go!

2. Canyon Tubing (@Bali Quad Discovery Tours)

There was hardly any time for us to catch our breadth as we were rushed to the next station after the AVT Ride: the Canyon Tubing!

After passing the ‘Shake’ test, now it is for the ‘Water’ test! How would the FR100 fare in this seemingly perilous environment?

We have absolutely no idea just like J with his worried & clueless face in this picture! Nonetheless, this was his most EPIC picture for this trip as he absolutely love the vibrancy in the ’50 shades of green’ around him as well as the clear resolution of the gushing stream!

Whereas for me, my most EPIC photo just got to be this one below! Capture at the moment when I was busy snapping selfies until I felt a drop!

One moment I was seating on the tubing. Next moment, the tubing was seating on me! Haha! I was fully drenched along with my FR100!

First thought that came to my mind: Is my camera is working?!

The verdict to the Water Test was positive! The FR100 has proved itself to be waterproof! After which, I didn’t spare any moment worrying about the water threat anymore as long as the USB ports are closed!

In fact, I wasn’t the only one capsizing. Even J capsized multiple times & to our amazement, the FR100 remained alive all these while till the end of our tubing session! KUDOS to its water-proof function I must say!

One other good thing J & I agree unanimously was its user-friendly interface! I would say it is almost idiot proof. We took less than 10 minutes to figure all its function! The function buttons were well arranged on the touch screen interface! So we save much time ‘sulking’ OVER navigating around the buttons and instead IN FRONT of the camera (for fun)!

Even after our ‘sulking’ wefies, I still have enough time for my own selfies! Love Casio for being so customer user oriented !

The whole ride was approximately 2 hours long!

You must have thought that after turning on the FR100 for a straight 1 hours of video recording (AVT ride) followed by 2 hours of On & Off ‘Time Lapse’ on th(Canyon Tubing) would have fully flatten the battery! Then you are wrong! Our battery was only 3/4 burnt at this point of time!

With such durable battery life span, I must say it surely does live up to its name to be an Adventurer Camera!

3. Snorkeling (Crystal Bay & Mangrove Point @ Nusa Penida)

For the very last activity before we make our way back to homeland Singapore! One which JamesnMaybel has been waiting most eagerly for: Snorkeling @ 2 of the most highly-raved locations (Crystal Bay & Mangrove Point) in Bali!

At this point of time, the test is more than just ‘Quality of pictures taken’, ‘Durability’ & ‘Waterproof’. This time around, we want to experience all 3 of this qualities put together: How good are the shots taken by FR100 underwater!

Off we go to Crystal Bay first!

FR100 has proven its worth in taking landscape shots, here is the proof it can take nice human wefie shot … well as selfie shot!


Into the clear waters with my FR100 well secured to my life jacket!

Shots delivered by Fr100 for you readers to judge!

My photos were taken without any casing! Do note that we were only on the surface of the water while taking these photos hence this was a good 3-4m away from where we were.

Also, I must say I put my life on the line taking these shots. Firstly, I have very bad motion sickness. To compound the problem, the current on that day was much stronger than usual! Hence, my hands was shaking non-stop!

However, I think the shot was still considered relatively clear (as seen in these two pictures) very much thanks to to improved high level of stabilization in 3-axis for shake that occurs when moved while shooting!

For divers, good news for you! The FR100 can go up to 20m deep if you buy the marine casing!

Other functions of the camera which I love:

-Time Lapse

Like the videos of moving clouds and sunset in shows while the buildings in them remains stationary? You can do this with FR100.

You can record the process of the sun setting with this.

Let me show you an example of a Time Lapse clip.

-Strong Stabilization

I used another camera before and we were going around with the camera. My friend had motion sickness after watching the video so a strong stabilization helps! We recorded some videos during the AVT ride and I will share the videos with you guys soon.

-Photo Collage

You can summarize your day with these functions by rating your pictures in the camera. The higher the rating, the chances of them appearing in the random collage will be higher!

Time to end the post with a glass of refreshing watermelon juice!

Oh! And not to forget mentioning this photo was taken and transferred immediately & conveniently through the ExilimCONNECT. This app makes transferring of photo from the camera to any smartphone a simple task ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

If there is one thing we have to complain about this camera would be its price point! Currently, the FR100 is retailing at SGD699 (not inclusive of equipments for photo-taking e.g. selfie).

We really do love this camera and would certainly hope that the price point come down to a more affordable level especially when we do travel quite frequently. Furthermore, we don’t usually have the luxury of someone taking our wefies with a wide shot of the backdrop for us! The FR100 would be the perfect camera for this task!

Casio G-Shock GPW-1000


People who knows me well would know I am a watch addict. This ‘addiction’ started since 2 years ago when I was exposed by a close friend to watches of all kind especially the luxury ones of which mostly are either automatic or hand-wound. Nonetheless, electronic watch has been a genre which was in my blind spot till the day I set eyes upon the latest addition to the world-renowned “unbreakable watch”, G-Shock’s range: The GPW-1000 !

The GPW-1000 prides itself to be the World’s First GPS Atomic Solar Hybrid Time Calibration System that can receive both Global Positioning System (GPS) signal & Radio wave time-calibation signals transmitted from six stations worldwide (two in Japan and one each in North America, UK, Germany, and China).

To put it simply in layman, regardless where you are on this surface of the Earth be it from the driest desert dunes to the wettest marine environment, as long as you are reachable by GPS signal OR radio wave, this amazing watch will definitely be able to calibrate the time in your immediate timezone! All it takes is just a simple click & a mere seven seconds to a minute for the watch to get accurate time from GPS signal time information !

The first G-SHOCK was born out of an engineer’s dream of creating an unbreakable watch. Since 1983, our designs have continued to evolve to capture new trends and challenge the limits with advanced technology so that we always surpass the imagination of our customers. With the debut of Casio’s new hybrid timekeeping system, the Gravitymaster GPW-1000 is probably one of the most spectacular series in our premium range of G-SHOCK timepieces” said Mr.Koyu Kotani, Assistant General Manager, Timepiece Division, Casio Singapore.

No better place for me to showcase its ultimte sturdy exterior apart from the top of this rocky, harsh-looking background! Even the hardness of the background is secondary if you hear what goes into this attractive-looking watch:

It has an Advanced Triple G Resist construction which allows it to easily withstand shocks, centrifugal force, and even vibrations. Sounds like something indestructible? Needs of pilots and aviation enthusiasts are also met. CHECKED!

Scratch-resistant DLC coating on the bezel featuring a hard diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating that is both scratch resistant and sophisticated looking. Furthermore, it came with a 27-city world time guide printed on the bezel. Don’t you like the double hook there? I am totally digging this.

I have a thing for carbon fiber and I was really glad to find out that GPW-1000 has durable carbon fiber insert wristband. The subtly-embedded strip of carbon fiber on its underside serves to reinforce the band so as to offer the strength & durability to last. Pretty sure this watch is a good investment because of the materials used.

Other features within the watch comprise of a photoluminescent hour markers, water resistance of up to 200 metres, LED illumination to increase visibility in the dark (activated with a click to the top right hand corner button), approximate latitude, seconds, stopwatch, countdown timer, alarm (of which the various modes can be selected by clicking the botton left hand button), and a calendar.

IF you are the kind that would frown upon the hassle of having to change battery for your watch, you would be pleased to know the GPW-1000 uses solar-charged battery. So as long as you get it exposed under the sun, it will be well charged to keep running! Furthermore, to make it even more power efficient, the GPW-1000 uses a low-power GPS LSI to receive GPS signal thus saving you the worry of battery drain.

For my upcoming trips abroad, this timepeice is definitely the way to go~ Simply because of the Dual time display function which can simultaneously displays the time in two separate cities.

Notice the small 24-hr clock (at the bottom left hand corner of the watch interior)? This allows you to store a secondary timezone such that you could view the local time with the primary clock while set your home timezone in this secondary 24-hr clock or vice versa.

In case your mind starts to wonder how complicated the process must be to set these two time zone on the GPW-1000, all I can say is you can have a peace of mind with regards to this aspect. All these can be settled in a easy peasy manner with a slight adjustment to the crown at the side of the watch.

This crown adjustment can be performed to achieve accurate real-time even when indoors or surrounded by buildings as the watch receives radio wave time-calibration signals. As such, you do not have to purposely head out into the open area just to set the two time zones. (Note: Receiving time information is prioritized by radio wave signals in radio wave coverage areas, and GPS signals in non-coverage areas).

Whoever says G-Shock looks too physically beefy to make a fashion statement, here my takes to prove you guys utterly wrong..

In fact, I feel the GPW-1000 has such a ‘manly’ yet versatile character to it, I could pull it off in any outfits not just restricted to the typical sporty outlook. You can also look preppy, smart or even boy-next-door with it!

Look at how beautiful the scratch-resistant sapphire glass of this lightweight 126g timepiece glistens under sunlight! Notice the tinge of blue on the glass too. I heard a lot about sapphire glass. You can take a penknife and scratch it and trust me, no lines will be seen. Suitable for any outdoor activities too.

If you already like what you are seeing on my wrist, I am telling that that GPW-1000 is also available in 2 other different colors.

It comes in Blue (GPW-1000-1A) and Orange (GPW-1000-4A) as well and is made available now at all G-FACTORY stores in Singapore for $999. G-FACTORY have really friendly staffs. I went in to the outlet at Ion Orchard and asked the guy on some of the watch functions. I must say that they are really patient with me and they are knowledgable in what they are selling.

G-Shock has proven once again its worthiness to own the people’s wrist space with the introduction of the GPW-1000. A Beauty with Sheer Toughness & Functionality to meet the wirst needs of the new age man!

Malacca with Casio EX-ZR3500

Last year November, James bought me a camera for my birthday – Casio EX-ZR1500 all because I was in love with the make up mode and being a blogger, I needed more than just a selfie camera, this was why I opted for a ZR.

I have never regretted picking this as my birthday gift because it accompanied and serve me well for all my events, product reviews and holidays.

Truth to be told, I was sad when EX-ZR3500 was released because I could have just waited for a few more months for this awesome baby to be released!! Since ZR1500 was that good, I was expecting ZR3500 to be even better. And yes, Casio passed my expectations with flying colours. It was good, in fact, it was so much better. I love the grip, the enhanced make-up mode and the functions.

Casio came out with 4 different colours for this model. I thought the pink and yellow one was cute but I ended up with white (again, because white is my favourite colour). Pink/Yellow are very eye-catching so it is very suitable for people who likes loud colours.

Buttons at a glance.

ZR3500 not only accompanied me to Bali, it also accompanied me to Malacca for a 2D1N trip with Team Casio.

During the trip, I learnt more about the functions of the camera and the different effects the camera has.

Let me share with you what is good for #selfie or #wefie.

– Enhanced makeup mode
– Front selfie button
– Motion Shutter

Unlike the older models, ZR3500 has a front button for you to capture wefie from different angles but if you need a bigger space for bigger groups, or even when you are traveling alone and there is no one to help you with a ootd or something, you can activate the motion shutter. Wave your hand and snap! The pictures below were taken using Motion Shutter + Enhanced Makeup Mode.

So flawless looking too right? Who doesn’t want pretty photos without having to photoshop~~

We can even take pictures like this! So cute! No up skirt because I wore FBT shorts inside 😀

The black button where my thumb is at is where the front shutter button is. Good for selfies!

It’s easy to use the motion shutter. Just go to Menu and on it. Press once on the shutter button..

And the palm icon will appear. Wave at the palm are and snap! You can also change the position of the palm to where you want it to be.

It has a very high shutter speed so if you need to capture multiple shots fast, this will work well for you.
I love the black circle on the top right of the camera because it enables a better grip of the camera.

Let me show you some of the pictures taken in Malacca with the different effects.

They have Crystal Ball, Sparkling Shot, Soft Focus, Toy Camera and more.. You can also find suitable scene for your picture in Best Shot for examples like food or scenery.

Miniature – one of my favourites among all the different functions. The focus was the boat and the rest of the background were blurred out. No editing done at all!

Crystal Ball.


The next two pictures are taken using HDR Art which creates dramatic art images with the camera with absolute no editing done! You can control the level of intensity from Level 1 to 3! The images are merged to give birth to works of art. FYI, you can also do a HDR Art Movie if you like!

Pop is also another favourite of mine because of the intensifying colors. Colour makes one happy and vibrant!

Then… a random photo with no effect. Looking good still? I have been using ZR3500 to cover all my event photos because I have absolute faith with the pictures.

Also, EX-ZR3500 has inbuilt Wi-Fi and is armed with Bluetooth Smart Technology. You can transfer the photos from your camera to your phone via EXILIM Connect application. The application can be found in Google Play or App Store.


You only have to pair the camera to your phone once to enjoy the constant bluetooth/wifi auto transfer. For every picture you snap, it will appear in your phone as well (no more pairing or activation required for auto transfer!). If you don’t want your phone to be flooded with all the pictures, you can also off the auto transfer and selectively select the photos you want and do a one-time transfer.
Pssst: You can also do a remote capture by pairing your smartphone.

And because we went in a huge group and all of us had a ZR3500 on us, there were way too many photos so we shared it in Scene, another application which allows album sharing among friends (it works like dropbox). Just upload the picture into the album and people who are in the group will be able to see and download the pictures they want instantly. Best of all, Scene is free for all to download!

You can view the photos shared by your friends and download them to your phone as well! Upload them to your social media platforms instantly!

For more information on EX-ZR3500, you may visit: follow them on their Facebook and Instagram (@casiosg)!

G-Factory Relocation at Plaza Singapura

Hi watch lovers, do take note that CASIO G-Factory located in Plaza Singapure has relocated to another unit (#B1-28) opposite HSBC bank. It is no longer at the new wing, so visit them at the old wing of PS.

The shop now has a new look and a very cool interface. I love how neat and spacious the entire shop is.



The first thing that caught my attention was Casio’s Red Bull Racing collaboration limited edition models. Why it caught my attention was simply because of the colours. I have a soft spot for Gun Metal and Rose Gold!!



As you can see, it comes with either a rubber strap or metallic chain.




I am a sucker for their G-Shock/Baby-G kind of watches so of course, my next stop would naturally be that few stations 😛




I am a huge huge fan of G-Shock. James just got 1 for his cousin 1 week prior to the re-opening and we were considering to get a pair of ourselves too. He loves the combination of Black & Gold but I already have a Black & Gold combination for Baby-G so I am looking at something more colourful.



Some of their G-Shock also comes with inbuilt GPS or Bluetooth where you can easily synchronize the time with a tap! I never never knew about this function so this event was an eye opener for me.



Totally totally TOTALLY loving how the watches are being displayed for Baby-G. It gives off such a happy feel doesn’t it? You can see what is available at one glance. I thought the first 2 watches on the top left was kind of cute because of it’s happy colours and metal guard which is very old school!!



I forgot to take the close up so make do with these pictures online. So cuteeeee! I heard they are limited editions as welll.



Now, they have classy ladies watches as well. I remembered working with Casio for their Sheen series 3 years ago. Just how quick time flies…

Don’t you just love how bling they look?



The biggest highlight that day was the MR-G timepieces. They are not ordinary G-SHOCK because it will “SHOCK” you like crazy!

They are very very exclusive and premium. MR-G is available in 2 colours – Gun Metal Grey ($3,999) and Silver ($3,699).

What surprises me is each household is only entitled to owning one unit if you’re interested. Pre-order can be made at The Shoppes at MBS for a deposit of $300 (cash only).



I like the Gun Metal Grey more because it gives off a very manly feel. The watch is produced at their Premium Production Line in Yamagata, Japan and is an addition to their ever popular Global Time Sync Range.

On top of the shock resistance and durability, MR-G is made of ultra light weight, highly durable titanium, superb Sallaz polishing and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass on the watch face. Diamond-like Coating is also glazed onto the band and buckle to give extra durability. As it is very very exclusive and limited, do subscribe to their Facebook page for updates on the subsequent availability.



James is loving the new look of the shop and the watches they carry. How about you? 🙂



Follow them on their Facebook at:

CASIO EX-TR60 – Creation of flawless #selfies

With so many cameras in the market, what is best for vain pots like me?
Is there any camera suitable for people who:

– Love taking selfie but too lazy to edit it before posting it up?

– Busy people who find transferring photos to the computer and then to the phone a waste of time?
I fall into both categories because I spam selfies a lot. I take selfie almost everyday. I love pretty and flawless looking photos but I hate to edit them before posting it up because it is a hassle.

Why spend time to transfer it to the computer, then to the phone, followed by editing and filtering it before posting it up to all the other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram when you can have it at your fingertips now?

Introducing you the new Casio TR60!! Already available in stores at a recommended price of $1,299.

I told you guys how much I love Casio Cameras in my previous review right?

I am now loving this TR60 even MORE THAN EVER.

What I love about the camera:

1. You can adjust the skin tone and colour before snapping the picture to make your skin look flawless and dolly (So you can save the time editing the photos. Sometimes, even filters can’t achieve the flawless skin). Love the enhanced Make-Up technology!

I am constantly using +6 for smooth skin for all my pictures.

2. It has Bluetooth and Wifi functions so it makes transferring photos to the phone a breeze.
I have been transferring photos via the Bluetooth smart Technology. The connection is very stable as it has NEVER failed on me for a single second even when I had more than 10 pictures to transfer at one go. 2 words to describe – Fast and Stable.

Do note that you would need to download the app – Exilim Connect to transfer the picture.
The logo looks like this:

With the app, you can easily transfer the pictures from the menu. You can either set it to Auto Send so every picture you take is sent to your phone instantly or select a few at one go and transfer them when you feel like uploading it to your social media accounts!

I absolutely love the auto transfer function because I can see how each of the selfie look like on my phone and which is the best looking picture before deleting the pictures away.

3. It is touchscreen. So dummy-proof because it works like how your smartphones or iPad works.

4. It has different effects suitable for different kind of photos.

(Just like this photo. How about a black & white one here?)

Selfie Art Mode can also be found. There are 6 artistic effects to choose from – High Key, Foggy, Fairy, Nostalgia, Vivid and Square.
Square works the best for Instagram addicts like me 😛

5. There are 4 very very pretty pastel colours to choose from!! My favourite is the first two from the left – Glossy Mint and Glossy Violet! There are people who prefers it plain and glossy so the thoughtful Casio came out with both designs for the same model.

6. It has an intuitive Selfie Pad which is a sensor within the camera’s 360-degree LCD rotatable frame. The sensor allows you to zoom or switch mode freely with just 1 hand. Sounds like taking selfie just got easier.

7. I love the grip of the camera which allows me to take selfie from ANY ANGLE. And best, I can take selfies with a single-handedly easily!
The camera works perfectly well by itself under different lightings. But let me show you how I take a good selfie with TR60. You can:

– Do a selfie outdoor anytime

– Do a selfie in front of your window during day time

Why? It is because it works really really really well when the sun is out.

Let me show you some examples:

Indoor (low-lighting):

Heh, pardon my just-wake-up-look.

And even after a long day out with the physical make up 60% gone and 50% of the face made up of oil, the make up mode still make me look neat and clean.

TR60 has a moulded glass lens that allows more light to reach the sensor so it works well even in environments with little light. How do you expect a camera to work well in low light and yet still produce vibrant images?

To me, the indoor picture gives me a very cute-ish feel. Not because how I dress, but because of the blur-ish feel the picture gives. So at times when you wanna take cute pictures, take it indoor! Of course, you can adjust the skin tone but I am loving this effect!

Now, outdoor (with good lighting):

As for outdoor with good sunlights, look at how clear the picture is. Even though the picture is super clear, your face remains flawless. That is how Casio beauty mode works.
Not forgetting, the enhanced Make Up mode comes with with Bracketing mode which captures 3 images with different skin tones. – 2 levels fairer and 2 levels tanner.

How does my skin look in all the #selfies? And how does the different angles look?

I hope you’re loving TR60 as much as me!

The camera is already available and so so so many of you have sent me questions about it when I first posted it up in my Instagram. You can get it from Casio authorized retailers like Best Denki and Harvey Norman ALREADY~~ Go give it a shot and test it out. I am pretty sure you will be tempted to own one too!

If you would like to find out more about the camera, visit:


Instagram: @CasioSG


New Selfie Camera by Casio

What is the first camera or brand that comes to your mind when someone talks about selfie camera?


For me, It’s Casio.


What brand has the make up mode feature and takes very beautiful selfie photos?




Not sucking up to the brand or praising it out of nowhere but seriously, I am very very much in love with the make up mode! So much that I made James buy my a Casio Camera for my birthday last year. Hehe.

But sometime after I got the camera, I realised that Casio came out with another selfie camera which is not only good-looking but perfect for taking selfie too!!

Casio Exilim EX-MR1!! It is very quirky looking but cuteeee! I was literally jumping for joy when I knew that Casio is giving me one colour of my choice for review.


As usual, I couldn’t make up my mind because my favourite colour is white and I am a sucker for white and pastel coloured gadgets. The camera James got me was also in white. But I was so tied between the pink and the white…..


I like the baby pink but I like the combination of white and gold.. It was just too hard. Why did Casio put us in such a difficult position by coming out with 3 awesome colours!!


Okay, I am really a sucker for white gadgets so I ended up with the white one!! Although my heart wanted both. Lol.


The camera is soooo featherlight. It only weighs 133g. It fits in so nicely to any of my tiny sling bag because it is palm-sized too! I don’t like carrying a bigger bag out just to put my heavy duty camera inside.


I bring my camera out almost everyday because I tend to take selfie anywhere, so this lightweight, palm-sized, cute camera is quite perfect for me!



What attracted me other than the design and colours, is the mirror face!!! Sometimes when I have to apply my lipstick on the go or touch up any make up, I will use the camera as a mirror. So convenient! It is a pocket mirror as well as a lightweight camera. This camera is specially created for vain pots like me!!



Also, do you also know that the camera lens is hidden behind the mirror? So what you see in the mirror is what you will get when you press on the snap button! We always like how we look in the selfie position right? 😀



You can adjust the settings of the make up mode from a total of 6 complexion shades and 12 different skin mode for different environment like when you are out in the sun or indoors.



I brought the camera out with me during CNY and snapped soooo many photos on my way to different places for visiting. I think by now you should have already realised that the photos posted in my previous entry was also taken using EX-MR1!! :DD



I absolutely love how it made my completion look flawless and dolly! I think the camera has the ability to make anyone look like a doll!!



Being satisfied with the pictures, all I wanted to do was to upload them to Instagram (@maybelinesim). I can transfer the pictures from the camera to the phone without the need of a computer because this tiny camera has in-built wifi!



Just download the app on your smartphone “EXILIM Link” and pair your camera to the phone by:


– Turn on the wireless on your phone and connect it to the camera (make sure your wifi is turned on on the camera as well by pressing the wifi button once).
– Input the password of the camera’s wifi.
– Tap “Connection Starting” on the app.
– Download any picture from the camera to your phone.


It was so easy. I need no further editing like adding filters or adjusting the lighting so I uploaded it straight to my Instagram. Surprisingly, one follower even asked if the picture was taken by EX-MR1. So smart!! Hehe. Must be the good complexion and dolly feel the picture gave.


In case you thought that you can only take selfie with it, you can OFF the make up mode and take any other photos of the scenery or food or anything else. It just help vain pots to make selfie taking easier!!


Girls, this camera is retailing at the recommended price of $429 and they are already out in stores since November 2014! One of the most affordable selfie camera around!


Go cute, go light, go Casio! Thank you for giving me one of the best gift ever!