V.TIVATE – Defies gravity and time!

I’d always thought that you would need fillers/botox or surgeries to achieve a V-shaped jaw from a round face or reduce the appearance of lines on your face. When I was told that Mary Chia has come up with a mist spray that can achieve the same effect, I was very very very skeptical. Same for the boyfriend.

Out of curiosity, I told him we should really go and have a look since Mary Chia has over 30 years of experience and expertise in providing premium and quality beauty.

The entire bottle is in rose gold! I have a soft spot for rose gold! Hehe. It is very handy too. you can carry it around everyday.

Do not belittle this little bottle because it has 4 benefits in a spray – Lifting, UV Defense, Hydrating and Regeneration. Out of 100%, 70% of the participants who used MU V.TIVATE reported experiencing instant lifting results, 95% felt their skin was well-hydrated and 82% of them appeared to be rejuvenated and it glowed with radiance.

The ingredients are derived from plants’ stem cells, which boost the mist spray’s anti-aging properties.

I gave it a try but I think J experienced more benefits than me!

I experienced a tightening effect because I was told that my skin was dry.

This is him after a spray. Yup, just a spray! Are you able to guess which part of his face was sprayed?

SEE!! Look at his smile lines!! The result is SOOOOO VISIBLE!! He loved this beauty so much that I had to give it to him 🙁 Hahaha.

It comes in two sizes – 5ml ($68) and 50ml ($388). There is also a special launch price of $338 for a 50ml bottle from now till 30 Nov 14.

You can find MU V.TIVATE at all Mary Chia and Urban Homme Outlets!

Fernanda X Beauty Direct

*** There is a giveaway at the end of this post! ***

A lot of beauty products are easily available in Korea and Japan but not easily available in Singapore. This is why online shopping is the IN-thing now.

I browsed through beautydirect.com.sg and selected a few items for review. One of the brands which caught my attention was Fernanda!

Fernanda is a Japanese brand that has body mist, hair fragrance, body scrub, hair oil and so much so much all!

Check out all the beautiful packaging and they are all in floral scent! My choice was obviously the Pink Euphoria – Bergamot, Raspberry, Apple.

Only the hair fragrance oil is in Maria Regale.

Everything smells really good. I tried the body scrub ($26.90) for a few nights and slept very well after that because I smelled really good. However, my favorite product in the loot is not this. This is my second favorite as it has silk component and moisturizing ingredients.

It can remove old skin keratin with silk powder. Makes the entire bathroom smells good as well!

My favorite is the Hair Fragrance ($20.90)!! I was expecting it to be overpowering but much to my pleasure, it was very sweet smelling. My hair can still smell good after a good long day of work and events. I would totally bring this out everyday to get rid of tobacco (no, I don’t smoke) and sweat odors.

Other than having a long lasting scent, it also treats and moisturizes the hair giving it shine and moisture. The UV-cut ingredients also protects the hair from UV rays.

Now for the giveaway…..




I have two sets to give away! The winners would be picked by me and Beauty Direct would send it over to your mailing address within 2 weeks! 🙂

Set A – Body
Fernanda Fragrance Body Scrub in Pink Euphoria ($26.90)
Fernanda Fragrance Body Mist in Enchant Scotia ($18.90)

Set B – Hair
Fernanda Hair Fragrance Oil in Maria Regale ($25.90)
Fernanda Hair Fragrance in Pink Euphoria ($20.90)

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My lashes were also BOUGHT from Beauty Direct!

Yes, you heard me right, bought, not sponsored!

Now you know where to go for all these goodies!

Deep Hydration for the Skin at Astique

MFP has kindly arranged for a pre-CNY facial for me at Astique Clinic by Dr. Matthew Yap.

Cold weather means flaky skin for the dehyrated skin. Hence, more hydration booster would be needed to keep the skin bouncy and radiant.

My last facial was also probably more than half a year ago, so why not!

Other than their in-house scrub, these were the products used that day – ESTHEMED, which are made in Korea. Well, we all know that Korea is the place for good skincare products!

I enjoy doing facial a lot because it is extremely comfortable, relaxing and at the same time, better skin. The benefits of this facial is to keep the face moisturized and dewy.

The first step is to remove all the makeup by cleansing and scrubbing the face. Scrubbing also remove dead skin cells from the surface, making sure that the skin is absorbing all the nutrients well.

Hydra B3 Spray was sprayed and massaged all over the face before the Hydra B5 Serum.

Following with the Hydra B6 Cream. Okay, I gotta admit, I had this thing for the cream and the masks that came after. They were too goooood! Read on to find out why.

I have read about the mask from Miyake and she commented that the masks actually work like fillers. YES, IT SURE DOES!.

The ASTIQUE Recovery Essence Mask improves elasticity and firmness of the skin, smoothens and softens skin texture, resulting in firmer and younger looking skin.


It locks in moisture, boosting skin cell regeneration and causing skin to glow from within.

The  masks are also retailing at a box of 5 ($155). Definitely worth the money.

It is filled with essence. You can literally see it dripping. So instead of wasting the essence, the beautician rubbed a layer of the essence onto my face before placing the mask on.

Psst: I think I would apply it all over the arms and legs if I were home.

It was left on for a good 20 minutes.

No washing is needed after masking. You can massage the face gently until the essence is absorbed in – as recommended by the nurses/beauticians there 🙂

Take a look at the rest of the photos below at how dewy and bright my skin is! It only took me 60 minutes to see the results. I went out without foundation that day because I was so confident of how my skin was.

You know, whenever I go for facials, I was always told that my skin was rather dull. But not all places promised me results within a visit. But ASTIQUE proved me wrong, anything is possible.

Still rubbing all the good stuffs in….

Close up of the skin… Pictures don’t lie. Neither were they edited. It is as real as the mask and facial.

I was extremely happy with the overall results and this photo was taken right after the facial. Remember, no powder, only eyebrows and eyeliners were drawn.

Big hug for ASTIQUE!

GOSH Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2014

GOSH Cosmetics is now available exclusively at SaSa with new products. Get inspired for spring and start having fun with their versatile new products and looks!

They have a wide selection ranging from eyeliners, shadows, primer, foundations to hair!

Stunning new season colours for eyes, lips and nails are guaranteed to take any beauty look right up to the minute, along with cool mascaras that turn the spotlight on eyes with seriously longer and fuller flashy lashes.

The nail lacquers are available in a wide range or colors that perfectly match the season’s biggest catwalk colour trends. With chic shades that dry in a flash, the lacquers are a cool and easy way to make an on-trend fashion statement.

One of the latest product in the range is their CC Cream – Illuminating Foundation.

CC stands for Colour Correcting. It is the beauty industry’s latest secret weapon. GOSH CC Cream delivers light coverage, moisture and SPF 10 sun protection. It also illuminates skin and evens out skin tone thanks to light-reflecting pigments that hide any skin perfections.

The active ingredient Gatuline Radiance keeps the skin looking flawless and has anti-aging properties that improve skin micocirculation.

It comes in 6 different shades, so you are bound to find one that suits your skin tone best.

Volume Lip Shine is the perfect lip gloss for fuller and hydrated lips. Not only does it increases the volume of lips, it also hydrates and moisturizes at the same time, leaving the lips soft and kisssssable! Retailing at only $23.90!

Another lippy product is the Lip Marker. It really really does look like a marker and you can draw it like how you would do the same for a whiteboard marker. So cute! Easy to apply and kiss proof!

With my fellow MFP Blogger – Xinyi 🙂

And my other beauty blogger babes~

The make up artist also created two looks using GOSH products that night.

Don’t you just want one of this desk at home too?

The first look was the natural and sweet look which is suitable for the day look.

And within a few minutes of transformation,

and some touch up…… the model is ready for a night look! Amazingly fast!

Thank you SASA Singapore and GOSH for having us that night! 🙂

Remember, GOSH Cosmetics is only available in SASA Singapore.

For more information: Facebook

3 Hada Labo New All-in-1 Lotion giveaway

So now, my secret to good skin is no longer a secret – Hada Labo!

I liked Hada Labo even way before I became their ambassador, so everything you see/read here is purely from the bottom of my heart but not because I am their ambassador, so I have to say only the good stuffs.

So you guys like my skin and have long heard about Hada Labo.

But what about the products that I use? I use a lot of products from Hada Labo but my all time favourite was their lotion until they came out with the New All-in-1 lotion – the one you saw in the TVC.

I am already at my N-th bottle and the marking you see below is how much I have left right now. I can give you more than enough reasons on why you should give it a try.

Easy application, non-sticky/oily and convenient.

I swear I am one of the laziest girl alive. I don’t like to slap the face with a lot of different products every night before I sleep or every morning before I put on any makeup. Basically, I don’t like to have my face all clogged up or anything because the make up can get really cakey after hours. I prefer to keep things neat and simple.

The lotion has a watery texture. It is like feeding your skin with the right water. Just like gulping down a can of 100 plus after a marathon!

This amazing bottle here acts as a Hydrating Lotion, Double cleanser and Essence Booster.

I can jolly well skip quite a few steps in my skincare regime with this lotion.

Double cleansing also meant that my skill will be oil and dirt free. Cleansing is often associated with drier skin due to harsh chemical contents but trust me, this lotion not only cleanse but also provides moisture for the skin.

Basically, toners might dry the skin but for this case, NO.

One drop locks up an ocean! – That was the thing which caught my attention few years ago!

I can’t stop stressing on how dehydrated my skin was. But with the essence booster and hydrating lotion formula, I love how bouncy my skin is right now. Nothing can make a girl even happier than good skin/hair days right? (other than love and family).

Going to be feeling clean and fresh is probably one of the best feeling before sleep.

And then waking up with clear and bouncy skin the next morning!

Other than the All-in-1 lotion, I am also currently using the Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Face Wash twice a day.

Once in the morning after I got off the bed and another time before I sleep/applying the lotion.

PSST ladies, hydration is extremely important. Do a comparison between a dry sponge and a wet sponge.

Dry sponge – rough, hard, tears easily
Wet sponge – smoother, soft and theres elasticity.

Nuff said, you should try the products out yourselves to determine if it really work wonders.

And now, because Christmas is just around the corner…….

I have 3 bottles of the Hada Labo New All-in-1 Lotion and…..

a cute mini traveller set to give away!!

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Collection Cosmetics is now in Singapore!

I really like exploring make ups and will never hesitate to review or try on new makeups. So just few days ago, I went to the media launch of Collection. This is one of the top make up brands in the UK and now, it is finally available in Singapore!!

They had so many dazzling make ups and lip stains that totally made me go gah gah. I am really a sucker for lip stains.

However, the first range which caught my eye yesterday was these glittery colourful eyeliners. I could feel parties and christmas in them. lol.

You can also dab some onto your fingers and apply them like some glittery eye shadows.

Eyeshadows. Can I just have all of them please? Different palette can create different looks. Totally digging the first 2 on the left.

And now, to my favourite lip stains!

This is the lip gloss series which I applied on that night. I had a pinkish base (from one of their lipstick as well) and top it off with the first lip gloss on the left to create a wet and pouty look.

This series caught my attention because it comes with a mirror at the side so you can actually apply it anywhere, anytime, conveniently. You can save the hassle of looking for a toilet just to re-apply the lip colour.

Swatches in order as seen in the picture above. I like the 3rd from the left and 2nd from the right! As you can see, I love reddish tones more 🙂

One more highlight from the range is the illuminating lights! It lights up automatically when you open the tube. So you can apply it when you’re in the dark as well. Clubs maybe?!

Call me a mountain turtle but these lip colours look like markers to me. And being said that, they are extremely easy to apply! It’s exactly the same on how you would use a marker. And so does the effect. It gives off a matt finish but leaves your lips colored and pouty.

Next up is this cute little cream puff! The tube is really as cute as it’s name.

It is available in 4 different shades.

So we were required to test out the products and create a pop diva look with them.

For me, pop diva is red lips and rosy cheeks.

So here’s me with my usual make up.

Still me, before any of the products were applied.


I drew a longer and waved eyeliner with their waterproof eyeliner and ended it with their bronze glittery eyeliner.

Black eye shadow was also applied minimally.

As for the cheeks, I used the bottom left and right for the warmer feel. Although I know it looked more like the 2 tones above, but I guess it was all because of the lighting.

Also, don’t you just love the lip colour in the picture? OMG. I am so going to get that lipstick.

The side profile of my face looks really sharp here. Hahahaha. Not sure if I love all make ups or do I just simply love Collection.

Just some information on the prices, Collection Cosmetics are pretty valued for money because they are cost slightly lesser but has a huge range of different varieties. You really can’t get bored with them because they have a lot of colours which you can create the different looks with.

As funky and as pop as the picture below!

You can find Collection at selected Watson’s outlets

Ngee Ann City, North Point, Star Vista, United Square, Tampines Mall or Toa Payoh.

Visit them at their Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/CollectionSG or their website at www.collectioncosmetics.com.sg

The Body Shop – Honeymania Moisture

The Body Shop has a new range in store – Honeymania.

Dip into nature’s exquisite honey moisture with Honeymania Range. The new collection of ultra-indulgent Bath and Body treats are enriched with wild honey goodness for skin that feels as nourished and fragrant as if it had been dipped in honey itself.

The range consists of quite a few items:

– Lip Balm ($10.90)
– Soap ($6.90)
– Eau de Toilette ($22.90)
– Soap bar ($6.90)
– Bubble Bath Melt ($26.90)
– Body Butter ($30.90)
– Shower Gel ($12.90)
– Body Scrub ($30.90)

All the products in the range smells like honey and the Bath Melt looks totally like a jar of honey too!

Their Sheka honey has a very distinctive taste and smell because of the fragrant rainforest flowers that the bees collect the nectar from. Its light floral aroma makes it distinct from any honey.

The bees that produces the honey are wild, therefore, they are free to roam and colonise the hive. So everyday, the bees communicate through “dancing” to direct each other to the tastiest flowers.

To gather enough honey to make each product, it takes almost 100 bees travelling over 2100km so they can harvest the nectar from nearly 50,000 flowers!

One of my favourite products was this Eau De Toilette which is handy enough for me to carry it everywhere.

The food served that day was also specially catered to the theme.

Cute bee cupcakes!

With Herine,

and Jamie, the very pretty girl!!

I was totally sold to this The Body Shop tote! So cute.

I can carry it out for lunch during lunch hours at work 😀 I want!

We were introduced to the story behind the collection as well.

To be honest, The Body Shop’s body butter is already as highly raved as it is. Though it is called butter, it isn’t as oily as you think because it gets absorbed into the skin quickly, leaving the skin smooth.

It would definitely be one of the best skincare regime for your body every night.

We also did hands on by doing a DIY necklace with the materials provided.

This is really creative!

Check out the new range in stores now! 🙂

Drove Intense Repair Range

Just some time back, Dove introduced us to the new Dove Intense Repair Range!

The event was held in a cosy cafe with very cute Dove themed food served.

Even their cupcakes were all related to dove! In case you’re wonder what does the 10 represents, the new dove range can boosts hair strength by 10 fold!!!!!

Yes, you heard me right. Their lab tests showed that hair breakages are reduced significantly by 10 times when dove shampoo and conditioner are used as compared to using a non conditioning shampoo.

The range includes:

– Dove Intense Repair All Day Repair Cream ($7.05 for 120ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Conditioner ($7.70 for 350ml, $11.90 for 700ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Shampoo ($7.70 for 375ml, $11.90 for 700ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Daily Treatment Conditioner ($8.90 for 180ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Overnight Treatment ($12.90 for 120ml)
– Dove Intense Repair Treatment mask ($10.90 for 200ml)

“Dove’s deep understanding of hair has given us the insight to develop our best ever hair care range, which goes to the cellular level, meaning you get great results from deep down, not just a superficial quick fix on the surface.”

– Dr Katya Ivanova, Technical Brand Manager for Dover hair.

I love the colour combinations, really. You?

On a side note, they smell really really good too.

Hair damage can be caused by heat, chemicals, harsh weather conditions as well as friction.

And Dove to the rescuseeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

The star product strengthens and smoothens hair along with a new microsheets technology. All you have to do is to massage the cream through your wet hair after shampoo and leave it on for ONLY a minute.

A test was also conducted on the spot.

And true enough, we saw it with our own eyes. The conditioner indeed made your hair smoother as compared to a Brand X conditioner used for comparison.

Using good hair care products is vital, but products like this new range from Dove not only repair the damage in your hair, they also protect your hair throughout the day and make your hair feel and look smoother.

Thank you Dove for spoiling me like crazy! I am pampering myself with Dove until the very last drop!