[Bali] Our Stay In Holiday Inn Express


You guys know that I just came back from Bali right? I am very very grateful to HolidayInn Express for hosting us during our stay in Bali.


We took the 7am flight and camped at the airport since 3am for some Duty Free shopping and breakfast so we were VERY VERY VERY tired when we arrived in Bali at 10am. Nonetheless, that did not dampen any bit of my mood and excitement in visiting Bali! As soon as we hit the plane, only ONE letter came into mind: Zzz.. 2 hours plus later, we reached Bali (Depasar) Airport!


We were greeted by the beautiful and peaceful looking interior of the hotel and the check-in process was quick because the friendly staffs were all very experienced. From the lethargic look on our faces coupled with those unavoidable Jia Jia & Kai Kai eyes of ours, I bet they knew how tired we were after the SUPER DUPER early morning flight.

In terms of their front desk customer relation, I must say they deserve 2 thumbs up !! Not only were they prompt in replying our requests, you hardly see a tinge of frustration on their faces despite our interminable requests. They even went the extra mile to help us with some of our hotel planning and recommended us on some of the activities we can do.

My very first photo in Bali!

You don’t find the usual hotel glitteries around Holiday Inn Express. And it is basically because of this, i feel much closer to home with their simple & clean layout.

Don’t expect to see hotels in Bali to those skyscrappers sort like some in Singapore. In fact, this is already one of the tallest around town. You will see why I say that from the roof pictures below.

After checking in, what we did next immediately was to explore the room and the facilities!

First up, the room…

To some people, the word “Express” does lead to some form of skeptism. But to be very frank, the hotel room does not have the likes of an “Express” hotel room. The room is clean with a super comfy king-sized bed!

Room is spacious, definitely enough for two to roam around without knocking into each other!

Our room overlooked nicely into the courtyard which end up being a hugh perk as we could easily check if our tour guide/drivers have arrived at the lobby even before the reception can call us!

Next to the facilities!

We headed straight to the roof and was pleasantly greeted by the pool which J eventually did swim a couple of laps on the last day of our stay! My baby can be quite a clean freak and judging from the fact that he did not even make a noise over the pool water, i guess it passed the cleaniless test! 🙂

A nice little hangout area, particularly useful at night for a group of friends where they chill around and admire the nice starry night in Bali.

After exploring, we went back to take a quick shower and rested for 40 minutes before heading out to explore Bali.

40 minutes of rest and it took less than 30 seconds for this lazy bum to climb into bed! He absoultely have no idea I snapped this!

Shortly, I also joined in to enjoy the comfy bed..

*4o mins passed*

See those REJUVENATED face of ours and all ready to hit the Bali streets!

This brings me to the other benefit of staying in Holiday Inn Express! That is once you get out of the hotel, all the supermarket, malls, art markets so on and so forth are within a stone’s thrown away distance! In fact, you are already at the Heart of Kuta itself!

You will see quite a few familiar brands in Kuta square such as Rip Curl, Havianas, Polo RL etc. Best part is you will find the prices there much cheaper than in Singapore. Take for instances, a Havianas slippers cost easily 15-20% cheaper there!

Apart from shops, you will find many fast food restaurants eg Mac, KFC so rest assured you are never ever gonna starve in Kuta, Bali regardless how picky an eater you are.

Because Kuta Beach was also near, we walked over for a stroll and to dine by the beach for lunch.

Less than 15 minutes walk, we were already at the famous Kuta beach where surfers like to visit!

Not just a good place to surf but also a good place to do #OOTD & #photooftheday!

More OOTDs at the back alley.

Putting the back alley for even better uses apart from OOTD: *Opps!* -> *Ooo La La!*

Tofu eaten!

Rayban fans caught in a candid moment!

Our first day in Bali was pretty much spent combing the streets of Kuta and the beach. Surprisingly, there are so many things to buy and shop there and I spent almost one third of my IDR there!

Apparently, after one day of shopping & exploring, we were all pretty dead beat! We had a quick shower with the well-equipped amenities eg body wash, shampoo, toothbrush etc before heading for bed. Both of us were soon sound asleep without much external disturbances or noises.

Stay tuned for the next post, you will see what the hotel has to offer for breakfast and we we did in Bali!

Let’s #BuildSG2065 together!

It’s SG50 this year. In another 50 years time, it will be SG100! By the time, what or how do you think Singapore will look like?

Let’s see.. 50 years later and that means 2065. How about #BuildSG2065?

Have you heard about #BuildSG2065 contest?

This is a very creative contest because you can put your imagination to good use. Imagine how Singapore would be like in another 50 years time.


Submit your ideas to: http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com

Here are some ideas:


However.. remember to categorized your ideas into either of these:

– Go Green
– Smart Spaces
– Space-Age Kampungs
– Weatherproof World


It can be in any form of submission – Text, Video, Images.


Go Green:

One of the aunty also suggested coming up with robots to help with house work. And I was thinking… Why not? Maybe there will be no more maids in the future as they are replaced by robots. So we can just buy a robot and send them for maintanence once every few years. Robots exist now I know, but the cost of one is too expensive for anyone to own. By 2065, who knows it might be too common so the robots might be on sale! How about $199 for a housework robot and $109 for a car washer robot? Or maybe $239 for a nanny robot! 😀 The robots are solar charged so no electricity is needed. They will automatically be put to sleep near the windows after they are done with their task. Green enough?!


Smart Spaces:

Build more underwater shopping centers since land is so limited in Singapore. I bet it will be more cooling there and we have tones of space underground! 😀 When we can’t go up, we’ll go down! And have rooftop gardening for all the HDB so that we can do farming above ground levels to fully make use of our space. After harvesting them, we can even sell them straight. It’s like a rooftop marketplace. So every block as one marketplace itself. You don’t even have to wake up at 6am to get the freshest vegetables.


Space-Age Kampungs:


I also hope by 2065, we would have remote control to help us change our outfits. Press 1 for sports attire, press 2 for formal wear and press 3 for pajamas. This would be so damn good because we can sleep in later (say, at least 20 minutes more per day). Even best if make up and hairstyles can be controlled by remote control! So I only have to press 2 buttons per day.

1. Outfit
2. Hairstyle
3. Make up

Seems like an easy job!!! And then we can travel to work in air vehicles to avoid all the jams. We can even pull neighbors who work around the same area to travel together.


Weatherproof World:

I like the idea of Singapore being covered up in a dome because we can manipulate the weather and make Singapore snow! Actually it would be good if the weather can also be controlled via a remote control too! Hehe.



All these ideas can be submitted to http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com. This contest is open to public and there are a lot of prizes up for grabs.

Let your imagination run wild because they don’t have to be realistic as long as you ca envision it. Be creative and let your creative juice flow~

Remember to hashtag #BuildSG2065 if you’re sharing your submissions on your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere to garner your votes so that we can see and track them!

Be sure to check out the website for more information: http://buildsg2065.straitstimes.com

The Body Shop – Fuji Green Tea


I love Matcha ice-cream, Matcha float but I hate green tea because the flavor is not strong enough. When I saw The Body Shop posting images of their Fuji Green Tea in their Instagram account, I wanted to give it a try as well but wooooahhh, WOM sent me a set of the products! What a pleasant surprise! :))


D o you know the benefits of Green Tea? They have anti-oxidant properties and has detoxifying health benefits. Japanese women apply the tea to their skin and bathe in it! That explains their fair and soft skin. This is also why The Body Shop came out with the Fuji Green Tea™ range. The green tea are hand picked and comes from the heartland of Japan to replenish and refresh your skin for healthier-feeling skin.



You can smell the scent of green tea even without opening any of them and they smell really pleasant. You have heard about their famous Body Butter, Scrub, Eau de Cologne and more. But what about the Bath Tea and Batch Infuser?


This is the first step you should do before your shower. Use the Fuji Green Tea™ Bath Tea (300g/S$39.90) and Infuser ($13.90) to create a detox tea bath to remove the toxins from your body. Also remove an entire day of stress away before using the Fuji Green Tea™ Body Scrub (250ml/$36.90) or Exfoliating Soap (100g/$8.90) and Body Wash (250ml/$14.90). I haven’t come across any Bath Tea yet. What about you? This is really something new to me.


After the pampering shower, apply the Fuji Green Tea™ Body Butter to replenish pure moisture and the Fuji Green Tea™ Eau de Cologne (100ml/$28.090) to refresh the senses. The cologne is refreshing yet light. The tea aroma somehow helps to calm down the nerves. It is blended with green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes with a floral heart of camellia, jasmine and violet. Spraying this makes you smell like a Japanese women. Lol.


They are also available in gift boxes with a starting price of $21.90 to $99.90.


For more information, visit: www.thebodyshop.com.sg

Adding colors to #OOTDs

I have been quite colorful lately under James’s influence. I was always black, white, grey and black, white grey only. That guy loves colors so I kept exploring all colors to match him.

Let me show you some of my recent OOTDs (you can also see them in my Instagram – @maybelinesim)


Not exactly colorful for this outfit but this is my first bustier romper! I use to hate bustier a lot because I don’t fancy wearing bra without bra straps. LOL.


This dress is given to me courtesy of Purpur.com.sg. I received a lot of compliments from that day!


This monochrome is my favourite match among all. I bought the midi skirt from Taiwan for less than $10 at Wu Fen Pu I think!


Simple dress matched with a necklace from mayware.co. Paired it with slippers because I was only out for a short lunch.


Hehe. Mint dress from SkinnyMint’s birthday which will be up in another blogpost soon.


I don’t know how to describe this top but it colorful enough to go plain for the bottom.


Sometimes when the outfit is too plain, I would go for something more interesting. Since I had two pairs of the same shoes in different color, I wore one color on each side :X Mint on the left and pink on the right. Sweet sneakers from Lee Cooper!

Speaking of sneakers, I am very very into sneakers recently. I bought quite a few pairs and I am still eyeing for more.

And the guy behind all my OOTDs? James!! His photography skills used to be HORRIBLE but I must say that he is certainly improving!! Hehe.

See you!

D’Skin Lab Facial – For Him/Her


As part of my daily work to conduct business discussion with clients, I get to frequent Novena Square quite a fair bit. Having a beauty blogger girlfriend does keep my eyes more open to Beauty products and skin treatment centres within the mall.  One of the stores that stood out in the higher storeys of the building is the Su Beau Derma Clinik. They are one of the leading skin treatment centres in Singapore which focus on the use of high tech medical grade equipments to achieve desirable facial results for their clients which are proven safe and effective.

Su Beau Derma Clinik is also known as d’skin lab. They also carry their own line of skincare. To find out more, visit their website for more information.

This time around, I am very thankful we not only get to try out their treatments but also their latest addition, the Soft Plus (A standalone PC-powered skin assessment system. With this all-in-one machine, the dedicated therapists are able to track our skin’s pH, hydration, sebum, elasticity and melanin level within minutes!

It is a painless, fast and simple procedure. Basically, the therapist attaches a probe onto our faces. End of it all, the reports for each components are revealed! Here, you get to know whether your skin is aging faster than your true age!

M went ahead first.  I like the fact that the therapists were very detailed in their analysis of our skin so as to ensure that they are able to recommend us very effective treatment thereafter.

A glimpse of what appears on the Soft Plus screen during the analysis.

Finally my turn after a short wait of 10 minutes!

With the analysis completed, the therapists are aware of our skin condition and proceed to recommend us our respective treatments.

We needed different facials.

For me: Hydration & Lifting

For M: Hydration

We changed into our respective robes and…..

slept… well not really…

If you are wondering why I did not contribute to the photos, it is simply because the treatment was so soothing that I fell asleep during the course of it! Lol! Got a good scolding from M! But well, it was all worth it! I love visiting them after work because they would drain my entire day of exhaustion away.

I would say truthfully that even the extraction portion of my treatment was of minimum irritation. There is a reason for this! Later did I realise that the extraction process was not simply done by any Tom, Dick & Harry. Also, certainly not my therapist herself. For this task, they have an extraction specialist! They take on a long, ardous training before being certified as an extraction expert.

After the extraction, our face felt SO SO much cleaner. M had an extra mask to help in the extraction due to the application of make up on a daily basis. She did the hydration facial which she enjoyed thoroughly.

Her feedback was ” It was one of the best facial so far! The face felt so smooth and clean because all the black/white heads were removed in just one session. The foundation felt easier to apply because the face was smooth and the fine lines were not as visible as before as the skin is deeply hydrated”.

For me, It was my virgin experience in eyebrow shaping! I think my face look neater now and the skin looked more radiant. That is also why you see quite a fair bit of selfie in my Instagram (@james_awyong) recently 😛

Another feature of the treatment that impressed me was the fact that their therapists were well-versed with good massage techniques. After the facial treatment portion, my therapist went on to give me a rejuvenating shoulder, neck and head massage. See! That’s why i couldn’t escape the slumber!

Thumbs up for their services and skills. I personally hate pushy people, the staffs were neither pushy nor arrogant. Good job!

We are planning to head back once a month. Join us too?

– 205 Hougang Street 21 #02-133/135, Singapore

– 238 Thomson Rd, Novena Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307683


Crazier about Crabs @ Brizo


Last year, I went crazy at Brizo because it was a party with the crabs!! We were not even together back then. This year, we are back at Brizo as a couple. Time flies. A bit more and we are at our first anniversary!

My entire family loves crab. My mom loves Chilli crabs, while my dad loves Butter crabs. Me? I prefer to have it with Salted Egg.

So what is the best place to have all 3 without burning a hole in the pocket? Buffet.

But where can you find Crab Buffet?

Right here in Park Hotel! The Crazier about Crabs buffet is finally back with a friendly pricing.

Wednesday to Thursday: Adult $68++, Child $34++

Friday to Sunday: Adult $80++, Child $40++

This buffet will be available from 1 April to 28 June 2015, from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.



Do you know why we were so fascinated about this pan here? It was because we were trying to win a staycation for ourselves! As for you, head over to our Instagram (@maybelinesim or @james_awyong) to look for this pan, guess the weight and win yourself some dining vouchers for 2 for the crab buffet 🙂

*Update: Contest closed



This pan is a brand new STAR dish – Crab in a Pan. Each pan contains a whole crab, prawns, clams, black mussels, potatoes, corn and sausages and you can choose a choice between Mariniere, Bouillabaisse and Cioppino.

Below is a picture showing a pan that serves 4.



By the way…. do you know that they have 26 kinds of seafood and 22 types of crab dishes?!?!

I thought I would love the salted egg crab the most but I love how the black pepper crabs were cooked that night!! It was so yummy!! James was also filling his stomach with crabs and I was secretly smiling inside because he look like a greedy boy when he was handling the crabs. All 10 of his fingers were dirty. So cute! Haha. It was partly because he was enjoying himself thoroughly throughout. The food was good and so was the ambience as we were seated with a table of friendly people and our good friend, William.

Brizo’s array of all-time favourite crab dishes sare the sweet-piquant Brizo Signature Chilli Crab, the aromatic Heavenly Fragrance Crab and the dim sum styled X.O. Steamed Crab in Egg White.







If you are a cargo lover, they have Premium Crabmeat Fried Rice with XO Sauce and Laksa too! I was too busy with the crabs that I forgot to take a picture of my laksa. It was a DIY station so you can cook the laksa yourself. I prefer it that way because I can skip the bean sprouts and add more eggs! Hehe. The broth of the laksa was quite good too! It was flavorful enough to want a second serving.



Crabmeat Kueh Pie Tee sounds cute too!



Of course, if you prefer to have some fried snacks, they have crispy soft shell crab and baked crab in shell as well.



And for the cold dishes, be sure to expect cold and fresh sashimi. salad, Alaskan Crab Claw, Australian Spanner Crab and Chilled Flower Crab!




Not forgetting sushi too!



The range of dessert they have is 5x of what you see here. From Conetto’s mini cone, to mini Magnum to durian mousse to kuehs to macaroons to many many many more!



Yup, with such a HUGE range of variety, the prices of the buffet still remains pocket friendly. It is always good to pamper yourself to such good food once in a while!


During this period from 1 April to 28 June 2015, diners can also stand a chance to win a weekend staycation at Park Hotel Clarke Quay by sharing the most delicious-looking plates! Do remember to #crabbuffetatpark so that they can see your entries!


Psst psst readers!! From 1st April to 12th April, quote “My Fat Pocket_earlybird20%off” to enjoy 20% off the buffet prices! Isn’t it super super pocket friendly already?!?!


For reservations, you can call 6593 8855 or email brizo.phcq@parkhotelgroup.com 🙂

NAPAPIJRI’s Opening in Singapore


Not just in Singapore, but it is the first NAPAPIJRI boutique in Southeast Asia! I googled for the brand before heading down for the opening and I found myself eyeing some of the shirts already.

NAPAPIJRI, reads as Na-Pa-Pi-Ri, is an international fashion retailer with Italian origins. They started out with manufacturing travel bags to outdoor apparels which has quality and style. Their GEOGRAPHIC apparel line will be introduced to Singapore. You can find them in Singapore’s newest luxury mall, Capitol Plazza #01-26 (nearest MRT: City Hall).


Sebastian Copeland was also present for the ceremony and he has worked with NAPAPIJRI for the longest time. His works were also displayed that afternoon.




After the ribbon cutting ceremony, a very hip and stylish fashion showcase was presented. The jackets on the ladies really make me feel like owning one too.




The concept of the store is “a refuge where customers feel at home” so the store has an open concept and is designed to reflect an inviting yet intimate atmosphere. Even the staffs were all very friendly. James wanted to get a shirt and the staff gave him very good recommendations and help.  The thing is, this fussy guy finally got himself a new shirt! One of the first few who bought from the boutique in Singapore 🙂



Other than travelers, I thought they looked like some clothes for the detectives. I never thought I would fit in styles like this but when I tried the jackets on, my, I really really like them!

The GEOGRAPHIC clothing rang is suitable outdoors or urban lifestyles because they take pride in the lightness and creativity concepts for the range’s informal look.



I love how neat the clothes are presented. It makes shopping easier for the customers too.




I went from the female section to the male and back to the female again. This shirt caught my attention the most. I love the sea blue color and how simple the logo looks. I posted a similar photo of the shirt in my Instagram (@maybelinesim) too.



Other medias were also happily shopping away.



Some lucky guy won their travel bag!



With Singapore’s position asadynamic fashion hub, whereshoppers are constantly seeking new brands and fresh shopping experiences, we believe that it is timely to introduce NAPAPIJRI toSingaporeso asto address theinsatiablesartorial needs of today’s shoppers. This venture also marks a new and important chapter for NAPAPIJRI as we hope to expand our business operations intothe Southeast Asiamarkets,” shares Mr. John Gearing, Vice President/Managing Director, Asia-Pacific of VF Brands Pte Ltd.


Do check them out for their Spring/Summer 2015 collection as well. Expect to see more colors in the upcoming collect where the Men’s wear draws inspiration from the concept of “Out On The Open Road” and the Women’s wear narrates a mixture of stories and inspirations which results in an accomplished, multifunctional wardrobe that is rich in colors and alluring patterns.


Find them at 13 Stamford Road #01-26 Singapore 178905. They are open from 10.30am to 9.30pm daily 🙂

Penang Hawkers’ Fare


For Singaporeans that yearn for a taste of Penang at exceptionally affordable price, look no where beyond what is offered at York Hotel Singapore!


Nestling behind the Mount Elizabeth Hospital, this hotel has taken the trouble to seek out and fly in the Best and famous hawkers in Penang to prepare a series of well acclaimed gastronomic delights of Penang’s authentic street food at their very own White Rose Cafe.


Upon reaching the cafe, our eyes were greeted with a sea of people particularly, families. Got us wondering why the food fare was so popular for gatherings. So guys! A hint to somewhere you can show filial piety to your parents, or to chill with your friends! ><

We took no time to maneuver our way to the various counters. There were easily 8-10 counters with authentic Penang people stationed within each individual counter selling their specialty food!



If you are wondering what’s the Penang food being offered here. You can be sure they have all the essentials here! Here are some of what is being offered. They have the crispy Penang Pancake..each of them were prepared on the spot piping hot! The crispy texture and generous serving of nuts will definitely send pancake lovers off for a second helping. It is very crispy and the skin is not too thick, unlike those commonly found in Singapore.


Well, if you think that is the only crispy food around, think again. They also brought in the famous Lor Bak served in the hawkers’ own special Lor sauce.


How can we miss out on the Famous Penang Laksa! For those who have not tried Penang Laksa before, it is very different from our Singapore kind of Laksa. Instead of being hot and spicy, it has a tinge of sourness in its spiciness. Defintely worth a try if you never try before!


And if you are wondering which food has the longest queue, this is the ONE! The MUST MUST TRY when you are there is this famous Penang Char Kway Teow! It is extremely flavorful and the portion of prawns and eggs are generous as well. Nothing could stop us not even the longest queue there! We had 3 plates EACH.


They also have the Nasi Lemak served with Nonya Chicken Kapitan..


..Penang Prawn mee.. which broth was very very flavorful. This picture certainly did not do much justice to the bowl of awesome prawn noodles.


..Kway Teow Soup or Dry..


..Fruit Rojak.. which was very refreshing!


…and the special dish of the night: Penang Char Koay Kak featuring hand-made rice cakes! It is like carrot cake but instead of carrot cake, they replaced it with rice cake which taste even nicer.

For those whom have tried the previous round of Penang Buffet, you might not have tried this as they just launched this new dish! Bonus for those whose first timer!


Apart from those listed above, they also have Cuttlefish Kang Kong,


and a variety of desserts such as the ever popular Ice Kacang and Chendol. Since it is buffet, that means you can enjoy unlimited servings of these popular Penang food till your hearts’ content while saving on the Bus ticket to Penang!


Now for the shocking prices….






Prices for weekdays for lunch and dinner: $25.80 (adult) $18.80 (children below 12 years)

Prices for weekends for lunch and dinner: $28.80 (adult) $20.80 (children below 12 years)



Lunch – 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner – 6.30pm to 10pm

This buffet is available from 13 to 29 March 2015.

They don’t take in reservations as seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis but if you need any more information, you can reach them at 6830 1156.

Address: 21 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228516yor

Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths


You know when I just had my wisdom tooth surgery done last week, it was no joke. Yup, no joke because extract all the 3 I had in my mouth at one go and the entire jaw was SO SO swollen and painful. It was so super sore and warm.


I wanted to wash my face so badly but I was constantly on codeine and the face was too painful to touch. Then I remembered, hey, I went to Watsons Girl’s Day Out and I was given a packet of Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths.


So for the first day of the post-operation, I DID not wash my face although I went had sunblock on my face for the entire day. I wiped my face twice with the cleansing cloths. Sounds “dirty” because I skipped the washing step but heyyy, the skin felt clean (as though I just washed my face) and I had no pimples after that as well. And because I only had sunblock on, 1 piece of cloth is sufficient. It was super convenient because when I am lazy, or sick, I hate splashing my face with water.


But if you have full make up on like me below, base, foundation, blusher, eyeliner, lipstick, then you might need 2 pieces of it (depending on how thick your make up is).


It works like baby wipes and is as gentle as them but I can never ever use baby wipes on my face because I don’t like the thought of wipes that are meant for baby butts to be on my face. Lol.


To achieve good skin, “Use a skincare product that is simple, without fragrance, contains ingredients that do not irritate the skin, with low allergenic compounds, and is backed by science and dermatologists,” says Dr. Melvin Ee, Consultant Dermatologist from Dermatology and Surgery Clinic. “It is best if you can find a product that meets your needs in one step.”


Scent: Fresh although it is fragrance-free
Quality: The paper is quite sturdy, not the thin and easily torn kind
Strength: Inexpensive and convenient for on-the-go.


I would recommend Cetaphil if you are looking for cleansing cloths not because of it’s trustworthy brand name or the recommendations from doctors but because I truly like this product. I think it works great for almost everyone (men and women), be it after sports, work, or a after a long tiring day when you just need something to freshen up.


This suitable for all skin types is retailing at $13.90/25 pieces. Find them at all Guardian, Watsons, and leading supermarkets.

BellaBox March


Let’s drop fifty shades of grey and move on to fifty shades of pink.

Yet another lovely box sent by Team BellaBox! As usual, their box always contain stuffs that delights me a lot. My favourite from this month is the travel sized ASIENCE Inner Rich Shampoo (480ml, $14.90) and Conditioner (480ml, $14.90) which I will be bringing along for my Bali Trip next month.

If you realized, most of the items in this box are newly launched items like Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash, Daylong SPF 50+ Sunscreen and more. Inside also includes a piece of PPP Post-Laser Facial (6 sheets, $72) Mask which is something new to me as I haven’t heard of PPP Skincare before. Naturvital Sensitive Oily Hair Shampoo (300ml, $23) are suitable for sensitive and oily hair types (I just give James this!).

Bonus items for this month:

– Tealy Spring Green Tea (10 Tea Bags, $17)
– Darlie All Shiny White Multi-Care Toothpaste (140g, $3.45)

I think most of you might be excited to try out Roller Lash (8.5g, $37) as it is said to have instant curving effect with it’s exclusive Hook ‘n’ Roll Brush. Instead of buying the actual thing first, why not sample it yourself for only $19.95 along with other goodies? 🙂