Omakase Burger Introduces the Newly-Perfected Five Star Burger

Author: Alex Chua

I may have discovered one of my favorite new burger places. Gourmet burger brand Omakase Burger, located in PICNIC at Wisma Atria, made me happy for an hour as I wolfed down the buns. So meaty and succulent. It could be a carb nightmare for some, but such a joy for me. All thanks to the pure passion of founder and owner Cheng Hsin Yao. His relentless pursuit of perfection has resulted in the newly improved five star burgers crafted with the world-famous Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls – well-known in the US – which are brought into South-east Asia and Singapore for the first time.


So what makes a great burger? The Omakase burger comprises of five crucial components stacked on top of each other – bun, beef, bacon, cheese and sauce. Each one complements the other like gloves and hands. The patty is a blend of four cuts of 100% USDA Choice beef. And the bacon is prepared without added nitrates and smoked over applewood chips. Blended daily with 13 ingredients, the Secret Omakase sauce is sweet, tangy with a subtle hint of spiciness. Imported American cheese melts evenly into the crevices of the beef patty. And need we say more about the bun? Celebrity chefs like Chef David Chang of Momofuku and Chef Bobby Flay as well as famed burger chain Shake Shack uses these springy rolls at their establishment.


The result is a rich, deeply meaty and tasty burger, with the pillow-y soft roll holds everything together. Served with either ordinary or the new Homemade Chilli Cheese Fries (Cheng’s own recipe and highly recommended) for a creamy and more meaty sensation. Although it could be quite heavy as dinner for some, I managed to finish it because one simply does not waste a good burger-and-fries meal.

Omakase Burger at Picnic
435 Orchard Road
Wisma Atria, #03-15-49,
Singapore 238877
Opening Hours Daily: 11am to 10pm

Colorful burgers at Eggs & Berries

Eggs are the best food ever. I like them boiled, fried, steamed or anything. Burgers served with eggs are common. How about burger with colorful buns?

The build-your-own colored burger joint was debuted on World Egg Day.

Each color represents a flavor and they are not colored with food colorings.

Yellow: Turmeric Curry – Achieve great skin

Pink: Smoked Paprika & Beetroot – Good for lowering blood pressure

Black: Charcoal Squid Ink – Great for detoxification

Green: Spinach Pesto – Nourishes eyes and bones

Each burger comes with potato wedges and salad.

You can pick any color (bun) you want and pair it with either:

E&B Beef & Egg

Pork & Sage with Paprika

Provence Herbs Lamb

Cajun Spiced Chicken

I want a Charcoal Squid Ink Cajun Spiced Chicken pleaseeeeeee. My second favorite was the Smoked Paprika & Beetroot.

As for the yellow bun, you can taste an intense curry flavor the moment you put the burger into your mouth.

This is the close up of the inside. The patty is way bigger than the picture. I wished the picture would at least do some justice to it! The greens were pretty fresh too.

Price ranges from $12.90 to $13.90 so it is totally value for money.

Being an egg lover, I couldn’t resist and had to give their eggs benedict a try. It was simply cooked to perfection!! I can have it for my 3 meals!

As for the carbonara, I wasn’t too impressed with their noodles because they could be much Q-er. But having an egg benedict on top of the carbonara is nothing but goodness!! (If you’re an egg lover like me too).

They have pretty good desserts too! Their mango pancakes and over the rainbow were served with fresh fruits without being too pricey.

The little pancakes are served in 3 types of sauces – Maple Syrup, Chocolate Sauce and Strawberry or Raspberry Sauce.

Waffles were quite crispy and buttery too.

Find Eggs & Berries at West Gate or Jurong Point! Best for brunch (in my opinion).

Bear Bites Singapore – Damn cute food!

I have been seeing this cute paw in my instagram but has  no idea where can I find it! It seems that people who eat them can’t resist taking a picture of them first before putting them into their mouth – The same for me!

These cute Taiwanese Bear Paw Burger is now available in Singapore! You can find them at the heart of Orchard Road- *Scape!

Awwwwwwww. Do you know that the different colours represents different flavours?

Starting from white in anti-clockwise position:

White – Original Milk
Brown – Brown Sugar
Brown – Curry
Dark Brown – Squid Ink
Grainy Brown – Oat
Purple – Yam

All buns are freshly imported from Taiwan so that consumers can taste the original. Squid Ink is temporary out of stock due to popular demand.

It is pretty easy to order and you get to choose what kind of sauce you want to pair with the patty of your choice.

Choose your patty, either Karaage Crispy Chicken or Oishi Fish Fillet.

Next, top it up with your favourite sauce. They have 6 different flavours for you to choose – Mushroom, Sweet & Speicy Thai, Black Pepper, Tartar, Honey Mustard and Golden Cheese.

Golden Cheese and Mushroom are my top 2 choices!!

Karaage Cripsy Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce in an Original Milk bun. Yumssss.

Look at the oozing sauce!

I am more of a fish lover than a meat lover. So I had Oishi Fish Fillet instead.

My lunch that day was Oishi Fish Fillet with Golden Cheese in an Original Milk bun. I must really comment on the portion of the fish. It was huge. I could only finish 1/2 of the burger.

Not forgetting their fries. They have normal salted fries and Cheese fries. I am a sucker for fries, really.

You can complete your meal from $7.80 which includes a Bear Bites Burger, Fries and Bottled drinks. Cheese fries can be requested with an additional of charge of $1.

That’s not all. You can complete your meal with a Bear Paw Gelato!

The same for the burger, pick your choice of bun and your favourite Gelato – Chocolate, Green Tea or Caramel Biscuit.

The bun size for the Gelato is much smaller than the Burger.

For me, it’s the original milk bun again, but with Caramel Biscuit.

Come visit Bear Bites and try the cute Bear Paw Burger today!

From 20 October till 20 November 2013 take part in their Instagram Contest and stand to win Bear Bites Party for 6 pax:

– 6 x Bear Paw Burgers
– 6 x Fries
– 6 x Drinks
– 6 x Bear Paw Gelato

All you have to do is to follow them on Instagram @BearBitesSingapore, upload a photo of the Bear Paw Burger and hashtag #BearBitesSingapore and #Singapore.

Contact Bear Bites Singapore is located at:

2 Orchard Link #02-42 *SCAPE (Outdoor Kiosk), Singapore 237978

For more information:

TWITTER: https// 
INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram/BearBitesSingapore