New Year New Skin Clarity – Removing Acne Scars the Painless Way with Secret RF

Author: Alexius Chua

Pimples come and go, but acne scars are like permanent marks on the face. You don’t need a close inspection to notice the acne scars on my cheeks and forehead, the contours look just like the uneven sand playground my nephews love to play at. Blame it on my reckless teenage years when I didn’t follow through the proper skincare routine and squeeze the pimples incessantly without thinking of the consequence 🙁

This affects my confidence and made me quite a reserved person. Okai perhaps its because of personality but my skin condition plays a part of it too.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

1 month after treatment, the scars has pretty much lightens already

Thankfully, a friend recommended me to visit Aesthetics Central Clinic at Clarke Quay Central, and scheduled an appointment with Dr Ryan Tan, who has a decade of experience in the aesthetics treatments. Dr Ryan suggested Secret RF for my first acne scar treatment – a revolutionary non-surgical treatment that uses fractional radio frequency (RF) and micro-needles for the treatment of depressed acne scars like boxscars, ice-pick scars and rolling scars. It also has added benefit of skin tightening and lifting, and addressing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

The Treatment
Before commencing the treatment, my face is washed and subsequently numbing cream is applied by the assistant. Then I waited outside for around 30minutes for the numbness to take effect. Dr Ryan then proceeded to inject 2 shots of local anesthesia onto my cheek to reduce the pain.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

As I have a low pain threshold, the Secret RF treatment is surprisingly not as pain as I thought to be, almost pain-free. All I hear is the zapping from the Secret RF device and light flashing while the device work its magic around my face.
acne scar removal

acne scar removal

Aesthetics Central Clinic

As you can see, while there is no bleeding or bruising, my face is red and abit swollen immediately after the treatment. To speed up the recovery process I will need to apply anti-biotic cream for 5 days, and remember to hydrate, moisturize and sunscreen!
Nevertheless, I went out after the session to meet friends as its weekends.

Aesthetics Central Clinic

A week after the treatment, the redness has subsided after 2 days and I am quite happy with the results as the acne scars have reduced, especially on my right side of the cheek. The skin is also much smoother and whiter too! I was told that I will require a combination of treatments such as Infini Acne Scar Treatment or CO2 laser to achieve better results.

Just see the above before treatment and after treatment comparison, the skin condition is so much better. Confidence restored! Nevertheless, as the scars has been haunting me for a decade plus already, more sessions are needed to completely zap away these acne scars.

If you suffer the same skin problem as me, I would highly recommend you to consult the friendly Dr. Ryan Tan on how to improve the face condition and restore your confidence back.

Aesthetics Central Clinic Address:

8 Eu Tong Sen Street #11-89 The Central Office One, Singapore 059818

For appointment, please call (+65) 6221 8221 or whatsapp (+65) 9726 8856

Benzac – For Acne Prone Skin

I have a confession to make. I do not have excellent skin and my skin can be quite sensitive at times. As I had already mentioned earlier in my older entries, I had an awful acne outbreak due to allergy from a friend’s skincare product.

I was so desperate for it to heal but we know, healing from breakout takes time and it can be quite a painful period.

Just nice, I took up a challenge at the same time. It was a 5 day challenge by Benzac which helps in acne.

Benzac specializes in treating mild to moderate acne sufferers. It contains benzoyl peroxide which helps unblock pores and kills acne bacteria within 48 hours.

I was given 3 products to try for the 5 days.

1) Benzac Daily Facial Liquid Cleanser
2) Benzac Facial Scrub
3) Benzac AC 5 Water Base Gel

As the cleanser which was given to me was mainly for oily to combination skin but I have dry skin, I only use it every night before I go to bed. The cleanser removes impurities, helps unblock pores and controls oiliness without drying my skin.

Suitable for daily use if you have oily or combination skin.

The Benzac Facial Scrub is suitable for ALL skin types and helps to exfoliate and deeply cleans the skin while reducing skin oiliness without damaging the skin.

I only managed to use it twice throughout the 5 days challenge as scrub can cause dry and flaky skin if you scrub your face away. So my advise is to only use it once every 2-3 days.

My skin felt clean and fresh after the scrub and it does not leave the skin dry or wrinkled. Thumbs up!

The scrub looks slightly yellowish and it does not have any medicated scent. You can also see a lot of microbeads with the naked eye.

Lastly, the Treatment Gel demostrates fast, effective results and long-term benefits in clinically tested trials. This works like magic. Like I said, I was so desperate for it to heal and I was actually very hardworking throughout the 5 days with this gel.

Just so you know, there are different strength for the gel. Always start the treatment with a smaller dose.

I was given the 5% gel and trust me, my outbreak was pretty bad. It was all over the cheeks and forehead. The gel is a spot treatment and should ONLY be applied to affected areas.

This was only applied after I had already cleansed and hydrated the face and was ready for bed.

The gel works by killing the bacteria that cause acne, drying the acne pimples and helping the skin to peel. New skin would grow and heal after that.

It can also unplugs blocked pores and contains acrylates copolymer beads that absorb excess oils and release glycerol which reduces the risk of irritation.

The gel will appear colourless after rubbing. As it could be drying, I only applied a tiny amount to the acnes every night. Visible results could be seen in just 3 days of application so I became pretty hopeful after that!

Remember, Cleanse, Scrub, and then Gel!

Lucky me, Benzac gave me acne-free skin again! I am looking good again!

Eucerin Skincare Series

Eucerin has generously sent a set of 5 products over! *throws confetti*

Eucerin is actually my boyfriend’s favourite facial brand! Yes yes no joke!
Therefore, I am not new to this product because I have been using it quite frequently myself even before they sent these over.

The DermoPURIFYER range fights all 4 factors of acne!

– Cornification at the opening of the sebaceous-gland follicle (called hyperkeratosis)
– Excess sebum production (seborrhoea),
– Proliferation of acne bacteria (Proionibacterium acnes);
– Resulting in inflammation.

Not every person suffering from acne has the same skin needs. And that’s why there is not only one product to solve the problem for everyone.

However, this series contains the essential active ingredients to tackle the problems.

– Lactic acid has a keratolytic and comedolytic action, i.e. it is able to dissolve thickened epidermal cells caused by acne, as well as comedones. It thereby addresses the first factor of blemished skin and promotes an improved flow of sebum.

– L-carnitine regulates the production of sebum by promoting the uptake of fatty acids in the mitochondria, converting them into energy. Thus, the fatty acids can no longer be converted into sebum, and the amount of sebum is substantially reduced.

– Decandiol is known for its excellent antimicrobial properties, especially against Propionibacterium acnes: the proliferation rate of the acne bacterium is markedly reduced, as early as 24 hours after using decandiol.

– Licochalcone A, has a skin soothing and antibacterial effect and protects the skin cells against environmental stress by neutralizing UV-induced free radicals.

Let me show you the products.

1. DermoPURIFYER scrub ($18.60 for 100ml)

Because I have dry skin, I only use this scrub once every 3-4 days to unclog my pores.

Females like me make up almost everyday so we would need some cleansing beads to clear the dirts off our face every now and then. It doesn’t leave your skin too dry after each scrub, so no worries!

2. DermoPURIFYER cleanser ($21.20 for 200ml)

Just like the scrub above, despite being a product to fight acne, you do not have to worry about your skin being too dry after washing your face with this cleanser. In fact, I feel that my skin feels smoother after the wash.

Sometimes I skip the moisturizer step after using this.

As you can see from the picture below, the cleanser is almost liquid and clear.

3. DermoPURIFYER Active concentrate ($29.90 for 30ml)

This is to be applied after the toner! It is an oil free serum so you do not have to worry that it gets too oily. And it doesn’t feel sticky and greasy after the application at all.

PSST: The absorbption is rather quick too.

4. DermatoCLEAN waterproof eye make up remover (Price Unknown)

It is pretty hard to wash off the stubborn mascara and eyeliners so I always try not to spam too much of them on my eye.

But this eye makeup remover makes everything easier. I can remove everything in less than 15 seconds of rubbing with either cotton balls/pads.

5. DermatoCLEAN 3 in 1 cleansing fluid ($27.90 for 200ml)

This fresh, ultra light cleansing fluid act as a cleanser, toner and make up remover all in one step. Micellar cleansers which are liquid cleansers are used without water.

Apply a little bit on a cotton pad, wipe your skin down with the moistened pad, and that´s it! It removes make-up and impurities, tones and moisturizes, allowing the skin to breathe better and leaves your skin feeling soft, supple and comfortable.





Eucerin DermoPURIFYER is running a promotion only at Watsons, with an additional savings of 43%,
instead of $45.80 for the Cleanser and Scrub set, it’s now only $25.90 from now till 24 April!

Usual Price:
DermoPURIFYER scrub ($18.60 for 100ml)
DermoPURIFYER cleanser ($21.20 for 200ml)

It’s only $25.90 for both now!

Take it as an opportunity to allow your skin to test out these anti-acne products at a low cost.

Okay? 🙂

It is always better to have clear skin.