Marie France Bodyline – Body Contouring


As you know, I don’t work on Monday so I went to Marie France Bodyline at International Building (behind Shaw House) for a Body Contouring session earlier.



We know Fann Wong just gave birth, but have you look at her recent photos? She’s back to her curvy body shape already!!


Now… I know some of you may say “So skinny already contour what?!”. But the truth is, some of us may look super skinny but we are not exactly skinny everywhere. Different people have different area of concern, be it the arms, thighs or tummy. For me, it is the tummy. Moreover, I am going to Bali in 2 weeks time and I wanna look good in my swimwear! I don’t want a visible tummy.


I went through a series of consultation and I ended up doing Pro-Freeze for my tummy! The treatment is clinically tested and proven to reduce at least 65% stubborn fats after 60 minutes. I wouldn’t go for any liposuction but I went for this because it is non-invasive (and you don’t even have to be afraid of scarring) and probably the most cosy way to reduce fats because all I had to do was to lie down and use my phone throughout LOL.


I know you must be thinking “What is Pro-Freeze?” Mmm. This treatment uses a suction and break down fat cells at specific cold temperature. It only targets and freeze fat cells and cells which are broken down will be eliminated by the body own’s system. I thought it would be super cold because I have heard of people complaining how cold fat freezing can get but I don’t feel the coldness which they had mentioned. In fact, I was very comfortable and well taken care of.


My review: The entire process was really relaxing and it doesn’t hurt a bit. Maybe only a little when the treatment has ended and the suction has to be removed. As the sayings go, no pain, no gain. For this case, not much pain but visible results!! I like the fact that it has no downtime, and no scarring. The lady who did the treatment for me was very experienced, gentle and patience with me.


If you’re interested, you can give them a call at 1800-7777-111 and go for their current on-going promotion: Two body contouring treatments for only $50.00! This promotion ends on 30 April.

With the pricing at this cheap, I am sure it doesn’t hurt to give it a try!

For more information or full list of their outlets, visit them at:

The Body Shop – Fuji Green Tea


I love Matcha ice-cream, Matcha float but I hate green tea because the flavor is not strong enough. When I saw The Body Shop posting images of their Fuji Green Tea in their Instagram account, I wanted to give it a try as well but wooooahhh, WOM sent me a set of the products! What a pleasant surprise! :))


D o you know the benefits of Green Tea? They have anti-oxidant properties and has detoxifying health benefits. Japanese women apply the tea to their skin and bathe in it! That explains their fair and soft skin. This is also why The Body Shop came out with the Fuji Green Tea™ range. The green tea are hand picked and comes from the heartland of Japan to replenish and refresh your skin for healthier-feeling skin.



You can smell the scent of green tea even without opening any of them and they smell really pleasant. You have heard about their famous Body Butter, Scrub, Eau de Cologne and more. But what about the Bath Tea and Batch Infuser?


This is the first step you should do before your shower. Use the Fuji Green Tea™ Bath Tea (300g/S$39.90) and Infuser ($13.90) to create a detox tea bath to remove the toxins from your body. Also remove an entire day of stress away before using the Fuji Green Tea™ Body Scrub (250ml/$36.90) or Exfoliating Soap (100g/$8.90) and Body Wash (250ml/$14.90). I haven’t come across any Bath Tea yet. What about you? This is really something new to me.


After the pampering shower, apply the Fuji Green Tea™ Body Butter to replenish pure moisture and the Fuji Green Tea™ Eau de Cologne (100ml/$28.090) to refresh the senses. The cologne is refreshing yet light. The tea aroma somehow helps to calm down the nerves. It is blended with green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes with a floral heart of camellia, jasmine and violet. Spraying this makes you smell like a Japanese women. Lol.


They are also available in gift boxes with a starting price of $21.90 to $99.90.


For more information, visit:

Relaxing Monday – Facial Peel & Massage

Planned a relaxing Monday for J since he took leave to accompany me for the entire day as he was clearing his leave.

We went down to Halley again for another NO-DOWNTIME Chemical Peel and a 60 minutes full body massage at Masego Spa in the evening after the shopping in-between both appointments. Heh.

As usual, the ladies and Doctor at Halley never fail to leave me impressed and satisfied with their services! This guy actually “check-in” to places in Facebook for the first time too. LOL. Cute boy is cute.

I also realized that we are gaining weight because our faces got rounder and rounder ~.~ Other than the tea detox mentioned previously, I asked Dr. Tan for more tips on staying slim (the healthy way).

I asked a few questions which I thought might be suitable for you people as well, so here you go (thank me for sharing! Heh):

– Why do people still put on weight when they don’t eat much?
Weight gain or weight loss is purely a function of the amount of energy consumed versus the amount of energy used.

There are therefore 4 reasons why people put on weight although they say they do not eat much:

1st: Related to the type of food that they consume. Weight for weight, fat (which has 9 calories per gram) has more than twice the calories as protein and carbohydrate (which has 4 calories per gram). Therefore, we should choose foods that have high lean protein content with a moderate amount of carbohydrate.

2nd: Some people are more active than others. They will therefore utilise more energy

3rd: some people just have lower metabolic rates. This is especially so for people who had recent weight loss. The body goes into “starvation mode”, thinking that famine is coming. The body tries to conserve energy by reducing the metabolic rate, leading to weight gain. Luckily, a genetically low metabolic rate is not that common. This is good as it means we can lose weight if we try hard enough.

Lastly, some people just say they don’t eat much…. (I CAN’T HELP BUT TO AGREE WITH THIS. THIS IS SO TRUE – I have friends who kept going yada yada about how much they don’t eat and still gain weight so damn easily. In my heart, I was like, “WHAT?! You eat macaroons at 12mn, eat 3 portions of my dinner and you still complain that you don’t eat much and can still gain weight. You’re just not fat by nature!!!”)

– What time should we stop eating everyday? Why? How will it affect our
body if we eat after that timing?

Energy consumed is the same irrespective of the time we eat. However, late night snacking is generally unhealthy because late night foods tend to be high in fat and sugar content. We also tend to eat at night for reasons other than hunger, like catching up with friends and munching during movies. Lastly, we tend to be less distracted and have more free time at night, giving us more time to think of indulging ourselves with food.

I think most of us are guilty of eating at night while catching up with friends, especially with all the cafes in Singapore :/

– Tips to eat healthily and maintaining a good figure

Never skip meals. Eat slowly and in moderation. Have adequate exercise and most importantly, find time to go for cryotherapy.

I am considering cryotherapy for my love handles. I think J has love handles too. Maybe I can put some ice cubes on them, hoping that the fats can be freeze that way. Hahahaha.

Found an article on Halley and their diet related programme. Read if you’re interested! 🙂

Fernanda X Beauty Direct

*** There is a giveaway at the end of this post! ***

A lot of beauty products are easily available in Korea and Japan but not easily available in Singapore. This is why online shopping is the IN-thing now.

I browsed through and selected a few items for review. One of the brands which caught my attention was Fernanda!

Fernanda is a Japanese brand that has body mist, hair fragrance, body scrub, hair oil and so much so much all!

Check out all the beautiful packaging and they are all in floral scent! My choice was obviously the Pink Euphoria – Bergamot, Raspberry, Apple.

Only the hair fragrance oil is in Maria Regale.

Everything smells really good. I tried the body scrub ($26.90) for a few nights and slept very well after that because I smelled really good. However, my favorite product in the loot is not this. This is my second favorite as it has silk component and moisturizing ingredients.

It can remove old skin keratin with silk powder. Makes the entire bathroom smells good as well!

My favorite is the Hair Fragrance ($20.90)!! I was expecting it to be overpowering but much to my pleasure, it was very sweet smelling. My hair can still smell good after a good long day of work and events. I would totally bring this out everyday to get rid of tobacco (no, I don’t smoke) and sweat odors.

Other than having a long lasting scent, it also treats and moisturizes the hair giving it shine and moisture. The UV-cut ingredients also protects the hair from UV rays.

Now for the giveaway…..




I have two sets to give away! The winners would be picked by me and Beauty Direct would send it over to your mailing address within 2 weeks! 🙂

Set A – Body
Fernanda Fragrance Body Scrub in Pink Euphoria ($26.90)
Fernanda Fragrance Body Mist in Enchant Scotia ($18.90)

Set B – Hair
Fernanda Hair Fragrance Oil in Maria Regale ($25.90)
Fernanda Hair Fragrance in Pink Euphoria ($20.90)

How to join?

Like my Facebook page.
Comment and share on the post of the giveaway which set would you love to win.


Follow me on Instagram (@maybelinesim).
Repost the giveaway photo and mention me with the set you would love to win.

Remember, to make your accounts public otherwise I wouldn’t be able to select you as one of the two winners!

My lashes were also BOUGHT from Beauty Direct!

Yes, you heard me right, bought, not sponsored!

Now you know where to go for all these goodies!

The Body Shop – All in one!

Attended a pampering session by The Body Shop just before Chinese New Year and you would definitely be happy to hear this.

They have quite a number of new products that you would like to try on your hair, face, or hands!

Vitamin E is one of the hot selling categories in The Body Shop. And in addition to the Vitamin E family is the Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil with their highest concentration of wheatgerm oil.

With a unique texture, this non-greasy, fast-absorbing formula delivers fuss-free, instant skin comfort!

I know oil means greasy and oily and trust me, I hate apply oily stuffs onto my face. My initial question to the lady who dropped a drop onto my skin was “Why does it still feel a little oily?”. She confidently told me to continue rubbing it and it will leave me nothing but smooth skin. Indeed. That was it. Smooth and soft, no tinge of greasiness could be felt.

You can either apply it directly to your face or input 1 – 2 drops of it into your moisturiser.

You can now sleep and moisture the skin at the same time!

84% of the women in a study felt that their skin get replenished and 87% of them agreed that their skin felt softer the next day. Talk about radiancy, 76% experienced a more radiant look.

The next talk is their Spring Trend Collection.

In this collection, you will be able to find Shimmer Cube Palette in either Pink or Bronze, Lip Gloss in Vanilla or Rose and Hair Chalk in Pink or Blue.

Priced at $9.90 each, The Body Shop® Hair Chalks are an affordable way to get gorgeously colourful hair. The shimmer cubes are available for $36.90 and the 12ml lip glosses $16.90.

Let’s play with colours!

Hair Chalk had been around for quite some time already and they can be quite damaging to the hair or messy to apply.

The Body Shop has now come up with 2 bold colours – Tickle Me Pink and Falling For Blue.

Unlike other hair chalks you see in the market, it does not come in the form of a chalk but more like an eyeshadow, making it neater and easier to apply in just 3 steps.

1. Place a towel below the intended area.
2. Gather a section of hair and place it on the colour pad and glide down.
3. Seal the colour with any hairspray.

Get the colour on your hair for some fun and wash off the colour with any shampoo once you are done with the day!

Here is Miwitch, happily trying out Tickle Me Pink.

The Shimmer Cube Palettes are really cute because you can detach each of the cute from the box.

Each palette contains four subtle iridescent shades to mix and match. Crease-resistant and suitable for contact-lens wearers. They are dematologically and ophtalmologically tested.

Swatches of the two palettes.

Verlyn and me while waiting for Nadia to be done with her make up.

Nextttttt, the original and iconic body butter is now available in uplifting blueberry!!! They are available in stores from 10 Feb onwards.

You will never forget your first body butter experience! The Body Shop introducted their first body butter in 1992 and now, they offers over 20 varieties of Body Butter in fruity, nutty and floral scents.

Also available in Shower gel, Body lotion, Body Scrub and Lip butter.

One tub is sold every 2 seconds. The blueberry series comes with a blue berry bath sponge. So cute!!

Just so you know, the body butter offers up to 24 hours of skin hydration, and the skin-soothing butters are full of unique ingredients, scents and textures to suit all preferences.

Good for your skin and good for the world, each Body Butter is made with the finest ethically-sourced ingredients from the four corners of the globe for the ultimate skin nourishing experience.

Also available in Body Scrub which is priced at $30.90 for 200ml. Both the look and smell taste/smell like blueberry. And I like berries.

Scrub before you butter!

Each Body Butter from The Body Shop contains at least one ingredient sourced through its socially minded Community Fair Trade (CFT) programme. Through this programme, the beauty retailer buys the highest quality ingredients directly from small producer communities around the world, paying a fair price that enables families and communities to invest in their future.

Hair, skincare and make up, all in a post. Hurry up, go and test them out yourselves at The Body Shop stores now! 🙂

Body Make-Up by Triumph

90% of women do not want to feel the existence of their bras and 80% of them adjust their
bras throughout the day, according to a survey done by Triumph. So why not feel nude?

Earlier this year, Triumph unveiled a new rating for nudity and
launched a new kind of nude.

I was there for the launch as well.

No matter you are a successful business woman, fashionable urbanite, docile girl-next-door, active sports girl, or the full-of-character artiste, or you just want to excite boys and look braless, women only desire one trait in their ultimate lingerie— they do not want to feel that they are wearing lingerie at all!

Now Triumph has the perfect solution!

The new nude – Body Make-Up, which is available in 6 different colours.
Light rose, Soft Blush, Vanilla, New Nude, Cappuccino and Black.

Without second thought, Cappuccino caught my attention almost instantly.

What is different about Triumph is their branding and products.
Even the launch was classy itself.  

I have a few Triumph bras myself and I must comment on the quality.

One bra could easily last me up to 2 years so judging from the length of time it serves,
it is definitely worth every cent.

Incredibly smooth, soft and lightweight, the delightfully fresh, Body Make-Up collection comes in a range of on-trend shades that blend perfectly with skin tone and deliver extreme high definition invisibility under whatever you wear.

The innovative new range is made with intelligent fabric containing LYCRA® XTRA FINE fiber which provides the wearer with a unique blend of style, comfort and extreme weightlessness.

As it gently caresses the body’s natural curves, the high stretch and recovery material offers an energy-evoking freedom of movement and an uplifting second-skin feel that you’ll just adore.

The amazing fabric used to make the bras were coupled with Triumph’s patented Memory Cushions that mould the contours to the cup which gives ultimate comfort and shape to produce a natural, head-turning, flawless finish like your best make up base.

Cappuccino! So sexyyyyy!

The retail price for Body MakeUp bra is $89.90 and brief is $27.90. 

Available in all Triumph boutiques and major department stores.

Do watch this video to witness how this bra could play a role in your everyday life.
And watch my interview at 3.32 minute! 😀