Magnumificent 25th Birthday!

MAGNUM just celebrated its 25th birthday at Avalon last Friday night! It was one of the best TGIF for me! We were warming cooly treated to a night of chocolate decadence and fashion highlights as well as the much-anticipated announcement of the return of the MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store!!

The grand entrance, the free flow of Magnum, Canap├ęs and alcohol made me felt like I was a celebrity! They sure know how to pamper their guest well! It was also one of the first time where I was willing to stay till 12 midnight for an event.

Was there with the duo (HP and William), James, TC and myself. The night wouldn’t be the same without them because everyone was a little high.

My favorite used to be MAGNUM Gold. But right now…. It has shifted to…… Well, read on!

The lucky girl got to enjoy her MAGNUM with 4 other guys.

And then…. while I was touching up on the lip colour… the guys took a mirror reflection selfie.

We managed to rush out to witness the hammering of the gigantic ice cream! If you think it’s plastic or wood, you’re so wrong!


They also collaborated with 2am:dessert bar chef, Janice Wong to design and create chocolate jewelry collection to compliment PAULINE.NING’s Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.

Pauline Lim of PAULINE.NING also added a contemporary twist to the classic MAGNUM brand, to create “Decadence Cracked”. The dress was inspired by the first light of the day which illuminates the entire city.

Next, we also enjoyed making our DIY MAGNUM from the largest chocolate fountain in Singapore. It was standing at more than 1m tall and over 100kg of chocolate flowed through the fountain to provide us with the decadent experience of creating our own MAGNUM ice cream.

There were a few toppings to choose from, including my most favourite – rose petals.

However, instead of rose petals, I picked red hearts for my MAGNUM.

Sugar diamonds, red hearts and macadamia nuts were my “materials” for my MAGNUM.

And party does not end without getting intoxicated by alcohol. A few of us got really high from the champagne, hard liquor and wines.

A lot of them told me I was blessed to be kissed by 2 guys. Why isn’t it the other way round? Hahaha. Just kidding.

Also, in celebration of 25 years of pleasure, the new and final MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store will be transformed into a fantasy world of decadence, bringing Pleasure Seekers on a final but indulgent and unforgettable multi-sensory journey.

They have came up with a brand new flavor – MAGNUM Limited Edition with Marc de Champagne. Now that explains the champagne in the press kit! This is so far, the BEST in my opinion!

When I say it’s final, its final. So the final installation of MAGNUM Singapore Pleasure Store at Customs House Terrace will be opened to the public from now to 23 July 2014 from 12pm to 10.30pm daily. Be sure to try out the new silver items that are added to the menu!

New items include Silver Jubilee ($19) and Over the Moon ($11).

Speaking of Silver….

Another shot with Silver and friends.

Once again, Thank you MAGNUM for having us at your birthday bash!