My Valentine’s Day

Okay, with the lovey dovey day gone, it is time to prepare ourself for the next holiday! But first, let me blog about my first Valentine’s day with James. We spent the week before Valentine’s quarreling almost every night due to different characters but similarly, stubborn minded, hence, we always see our own thinking as right ~.~

Even so, we had a good pre-valentines and on the actual day itself. He wanted to accompany me for lunch because I was working full shift (9am – 6pm) but I told him I did not want to rush so we can make do with dinner.

That boy…

This bear with it’s bouquet of flowers appeared when I was about to start work. A colleague told me there’s a delivery guy outside… I remembered telling him NOT to waste money on flowers because you can give flowers ANY TIME, but NEVER on Valentine’s day. He said there was a bear so they are not just flowers. Lol. The flowers and bear are from Love Chapter by Noel.

“Since I can’t accompany you for lunch, my representative will be there to accompany you” he said.

I am the ultimate NUA or lazy kind of person so I would rather stay home for Vday than to head out. But when you’re stuck with a hopelessly romantic guy, I think you have to make do with at least a dinner. Lol.

He told me we would be going to Hyatt for dinner but we ended up at Long Beach Restaurant because of my love for crabs. I think Long Beach crabs are kinda rip off! Over $100 for a crab ~.~ I would pick Mellben Seafood any time.

To be fair, their Man Tou are really DAMN good but the crabs were just so-so.

I avoided lenses so I wore my spects everywhere. It was kinda hard for me to take selfie or wefie because I can’t see where the camera lens is when I remove my spects. This is a good excuse for looking like crap in the picture!

He even specially warned me to keep the bear in a safe place because bears are Roro’s best friend. He would bite them and bring them everywhere he go for weeks and then tear them apart and flood the living room with cottons. LOL.

Right after we are done with the dinner, we went for a little shopping. Visited our good friend, William, who was at Bugis selling flowers.

He has a lot of ideas when it comes to business.

Did a little shopping but I still opted for the option to head home because it was SO crowded everywhere. I prefer to do my shopping or anything on Monday where people are suffering from Monday blues.

Seems like a simple Valentine’s Day celebration but it is already good enough for me.

For the presents, HE GOT ME A RING A RING A RING!!!





















A ring light la! HAHAHA. Very practical hor? Actually I wanted nothing but he insisted on something so I picked this since most beauty bloggers and pretty girls have this!

He set up the light for me, snapped a photo and went “See my eyes? Pretty anot?” VAIN POT!

I got him a pair of cufflinks for his work because watches, cufflinks and shades are his favorite accessories.

Looking forward to future Valentine’s with you my love!! 🙂

Valentine’s Photoshoot with J

Because of blogging, I was given more opportunities and ways to spend my pre-Valentine’s with James.

We did a couple shoot with Lee Cooper apparels. They apparels are really comfy and stylish. I was quite amazed by how stretchable the jeans were. We could even roller blade and stretch in it! Airy and lightweight – What a bonus!

The pictures you see here are the more serious ones.

We had more pictures of us laughing like mad (the smiles were so huge that my mouth looked really big LOLOL), fooling around and all. The photos looked really natural. Love how Chee BP Photography managed to capture all the silly moments we had.

Lovely couple (HAHA), comfy apparels (Lee Cooper), talented photographer and the cute Phoebe made all these come true!

Fine stitches, quality clothes at good prices. We got ours at Orchard Gateway Shopping Centre #02-17A 🙂

I love this pair of mint green shoes so much that I got another color in coral.

I remember whining about not being different like coral on the left and mint on the right few months ago. Lol!

Still loving this denim jacket which is now finally mine 🙂

To everyone who made it possible, thank you. Valentine’s Day 2015, I love you!!

Malacca Trip With J Part 2

Well, $1 is now equivalent to RM2.54 so it made everything so much cheaper when you are there!

Our first purchase there was a pair of Adidas sneakers each. It was a love at first sight for J. I had double thoughts for mine because I have way way way too many pairs of shoes at home. I bet you guys know about me and my love for New Balance right? I don’t even wanna count!

It seems like Adidas is the new brand for me cause I bought a pair of Adidas when I was in Taiwan too! Hehehe.

We wore our Adidas out on our second day. Heh, yup yup, another pair of couple shoe. We bought a pair of New Balance couple shoe last month (if you follow us on Instagram, you would know).

We passed by some old places and couldn’t help but to stop for a few pictures.

Totally loving this Vintage looking Prada logo tee too! Although it was too big for me but I just had to get it anyway.

This lorry is super vintage and cute!! His uncle has a few of them. I wish I could drive one of them.

Stupid boy and his love for Superdry. His friend helped him with a Superdry tee from London which I thought was overpriced ~.~

I had good hair day that day so more pictures of us/me!

The glossiness from Laneige Intense Serum lipstick made my lips look shiny and sweet. So damn love!!

I know I am only halfway through with my post on my Taiwan trip but hey, make do with my Malacca trip first k. Heh.

Happy almost-mid week people!!

Cafe Hunting with J

Here in this post is Food For Thought. J brought me there for lunch with his sister. This guy took half day off just to accompany me before I fly off to Taiwan for 8 days and because I don’t work on Monday.

We went to Food For Thought. The service was good but the air-con was faulty that day so it was kinda humid even though we had the outdoor seat. It was still quite empty during lunch hours, I guess not much people working in the central can fork out 2 hours for a slow lunch at a cafe.

Food wise….

The serving of the breakfast was huge, making it value for money. This big plate of full breakfast cost less than $20 (I can’t remember the price). I feel that the scramble eggs were cooked just right. The hash brown balls on the other hand tasted “hollow” and soggy. It wasn’t crispy at all. But I guess, for that amount that you are paying for, we should expect too high a standard.

The pork burger was good although the serving wasn’t as huge as the full breakfast. The pork tasted like duck to me though. J told me that they are famous for their pork burger too.

As for my pasta… Mmmmm, the linguine was too soft. You can’t really taste the chewiness of the linguine and in my opinion, they were too salty. Portion size was reasonable and prawns were rather juicy though. I would not order this again when I dine there the next time.

After the lunch, we went over to my cousin’s place to visit the baby boy! This cutie is already 6 months old but it was only my second time seeing him. He has little “muscles” all over him!! So cute!! He is so round and cuddly! It’s like, if you leave him on the sofa, he might risk rolling around and fall or something. So chubby so cuteeee!

And James couldn’t stop laughing when he saw this photo. 被宝宝翻白眼!!

Till the next entry! 🙂

Cooking with Lee Kum Kee [Vlog]

We can’t cook. All we (I) can cook is probably instant noodles. I suck at cooking cause I find cooking a chore. Why spend hours and hours in the kitchen just for a meal when I can just spend 5 minutes for a takeaway.

So glad that Lee Kum Kee came out with something that makes cooking SO much easier! I would call it a “cheat” actually. Because, HOW can anyone whip up all these dishes within 30 minutes?!?!?!

Lee Kum Kee is found in almost every Chinese household in Singapore. My mom uses Lee Kum Kee sauces. They have 19 existing variants and they are adding 5 more to the list:

– Korean Marinade
– Sauce for Sweet and Vinegar Spare Ribs
– Lemongrass Marinade
– Soup Base for Black Pepper and Pork Bone Hot Pot
– Soup Base for Drunken Chicken Hot Pot

The chef demonstrated and prepared some dishes using Lee Kum Kee sauces, and indeed, it was done really quickly without bringing the standard of the taste down. In fact, the dishes we tried tasted quite nice.

Wahhhh. I feel so happy already. It isn’t that tough being a housewife after all :X


Our first ever cooking session together.

Met my little girlfriend too!

We had some hands on and prepared Korean BBQ Pork Salad using Korean Marinade.


Guys who can cook rules my tummy. So buck up James, buck up!!

1. Marinate the pork and the sauces together for a few minutes.
2. Chop and soak the greens while pan frying the meat.
3. Mix everything together in a mixing bowl
4. You’re done!!

The sauce was neither too overpowering or salty, he literally finish all the meat!

Other dishes prepared using the other sauces:

Watch our cookout Vlog together!

We had such an enjoyable time cooking together at the event. Now, with these sauces at home, we can cook them at home too! I promised him that I would prepare the Tomato Garlic Prawns for him the next time 🙂

Now for the even happier part, each packet of sauce is only retailing for $1.90/pack. OMG? Yup, I am not kidding! Go grab a few packets from the supermarket and try whipping up a delicious meal for your family/partner! 🙂

Couple Day Out 2 #jamesnmaybel

Another day out with J. But a more chillax one cause we were too tired from my work/his flight.

The night before, I told the caricaturist at ‪#‎lovenco‬ that I’ll be fetching my boyfriend at the airport the day after so he couldn’t make it for the event and he drew me this so that I can hold this while waiting for him at the arrival hall. So ‪cute!

Yeah! The boy got tanned and put on a little weight… lol

Not forgetting this pair of New Balance which I got him when he was in Australia. For people who are interested, I got it at New Balance Concept Store at Scape. Available in other colors too.

We wanted to go for some organic food near Rail Mall so we went up for some photos as well.

Rail Mall has seriously good lighting for photoshoot (and free parking too!!!)! Too bad we only did some selfies there. We wanted to avoid the harsh sun so we reached there about 5.30pm.

Other than one of the pictures, the rest of the pictures were raw and unedited. I like sunny days cause they give really gooood pictures. Couples who love exploring cafes can give cafe hunting a break and visit Rail Mall for some nice pictures together! 😉

If I were given a choice to make another casing for The Kase, I would definitely pick the picture below. Clear skin, good colors and happy looking.

The Kase:

I think J would agree with me on that. Yeahhhh, I know how cheesy and sticky we can get. Hahaha. Anyway, The Kase has portable battery and all as well. Do visit them at Ion!

I am seriously loving how the skin look under the skin. I don’t know who to thank, the make up, the skincare or Halley Medical Aesthetics.

I used to only like black, white and grey with minimal colors on me while J loves contrast. Right now… I am starting to love colors as well 🙂

Crabtree & Evelyn Damask Rose

Yet another pretty collection from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Damask Rose Everyday Skincare Collection features sensorial products with botanical-based formulas that make everyday skincare an appealing ritual.

The products are formulated with natural ingredients and they are chosen because they can deeply moisturize and rejuvenate even dry and sensitive skin. Having said that, they have products for people who have combination/oily skin too.


French Damask Rose – Intensely moisturizing and improves texture and tone. Contains Vitamin C.

Rose of Jericho – Brings immediate and long lasting hydration. Have the ability to survive extreme dehydration.

Hollyhock – Draws moisture into the skin, helping to plump and lift the complexion. Has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing properties.

Aureobasidium Pullulans – Anti-microbial properties, tighten pores and firm the skin.

Brought J to the event with me so that he can know more about the products cause we always share skincare products. I think I treat his skin better than mine!

They have 3 products in the cleansing range.

– Comforting Cleansing Balm ($30)
– Softening Cleansing oil & makeup remover ($28)
– Freshening Cleansing Lotion ($28)

I find the comforting cleansing balm unique because how many brands have actually come up with a cleanser in the form of a balm?

All you need is a small amount and the balm will melt with the warmth of the skin, gently lifting away impurities while soothing, softening and deeply moisturizing. The only minus point is that it can’t remove eye makeup but it helps to repair and rejuvenate the skin as you cleanse.

For the moisture range, they have:

Hydrating Day Lotion ($50)
Daily SPF45 PA+++ Lotion ($45)
Nourishing Night Cream ($55)

The Daily SPF45 PA+++ is a two in one thing. The sunblock as well as the moisturizer. Wooot! How time saving!

Other products in Damask Rose Collection includes the Toner – Relaxing Micellar Water, Purifying Toning Lotion and Masks – Soothing moisture mask and Restoring Hydration Mask.

I was a little sold when the mask said soothing because too many brands only concentrate on either the oily or dehydrated skin. Sometimes all we ever need after a long day outside is just a soothing mask before sleep.

With such a pretty launch, comes a table of pretty food.

I am so going to start on this skincare regime as soon as I finish my current products.

Hold on for a review!!

Lacoste Men’s Fragrance

Lascote has a new men fragrance – LACOSTE L!VE! This came at the right time because the boyfriend just finished his bottle of fragrance. This just made the perfect gift for him! (Actually not, because I made him pen down some of the thoughts on the scent)

The design of the bottle is rather playful because it comes in a cube shape which is pretty handy. The six sides of the cube give the LACOSTE L!VE generation the opportunity to see things differently and pushes people to see go and see beyond the obvious, to be surprised and energised exactly as the perfume does.

In my opinion, every scent is carried off differently by different individuals. The same scent may not smell the same on different people. I came across a scientific article while doing some research during my school days and it was said that everyone has a very different body scent and it is the body scent that attracts the other party in the long run. Actually… I like J with or without perfume. Sometimes I sniff his skin for his smell (LOL) because it gives me a sense of familiarity.

But being in the sales line, it is always important to smell pleasant. I opened the LACOSTE L!VE and told him that it has a little musky smell and I kind of like it because it also emits the scent of freshness. I guess it could be due to the dynamic burst of lime, green leaves and aquatic notes. The green leaves and aquatic notes accentuate the lime to bring freshness and vibrancy.

The musky scent could be due to the smoky warmth of Guaiac wood and dark liquorice where they build the base notes of the fragrance while adding depth at the same time.

When he received the scent later in the afternoon, he told me he love the scent too. The scent is very versatile as it is suitable for both work and after work activities. It doesn’t give off a scent too manly or too strong.

Big guy with his new scent!

Thank you LACOSTE for this new fragrance. It is currently part of his daily life!

The fragrance is available at 2 different sizes:



#newfragrance #newperspective

Time to get bold and fresh with LACOSTE L!VE!

Lost without you (maybe)

I think we are so crazily in love that either one of us feel lost when one is away. He’s going to Australia for a holiday next week and I am heading over to Taiwan in Oct. With a beauty blogger as his girlfriend, I’ll be packing a bag of facial products for him to bring over – to take care of his dehydrated skin for the cold weather. I don’t want a flaky boyfriend when he is back after 8 days….

True enough, I am thankful for having him in my life for the past few months. We had another huge quarrel last week but he kept reasoning even though I gave him all the shit and attitude. I can get really grumpy and say nasty stuffs non stop and I don’t think with my brain when I am mad.

We didn’t solve the issue that very night. A girl (not exactly a girl since she is in her 30s; his ex colleague, they had something going on in the past) bumped into us at VIVO and shouted his name (she probably wanted the entire patrons in VIVO to hear her, I don’t know but it was HELL embarrassing) and took the opportunity to ask him to party and hangout.

I know she isn’t faithful to her boyfriend, but to come in-between us when we were quarreling? I thought people who are religious would be even more aware of ‘sins’ and ‘faithful’ but all she know might only be ‘shame’ -.- Of course, James did not leave with her enough though I made the way home myself.

You guys might think that I am ranting over here, yup, I am, I am not overly possessive or what but I just felt not respected by that aunty -.-

I am also glad that he is quite into my blog now that there are sponsors for him too. A men fragrance was recently sent to me for review from Lacoste so I supposed it was for him! First the ColorRun, then the facial at Qi Mantra and next the fragrance, I hope for more to come! (Everything that comes along is a bonus and I thank god for that :D)

Lastly, here’s a BRO FIST for people who think we look alike!

Days with J

No matter long-lived or short-lived, no matter the history or the future. What matters most is now.

Only people who can’t move on or get over it will be affected by the history. But as you move on, one day, you will come to realize that harping on a failed relationship is nothing but childishness. We gain nothing by insulting the other party NON-stop or as and when we feel like it.

As far as I am concern, J is officially my Liam Ti Ti.

*Liam Ti Ti stands for sticky in Hokkien.

We meet so often, and by saying often, it means EVERDAY. Well…… almost. We meet 30 out of 31 days a month. I get sad when some events doesn’t allow me to bring a male plus one. LOLLL. Okay, it sounds stupid but yeah. I don’t even know how we ended up being so sticky. Maybe it’s the honeymoon period kind of thing.

We are still getting a lot of comments on how much we look alike. So here is more photos of us!

I really like him in this mint shirt so he wore it out that evening. We even had a minor tiff before that. We argue almost every 2-3 day. We are not really that sweet. But not that bad either…

He wanted to retrieve the childhood by doing stuffs that we would usually do during the primary/secondary school days. But neoprints only cost $4-$6 in the past? It cost $10-12 now. CRAZY.

If not for sweeter memories, I think I might just use my selfie camera for wefies. You only have to pay for the electricity used and you can angle your face better 😀

Finally, we settled our dinner at Mandarin Orchard. You know, we are so so so different that even the food choices are different. I love what he doesn’t and vice versa. The personality as well…. We are like the opposite ends of each pole. I guess I finally understood what it meant by “opposite pole attracts”.

Random, but if you got cheated once, that’s kind of sad. But if you got cheated a few times by different guys, that is probably your own issue already.

If one day, I have to swallow whatever I said down, I would be more than happy to do so for every obstacle is a learning process 🙂

Stubborn is probably the only word used to describe me, but yeah, I am still willing to give Love a try.