My Countdown 2014 @ Sentosa

Where did you countdown last Dec 2014? How was it?

For me and James, it was pretty quiet until 9pm as we had dinner with his family for his birthday dinner prior to partyinggggg!

We wanted to party with the rest of the 15,000 party goers who were there to welcome the new year at Asia’s largest beach party. There were more than 20 international and local DJs (Zurich-raised DJ Mike Candys, DJ Shy, DJ Tinc and more) who took the decks across five party zones for 12 hours straight. It was a 6pm to 6am party.

OUR FAVOURITE AREA WAS THE FOAM PARTY where everyone had to just get DIRTY!! There were a lot of people from different countries and races partying and throwing foam at each other!! Everyone looked so happy that night.

Because James drove, so we were pretty restricted. No foam on me!!

The boy couldn’t resist. He just had to get into the “pool” of foam.

I also liked the big stage and love VDJ Funky T!!! His music made all of us grooved like crazy! People couldn’t stop dancing or singing to the songs. I got a little high too (even though I did not drink) LOL.

The same for James. He was dancing away happily……

Cheeky boy is happy.

Happy boy is cheeky.

We moved from the stage to the foam party and back to the stage again. To and fro and to and fro.

We waited till 12mn for the countdown and fireworks! WOOHOOOO. It was spectacular!! I wished I had it recorded.

Siloso Beach Party closed the colorful chapter of 2014 and began a new journey into 2015 with the best company and party setting that its participants could ask for.

I am so going back on 31 Dec 2015 with a big group of friends this time round!!

Party with me at Siloso Beach Party 2014!

It’s time to countdown to 2015! Countdown parties will take place every year. Where are you heading to this year?

For me, I’ll be heading over to (SBP). Read on because I have 2 pairs of tickets (worth $136!) for my readers!

SBP undergoes through a metamorphosis to transform Asia’s largest Beach Countdown Party into a new experience!

And because the theme is futuristic, come to the party looking futuristic!

To me, futuristic can mean metallic and you can just use some silver eyeshadow for the eyes to make it look metallic.

Sometimes people get confused with makeup and face painting. Face painting, of course, is another good idea to get yourself all futuristic. But you would need to find someone who does face painting to create the look for you.

Here’s some features where you can easily achieve them at home yourself:

Of course, you can choose to be more daring.

In fact, this is really pretty!

A little tip for girls: You can get some stick on jewels for your face as well.


Okay, the picture below is leaning a little towards face painting already. But yup, it’s looking futuristic as well!

Accessories can also make you look futuristic. Wear something metallic as well. Or even something out of the world like these:

Oh yeaaaa. This is probably the easiest way to fit the theme.

Come topless with a silver tie and a cyclops eyewear! Don’t even worry about getting all soaked from the partying!

Holographic bags and accessories are very easy to find and simply the easiest style for girls to get accessorize to fit the theme because you can get them almost anywhere! Our Orchard Road and Bugis has tonne of them! You can get one from $15 and up.

Does the totally new futuristic themed beach party sounds fun to you already? Do you feel like going for the party?

Email me if you would love to join me at the party! Tell me what is your definition of looking futuristic! The most creative 2 wins!

Contest ends tonight 2359hr.

Check out #silosobeachparty on IG for the fun!

Gooood luck! X

Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014

Wooohooo. We had another unusual Sunday last week. No movie dates, no shopping, no lazying. We joined in the (media) Run For Your Lives 2014 at West Coast Park although the sun was really killing us. We spammed all sorts of sun block because I wan burnt within 10 minutes. My arms were already red then! We had Sun Play, Innisfree and Spectraban. Very kiasu I know, but I don’t wanna be too dark.

We were already at the starting line in the picture below. There were people from different countries in our group. The more obvious were the Thais who ran with their school uniform! I was really amazed by how much people are willing to travel for a run because there were people from Switzerland as well. How a run like this can bond people from different countries together is truly such an amazing thing.

All ready to dash!!

There were also a lot of obstacles to overcome. J even described them as SOC (army) training. It was kinda fun for me because I really want to try some army training.

The most exciting part was the zombies! I fell flat onto the ground twice because I was busy running away from the zombies who were chasing after us to grab our “lives”. (We were given 3 lives at the start of the game. If we survived the game with at least one live, we will be the survivors!) I even met my uni mate there. He registered himself as the zombie while I registered the run as the survivior. Isn’t it cute? You can choose to be the villian or the human! Haha.

He escorted me to the safe zone. Yeap! The zombie “saved” me. Lol.


Despite falling down twice, bruised the shoulders and knee caps, we survived the race! We got the survivors medal instead of the infected medal. YAYYYY. And guess what? We changed into the survivors tee after the run and drove down to Town for dinner!

I can’t help but feel thankful for the different activities that I was invited to recently. It made our dates more colourful and fun!!

I can’t wait for another one to come along!!

Color Run 2014 with J

To be honest, this is my first ever marathon and I really gotta thank Crowd and New Balance for this!! I think I just had the best Saturday for 2014 (who knows if a better one might come along later, but for now, this is one of the most interesting one!!)!

I was really happy when I received the email invitation to the run and on top of the tickets, New Balance also sponsored my partner and me a set of running gears from head to toe (NB top, bottom, headband, wristband, socks, bandana & shoes).

I got the exclusive (not for sale) all-white New Balance Fresh Foam 980 Color Run Footwear (for ladies) while J received the Limited Edition Color Run shoes instead.

We were given neon paints and colors to decorate the shoes with.

I seriously liked how the white shoes looked and didn’t wanted to decorate it…..


We were still clean and fresh at the start of the race. Also, thankfully for the bag drop area, our bags were spared from all the colors!

While waiting for the race to start…… The DJs got the runners in the mood by blasting music and throwing colored powders at all the runners.

You know, he looked even happier than me.

The first station was the BLUE station. People were rolling all around for colors. By rolling around, I mean literally lying on the floor and rolllllllll.

It was a very happy run because strangers would throw powder at each other, high five as we ‘walked’ and cheered each other up. It is truly a run to let loose and bring the stress level down. It can be stress from school, exams, work or friends. Once you’re in there, you don’t even have the time to think about those stress!!

Random girls who went “EHH PIC PIC” and posed for me. Hahahaha. So bubbly!!

We attempted to take a picture together and some strangers threw a bomb on J’s face. IT WAS LIKE BIRD SHIT. LOLOL.

I think I enjoyed myself most at the green and red station. I went up to the crew and asked if she could lend me her bottle of spray so that I could spray it on J’s head but she sprayed it on both of us instead.

We were just…….. very very very happy and thankful for being able to be part of this run.

At the finishing line with Shine and Joey. I don’t know what happened to my bird nest hair LOL.

It feels good to let loose once in a while. By letting loose, I don’t mean drinking or clubbing. Although it is still relatively unhealthy to be breathing in the powder during the run/walk, it is always healthier than clubbing 🙂

And our shoes…..

They are all dirty now…

I’ll still bring you along when I run…. 🙂

Once again, Thank you New Balance and Crowd!

BRAND’S® GAME ON Kick Off Party

Because I am a girly girl, I can’t relate myself to world cup, soccer or football. As much as I love Liverpool, I know nuts about them. I never knew that watch World Cup could be this fun and exciting. Be it the people or the atmosphere, Brand’s got it all warm up that night!

It was held on a Friday midnight (Saturday Morning) and I had work on both Friday and Saturday but I told myself that I have to go! Thou shall not give this a miss!

We watched Holland vs. Spain that night and I was kind of expecting Spain to win. The lucky winner who predicted the right team walked home with a television that night! WAAAAOH

Since it’s BRAND’S, I should have no issues with working after the match!

We had cocktails mixed with BRAND’S that night as well. I was expecting myself to be all drowsy and sleepy because I went for the event right after work + 2 events. But nah nah, I was nowhere near sleepy! (Although I crashed immediately after I reach home)

Muttons were the host! Funny people that kept us entertained with their jokes.

Do you know how it felt like to be able to watch a game live on a 100″ screen with all the food and drinks? I FELT LIKE A QUEEN!!

Of course, the company made everything better. I had TC, William, James and HP with me (as usual). Lol.

I don’t know if William got too high on the alcohol or the game. He was uttering rubbish and had Holland Flag wrapped all around him at the end of the game. Too cute!!

If you ask me what do I like about BRAND’s, it is their innershine and collagen strips series! They made taking supplement a lot easier. It’s like snacking on little treats.

BEST SHOW EVER! Thank you BRAND’S and Wendy for the invitation!! 🙂

And over the next few weeks, they are working with their partner bloggers to being you a full month of social media contests with attractive prizes to be won!!

Visit for more information on the contests!!

Pezzo and World Cup Fever

Unfortunately… I did not win the Pezzo Contest the previous round.

But the good news is WILLIAM WON!!! 3 Cheers and 3 kisses for you!!

If you forgot what Pezzo is, refresh your memory here:

They are the cheapest pizza around! Cheapest but that doesn’t mean that they cut down on the ingredients or what so ever. Picture will do justice to their generosity. Chunks and chunks of ingredients on top!

Each slice cost only $4.50 and a full pan only cost $24.90.




World cup is airing right now and what is best paired with world cup at night? Beers and pizzas of course!

World Cup themed dessert pizza made with Oreo cookie crumble and layers of banana sprinkled with bit of icing sugar and cheese was launched specially for world cup 2014!! Isn’t it fun?!

(Some of the icing sugar was swept away to show the insides – banana).

Honestly, I do like their normal pizza but I love this the most!! I am quite s sucker for desserts. Sweet icing sugar and juicy banana with chocolatey oreo crumbs. Mmmm~

Other than that, 10 lucky fans will win a once in a lifetime experience as Formula 1 Grand Prix Driver!!

The winners will get a chance to drive either a Maserati GranTurismo or Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder around the F1 track! My license is 5 years old and I wanted to drive the Lambo when I was there but I gave up my chance to the guys because I don’t have the guts to drive it 🙁

On the other hand, it was almost a once in a lifetime experience for the guys, especially TC. How many people would actually own a lambo or have friends who own one right?

If you are not a driver, you will get your own chauffeurs. So do not even worry about having a license or not!!

Look at all the girls, drooling at the cars while eating pizza from Pezzo at the same time.

The 3 of us had our own chauffeurs because we did not drive. Some of them had no license but they enjoyed themselves to the fullest as well!

TC is his Lambooooooo! Zooooooom.

Ok, I didn’t have a chauffeur because James picked the Maserati which allows him to bring along another passenger – ME.


The promotion begins from 6 June 2014 and ends on 13 July 2014.

Grand Lucky Draw: Predict the winning team of 2014 and stand a chance to drive the car at Dream Drive at Suntec City. Prizes are worth up to $3000.

Scratch and win with every purchase of 3 slieces of Pezzo Pizza and stand a chance to win free Pezzo’s pizzas and goodies worth up to $18000! You can instantly redeem your prizes at any Pezzo outlet except Sentosa.

Jamco Optical at Katong

Yeap, William and me were part of Rocco’s campaign. So after picking our favourite pair of Rocco eyewear, we went to Jamco Optical for the lenses!

Bryan from Jamco generously sponsored us LotuTec lenses – the ultimate surface coating for ZEISS lenses.

LotuTec is the AR coating that you can find in ZEISS plastic lenses.

LotuTec passed the heat exposure and salt water test. Not only that, a razor blade was used to make incisions in the base lens but there was no signs of coating detachment and displayed excellent resistance.

Now, here we are, outside Katong Shopping Center!

The exact address is 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-15, Katong Shopping Centre Singapore 437844.

Please expect to find cheaper frames here! The frames are 20 – 30% cheaper than the prices retailing outside. They have all the popular brands like Rayban, Kate Spade, Porsche and etc.

However, the one brand that caught my attention was Oliver Peoples. OOOMMMGGGGG!!

I love all the vintage spectacles and I have SO MANY PAIRS OF THEM.

Obviously, I couldn’t maintain when I saw Oliver Peoples. This is one popular brand that is not easily available in Singapore due to the steep prices. Like I said, the prices in Jamco are generally 20 – 30% cheaper than outside, so Jamco literally made Oliver Peoples affordable to people like me!!

William tried on a pair.

And then me. SO CUTE RIGHT? (I was refering to the spects)

I wanted to pay for a pair (for my dad’s Father’s day gift) but he generously sponsored me the lenses for both pairs!

So my dad and I can now have lenses that are water, dirt and oil resistant! We can totally stop worrying about throwing them everywhere because the lenses were also strengthened by nano-particles.

PSST, you can also dance in the rain with LotuTec now!!

Note: Both frames were handpicked by me from Rocco.

Just when I thought they were already one of the cheapest…. Jamco is now having some GSS promotions as well!

If you’re a fan of their Facebook page, you can get a pair of Rayban frame for $100 or Kate Spade for $120!!


For more information:

Thank you Bryan and Jamco for the lovely lenses once again!

Kate Tokyo Spring/Summer 2014

Japan’s Number 1 Makeup Brand, KATE, is now known as KATE TOKYO. This is a tribute to it’s birthplace of Tokyo. KATE’s motto was “no more rules” in the world of make up – there is no limit and no guidelines to being stylish.

Now, in addition to its new name, KATE TOKYO also embraces its unique Japanese identity with its choice of spokes-model Japanese actress, Meisa Kuroki. For Spring/Summer 2014, KATE will be launching 11 products, featuring the hero KATE SPOTLIGHTING SHADOW.

There are available in five colors and are retailing at $27 each.

The eyeshadow contains pure Light Reflection Pearl Powder. When they are combined with a perfectly calculated oil solution, the oil-pearl formula will give off a sophiscated and unprecedented radiance for a glamorous look.

As compared to regular pearl powder eyeshadow, the light reflection pearl powder will give a shine with high translucency that creates lustrous captivating eyes with the radiance of clear spotlights.

These palettes also do great for beginners because all palette comes with “instructions”.

Look closer and you will be able to see the purpose of each colour. Before applying makeup, the most important thing is the make up base. The same for the eye too. Start off with the base colour and spread the shade over the ENTIRE eyelid – do not worry about it being too overpowering because the base color is usually the lightest.

Note: Always start off with the lightest shade to the darkest, followed by the Glossy Light to complete the look. If you’re intending to try out the KATE TOKYO’s palette, it’s Base Color > Medium Color > Dark Color > Glossy Light.

Some people likes puffy eyes, or rather, aegyo sal which describes the bags of fat under the eyes. You can also apply some of the Base Colour of the spotlighting shadow to create a more girly look.

I used the pink palette for the eye makeup below.

Although it may have pearl powder inside, but it can still create a natural day look. Japanese people quite like pearl shades and this is probably why all the shades are pearly. Take a look of the actual over all. The eyes look more define and I received quite a few compliments for the eye makeup that day!

The shine lasted me for an entire day of work. Value for money! $27 for an all-in-one palette!


I wanna try their Cover Powder next!

The collection is available from May 2014 at selected Guardian Pharmacy, OG, John Little, Nishino Pharmacy, Sasa Cosmetics and Watsons.

For more information, please visit:

GOSH Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2014

GOSH Cosmetics is now available exclusively at SaSa with new products. Get inspired for spring and start having fun with their versatile new products and looks!

They have a wide selection ranging from eyeliners, shadows, primer, foundations to hair!

Stunning new season colours for eyes, lips and nails are guaranteed to take any beauty look right up to the minute, along with cool mascaras that turn the spotlight on eyes with seriously longer and fuller flashy lashes.

The nail lacquers are available in a wide range or colors that perfectly match the season’s biggest catwalk colour trends. With chic shades that dry in a flash, the lacquers are a cool and easy way to make an on-trend fashion statement.

One of the latest product in the range is their CC Cream – Illuminating Foundation.

CC stands for Colour Correcting. It is the beauty industry’s latest secret weapon. GOSH CC Cream delivers light coverage, moisture and SPF 10 sun protection. It also illuminates skin and evens out skin tone thanks to light-reflecting pigments that hide any skin perfections.

The active ingredient Gatuline Radiance keeps the skin looking flawless and has anti-aging properties that improve skin micocirculation.

It comes in 6 different shades, so you are bound to find one that suits your skin tone best.

Volume Lip Shine is the perfect lip gloss for fuller and hydrated lips. Not only does it increases the volume of lips, it also hydrates and moisturizes at the same time, leaving the lips soft and kisssssable! Retailing at only $23.90!

Another lippy product is the Lip Marker. It really really does look like a marker and you can draw it like how you would do the same for a whiteboard marker. So cute! Easy to apply and kiss proof!

With my fellow MFP Blogger – Xinyi 🙂

And my other beauty blogger babes~

The make up artist also created two looks using GOSH products that night.

Don’t you just want one of this desk at home too?

The first look was the natural and sweet look which is suitable for the day look.

And within a few minutes of transformation,

and some touch up…… the model is ready for a night look! Amazingly fast!

Thank you SASA Singapore and GOSH for having us that night! 🙂

Remember, GOSH Cosmetics is only available in SASA Singapore.

For more information: Facebook