Chemical Peel? Milk Peel? Are they the same in Singapore?

I am always doing Dual Yellow Laser with Dr Celine Leong at Astique Clinic, Singapore but this time round, I gave something new a try – Milk Peel. I would call this a “Lunch Time Quick Fix” as the entire process took less than 30 minutes.


Some of you may link Milk Peel & Chemical Peel together but they are not exactly the same. Even though I personally find that chemical peels & milk peels are more or less the same but Milk Peel is a lot more gentle on the skin and it is suitable for all skin type. Chemical peels on the other hand, is pretty selective. Some peels are not suitable for dry skin while some are not suitable for people with acne problems.




If I have to choose one favourite between the two, my choice will be Milk Peel as it has no downtime and my skin doesn’t flak as much. This means that there is almost no downtime and I don’t have to put up with flaky make up for the next 2-3 days.

P/S: My makeup sat nicely on my face for the next 1 week plus too.

Milk Peel is said to help shrink enlarged pores, improve fine lines and wrinkles and even out our skin tone. As I have only done one session so far, all I could see were improved in skin radiance and even skin tone for the next few days. I believe that if I continue to do more sessions, I will be able to see more results.


You can do Milk Peel at Astique Clinic, located at 350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Singapore 238868.
For more information, please visit

Dual Yellow Laser at Astique Clinic Singapore


We are just 9 more months into our wedding and we are taking extra care for our face because we want to look our best on our big day. We have been visiting Dr. Celine Leong from Astique Clinic for the last 2 years and we focused too much on enhancements instead of better skin so we have decided to do the otherwise! We have recently embarked on the Dual Yellow Laser journey!

There are a lot of other Laser Treatments which you can find at Astique Clinic but there are just too many people raving about Dual Yellow Laser so we just have to give it a try!

What is Dual Yellow Laser?
“Using a combination of yellow and green lights, the Dual Yellow brightening laser can combat a wide range of skin concerns like dark spots and pigmentation due to aging or sun damage, scars, melasma, stretch marks, acne and bulky lesions (moles, skin tags and other raised lesions). The green light in Dual Yellow targets melanin which causes pigmented lesions like freckles, sun spots and age spots or skin discolouration like melasma.

An immediate change in appearance of dark spots will be noticed and some might appear to darken slightly and gradually fade after a couple of days.

Not only are treatments fast, precise and targeted with reduced skin damage and no down time, the Dual Yellow brightening laser will effectively treat your skin condition while also stimulating collagen generation helping to keep your skin supple and brightened in complexion.”

Why did we go for Dual Yellow Laser instead of other lasers?
James has some scars on his face, and some times breakouts. As for me? Sun spots is something I can’t deny since I am ALWAYS out in the sun everyday. I do not personally have scars or stretch marks but I don’t mind having extra collagen stimulation to help keep my skin glowing!

More importantly, the procedure is pretty fast and painless. As we have to attend events or engagements on a daily basis (almost), we want to avoid down time and Dual Yellow Laser has absolutely no downtime. We can step out of the clinic in 10-15 minutes. I can even apply my makeup right after the laser.

The laser is a quick process and all you need is just two steps.

Step 1: A layer of cooling gel will be applied to your face to help cope with the heat (in fact, I couldn’t even feel any heat!).


Step 2: Laser!


We do not have any pain throughout the entire treatment and the skin always feel extra smooth for the next 1 week after the treatment! If you google, some people may experience mild redness after the laser but it works pretty well for us so far. We are currently at our third session and we can’t wait for the fourth! I hope we will have even more radiant skin on our big day next year!

I will strongly recommend you to do the laser once a month for maintenance. You can even skip applying foundation after a few sessions (depending on your skin condition).

Please visit for more information on the laser.

You can also visit them at:

350 Orchard Road, Shaw House, Singapore 238868

REVIEW: Fractional CO2 Laser @ ASTIQUE Clinic

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 10.18.36 pm

For this post, I will be sharing my review of Fractional CO2 laser offered by the ASTIQUE Clinic, which is also my regular aesthetic clinic.

In recent years, Fractional CO2 lasers are getting increasingly popular as the mainstay treatment to Acne scarring, improving wrinkles, discolouration as well as pore tightening. The reason is simply because it has clinically proven to be effective when performed by an experienced, certified doctor!

The reason for me resorting to this treatment was because of my large pores concern & residual ice pick scars from my battle with acne during my adolescence. My skin type falls under combination but it tends to get excessively oily under the hot humid climate of Singapore. That set stage for my acne issues during adolescence.

The certified doctor who performed my Laser treatment was none other than Dr Celine Leong who also does my Botox injections.

The process started with a diagnosis of my skin condition. As usual, Dr Celine was very patient throughout the whole diagnosis process; intently listening to my concerns. She even took time to explain the benefits as well as the complications eg downtime. All in all, she never fails to give that sense of assurance that you are in good hands; this is also the key reason why I am happy to follow up with her all these while!

Next, numbing cream was applied generously onto my skin approximately half an hour before the laser treatment.

Below is a visual proof that they were INDEED very generous with the numbing cream to ensure I do not undergo any form of discomfort during the actual laser treatment!

*See how white my face is with the numbing cream*

After approximately half an hour, the cream was removed.

You will start to appreciate the effect of the numbing cream upon the start of the laser treatment!

In short, Carbon Dioxide laser emit short burst of high-energy laser that vapourizes the scarred tissue layer by layer. Technically, your skin is being ‘burnt’!

Thanks to the numbing cream, my experience with the procedure was almost painless!

At the end of the procedure, my skin appeared mildly red but it is absolutely normal for post procedure. The downtime ranged from 3-5 days subsequently with minute gritted scabs & slight redness. By end of Day 5, all the scabs have more or less fallen off, leaving behind a smoother skin with smaller pores!

As this is only my first laser treatment session with them, the effect is not significant enough to totally alleviate all my ice pick scars. It is common for patients to undergo at least 2-4 treatment to see good visual improvement.

To attain that significant improvement, I am definitely looking forward to my next laser CO2 treatment with Dr Celine!

REVIEW: ASTIQUE Clinic Skin Booster 水光针


As we age, our body loses water, collagen and many other essentials that results in ageing. Without all those, our skin will appear dull and wrinkles will start to appear. How can you slow down ageing other than just apply skincare daily?

I went for Skin Booster at Astique Clinic because the Koreans are crazy about it. I remember days when Skin Booster was not available in Singapore, people would fly over to Korea just to do the treatment!

What is Skin Booster?

Skin Booster is injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is found in almost every skincare in the market. It helps keep the skin hydrated and youthful looking. Since it is being found in skincare, it is definately safe for the skin. By injecting hyaluronic acid under the skin, the face will look fuller and brighter as the skin is well fed with water. By saying well fed, I meant to say that hyaluronic acid can help the skin retain water. This can sometime results in smaller pores too!

Some people say that Skin Booster can be very painful, but I would say that pain is subjective. I went to google the procedure and videos on YouTube. I died watching the video. I went ahead with it because the results people get ARE REALLY SIGNIFICANT!

I went for a consultation with Dr. Celine and she assured me that it is not as painful as what I had imagine. The treatment is also safe for people who have sensitive skin and is suitable for both men and women.

The therapist helped me cleanse my face before apply the numbing cream. If you are really scared, you can request for the numbing cream to be applied longer. But trust me, it is not THAT painful.

Mico-injections are then being carried out on the face using a special equipment in Astique and the whole procedure only took me less than 30 minutes (excluding the numbing process).

There is a downtime of 5-7 days but you can put on make up 2 days later to conceal the marks so that isn’t a concern for me.

1.5 months has passed and I certainly do see quite a fair bit of improvements with my skin! I was told that some people may need 2-3 sessions to experience the full benefits but I am happy with the first session itself! Even James was also tempted to try Skin Booster lol!

What I experienced:
– Lighter dark circles
– Brighter skin tone
– Better complexion
– Pores shrinked

I will strongly recommend every to try out Skin Booster with Astique!! Thank you Dr. Celine for making me younger!

Astique Clinic – Botox For Men


Because Maybel is super satisfied with her cheek fillers done at Astique Clinic, she brought me along for some transformation to make me look younger!!

I would like to think of myself as a true believer of ‘Keep your friends close & your enemy closer’. Because I keep my worst enemies real close they appear right in my face: Wrinkles!

Or in other term: Aging. In fact, all mankind’s main enemy regardless how healthy or wealthy you are!

Part of the reasons why wrinkles started to find their way to my face was because my substantial amount of exposure under the sun (No. 1 cause of wrinkles) be it for work or leisure!

Ironically, as apparent as ‘they’ are right in my face, I have actually never paid much attention. NOT until Maybel ‘counted’ them out to me! Also, I grew more conscious of them with the increasing number of social events we have to attend together. I don’t want to have a day where someone come up to Maybel and welcome us as ‘Maybel & her Uncle’!!

As such, I went for a consultation with Dr. Celine about my concerns. Dr. Celine was indeed very sharp, she accurately identified my major areas of concerns before I even said them: the Forehead and corners of my eyes (crow’s feet).

See how obvious they are when I frown! Just count for yourselves!

Dr. Celine even went a step further to identify another area of concern which was neglected by both of us: My Jawline.

At this angle, you can see how broad and square-shaped my jaw are, owing much to my love for chewing on nuts! As such, it is very hard to find a complimenting angle especially when I am doing a video or commercial shoot!

Before starting on the procedures, Dr. Celine patiently explained Botox’s mode of action, pros & cons and even the side effects of this treatment which in case there were hardly any.

With a peace of mind, I went ahead with the 1st part of the procedure : the Numbing process!

It took a good 10-20 minutes before I was well-numbed for the upcoming prick!

Easy for this girl to smile when she was not in the ‘Hot’ seat!

Well, to be frank, the pain from the needle prick was very very minimal!! So, her happiness stemmed mainly from her satisfaction with her youth restoration process with the same drug (Botox) before me!

I appreciated the fact that Dr Celine was very firm with her hands during the injection process which contributed to a swift yet almost painless procedure!!

Presenting to you the face of Customer Satisfaction with Instant results on my Forehead & corner of my eyes! You can see for yourself that the lines around those two areas reduced significantly!

You might not notice the drastic ‘slimming of my jawline in this picture as it takes a month before the full effect can be visibly seen.

I have always heard of the miracles of age reversal by Botox. Now, I felt & seen it for myself!

Yes! Botox injection procedure might be common among many Aesthetic clinics but do not neglect the diagnosis &  injection procedure! For these two aspects, I am very satisfied with the work of Dr Celine even till now (2 weeks after procedure)!

Actually, do you know that Botox has health benefits as well? It can reduce twitching by relaxing the muscles around the eyes area and even release tension headache! Don’t ever think that Botox is purely to improve aesthetics features.

You can find Dr. Celine at 350 Orchard Road #08-00, Shaw House 238868.

Ring them at 6732 3801 for appointments!

Astique Clinic – Cheeks Fillers


I love looking at people with high cheekbones because it makes one look happier and younger!

I am not born with high cheekbones but neither with extremely flat cheeks. If I can add some fillers to the cheeks to make them look puffier and fuller, I would! And I did!

Having done fillers before, I was neither scared or worried about the needles because they are totally PAINLESS.

After a consultation with Dr. Celine from Astique Clinic located at Shaw House #08-00, I was brought to a neat room to apply the numbing cream for 20 minutes.

Dr. Celing picked Juvederm for me because I used this for my fillers previously as well! I used this for my chin 3 years ago to cover up the “butt-shaped” chin and it lasted me for a good 2 years even though it was my first exposure to fillers. This is good stuff!

Super happy! I can’t wait for a more 3D face!

After cleaning away the numbing cream, the assistant put an ice cube at the areas where the skin will be injected so as to further numb the skin.

As you can see, during the injection, the assistant will try and distract my attention by tapping at other areas of my head. I think I said this before, but I am still going to say it anyway – Whoever came out with this is a genius as it can really take away one’s attention!

It was really painless. It was just another ant bite that we always get at the park.

So ready for another round on the same side!

Now.. Take a look at both sides of my face. Isn’t it obvious that the injected side looks more 3D and younger? Yes yes!! I LOOKED YOUNGER INSTANTLY!!

The annoying empty spaces under the eye areas make me look dull and tired looking. Sometimes I get more than 12 hours of sleep and I still get “Why do you look so tired today?”. Now, after the cheek fillers, I can still look fresh even when I am lack of sleep!

Two weeks after the cheek fillers….

I woke up at 7am and worked till 6pm. This picture was taken at 6.40pm. Tell me how do I look? Not tired looking at all! In fact, I looked fresh, younger and BRIGHTER~~~

For people who wants to look like a Korean, you should go for cheek fillers too! Most Koreans have a fuller face and cheek fillers is one of the answers for it!

You can find Dr. Celine at 350 Orchard Road #08-00, Shaw House 238868.

Ring them at 6732 3801 for appointments!

Happier and fuller cheeks at Astique

As much as I am happy with my current look, there is no reason not to make it even better.

Aesthetics enhancements not only help one to look better, but also reverse the signs of aging. In my previous consultation with Dr. Matthew Yap, he told me that I would look better with fuller cheeks so I went back to Astique Clinic for cheek fillers!

Let’s go!

The fillers used previously on my chin and nose were none other than Juvederm. For my cheeks this time round, Dr Yap will be using Juvederm as well.

It is said to last longer than other fillers. Dr Matthew told me that the fillers on my nose and chin would last me for at least 6 months to a year!

It contains- Hyaluronic acid, a natural substance which can be found in the human body. And the chances of developing allergy Juvederm is very low as it is not derived from animal tissues.

Do you know that saggy cheeks can cause one to look even older than one’s actual age? What is worst is that lines would start appearing on the cheeks and this is more often than not, more noticeable in women than man.

The cheek lines would start to appear below the eye area first, before leading down to the cheek areas.

The benefits of cheek fillers are that it can instantly lift your cheeks and restore the lost volume. They are useful for restoring the shape of the cheek where the signs of aging often begin.

FYI, injection fillers also stimulates the skin to produce its own collagen!

No one is too young to talk about anti-aging. Cheek fillers are also good for people who have rather flat cheeks.

My side profile reveals my flat cheeks along with a tiny sharp nose and chin, with credits to the previous fillers done at Astique.

I am very satisfied with the current skin condition. If you’re wondering what I did to achieve such a glowy look, the answer is here.

Waiting for the numbing cream effect to take place….

And finalllyyyy, onto the huge comfy chair. I was feeling neither nervous nor scared because I knew that the pain score would be close to zero. All I was anticipating was the end result.

Making marks on my face….

Injecting the fillers….

Massage, rub and cooling the next injection area…

and I am done!

Fast, painless and non-invasive! Looking good in less than 45 minutes!
(Including the consultation, and waiting time)

A girl is always happier when she is prettier.

And happiest when she looks younger than her actual age.

Thank you Astique Clinic, Dr. Matthew Yap and My Fat Pocket!

Astique Clinic also provides other treatments or services like CoolSculpting, Facelift, Facials and more.

Head over to their website and find out more!

Deep Hydration for the Skin at Astique

MFP has kindly arranged for a pre-CNY facial for me at Astique Clinic by Dr. Matthew Yap.

Cold weather means flaky skin for the dehyrated skin. Hence, more hydration booster would be needed to keep the skin bouncy and radiant.

My last facial was also probably more than half a year ago, so why not!

Other than their in-house scrub, these were the products used that day – ESTHEMED, which are made in Korea. Well, we all know that Korea is the place for good skincare products!

I enjoy doing facial a lot because it is extremely comfortable, relaxing and at the same time, better skin. The benefits of this facial is to keep the face moisturized and dewy.

The first step is to remove all the makeup by cleansing and scrubbing the face. Scrubbing also remove dead skin cells from the surface, making sure that the skin is absorbing all the nutrients well.

Hydra B3 Spray was sprayed and massaged all over the face before the Hydra B5 Serum.

Following with the Hydra B6 Cream. Okay, I gotta admit, I had this thing for the cream and the masks that came after. They were too goooood! Read on to find out why.

I have read about the mask from Miyake and she commented that the masks actually work like fillers. YES, IT SURE DOES!.

The ASTIQUE Recovery Essence Mask improves elasticity and firmness of the skin, smoothens and softens skin texture, resulting in firmer and younger looking skin.


It locks in moisture, boosting skin cell regeneration and causing skin to glow from within.

The  masks are also retailing at a box of 5 ($155). Definitely worth the money.

It is filled with essence. You can literally see it dripping. So instead of wasting the essence, the beautician rubbed a layer of the essence onto my face before placing the mask on.

Psst: I think I would apply it all over the arms and legs if I were home.

It was left on for a good 20 minutes.

No washing is needed after masking. You can massage the face gently until the essence is absorbed in – as recommended by the nurses/beauticians there 🙂

Take a look at the rest of the photos below at how dewy and bright my skin is! It only took me 60 minutes to see the results. I went out without foundation that day because I was so confident of how my skin was.

You know, whenever I go for facials, I was always told that my skin was rather dull. But not all places promised me results within a visit. But ASTIQUE proved me wrong, anything is possible.

Still rubbing all the good stuffs in….

Close up of the skin… Pictures don’t lie. Neither were they edited. It is as real as the mask and facial.

I was extremely happy with the overall results and this photo was taken right after the facial. Remember, no powder, only eyebrows and eyeliners were drawn.

Big hug for ASTIQUE!

Post Botox/Fillers – 3 months later

Attended my cousin’s wedding dinner in Dec and my relatives thought I slimmed down a lot because my face looked so much smaller/sharper!

I told them “No way! I put on 2kg since the last time you guys saw me. The fats are now well hidden and my face look smaller because of botox!”

Yes yes, I was referring to the session which I did at Astique Clinic 3 months ago.

And I can have a prominent chin at the same time thanks to the chin fillers done as well!

Dr. Matthew told me that botox and fillers can last between 6 months to a year and I am hoping that mine can last up to a year because I don’t even have to worry about my face getting fat even though I put on weight. My face always look bloated when I put on weight, and yes, that is even if it is only a kg.

What can I say? Nothing! I am extremely satisfied with the results!

So what can botox/fillers do?

Basically nothing else, except making you happier because you can look so much prettier!

However, do remember to avoid rubbing the areas where you had fillers injection just incase the fillers go out of place! 🙂

Preparing yourself for CNY

I am almost done with the preparations for CNY except getting new clothes.

Firstly, I got my black roots touched up at SalonB by Oscar. He always leave me a happy girl after every session. It seems like he could do magic to my dry hair. I always leave him to decide my length/colour and he always know what I want, or what would suit me better.

Salon B is located at 1 Nassim Road #02-03 Singapore 258458
Tel: 6836 5855/9819 0183

Please call them to make an appointment cause they are always busy and packed. Quote “Blogger Maybeline” to get 20% off all chemical services.

Next, I had my New Year nails done at Beau Essentials by Sophia.

I click with her extremely well! She was also awarded with quite a number of awards for her nail designs and skills! You have to visit her!

All I have to do is to show her what I want by googling for pictures on the internet and she could make them appear on my nails.

Beau Essentials is located at Beauty World –
Upp Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, Singapore 588177
Tel: 6468 0979

I just can’t decide on my CNY design yet~


Now, I am done with these. But what about the skin?

As usual, HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Lotion! This is one of my essential skincare in my entire routine. I seriously do not know what to do without it.

My 3 in 1 doink doink!

On top of the outer application, I take Collagen powder from Fancl as well. I like how conveniently the HTC Collagen comes in sachets because I would not overtake or undertake it and I consume it on a daily basis so it actually saves me a lot of time!

I tend to drink it with iced coffee before I start my day. Remember, Collagen is extremely important for the skin. It can reverse aging and keeps the skin supple and firm! Exactly what you need before staying awake all night during Lunar New Year for all the gambling or gathering sessions.

The fastest way to get rid of tired and dull looking eyes to prepare the face for the upcoming Chinese New Year is probably by pampering myself at Astique Clinic – Vitamin C Eye Rejuvenation or for some botox/fillers to enhance the features!

With all the love from the sponsors and brand, I can look even prettier for the upcoming Lunar New Year!

Trust me, you can too! 😉