Hada Labo – Unlock the skin’s secret

Hada Labo’s toner has an improved formula!! A PR event was held last week and Chloe, Michelle Chia and me had to be there throughout. Although I had to take leave for the event but it is pretty worth it πŸ™‚

We had to go up to the stage for interviews and all….

Do you also know that Jun Ji-Hyun is the new international Hada Labo ambassador?! WOW

Besides that, they are also introducing a new Hada Labo Lotion.

The new Hada Labo Lotion will bring your skin to a new level of hydration, featuring advanced new generation of 4 interlocked Hyaluronic acids.

– Large-sized Hyaluronic Acid
– Medium-sized Hyaluronic Acid
– Super Hyaluronic Acid
– Nano Hyaluronic Acid

Each acid provides plays a crucial role in making sure the skin’s hydration level stays in continuous supercharged mode.


The large-sized fights against trans-epidermal water loss by forming an ‘umbrella’ on the skin to create a thick moisture layer that also continuously diffuse huge amount of water into top layer of skin.

Medium-sized possess the water holding power of typical HA, and bring in even more hydration.

Super HA, which is layered in the middle skin layer fills up the skin with 2 times as much water. Working with the medium-sized HA, they replenish moisture loss and pump up water into the skin.

The Nano HA is 1/20th sized of a regular HA. It has tremendous capability to penetrate deepest into skin beyond epidermis. It stores tremendous amount of water deep in skin by building up a huge moisture reserve.

With Singapore being such a warm and humid country, people are tend to have either dry or very oily skin. So a lot of moisturizers would be needed to keep the skin healthy.

When the skin is fully hydrated, your skin would also be able to absorb the rest of the skincare well.

I had been using the lotion before it was even available for sale in the market. My review is that the texture is lighter than the previous hydrating lotion and it gets absorbed really really quickly as well. My skin also feel even more hydrated!

I wake up to good skin day every morning!
(Although I get a pimple or two when period is near).

After all the media sessions, I went to mingle with the bloggers at the blogger session. It is so nice to see familiar faces!!

It was sooooo cute when I was presented with a poster of myself when I was about to leave. This poster will be hanged in my living room for sure!! *such self obsession* LOL. It sure brings back good memories :))))

As the event was held in Ocean Restaurant in RWS, it was very difficult to capture nice pictures without DSLR πŸ™

So here’s a clearer picture of me with the bouquet of lovely roses from Hada Labo!! πŸ™‚

And since I was on leave, I waited for J to off work in the evening before we head off for a dinner date. Hehe.

Lastly, well-hydrated skin becomes smooth, dewy-radiant and DOINK DOINK!

I am a proud ambassador of Hada Labo!

Some of you may have already seen the Television Commercial on Channel 8 or 5. Yeap, I am the new Hada Labo girl and I am extremely proud to be the ambassador of my favourite skincare brand! Not everyone gets to be the ambassador of their favorite brand right? So yes, you could guess my feeling when I was informed that I was selected.

1 drop locks an ocean. Doink Doink!

This is where I talk about the behind the scenes of the entire TVC.

I have no experience in anything like talking infront of the camera nor speech and drama. It was a very difficult task for me because I have stage fright and I was so scared that I might mess up the whole thing.

Thankfully and gratefully, everyone was very patience in guiding me and tolerating my countless NGs. Lol.

Meet the wonderful people from Hada Labo (Mentholatum Singapore). They were the people who were with me throughout and constantly advising me on the scripts and actions.

I had to report at 7am for the hair and makeup and had a long long day till 7pm. It was a very nice experience and definitely, one of the best.

For someone who had no experience like me, even walking in to the cafe scene was hard. LOL.

And this picture, it seemed that I was totally memerized by his eyes. No? HAHAHAHA. Ken was actually just giving me some instructions and telling me about the next scene.

Where are your eyes, Ken?!

I love the entire look Mark gave me, the eyes, the brows and everything. I had always thought that the makeups applied for people who were on-screen were thick until I met Mark.

With Charmaine again. She’s so pretty, isn’t she?!

My second scene was me looking out of the window until Chloe praised my skin. Lol!

Touch up on the hair, the face, the hair, the face and the hair again. It was a common routine for me every 20-30 minutes. The curls wouldn’t say still!

I was also feeling stress at one point of time because I had severe tongue tied and couldn’t even say a simple sentence properly.

It was fun doing this scene because Ken hid in a corner. And when I turned my head up, he would be there to give me a huge smile just so that I can smile brighter. Lol!!

And then Tadah!! Chloe came in. She is extremely cute and bubbly. I really enjoy working with her. That was only the second time that we had met (once, at the screen call), and our chemistry was fairly good. There was no awkwardness. I was shy, but her liveliness made things so much better.

She had short hair and the hair was actually an extension. I personally like her with long hair. She has this very Japanese look.

Okay, I did that face on purpose.

Done with all my scenes and it was time for me to take some selfies. I wanna wake up to this look everyday!

Stay tuned for other related behind the scenes and I will also be sharing with you my favourite skincare products that I am currently using! πŸ™‚

You can also follow them on their Facebook page atΒ https://www.facebook.com/hadalabosg