Iconic Korean Pizza Brand, Pizza Maru Launches 2nd Outlet at Bugis+

Author: Alex Chua

Even if you’re not into Kpop or caught up with any Korea trend (yes that rare breed), you would be hard not to love Pizza Maru. One of the iconic pizza brands in Korea with more than 620 stores in its home country, Pizza Maru’s recent launch of the 2nd Singapore outlet meant 2 things – more pizzas and more fried chickens choices! I’ve tried the food myself and it’s that good.

And yes, Muslims can savour the taste of Pizza Maru too as they are Halal certified!


The cosy restaurant sits on the fourth floor of Bugis+, offering succulent dishes in its sleek and modern space. Amidst the pop-art deco and wordcloud wall, like-minded friends can chill or have a quick bite before spiriting away for a movie upstairs or continue their shopping. The service is fast, the location great and the food is meant for sharing.


What makes this pizza gem Pizza Maru is their dough. Yes, their secret sauce is in their dough. Pizza Maru’s Premium Pizza range is made with their patented, Green Tea Wellbeing Dough and their Chicago Pizza range, which is made with Black Rice Dough. As the doughs are patented, they import their flour from Korea to keep up with the consistency and the quality.

I admit it – I love sweets. Few things made me happier than a good pizza that would warm the stomach, and this place has good pizzas. I highly recommend the Real BBQ Chicago ($26.80 for regular 9-inch pizza). Made with Black Rice Dough, the crust was stuffed generously with Double Mozzarella and String Cheese, topped with Chicken hunk, Cream Cheese Mousse, Honey, Almond Flake, Icing Sugar and BBQ Sauce. It is a juxtaposition of sweet and savoury, a pizza to indulge into.


For some spicy fun with a punch, try the Mango Ocean Pizza ($19.80 for regular 9 inch pizza, $23.80 for large 12 inch pizza). Made with Green Tea Wellbeing Dough, the pizza is topped with Shrimp, Scallop, Squid, Onion, Mushroom, Mango, Black Olive, Broccoli, Pilaf Sauce, Spicy Buldak Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese. Caution: the sauce is really spicy!


With the flavours and crunchiness at the core of Korean-style Fried Chicken, their classic Original Fry ($15.80 for 6 pieces, $26.80 for 12 pieces) is something not to be missed. Crispy on the outside, moist and tender on the inside, I can crunch on that any single day! For those who has an inclination towards hot and spicy chicken, go for the Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong ($16.80 for 6 pieces, $29.80 for 12 pieces). Similar to the Mango Ocean Pizza, the spicy level is quite substantial, while the chicken tender to the bone.


Pizza Maru is the go-to spot for hearty, comfort Korean food without bursting your budget. A little tip: don’t just let your gluttonous gut do the ordering. Be mindful to balance the richness of the pizzas and chicken with a smoot, creamy yet light Taro Latte ($6.90) and the Nok Cha Latte ($6.90).

201 Victoria Street, #04-03/04
Tel: 6634 0930

Northpoint City
1 Northpoint Drive, #B1-192/193 (South Wing)
Tel: 6264 4307

REVIEW: Mercure Hotel Singapore Bugis


Yes once again I am out for a staycation! I always enjoy a short dose of staycation to help me retain my sanity in this relatively fast pace city. This time around, my short escape from Lion city’s hustle and bustle is Mecure Hotel Singapore Bugis.
Let me share couple of reasons why you should consider Mecure Hotel Singapore Bugis:

1) Ideal Location for Shopaholic
Located within walking distance from Bugis village which is our equivalent of Bangkok’s Chatukchak & Seoul’s Gangnam Underground shopping centre.

A little tips for the foreigners reading this post: Shopping here is considered most affordable in Singapore and usually it can easily take up at least a day to comb the entire shopping compound! So foreigners staying near here have an added advantage of exchanging more commuting time to shopping time!

Don’t worry even if you are done with Bugis Village within a day, there are many other shopping centres within walking distance. Singapore’s biggest and oldest electronic mall (Sim Lim Square) is also a stone’s thrown away from the hotel. If you wish to find cheapest watch deals in Singapore, there is Bencoolen Mall. To satisfy the foodies, there is no lack of local & international cuisines located at the shopping malls peppered around Bugis eg Bugis Plus, Bugis Junction etc.

Now, let’s move on to the hotel.

2) Lots of Instagram-worthy spots with its Quirky-looking furniture & Interior Design

I shall let the pictures do the talking for this point.

Interesting famed up images lining the corridor while you make a beeline for your room.

In this case, we were given the room. It is a double-storey room with the bed located on the second floor which can easily house 5-10 people within the room.

Upon opening the door to the room, you will be greeted with the open concept bathroom.

Well equipped with basic amenities e.g. Bath gel, toothbrush, Shampoo, conditioner etc. Basically, you do not have to bring or buy any of these items. Just bring yourself and many many sets of clothes for taking IG-worthy pictures!

Other practical items within the room include coffee machine, teabags, two TVs (for each floor) with access to movie, documentary & local channels & most importantly a complimentary handy (for calls, SMS & GPS). Which means now you can afford not to bring along your phone as well! Lol!

While I look down from the second floor, I found the best angle to capture the simplicity & artsiness of the whole room!

Glad we brought along a few outfits to do #ootd shots!

There are a myriad of quirky-looking chairs in alfresco settings (Below).

If you are into vintage, you are going to adore this hotel even more as there are a lot of backdrops with old, ubiquitous HDB flats, most recognized internationally as Singapore’s unique landscape.

Just imagine how many pictures you can take with this beautiful contrast here!

Yearning for a city view? Be sure to visit their Infinity Pool (1.2m in height). Do a couple of laps & take a short break to enjoy a good view of the city landscape. If not for a swim, this is a good spot to get some Vitamin D from the sun.

Right next to the swimming pool is a small juccuzi which you can enjoy the city view in another angle.

The Gym (same floor as the swimming pool & Jaccuzi). There are not a lot of equipment in here but there are still the basic ones enough for you to shed some calories eg Treadmill, weights etc.

3. Comfortable beds

The beds and blankets were overly soft and comfortable. We sure had a difficult time getting up in the morning. We requested for late check out because M wanted to sleep in more after breakfast.

4. Nice Decent Restaurants & Bar in the Hotel

If you are keen in exploring the F&B, I will highly recommend the Royale. In fact, the breakfast is also served at this restaurant. For Dinner, you have a choice of Peranakan based Buffet or western Ala Carte cuisines. The Buffet is valid on Fridays and Saturdays only from now till 26 August 2017.

One of my favourite Ala Carte dish in their menu was the Salmon. It may look well cooked on the exterior but the interior is extremely soft and tender.

Nonetheless, the portion isn’t extremely big. Hence, if you are a big eater, you might want to consider going for the Buffet instead.

Breakfast was good with a considerable variety e.g. eggs, hashbrowns, ham, sausages, beans, cereals etc.

Last but not least, know where is my favourite hangout place other than the room itself? The bar counter where they serves drinks till late night.

Mercure Hotel Singapore Bugis is located at 122 Middle Rd, Singapore 188973.

For bookings, please visit: http://www.mercure.com/gb/hotel-A0D7-mercure-singapore-bugis/index.shtml

A Taste of the Big Apple – Tony’s Pizza

Must be wondering why I called it a taste of the big apple. Isn’t it Pizza?

Cos of the origin of the pizza! It came from New York aka the Big Apple! Those who have visited New York would have had a deep impression of their relatively different pizza (vs the italian or even our local ones). For those who have not yet tried it before, finally you can have a slice of New York right here in Singapore at corner of Bugis Junction!

So here we are, no better way that to spend our TGIF having pizza which have already been part and parcel of our local food fare! I would say the shop front is pretty eye-catching and the location is easily accessible near to the newly-erected traffic light.

The outlet we went to is located at Bugis Junction. They have another outlet along River Valley too.

A look at the shop’s interior with an array of the various flavors exhibited to you while you are queuing.

In fact, notice something interesting on the menu?

If you have not, here is the answer which is also one of the interesting thing about this pizzeria shop! In line with our local spirit of DIY, they allow you to customize your pizzas! In fact, we had our fair share of fun customizing our own pizza!

Was a bit challenging for the both of us if you guys followed up with our previous blog post which shared how vastly different we are in terms of our taste buds.

SO if you are having case like ours, feel free to stick to the original taste they have in the menu. One of the pizzas that we agreed upon in unison was the Hawaiian flavor & it turned out to be  a great choice!

I immediately fell in love with with it after the first bite. It wasn’t the usual crispy and crusty kind of pizzas we have. In fact, you can feel the bite of the dough along with the ingredients. Furthermore, i like the fact that they were pretty generous with the ingredients!

If you are thinking they only serve pizzas, think again! Cos this shop is a jack of all trades! Apart from their delicious savory pizzas, one of their must try is this Meatballs blended in their special in-house tomato based sauce.

For those who fancy some spices, they have chicken wings with various levels of spice! We were feeling a bit adventurous that night, hence we went to the 2nd level of spice.

Choose from 6 pieces ($5.90), 12 pieces ($10.90), or 24 pieces ($20.00).
Sauce: Naked, Mild, Hot, Atomic and BBQ

I thought the buffalo wings were pretty cheap! It is less than a dollar for a wing.

The taste was unique as the base seems to be filled with a Tobasco flavor which also served to explain the spicy level.

For Ladies who want something milder, try the BBQ chicken wing!

For M, who is a carbo lover! How can she miss the fries right! They even have her favourite Truffle fries! To M, it is as good as me holding a bucket of gold in my hands! The bucket is quite big and it only cost $9.00.

As we talk about bucket of gold, it does remind us of the upcoming Lunar New Year yea? In fact, Tony’s Pizza will be launching a NEW flavour with a tinge of Asian flair: The Oriental Smoked Duck Pizza which is only available from 19th Jan – 28 Feb. Unfortunately, we went a bit earlier and was unable to try that special flavor.

During that period, spend $50 and you will be entitled to a Prosperity Lucky Dip. You can win a series of instant prizes such as dining vouchers worth up to $500 or food item vouchers!

Happy Friday, Happy food, Happy us!

Then came the Signature Caesar salad ($9.50). Generous slice of chicken cutlet there! The chicken cutlet was tender and serving it with fresh crispy vegetables (Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, black olives, Parmesan cheese and hard-boiled egg) made it even …. YYUUMS.

They also serve Pastas! The portion was good for one & the ingredients used such as the prawns in this pasta were very fresh and crunchy! The price of pasta starts from $11.90. I had always had a thing for Aglio Olio and Prawn so I was tied between Garlic Prawn Pesto and Aglio Olio Flower Clams…

In the end, I picked Garlic Prawn Pesto and I didn’t regret my decision!!! There were at least 5 juicy prawns and the noodles were quite chewy – NOT SOGGY.

There you have it! Our meal for that night!

For Valentine’s special – “Perfect for Two set Meal” includes a choice of salad, pasta dish, pizza slice, side order and Dessert of the day, along with two Soft Drinks to go with. All available only at a very reasonable price of $39.90!

This special set meal is only available for 3 days from 13 February to 15 February 2015. Customize all your favorites from the menu and try them all at a go!

Overall, both of us enjoyed the food tasting at Tony’s Pizza as it offers a very fresh perspective of Pizza and its one that keep you wanting to go back for more! It definitely set a new standard in the pizza scene in Singapore!

NOX – Dine in the Dark

We were very excited about dining in NOX – Dine in the dark because we have heard about this awesome place for the longesttttt time! In fact, M wanted to plan my surprise Birthday dinner here.

The anticipation is not just because of the novelty of it being the only dine in the dark restaurant in Singapore, but also because its for a good cause. This is because we heard that they work with the visually-impaired. Furthermore, you get to experience the feeling of dining in the position of a blind. So guess what! Picky eaters like M don’t get to pick this time around! Whatever is served, you just have to eat!

Enjoying our final bit of sunlight before heading into the ultimate darkness (you can’t see your hands even if it is 1cm in front of your face!).

That dark? YES, that dark!

M all dressed up to camoflauge with the darkness! ><

So here we are at NOX – Dine in the dark!

For those who are wondering why they call it NOX – Dine in the dark, it is partially due to it’s relevance to the Goddess of the Night!

Here is the first floor to the two-leveled restaurant! A simple, dimly-litted bar which already give preview of the mysterious feel..

By the side of the bar, there are some lockers which you are expected to keep your belongings e.g. phone, watches, bags. Basically, you just get ready to go really light to the second floor where the dinner is being hosted!

Below are some of the snapshots we took at the bar before surrendering our camera & phones.

Firstly, we are given a nice appetizer called “amuse bouche” to assure us of the quality of the 3-course meal which we will enjoy in darkness in a moments time. After trying this visually-appealing appetizer, all i can say is we were more than happy to be ambush by it and it got us more anticipative of the dinner ahead!

Attention to ALL Cocktail lovers! You all will be thrilled to know that NOX has a hugh array of cocktails!

Here is our pick to pair with the amuse bouche! We were surprised to see how exquisite the drinks looked.

The cool dude just gotta choose the cool blue one!

Don’t want to get too drunk for the scumptious meal ahead? Don’t worry! You are allowed to bring your drinks along for the meal! Just try not to make a mess when you are feeling for your drink in the dark!

Red for the hottie apparently!

A quick question to you all readers: So who is prettier? M or the drink?

Well, for me the option was pretty straight-forward. Of course, its my girl since I am also blinded… Blinded in love! <3

After sharing so much on the first level, guess you guys can’t wait to hear what’s installed for us at the second level right?

Here goes NOTHING! The interior of level two…….







Like i said above, it was NOTHING! ><

Anw, just be ready to rely on the rest of your other 4 senses for the delicacies ahead! In summary for the 3 course meal, it consists of 12 different dishes crafted from the finest ingredients by the head chef and his team. And by finest, i also mean to say they are pretty expensive ingredients in there!

That’s all folks!

We shall keep you all in the DARK for the rest of the details! *No point revealing the dishes we had as well because we were told that they switches their menus every 2 months. In fact, the next switch will be after Valentine Day!*

After the meal we returned back to lounge to find out what amazing dishes we enjoyed in the dining room.

Exterior of NOX:

Don’t you agree that the exterior look kinda mysterious and cold as well? Ironically, we left the place feeling warmer than ever internally.

Why so?

Thank to one of the blind waiter, Halimi who served us during the 2 hour meal! His warm hospitality and his touching story of how he lost his sight make us empathise the visually-impaired like him. Despite his current plight, he is one of the most inspiring and optimistic figure i have ever met.  In fact, his enthusiastic sharing at the end of our meal passed off as the best dessert for our evening!

That pretty much sums up our mysteriously memorable date with the goddess of the night!

Address: 269, Beach RoadSingapore199546

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 6PM to late
Saturday: 5PM to late
Sunday: 5PM to 11PM (last reservation 9PM)
LUNCH: Open for group bookings.

Contact number: +65 6298 0708

Email:  enquiries@noxdineinthedark.com

For this special night they only accept reservations at 5-5.30pm, 7-7.30pm or after 9.30pm.

Personally, I would like to say it is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed. If the dark doesn’t frighten you, then take a bold step into the shoe of a visually-impaired for that two hours of food tasting!


When I was away in Taiwan, James attended some of my events for me. One of it is celio*. He grew to love the brand after attending the event. We would enter the shop to look for new clothes whenever we pass by one.

celio* is a leading menswear and it is marking its fifth anniversary this year. celio* continues to re-invent itself with its latest revamp of its flagship boutique in Bugis+.

The open concept allows customers to easily view the entire collection from the entrance by one glance. We all like to shop in an open and free space don’t we? celio* has this concept too! I hate cramped shops with limited space for movement. Other than the interior of the shop, the clothes they sell are quite chic and fits the latest moods and fashion themes of the season.

I call this the one-stop paradise for man because not only do they have tops and bottoms, they have shoes, bags and accessories for men as well! Unlike other fashion brands, cello* clothes are made of good quality and reasonably priced!

For now, cello* goes back to the fundamentals for it’s Autumn/Winter Collect 2014. The collection is stylish and warm looking. It fit seamlessly into the modern man’s wardrobe. cello* ‘s stylish down jackets and knitwear comes in a plethora of premium materials to offer comfort and casual chic flair. As you can see, it comes in a lot of different colours too. So pick one that suits your mood most!

I personally like their t-shirts a lot as well. T-shirts are the basics that everyone in Singapore should have or like, so good and chic designs are pretty essentials. celio* has them all!

I was browsing through the pictures and James looked like a happy kid shopping inside! He whatsapp-ed me when I was happily shopping in Taiwan to help him pick some clothes but on second thoughts, he decided to wait for me to be back and pick the clothes for them. Happy little boy spotted at cello*!

When I was back, my happy boyfriend bought a shirt and a pair of jeans there!

I saw the Super Mario Tees and find them extremely cute!!! I wanted one but even their S size was too big for me 🙁

Some of the AW’14 can be seen on the models in the picture below:

celio* made them cooler don’t they? Have your impression of cello* changed? Because for me, it certainly has!!

And on my birthday, William bought us the Mario tees cause we couldn’t resist the cuteness!!!!! For me, fashion has no gender limits. Wear whatever you like 🙂

You can find at celio*:
– Bugis+ #01-05, CityLink Mall #B1-47
– Jem #02-10, Plaza Singapura #03-41
– Suntec City #01-327

Cutest pie found @ Pie Face!

Do you know where to find all these cute pies? They finally flew in from Australia to Singapore!! I was so freaking sick that day but I still went for the food tasting because I wanna take cute photos with ALL the little faces! And they have more than 80 stores around the world already!

Even the wall looked so cuteeeee.

The first outlet in Singapore is located at 313@somerset #B3-10 Singapore 238895. The second outlet should be opened by today and it is located at Bugis Village – 249 Victoria Street Singapore 188034.

Different face represents a different filling. They have Chunky Steak Pie ($5.20), Chicken & Mushroom Pie ($4.90), Thai Chicken Curry Pie ($4.90), Tandoori Vegetable Pie ($4.90) and moreeeee!

For me, the Chicken & Mushroom Pie is my favorite.

Look at my ruldoph red nose~

And my fat boy with his pies..

The coffee here is seriously underrated!! Trust a coffee lover, when she says it’s good, it’s good!! The coffee start from $4.00 and they are the perfect accompaniment to the pies and a great perk-me-up to start the mornings right.

There is an ongoing special Pie-fect deal right now. Buy any of their coffee and get any mini or sweet pie for free!

Other than the pies, J’s favorite was this cheese sausage roll which was served hot and yummmm… Each bite will lead to another portion of oozing cheese…

I love the chunky chicken bites inside the pie! (This pic was taken after J stole a mouthful of the fillings). The “gravy” is rather thick and cream so it felt like I was drinking some soup from the pie.

Beautifully baked crossiants. It is not that easy to achieve such beautiful layers.

They also have sweet pies at $3.30 each ranging from Butterscotch to Apple Crumble. I like the butterscotch one because the fillings are rather “smooth”!

Other than the pies, Pie Face also carries crumbly cookies, moist cakes and piping hot soups!

I must still emphasize on how good the coffee is. Please try them when you are there!!

Find them on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/piefacesingapore

Instagram: @pieface_sg #piefacesg


Back at Black Hair Salon

Black Hair Salon has a new outlook and I am totally digging the new look of the salon!!! Other than the look, the entire salon stays the same. The friendly family (staffs), boss and services!! It is just so hard to find a salon that I really really love and would go back again and again.

The full length mirror is an ideal mirror for any selfie before/after any hair services! Hehe.

Because the birthday month is in Nov, so I wanna pamper the hair by not doing any damage to it. Anthony recommended me to do a scalp treatment to cleanse the scalp thoroughly.

Other than cleansing the scalp, the treatment can also reduce hair loss. It is important to take care of the scalp as well. It is as important as your hair!! The treatment was quite minty and cooling. I like minty stuffs on the head like shampoo and conditioner.

This bowl of powder is GOOD stuff!! It is imported!

Other than the scalp treatment, I also trimmed off 4cm of my hair~ I really wanted short hair but J doesn’t like girls with short hair (Irony!! LOL).

Scalp feels cleaner and lesser strands of hair were seen on the comb for the next few days!
It is recommended to do the treatment once a month at the start. I am so going to do this again next month!! (Along with a roots colour touch up).

Thank you Black Hair Salon for taking so good care of my hair!!

They are having a promotion for the month of November.
1st service = 10% off.
2nd services and above = 20% off

Promotion period: 1st Nov – 30th Nov

They are located at:
The Bencoolen 180 Bencoolen street, #01-28
Singapore 189646
(Nearest MRT station: Bugis)

Contact them at 6835 9976 for appointments!

Curly Wavy Me – Black Hair Salon


I got so sick of the boring straight and dry hair so I curled my hair almost everyday before I leave house for work. Nah, I am not as hardworking as you think. I spend only 15 minutes on the curls and 5 minutes on the make up. Some people feel that I am the laziest girl around. Lol.

To tame the frizzy dry hair, Black Hair Salon did a Kerasilk hair treatment for me last month. This treatment has very similar effect as rebonding the hair but DOES NOT DAMAGE the hair like how rebonding does.

The whole process took me 3 hours but the effect can last up to 3-5 months depending on the shampoo and chemicals you use! I got so many compliments after that because I used to look like a LION before the treatment. The entire head of hair was so silky smooth and manageable after that! I don’t even have to comb the hair after bathing!

They are also currently having a promotion for this treatment! You still have half a month left for this promotion!!

And today, (you know Monday’s my off day) I went back with the hope of perming the hair but they advised me to bear with it for a few more months so I touched up on the roots and  did some colour treatment.

The thing about the salon is that they always care for your hair than profit – I brought my good friend along as she wanted to do the Kerasilk treatment after looking at the results from my hair. Initially, she wanted to dye and treat the hair but Nick, one of the hairstylist there advised her to drop the idea of dying the hair first as it might clash with the treatment results. He could jolly well did both for her and earn some extra profit but no, he told her what was best for her. *SALUTE*

After touching up the black roots, they did a colour treatment for me to protect the hair. I requested for some temporary curls for picture taking purposes too. HAHA.

I am so contented with this salon and the results! I love how friendly, honest and caring everyone is. I love how they crack jokes when I have to sit there for hours and not feel bored. I LOVE HOW THEY MAKE ME FEEL AT HOME.

Black Hair Salon is located at The Bencoolen (Bugis MRT station).

Address: 180 Bencoolen Street #01-28 Singapore 189646
Contact: 6242 3945 / 6835 9976

As they are always packed, I would suggest you to call them for an appointment first! I believe you will love them as much as me too! 🙂

Food Junction

Coffee shops or hawkers have a very big role in our lives. We spend more meals there than visit the restaurants in our daily lives. Good and cheap food are not hard to find. All you have to do is to open your ears, listen to the raves and try it out yourself.

Have you also realized that the Food Junction at Bugis function is now Tast Junction?

The new Food Junction has also adopted the concept of an art market, endeavouring to be the first food hub that promotes good food, comfort and the appreciation of art in perfect unison.

They serve nostalgic yet popular signature like traditional brown toasts with homemade kaya and butter, perfectly timed and half-boiled eggs. New dishes includes Mee Sia, Mee Rebus and Curry Chicken.

I tried so many different mains that night and I almost wanted to vomit because I was so full but still wanna try everything that was served!!

My favourite was the Hokkien Mee. I will never get sick of Hokkien Mee because it has eggs and prawns 😛

The Ba Chor Mee was quite good too! My table literally emptied the entire bowl. Another confession…. We had 2 plates of Hokkien Mee that night.

Look at the generous amount of ingredients!!

Another main that caught the bloggers ravings was the Odeon Beef Noodles.

A lot of people are into this herbal soup thingy nowadays, including my mom. And drinking the soup outside saves her a whole lot of time on the brewing.

I was so amazed to see an entire drumstick inside! So value for money!

The BBQ Wings is a MUST-TRY item when you visit the place!

For muslims, they have delectable muslim food as well!!

Ultimately, what caught my attention was the desserts! My rose syrup float was DEEEELIIIICCCIIOOUUUSSS! They have other floats like Root Bear, Coke and some others as well.

What else? They have a yogurberry store in the Toast Junction itself! What else other than the trendy and healthy desserts?!

YogurBerry is the first and only yoghurt brand whose products have a glycemic index lower than 19!

There were so many flavours to choose from. I preferred the matcha and Passionfruit while the rest preferred Mango and Strawberry. Actually, they were all as nice.

Fresh fruits for topping! Of course, they have chocolates and whatsnot as well. Yums… Healthy eating…. The yoghurts ade made with sugar obtained from natural fruits and each serving is only 25 calories! Eating desserts and not feel sinful is just a bonus!

Sounds good? Now you can have good and cheap food at the air-conditioned Toast Junction too!

Miam Miam Singapore

Newest French-Japanese Cafe kitchen offers delectable dishes made from scratch with top-grade ingredients and the prices are pocket friendly to the highest priced item only at $18.80.

Miam Miam, the French-Japanese fine casual cafe kitchen is a labour of love globetrotting friends with a passion for food. Marrying French techniques with Japanese inspired flavouries and ideologies, the team at Miam Miam is engineered to deliver a consistently excellent experience.

As you can see, it is located near BHG (level 2).


The dining space is casual and warm with the busy percussion of the kitchen playing in the background. The open space gives a full view of their centerpiece kitchen, living up to its cafe kitchen name.

For me, I am a noodles person rather than a rice person. I would pick ramen or pasta anytime in replacement of rice.

Talk about pasta, what I loved about them is the consistency of the pastas and Miam Miam pasta is definitely one of the best that I had tried so far.

The speciality is their Miam Miam Spaghetti which is priced at $15.80. I really gotta praise them on their generous servings of food. What you see in the picture is also what you will get when you dine there. Value for money!

Squid Ink Pasta at $16.80

Lobster Bisque Pasta ($18.80) was served with a grilled tiger prawn. It was the most expensive item in the entire menu but trust me, you can’t find this main outside for just $18.80.

My favourite main for that night was their Carbonara at $15.80. Unlike the usual carbonara you eat outside, the sauce is more watery than the creamy kind. The taste is very dependent on the egg yolk you see right in the middle.

Now for the rice, the Riz Au Curry ($15.50) is also one of the highly recommend. It is actually baked rice served with homemade Japanese Curry, pork frankurters, cheese, broccoli and egg. We all know that Japanese Curry ain’t really spicy, so the same for this, not exactly spicy at all!

The Souffle De Nauge ($15.50) was something that I wanted to try long ago. This top is made of egg and cheese. Like the Riz Au Curry, you can find bake rice underneath the richness.

A meal isn’t complete without desserts.

You gotta try Miam Miam Souffles. There are three flavours to choose from – Vanilla / Matcha / Chocolate.

Caramelised Apple Pancake ($12.80)

I was taken aback by the taste of the pancake because I had imagined the pancake to be bland and fluffy, but to my surprise, it was actually sweet and addictive (for me). I like it when the ice cream melts and made the entire pancake soggy 🙂

Chocolate Molleaux ($9.80). This is one really sinful devil! Chocolate and Ice cream. I think I can have 2 servings at one go!


Food: 4/5 stars
Services: 3.5/5 stars
Ambience: 3.5/5 stars


Miam Miam is currently located at:
#02-14 Bugis Junction (Outside BHG) 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021

Tell: +65 6837 0301

Websites: https://www.facebook.com/miam.sg, http://miam.sg

Their second outlet in Singapore is also opening soon! Where? Westgate mall!

I can’t wait!