The Kase – iPhone 6

So we all know that iPhone 6 is out now and everyone is going crazy over it despite the long queues. No doubt for J, he is getting one this weekend too!

There have been rumors saying that iPhone 6 will bend and bla bla bla. So I thought that it might be a good idea to get him a phone case first. Not all places has the case for iPhone 6 already but The Kase at Ion has it!!


If you really do believe that iPhone 6 bends easily, the more you should get a casing ASAP!

J and I wanted to customize the casing ourselves so we did the $49.90 casing for iPhone 6.

All we had to do was to send our desire picture over to the email provided by The Kase and pick the color of our choice for the casing. You can zoom or tilt the picture as you want it. Easy and fun! It is idiot-proof! Haha.

The friendly staffs at the stores will guide you through as well.

The picture will be sent to this machine which will do the printing.

It’s printing it’s printing!! So instant that you can get it within 5 minutes!

I doubt I will be changing to iPhone 6 anytime soon cause my 5s is not even a year old. So an iPhone 6 case for him while a iPhone 5s for me!

Satisfied us!

The customized casing is good as a gift for birthdays or for memory sake 🙂

If you are not looking at customized casing, they have ready-made casings as well. Hop over to The Kase to find out more!


ZA 15th Anniversary and Limited Ed Case

Make a Guess. Whose’s 15th birthday party is this?!

It’sssssssss ZA!!!!!

ZA has been a well-loved brand among women who love fuss free, simple yet fun beauty products.

My first foundation was ZA and to date, it’s still ZA 🙂

Through these years, they are awarded with numerous awards and accolates and this year, they will be celebrating their 15th anniversary!

And on this very special occasion, they will be bringing us a limited edition foundation case as a special tank you to their users for spending 15 awesome years with them.

The case is designed by a freelance illustrator born in Tokyo. She has worked with Anna Sui for T-shirt designs and her work has also appeared with magazines such as Vogue Italia and Vogue Girl Korea.

The inspiration for the case drew from the ZA girl who is always brimming with energy and love to be seen in all the hottest parties in town. And on this special day, she gathers all her girl friends, dress up and indulge to celebrate with cakes and not forgetting a class of bubbly for her favorite brand’s 15th birthday.

Look flawless, poreless and perfect in all party pictures with perfect fit two way foundation. Formulated with water holding collagen and hyaluronic acid, it pumps your skin with moisture keeping it well hydrated all day long. The SPF 20PA++ shields you from harmful sunrays in the day while pore less power and oil control powder keeps you looking fresh and matte.

Cute props were provided for us to camwhore. Look at the little hat, specs and tie!

I thought the sponge with suit looks like a potato. LOL.

Like a sir Mascara. So cute!

The party was held at Window Sill Pies so we had a quite a few yummy pies that night.

Pretty casing comes in a package. Cute cafe and sweet layout with sweet treats.

Yummmehhh pies with eye feasting babes/ products in the cafe. #EyeFeastForMyEyes

The limited foundation case will hit Watsons on the 4th July 2013 for only $9.90 while the foundation cake with sponge retails at $18.50.

For more information, Please visit: