Black Hair Salon

Let me post more selfie because I can’t take it when Black Hair Salon gives me such good hair days and with lightings like those in the salon, HOW TO NOT TAKE MORE SELFIE?!?!

And suddenly, I have very clear skin and healthy looking hair in ALL the pictures!!

I feel like keeping Anthony (my hairstylist) in my pocket and take him out of my pocket when I need him to style/take care of my hair.

As usual, I was there with my good buddy William again~ We can spend hours and hours in the salon so it is always good to have a company. Heh. Coincidentally, we met Hellven there and we had the best 3-4hours in the salon chatting and laughing away while getting the hair pampered.

And because I wanted to avoid the crowd, I went to get myself prepared for the upcoming CNY and Valentine’s (I know I am quite kiasu LOL).

For this visit, I wanted to do a Scalp Treatment and Hair Cut but Anthony suggested more because the hair was dry. He know what’s best for me. So all in all, I did:

– Darken the hair
– Scalp Treatment
– Hair Treatment

Although I dye my hair almost every 1-2 months to refresh the color or touch up on the roots, my hair was never once as dry as I thought it would be.

The same for this my buddy!! He colors his hair every month but their hair still looks so healthy. WHY?! What magic did Black Hair Salon use?!

Happpppppy us! Thank you for giving us good hair days!

Couldn’t resist but to pose a little since the hair looks good and we had a little extra time before meeting James for dinner.

PSSSST: Black Hair Salon has NO surcharge for CNY!!! Hurry up! Book your appointment with them sooon!

Quote “Maybeline” to get 10% off!

You should start preparing yourself already! Don’t wait till you have only 2 weeks left and it’s fully booked everywhere!!

They are located at:
The Bencoolen 180 Bencoolen street, #01-28
Singapore 189646
(Nearest MRT station: Bugis)

Contact them at 6835 9976 for appointments!

Back at Black Hair Salon

Black Hair Salon has a new outlook and I am totally digging the new look of the salon!!! Other than the look, the entire salon stays the same. The friendly family (staffs), boss and services!! It is just so hard to find a salon that I really really love and would go back again and again.

The full length mirror is an ideal mirror for any selfie before/after any hair services! Hehe.

Because the birthday month is in Nov, so I wanna pamper the hair by not doing any damage to it. Anthony recommended me to do a scalp treatment to cleanse the scalp thoroughly.

Other than cleansing the scalp, the treatment can also reduce hair loss. It is important to take care of the scalp as well. It is as important as your hair!! The treatment was quite minty and cooling. I like minty stuffs on the head like shampoo and conditioner.

This bowl of powder is GOOD stuff!! It is imported!

Other than the scalp treatment, I also trimmed off 4cm of my hair~ I really wanted short hair but J doesn’t like girls with short hair (Irony!! LOL).

Scalp feels cleaner and lesser strands of hair were seen on the comb for the next few days!
It is recommended to do the treatment once a month at the start. I am so going to do this again next month!! (Along with a roots colour touch up).

Thank you Black Hair Salon for taking so good care of my hair!!

They are having a promotion for the month of November.
1st service = 10% off.
2nd services and above = 20% off

Promotion period: 1st Nov – 30th Nov

They are located at:
The Bencoolen 180 Bencoolen street, #01-28
Singapore 189646
(Nearest MRT station: Bugis)

Contact them at 6835 9976 for appointments!

Curly Wavy Me – Black Hair Salon


I got so sick of the boring straight and dry hair so I curled my hair almost everyday before I leave house for work. Nah, I am not as hardworking as you think. I spend only 15 minutes on the curls and 5 minutes on the make up. Some people feel that I am the laziest girl around. Lol.

To tame the frizzy dry hair, Black Hair Salon did a Kerasilk hair treatment for me last month. This treatment has very similar effect as rebonding the hair but DOES NOT DAMAGE the hair like how rebonding does.

The whole process took me 3 hours but the effect can last up to 3-5 months depending on the shampoo and chemicals you use! I got so many compliments after that because I used to look like a LION before the treatment. The entire head of hair was so silky smooth and manageable after that! I don’t even have to comb the hair after bathing!

They are also currently having a promotion for this treatment! You still have half a month left for this promotion!!

And today, (you know Monday’s my off day) I went back with the hope of perming the hair but they advised me to bear with it for a few more months so I touched up on the roots and  did some colour treatment.

The thing about the salon is that they always care for your hair than profit – I brought my good friend along as she wanted to do the Kerasilk treatment after looking at the results from my hair. Initially, she wanted to dye and treat the hair but Nick, one of the hairstylist there advised her to drop the idea of dying the hair first as it might clash with the treatment results. He could jolly well did both for her and earn some extra profit but no, he told her what was best for her. *SALUTE*

After touching up the black roots, they did a colour treatment for me to protect the hair. I requested for some temporary curls for picture taking purposes too. HAHA.

I am so contented with this salon and the results! I love how friendly, honest and caring everyone is. I love how they crack jokes when I have to sit there for hours and not feel bored. I LOVE HOW THEY MAKE ME FEEL AT HOME.

Black Hair Salon is located at The Bencoolen (Bugis MRT station).

Address: 180 Bencoolen Street #01-28 Singapore 189646
Contact: 6242 3945 / 6835 9976

As they are always packed, I would suggest you to call them for an appointment first! I believe you will love them as much as me too! 🙂