Crazier about Crabs @ Brizo


Last year, I went crazy at Brizo because it was a party with the crabs!! We were not even together back then. This year, we are back at Brizo as a couple. Time flies. A bit more and we are at our first anniversary!

My entire family loves crab. My mom loves Chilli crabs, while my dad loves Butter crabs. Me? I prefer to have it with Salted Egg.

So what is the best place to have all 3 without burning a hole in the pocket? Buffet.

But where can you find Crab Buffet?

Right here in Park Hotel! The Crazier about Crabs buffet is finally back with a friendly pricing.

Wednesday to Thursday: Adult $68++, Child $34++

Friday to Sunday: Adult $80++, Child $40++

This buffet will be available from 1 April to 28 June 2015, from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.



Do you know why we were so fascinated about this pan here? It was because we were trying to win a staycation for ourselves! As for you, head over to our Instagram (@maybelinesim or @james_awyong) to look for this pan, guess the weight and win yourself some dining vouchers for 2 for the crab buffet 🙂

*Update: Contest closed



This pan is a brand new STAR dish – Crab in a Pan. Each pan contains a whole crab, prawns, clams, black mussels, potatoes, corn and sausages and you can choose a choice between Mariniere, Bouillabaisse and Cioppino.

Below is a picture showing a pan that serves 4.



By the way…. do you know that they have 26 kinds of seafood and 22 types of crab dishes?!?!

I thought I would love the salted egg crab the most but I love how the black pepper crabs were cooked that night!! It was so yummy!! James was also filling his stomach with crabs and I was secretly smiling inside because he look like a greedy boy when he was handling the crabs. All 10 of his fingers were dirty. So cute! Haha. It was partly because he was enjoying himself thoroughly throughout. The food was good and so was the ambience as we were seated with a table of friendly people and our good friend, William.

Brizo’s array of all-time favourite crab dishes sare the sweet-piquant Brizo Signature Chilli Crab, the aromatic Heavenly Fragrance Crab and the dim sum styled X.O. Steamed Crab in Egg White.







If you are a cargo lover, they have Premium Crabmeat Fried Rice with XO Sauce and Laksa too! I was too busy with the crabs that I forgot to take a picture of my laksa. It was a DIY station so you can cook the laksa yourself. I prefer it that way because I can skip the bean sprouts and add more eggs! Hehe. The broth of the laksa was quite good too! It was flavorful enough to want a second serving.



Crabmeat Kueh Pie Tee sounds cute too!



Of course, if you prefer to have some fried snacks, they have crispy soft shell crab and baked crab in shell as well.



And for the cold dishes, be sure to expect cold and fresh sashimi. salad, Alaskan Crab Claw, Australian Spanner Crab and Chilled Flower Crab!




Not forgetting sushi too!



The range of dessert they have is 5x of what you see here. From Conetto’s mini cone, to mini Magnum to durian mousse to kuehs to macaroons to many many many more!



Yup, with such a HUGE range of variety, the prices of the buffet still remains pocket friendly. It is always good to pamper yourself to such good food once in a while!


During this period from 1 April to 28 June 2015, diners can also stand a chance to win a weekend staycation at Park Hotel Clarke Quay by sharing the most delicious-looking plates! Do remember to #crabbuffetatpark so that they can see your entries!


Psst psst readers!! From 1st April to 12th April, quote “My Fat Pocket_earlybird20%off” to enjoy 20% off the buffet prices! Isn’t it super super pocket friendly already?!?!


For reservations, you can call 6593 8855 or email 🙂

Movie Review: Sara


This movie was rated as R21 but not much love making scenes were seen in the show. Charlene Choi is over 30 years old when she is required to act like a teenager, she still look like one!

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.


Choi has always been portraying a clean girl next door image and this movie has brought out a rare side of her: the rebellious one! Despite the fact that this might be entirely new for Choi, I personally think that she did a good job exuding that rebellious side. On the other hand, there isn’t anything very special about Yam’s role as he has been starring in many other Hong Kong soft films before. Both leads were able to engage in their respective roles fully.

In additional, I like the twist to the storyline which took me by surprise (shall not share too much spoilers). All in all, it does provoke deep thoughts and give a good shoutout on the sad truth of the sex trade industry. Nonetheless, I thought they could have called for a more conclusive ending as I felt hanging with question marks as the movie credits are shown! As such, I give the movie 3.5 thumbs up!


This movie has also won numerous awards like Films of Merit in 21st Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award and Special Mention Award in 10th Osaka Asian Film Festival. Both Simon Yam and Charlene Choi also got the Best Actor and Actress award in the 6th Macau International Movie Festival.



Meeting with her past gave her the strength to confront her own demons.

Yuling/Sara has lost hope: her project is rejected by her boss, her estranged mother dies, and her boyfriend dumps her by text message. She takes out all of her savings and goes to Thailand to live out her life in a drunken stupor. As her money runs out, Yuling/Sara checks into a hotel where she intends to kill herself. Just as Yuling is about to take her own life, she meets a Thai child prostitute who would change her desire to end her life.

Somehow, the urge to rescue this prostitute gives Yuling/Sara newfound life and energy. As she gets to know the child prostitute and during the dangerous rescue process, Yuling/Sara confronts her dark past.

Watch the trailer here:

Penang Hawkers’ Fare


For Singaporeans that yearn for a taste of Penang at exceptionally affordable price, look no where beyond what is offered at York Hotel Singapore!


Nestling behind the Mount Elizabeth Hospital, this hotel has taken the trouble to seek out and fly in the Best and famous hawkers in Penang to prepare a series of well acclaimed gastronomic delights of Penang’s authentic street food at their very own White Rose Cafe.


Upon reaching the cafe, our eyes were greeted with a sea of people particularly, families. Got us wondering why the food fare was so popular for gatherings. So guys! A hint to somewhere you can show filial piety to your parents, or to chill with your friends! ><

We took no time to maneuver our way to the various counters. There were easily 8-10 counters with authentic Penang people stationed within each individual counter selling their specialty food!



If you are wondering what’s the Penang food being offered here. You can be sure they have all the essentials here! Here are some of what is being offered. They have the crispy Penang Pancake..each of them were prepared on the spot piping hot! The crispy texture and generous serving of nuts will definitely send pancake lovers off for a second helping. It is very crispy and the skin is not too thick, unlike those commonly found in Singapore.


Well, if you think that is the only crispy food around, think again. They also brought in the famous Lor Bak served in the hawkers’ own special Lor sauce.


How can we miss out on the Famous Penang Laksa! For those who have not tried Penang Laksa before, it is very different from our Singapore kind of Laksa. Instead of being hot and spicy, it has a tinge of sourness in its spiciness. Defintely worth a try if you never try before!


And if you are wondering which food has the longest queue, this is the ONE! The MUST MUST TRY when you are there is this famous Penang Char Kway Teow! It is extremely flavorful and the portion of prawns and eggs are generous as well. Nothing could stop us not even the longest queue there! We had 3 plates EACH.


They also have the Nasi Lemak served with Nonya Chicken Kapitan..


..Penang Prawn mee.. which broth was very very flavorful. This picture certainly did not do much justice to the bowl of awesome prawn noodles.


..Kway Teow Soup or Dry..


..Fruit Rojak.. which was very refreshing!


…and the special dish of the night: Penang Char Koay Kak featuring hand-made rice cakes! It is like carrot cake but instead of carrot cake, they replaced it with rice cake which taste even nicer.

For those whom have tried the previous round of Penang Buffet, you might not have tried this as they just launched this new dish! Bonus for those whose first timer!


Apart from those listed above, they also have Cuttlefish Kang Kong,


and a variety of desserts such as the ever popular Ice Kacang and Chendol. Since it is buffet, that means you can enjoy unlimited servings of these popular Penang food till your hearts’ content while saving on the Bus ticket to Penang!


Now for the shocking prices….






Prices for weekdays for lunch and dinner: $25.80 (adult) $18.80 (children below 12 years)

Prices for weekends for lunch and dinner: $28.80 (adult) $20.80 (children below 12 years)



Lunch – 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner – 6.30pm to 10pm

This buffet is available from 13 to 29 March 2015.

They don’t take in reservations as seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis but if you need any more information, you can reach them at 6830 1156.

Address: 21 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228516yor

BellaBox March


Let’s drop fifty shades of grey and move on to fifty shades of pink.

Yet another lovely box sent by Team BellaBox! As usual, their box always contain stuffs that delights me a lot. My favourite from this month is the travel sized ASIENCE Inner Rich Shampoo (480ml, $14.90) and Conditioner (480ml, $14.90) which I will be bringing along for my Bali Trip next month.

If you realized, most of the items in this box are newly launched items like Benefit Cosmetic Roller Lash, Daylong SPF 50+ Sunscreen and more. Inside also includes a piece of PPP Post-Laser Facial (6 sheets, $72) Mask which is something new to me as I haven’t heard of PPP Skincare before. Naturvital Sensitive Oily Hair Shampoo (300ml, $23) are suitable for sensitive and oily hair types (I just give James this!).

Bonus items for this month:

– Tealy Spring Green Tea (10 Tea Bags, $17)
– Darlie All Shiny White Multi-Care Toothpaste (140g, $3.45)

I think most of you might be excited to try out Roller Lash (8.5g, $37) as it is said to have instant curving effect with it’s exclusive Hook ‘n’ Roll Brush. Instead of buying the actual thing first, why not sample it yourself for only $19.95 along with other goodies? 🙂

Watsons Girl’s Day Out 2015


We spent almost 3 hours there and there wasn’t enough time to cover the entire segment as some of the booths were already closing then. But but, it was a Girl’s Day Out indeed! It was held at Serangoon NEX (which was really really really far for me but because it is Watsons, I have to go over no matter what!!), and I lugged home more than 6kg worth of goods! Haha.

By the way, Happy 27th Birthday Watsons!!!


Westies unite! We shared a cab home that evening.


We were so pampered from head to toes as we were introduced to the latest health and beauty brands be it cosmetics, hair, skincare, inner beauty supplements, health, and a lot of new brands (some can be quite shocking because you will never expect to find it in Watsons). Hahaha. As there were simply way too many many brands to cover (you guys know how big Watsons is right?!), I will only be touching on a few.

I think the girl’s favourite was the L’oreal  Revitalift Magic Blur booth because we can each score a $50 Zalora Gift Card there by posting a selfie with  Magic Blur on our Instagram.


It is retailing at $41.90 for a 50ml bottle. It can instantly blurs the look of pores, lines and imperfections. And with prolong use of up to 4 weeks, it is claimed to make your skin feels firmer and lines are reduced for younger looking skin.

Exture: mousse-cream and silky smooth.


And for their already famous extraordinary oil, my favourite was their latest range – Fine to Normal Hair SPRAYYYY. Yup, it works like a mist and is light weight.



I was also very impressed by Cetaphil Cleansing Cloth. And extra set was also delivered to me so I will be doing a review on it separately. I will explain how this saved me after my wisdom tooth surgery!!


The were also other new brands like Divinia and more.

I like it’s clean looking packaging and pocket friendly prices. A bottle of Triple Hydration Lotion (200ml) and a Triple Hydration Essence (30ml) are only retailing at $17.90 EACH. I always thought Essence would cost at least $30-40.


Okay, then I was attracted to Kustie because of the flower petals. You can find the petals inside the bottle of bath gel. My favourite was the Cherry blossom and Chamomile.  This brand is only exclusively available in Watsons at $19.90/bottle.


ASIENCE Inner Rich (Gold) and Nature Smooth (Blue) Ranges  which are already available and retailing from $7.95 onwards.

I have always love how nice ASIENCE products smells like!


Kinohimitsu was also another very generous booth. Drinks were served together with their health drinks.


That was not all. We were given a box of Kinohimitsu EyeBright and JointPro360 each.  I consumed one sachet of EyeBright on the spot because the lady was saying “you don’t have to mix it with anything else”. The taste was like the childhood crackling candies. It is suitable for everyone because even Vegetarians can eat it safely. I thought it was a little too sweet but they assured me that there was no sugar added. Yay!

EyeBright is retailing at $59.90 ($55.90 introductory price)
JointPro360 at $69.90 ($65.90 introductory price).


And here come’s the toothpaste and mouthwash. Honestly, I am perfectly fine with any brands 🙂





Energeyes is retailing at $67.90/pair without prescription. This can help block out the harmful lights emitted by your gadgets like phones or iPad. About 50% of harmful blue light will be reduced. My dad is constantly on his iPad till he sleep every night so I thought of giving this to him the moment I received it.


Also, SILKYGIRL has hair dye now! Because of it’s current promotion, I bought an additional 2 boxes of dye for my mom. Each box of dye comes with a lipstick inside 🙂 Only $7.90/box.


Bioderma, as usual, need no further introduction. But they have a new item this time round – Bioderma Sensibio Lait Cleansing Milk which I thought was superb!! It is as light as milk but it does more than just gentle cleansing, removing the make up from face and eyes.

The people behind the booth were saying that it is ultra clean and you don’t have to double cleanse to remove all make up. I did a demo on my hand after the scribbled some lipstick on it and true enough, it works like magic! Already available in stores for $26.90 (250ml).


YUPINZHEN is also exclusively available in Watsons. I had a small bottle to bring back and I noticed the differences. It is filled with jelly-liked bird nest with little rock sugar unlike those big bottles you normally see. Price is a little steep though. 6 small bottles for $95. I guess that’s why it is filled with bird nest instead of the “water”.


For shampoo wise, I did not manage to cover everything as it was too late by then and the booths were all closing 🙁

Honeyce is a very very cute brand from Japan with high-quality and carefully selected natural ingredients. It is formulated with eight different types of honey sourced from different parts of the world: Manuka Honey, Raspberry Honey, Clover Honey, Rosemary Honey, Orange Honey, Lemon Honey, Acacia Honey and Blueberry Honey… and suddenly my hair sounds sweet instead of smelling sweet lol!

Each unique product retails at $19.90.


Hair Pro is an in-house brand by Watsons. It make use of the Heat Activated Technology combined with non-silicone formulae for healthier hair. The technology can activate ingredients to protect hair against heat damages like curling, blow drying and straightening.

They are also free from Parabens, Mineral Oils, UV Absorbers, Artificial Colorants and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Prices range from $15.90 to $17.90


Not forgetting, they have an e-store right now! If you think lugging him 3 bottles of shampoo along with other products are too heavy, head over to their e-store. Spend $80 and they will deliver it over for free!

BellaBox February


Fresh Beginnings says BellaBox.

This box appeared at my doorstep on my first day of CNY so my Lunar New Year started off very well!

My BellaBox contains 1 full sized product which is also my favorite in the entire lot! The LAQA & CO Lip Lube Pencil ($26.50). It is also available in 4 colors – Stranger Danger, Beezlebub, The Boss, Bees Knees. What you see in my box is the Stranger Danger (Pink). It looked very pinky so I thought it would look something like matte pink but it turned out sheer instead. The light pink pencil smells minty and keep my lips hydrated all day long.

You can also find other products in the box:

– Goodal Oil Plus Moist Emulsion

– Suisse Programme Platinum Precious Luxe Cream

– Goldwell DualSenses Shampoo

– Goldwell 60 Sec Treatment

– Dearberry Snail Nourishing Cream

– Goodal TransFoam Cleansing Oil

– Tealy Summer Green Tea

I have heard of Suisse Programme before and their products are really expensive. So it is a bonus to try it out! Although it is only 3ml, but hey, it’s $439 for a 50ml bottle!

The Summer Green Tea make me miss summer already. James always end his day at my place with a cup of Peppermint Tea, so this sachet of tea can help end his night someday too 🙂

As for the travel sized Goldwell DualSenses shampoo and treatment, they are specially formulated for Blondes. Sadly, I am a black head. HAHA.

I really really love travel sized products because I can bring them anywhere I go, from swimming to traveling to staycation. However, finding full sized products among all the samples are quite pleasant too!

If you’re feeling the same way as me, why not subscribe to BellaBox as well? 🙂

Etude House Cocktail Party

Etude House Cocktail Party 2015. Were you there? It was a girly girly day out for Valentine’s. Thank you Etude House for sending the sweet Valentine’s gifts over! It was a surprise, a rather sweet surprise!!

There were new eyeshadow and gel polishes at the party and demonstrations were shown to teach us how and when to apply them.



The theme of the new eye shadow palettes were quite cute – Give Me Chocolate Valentine Collection. As you can see there are 3 palettes to choose from. There are also 6 nail polishes. All of them are chocolate-scented. So cute! The packaging of the palettes have a very vintage feel.

– Etude House Give Me Chocolate Cherry Truffle
– Salted Caramel (my favourite!)
– Cacao Fudge



They also came up with Etude House Enamel+ing – Home Gel Manicure System. Of course, you would need your own LED-light which is quite mini and light.

There are a lot of colors to choose from.



The demonstration also showed us how to create our own home based gelish “palour” Hehe.



I was given 5 bottles of the colors but I have yet to try it because I don’t have the LED light at home. If I ever get one for myself, I’ll probably do a review on how it feels like to do gelish at home :X
Again, thank you Etude House for all the pampering and love! X


Hello fans of Etude, I have got a good news for you!

They are having a storewide discount for all of you!

30% for members and 20% for non-members. Go stock up whatever you need now!

BellaBox Janaury

Janaury BellaBox is by far my most favourite box from them!!!!

The box was literally bursting with goodies from various brands and I swear I couldn’t wait to lay my hands on my box. Look at the picture below, how can such a small box contain such generous goodies?!?!

As you can see, Inglot!!! I was very jealous when a lot of bloggers were invited down to their opening and I was secretly eyeing for their Freedom System products. But heyyyy! I have a full size Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System Palette Eyeshadow with Mirror in my box!! HOW LUCKY!!! I love how it comes in three different shades, good for blending!

Mane ‘n’ Tail shampoo and conditioner (60ml each) have appeared in various magazines but I never dare to try them because I prefer to stick to what is suitable for me. However, with these samples, I can give them a try before buying them. Hehe!

The sample sized Biore Makeup Remover (90ml) – Micellar Cleansing is so handy! I love the size because I can pack it in my luggage for travels. Micellar Cleansing water are gentle and removes makeup effectively. So thumbs up!!

The cutest thing in the box is their pouch in their tinge of blue! So cute. Keep all your pencils and mascara inside and carry them anywhere.

Other items in the box are Elizabeth Mott It’s So Big Volumizing Mascara (4ml), Pond’s Age Miracle Firm and Lift Day Cream SPF 30 PA+++ (10ml), Mauboussin Lovely a la Folie Eau de Parfum sample (1.5ml) and Miacare Acne Patch for Day (3 patches).

The Acne Patch is quite a funny thing which I will never figure out. Would anyone stick it during day time and then leave the house with that on? Probably not. Although it says Day, I stuck it t at night. 3 patches were all used up and the pimple on my cheek disappeared. Not bad, I thought.

For only $19.95/month with free delivery to the doorstep, I think it is worth every penny!!

For more information:

My Countdown 2014 @ Sentosa

Where did you countdown last Dec 2014? How was it?

For me and James, it was pretty quiet until 9pm as we had dinner with his family for his birthday dinner prior to partyinggggg!

We wanted to party with the rest of the 15,000 party goers who were there to welcome the new year at Asia’s largest beach party. There were more than 20 international and local DJs (Zurich-raised DJ Mike Candys, DJ Shy, DJ Tinc and more) who took the decks across five party zones for 12 hours straight. It was a 6pm to 6am party.

OUR FAVOURITE AREA WAS THE FOAM PARTY where everyone had to just get DIRTY!! There were a lot of people from different countries and races partying and throwing foam at each other!! Everyone looked so happy that night.

Because James drove, so we were pretty restricted. No foam on me!!

The boy couldn’t resist. He just had to get into the “pool” of foam.

I also liked the big stage and love VDJ Funky T!!! His music made all of us grooved like crazy! People couldn’t stop dancing or singing to the songs. I got a little high too (even though I did not drink) LOL.

The same for James. He was dancing away happily……

Cheeky boy is happy.

Happy boy is cheeky.

We moved from the stage to the foam party and back to the stage again. To and fro and to and fro.

We waited till 12mn for the countdown and fireworks! WOOHOOOO. It was spectacular!! I wished I had it recorded.

Siloso Beach Party closed the colorful chapter of 2014 and began a new journey into 2015 with the best company and party setting that its participants could ask for.

I am so going back on 31 Dec 2015 with a big group of friends this time round!!

Party with me at Siloso Beach Party 2014!

It’s time to countdown to 2015! Countdown parties will take place every year. Where are you heading to this year?

For me, I’ll be heading over to (SBP). Read on because I have 2 pairs of tickets (worth $136!) for my readers!

SBP undergoes through a metamorphosis to transform Asia’s largest Beach Countdown Party into a new experience!

And because the theme is futuristic, come to the party looking futuristic!

To me, futuristic can mean metallic and you can just use some silver eyeshadow for the eyes to make it look metallic.

Sometimes people get confused with makeup and face painting. Face painting, of course, is another good idea to get yourself all futuristic. But you would need to find someone who does face painting to create the look for you.

Here’s some features where you can easily achieve them at home yourself:

Of course, you can choose to be more daring.

In fact, this is really pretty!

A little tip for girls: You can get some stick on jewels for your face as well.


Okay, the picture below is leaning a little towards face painting already. But yup, it’s looking futuristic as well!

Accessories can also make you look futuristic. Wear something metallic as well. Or even something out of the world like these:

Oh yeaaaa. This is probably the easiest way to fit the theme.

Come topless with a silver tie and a cyclops eyewear! Don’t even worry about getting all soaked from the partying!

Holographic bags and accessories are very easy to find and simply the easiest style for girls to get accessorize to fit the theme because you can get them almost anywhere! Our Orchard Road and Bugis has tonne of them! You can get one from $15 and up.

Does the totally new futuristic themed beach party sounds fun to you already? Do you feel like going for the party?

Email me if you would love to join me at the party! Tell me what is your definition of looking futuristic! The most creative 2 wins!

Contest ends tonight 2359hr.

Check out #silosobeachparty on IG for the fun!

Gooood luck! X