Where to shop in Seoul, Korea?


Shopping can be really enjoyable in Seoul when they have all the latest fashion trends there!

Here are some places to share and I am ranking these places based on my favorite. I am price (I like cheap stuffs! Haha) and quality conscious.

1. Express Bus Terminal (Goto Mall)

(Credit: Eastasy)

If I only have a day to spend in Seoul, the first place that comes to my mind will be Express Bus Terminal. It is like Singapore’s Bugis Street but with better and faster fashion trend.

Even the clothes quality here are so much better! Best of all, the prices are even cheaper. You can get a very trendy pair of jeans for $20 or a jacket for $10!

2. Hongdae (Hongik University Street) and 3. EHWA Woman’s University

(Credit: VisitKorea)

I enjoy spending time roaming around the university streets because of the atmosphere there. The people are younger, happier and chattier! It may not carry as much stuffs as Express Bus Terminal but you will be able to spot some men’s apparels here. James got himself a few outerwear at Hondae.

Be sure to try the street food here too! It is half the price of other shopping districts.

4. Myeong Dong shopping Street

(Credit: VisitKorea)

Even though Myeong Dong is one of the most famous shopping street in Seoul, I find their items OVERLY priced. Yes, including those pushcarts. They sell almost the same stuffs that you can find in Express Bus Terminal and university streets but at double to triple the price.

However, if you are looking for beauty related products, Myeong Dong has one of the most varieties to offer. I also love shopping around their ABC Marts (which you can also find in Taiwan). Sneaker lovers anyone? Catch some good deals there! You can also find designs that are not available in Singapore.

Street food? EXPENSIVE.

5. Dongdaemun: Good Morning City, hello APM

(Credit: VisitKorea)

Mmmm.. Even though this is a wholesale place, I personally do not enjoy shopping there unless I have some spare time to waste. Otherwise, it will just be another late night shopping option for me since they open till late.

However, there are a lot of food places around the area. Quite a good place to chill actually! Oh, Common Ground is another hipster place that you should visit too (not for shopping though)!

I have of course, been to more than just these 5 places but I am only sharing what I love most. Hope this post will be useful for you ūüôā

Join me onboard Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Seas with a special price!

Mariner of the Seas Open Exterior

I know I have been traveling in Aug and Sept. You will be even surprised to find me traveling in October again! Haha. Lucky me! How can one with a full time job travel once a month? Just make full use of the Public Holidays or take a Friday off and travel out for 3D2N!

This time round, I will be travel out of Singapore from 20 October to 23 October 2017. You can also hop onto the ship with your family members at a special price!

These special rates are exclusive to Maybeline¬†readers ‚Äď please email your particulars to carrie@alvinology.com and you will be contacted shortly for booking.

The first 25 cabins to be booked will receive a swag bag (worth over S$100), so it’s like another $100 off! Haha.

Promotion is only valid until 22nd September 2017.

More details on the cruise:

3 Night Kuala Lumpur Weekend Cruise

Dates: October 20 ‚Äď 23, 2017


Day Port Arrive Depart Remarks
1 Singapore ‚Äď 1700 HRS Docked
2 Port Klang 0700 HRS 1900 HRS Docked
3 Cruising ‚Äď ‚Äď Cruising
4 Singapore 0800 HRS ‚Äď Docked

Special rates for twin-sharing staterooms*:

  1. Balcony stateroom is priced at SGD489 per pax (before taxes & gratuities of $123pp)
  2. Oceanview stateroom is priced at SGD389 per pax (before taxes & gratuities of $123pp)
  3. Promenade stateroom is priced at SGD389 per pax (before taxes & gratuities of $123pp)

*Terms and conditions apply:

  1. These special rates are valid only till 22 September, 2017.
  2. Please note that single guest in a stateroom will be charged a single supplement for the cruise fare, and guest under 18 must be accompanied by another guest 18 or older in the same stateroom.
  3. No cancellation, refund or changes allowed for cruise, shore excursion and specialty dining once confirmed.
  4. More terms and conditions are found in the booking form.

What to do in Hiroshima


So… We were¬†back from Hiroshima less than a month ago! Our latest wanderlust took us to the city¬†which encountered the world’s first ever nuclear destruction. Nonetheless,¬†what we encountered during this trip was anything but terror in this modernized, beautiful city!

PS: Good news to share for those who like to fly via SilkAir – from the 30th Oct there will be flights from Singapore to Hiroshima and vice versa!

In our opinion, here are some of the must-visit places:

1) Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum & A-Bomb Dome

It is one of the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Hiroshima and knowing James will never give UNESCO site in any country a miss! If you planning to go to this site, I would recommend spending a good one day there to learn of the destructive power of an Atomic Bomb & immense in the history of Hiroshima.

We stayed at ANA Crowne Plaza which is just a 5 mins walk away.

More importantly, we were there on the 6th August too! Make a guess what’s the significance of this date? It is the fateful day which the Atomic Bomb ‘Little Boy’ was dropped and to be exact, 8.15am in the morning.

Apparently, this is the only structure that survived the bomb blast and still standing till this very day. It stood there to consistently remind the future generation that nuclear power should never be used as a form of deterrence.

You won’t see much laughter or merry-making around this place even among the tourists. The mood is mainly sombre around this vicinity; It is as though the tragedy just¬†happened the day before.

Nonetheless, we did not hesitate to break our first smile when we saw these beautiful paper cranes near the site. Folding paper crane is a form of respect and culture near the site! Be sure to fold one when you are there in memory of the victims.

We did our part and learnt how to fold paper cranes at the Orizuru Tower nearby. Best time to go to the tower would be close to evening time as you also get to enjoy the entire Hiroshima city landscape.

2) Miyajima Island (Itsukushima Shrine & the Iconic O-Torii Gate)

Ever seen the famous O-Torii Gate floating in the middle of a sea?

This is exactly where we decided to spend our second day! One can never miss out Itsukushima Shrine when they are at Hiroshima Prefecture. Take a 30-minutes boat ride near the A-Bomb Dome site to Miyajima Island!

You can take some nice photos at the back of the boat. Be sure not to miss this instagram-worthy moment!

The first impression you will get of¬†Miyajima Island¬†is that of¬†Nara Park because of the wild deers roaming around freely. Sadly, the only difference is you are not allowed to feed the deers here ūüôĀ

Be sure not to walk around freely with a paper in your hand. In fact, that was what happened to my map as one of the deers ripped it apart thinking it was food!

Well, the deers stole my map but did not have the chance to steal the limelight from….the iconic O-Torii Gate in front of the Itsukushima Shrine!

The are so many interesting cultural practices e.g. Praying, Ward of Bad luck, Reading your luck etc within Itsukushima Shrine. So be sure not to miss exploring every part of it!

3) Kin-taikyo Bridge

A very iconic Bridge which is broken into three sections. It was said that they made it this way to reinforce against the strong tides of tsunami/flood.


It is so long we only manage to capture one section of the whole bridge. But, you got the idea right?


4) Shimanami-Kaido Bridge

If you are a cycling enthusiasts, do a day trip out of Hiroshima for this! Just to share the distance we cycled that day; from one end of the bridge to the other.

It is approximately 6-7km. The good thing is you can return the bike at the station situated on the other end of the bridge.

Just look at how much we are sweating! I would say it is not so much from our exertion on the bike¬†but instead the weather! The summer in Japan is definitely no joke! I would say even the hottest day in Singapore couldn’t be compared to the heat there!


4) Hondori Shopping Street

This is the biggest shopping street in Hiroshima! To be truthful, don’t expect to shop heartily¬†here. I feel the shopping scene in Dontoburi is far more vibrant compared to this one! Nonetheless, it is still worth a visit if it is your first time there.

Well at least for retail pleasure, they have our favourite Uniqlo and GU there! If you are thinking of getting some LifeWear, you know where to head to.

Oh! Do not miss out the super famous I-chiran Ramen there too! You have to queue for it in Tokyo and Osaka, but I promise that there is no queue here! It was so good we had it for supper on two consecutive nights!

5) Sera-kogen Farm (aka The Land of Sunflowers)

You will surely smile at this place if you missed smiling at A-Bomb Dome site! Just look at this picture which is a small subset of the whole sunflower farm!

Unfortunately, due to a tight schedule, we did not get to spend much time there. I shall leave you guys to explore this place on your end and take multiple pictures!


Some other places that you may want to include in your itinerary includes Ota House, Iwakuni (Yamaguchi Prefecture) & Kikko Park (Samurai Living quarters on one end of the Kin-taikyo Bridge).

Travel: Practical Tips when you visit Lotte World in Seoul


It has been quite some time since we came back from Korea but yes, we are finally here to talk about part of our trip! Here are some practical tips for you when you visit Lotte World in Seoul.

Dispeling the Myth 

If you try to google Lotte World, you are bound to see a lot of feedbacks saying it is one of the best theme parks for kids! However, I beg to differ as these individuals totally undermined the fun factor in there and I do feel it is no less fun for fully grown adult! Hence, young or old, if you are in Seoul, this is the first theme park you should check out!

How do you get to Lotte World?

I would say it is super convenient due to the fact that it is within 5-10 minutes walking distance from a Subway Station located near the City Centre- Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2,8). After you alight at Jamsil Station, just keep a lookout for Exit 4. If you are walking towards the correct direction, you should see a mock-up version of Trevi Fountain along the way.

Practical Discount Deals

Next, I going to share with you a piece of very practical information that is going to save you a lot of money! This is legit because we have tried and tested it. Just to set a quick disclaimer that we are not sponsored by them. Just in the good names of sharing with other first-timers to Lotte World like us.

So what is this deal all about?

So,¬†we actually bought¬†our tickets online from this website called ‘Funko Funtastic Korea’ after I spent some time trying to google for a good deals just 2 days before the day we went Lotte World. ¬†It was hard to believe when I saw this deal selling tickets for 45% off the original price. That would mean an adult (Full Day) Ticket which cost¬†approximately $60 is going for only $35! We paid for the tickets and next thing we are equipped with our email voucher on my mobile standing in front of “South Gate Ticket Office” all ready to start our fun! Best part, you do not even have to wait in the long queue outside the ticketing booth to buy your ticket. *Feeling like VIP*

Preparation Work

Firstly, let me pre-warn you that if you plan to make the most out of your day in Lotte world! Pls make sure you reach there as early as it opens. We are fortunate enough to clear most of the key popular rides before the theme park closed.

One of the reason is because of the long, crazy queues that snake around every of these popular rides. It can be as bad as at least 1 Р1.5 hour of waiting time per ride. Surely, there are some rides that you just have to wait for only 30 mins. But these are just the normal rides which do not give you the rush of adrenaline.

So I taught you how to save cost. Now, some practical tips on how you can¬†save some¬†waiting time. Goes back to saving money again because like they say ‘Time is Money!’ lol!

So what do you have to do? Very simple! Just download an App called ‘Lotte World Adventure’!


After registering your ticket in the App, click ‘Magic’ on top right hand corner and you will be brought to a page that has all the rides. Do note that the rides will refresh every 15 minutes. That means if you miss reserving the slot, you can try again after 15 minutes.

So how does this work? This essentially works like those typical express queue which makes you feel like a VIP while others are queueing restlessly. This is also very useful because it helps you schedule your ride for the rest of the day!

However, one of the drawbacks is you might not necessarily get the ride you wanted. I remember not being able to get this ride called ‘Atlantis’ no matter how hard I tried for the WHOLE day! Because everyone is trying to click in to reserve that ride also! Ultimately, you need very swift fingers! Secondly, you can only use this function for only 3 times! So plan your rides wisely & ‘spend’ it on a worthy popular ride like Gyro 2, Atlantis, Gyro Spin, The Adventures of Sinbad, French Revolution VR etc.

Which Rides to go for if you do not have the luxury of Time?

So let’s establish the fact that this place do need more than a day to cover both the indoor and outdoor theme rides.

So, let me point you to some of the more popular rides that you should try not to miss!

Look at how gigantic the indoor theme park is!

(Credit: myyellowsuitcase)

Let’s start with the indoor ones: The Adventure of Sinbad, Giant Loop, Camelot Carousel, Flume Ride & French Revolution VR!

I like the French Revolution the best because it takes you on a rollercoaster ride while you are wearing a VR which simulate a scene of you flying around fighting against a giant cyclops!


This one is not as fun but well.. you know we still got to do some ‘couply’ stuff right! Lol!


Now, let’s to the outdoor theme park located on the second floor next to the escalator. The outdoor theme park is called ‘Magic Island’!

So what’s the must try in Magic Island?

Gyro Swing. Bungee, Gyro 2 VR, Atlantis, Gyro Swing, The COMET Express! In short, anything with a Gyro, just go for it!!!


End of the day, look at our blissful face! Tired but pure blissful!


You can thank me for this tips later. Meanwhile, go enjoy that fun day out with your love ones!

Delve into a world of luxury at GODIVA Chocolatier Café


Author: Alex Chua

The ever-graceful Sheila Sim, the GODIVA ambassador, at the ribbon cutting ceremony

As a GODIVA fan, I look forward to the opening of its café similar to the ones in Shanghai, Beijing and Taiwan. And on 29 June, 2017 is the day when the 140 square-meter lifestyle concept dessert cafe debuts at ION Orchard, marking the brand’s first foray into Southeast Asia. Now not only there’s a new hangout spot to chill with friends, I got to enjoy luxurious dessert at the same time.

That said, sitting down to some posh nosh chocolates on this special occasion is a real treat. How wonderful if everyday life is like this Dark Chocolate soft serve ‚Äď smooth, creamy and sweet?

The elegant yet unpretentious café is a conducive place for intimate, friendly conversations; a good go-to dessert place with friends or date. Encompassing design elements inspired by GODIVA’s signature gold, white and dark chocolates. The interior of the 40-seater café is reflected to ooze rich sophistication, yet not aloof to the point of being intimidating. It is a casual setting with friendly staffers and I simply adores its soft plush velvety red seats.

At the entrance of the café, the new lifestyle-oriented concept features a huge glass display filled with a wide variety of decadent pralines and another display with an array of curated gifting options from Chocolate Carre Collection to Chocolate Gold Collection to G by GODIVA Collection, to extra special seasonal gift items. If you don’t really know what to give to your loved ones, chocolates are the ideal gift and the GODIVA label spells out its special meaning to the receiver.

Paying homage to its 90-year rich brand heritage, GODIVA Chocolatier takes care and pride in using only the finest ingredients. This caf√© will also offer Singapore-exclusive sweet delights like the well-loved Belgium Waffles and to-die-for Chocolate Fondant with Soft Serve. For me I love Chocolate Fondue where I can choose the items ‚Äď fruits, macarons, marshmallows – to dip into piping hot chocolate melted from GODIVA Carre Chocolates.

Other special items you can look forward to when you visit this lifestyle café would be their exclusive Chocolate Cakes made from quality GODIVA chocolate. Not only are these cakes aesthetically appealing, they are sinfully deluxe with its well-balanced sweetness and intricate layers.

GODIVA Chocolatier Cafe
ION Orchard, #B1-05
Operating Hours: 10am to 10pm daily
Tel: 6509 8924
Facebook: @Godiva.Asia
Instagram: @godivaasia
Website: www.godiva.com.sg

TRAVEL: Where to go in BKK – Cafe Hopping in Bangkok


Author: Maybeline Sim
Camera: Casio ZR5000

I noticed that I get quite a fair bit of hits for my travel articles! So this time round, I am going to share more about Bangkok.

Although you may already know where to visit in Bangkok, I assure you that there are still some hidden cafes you may not know!

Thank you Casio Singapore and Ultravan for bringing us around. I have two extremely nice cafes to share. Do drop by when you are there! However, I am unable to provide you on the information on “how to get there” as Ultravan drove us around.

First up – Featherstone Bangkok

Service: 4 Stars
Food: 4 Stars
Ambience: 5 Stars

Address: 60 ŗłčŗł≠ŗłĘ ŗĻÄŗł≠ŗłĀŗł°ŗłĪŗłĘ 12 Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

There was no language barrier as their staffs were quite trained in English, not perfect, but understandable.

I love Featherstone a lot as it gave me a very “Harry Potter” feel. I am a fan of the series so all the furnitures were very relatable! Hehe. The entire cafe felt very magical.

Check out their drinks, you can find petals in their ice cubes. Every single corner of the cafe and every single item in the menu was very Instagram worthy.

Their cakes were superb. We did not have a chance to try their mains because we were there in the mid afternoon and all they had were desserts. Nonetheless, it was a nice and memorable visit.

Second – Sundays

Service: 3 Stars
Food: 4 Stars
Ambience: 4 Stars

Address: ŗĻÄŗł™ŗł£ŗłĶ 8 ŗłčŗł≠ŗłĘ 12 Khwaeng Suan Luang, Khet Suan Luang, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10250, Thailand

Not sure where the exact location is, but it felt a little far from the city. I love how relax one can get inside this cafe. The only setback was the language barrier. We waited quite long for our food because we realized that the orders were not placed properly. Thankfully, Vincent from Ultravan helped us with the communication.

It seemed to be quite packed that day. And they do not take reservations so be there as early as you can!

Love the interior so so much!

I love the food! Love the pasta, Love the cakes, Love the drinks!! Okay, maybe not all of the drinks but most!

We couldn’t resist the pasta and ordered a second helping.

You can find a lot of OOTD spots in or out of the two cafes mentioned. Make sure your phone or camera is fully charged when you visit them!

What to do in Resorts World Genting Highlands


I must say that we are pretty lucky because this is our third media trip this year ūüôā Of course, we are thankful for every opportunity given and we look forward to the next!

The last time we visited Genting (separately) was more than 10 years ago so we were glad that this chance came by. Anything to get out of the humid Singapore right now!

We left Golden Mile at 10.30pm and arrive in Genting the next day at 5am with some stops in-between.

After we checked in to the hotel, we had a short¬†nap before making our way to the first activity:¬†“Ice Age Collision Course”.

I can dare say this is the spot in the whole of GENTING with the MOST kids!  This is simply because it is an interesting & good learning stop for the kids especially if they are BIG fans of Ice Age characters!

If you are going in a big group, do note that you will be divided into team of fours to solve the 3 challenges within 10 minutes! I shall just reveal one of the easier challenges:  You are suppose to relate the constellation sign to each Ice Age character! Not that easy huh!

I shall leave you to discover the other two challenges & not spoil the fun for you! If you manage to complete the tasks within the allocated time of 10 mins, you are entitled to take part in their on-going Instagram contest where you are suppose to do the most interesting yoga pose with that signature hazelnut in the movie!

Our best attempt since we aren’t the most flexible couple! Lol!

Another must visit is the “Power Rangers” Show – It’s Morphing Time! That was the highlight of our entire trip! James couldn’t control himself and¬†immediately revealed the child in¬†him¬†as we waited for the show to start! Seems like his childhood¬†was pretty¬†much¬†made up of Power Rangers!

The general plot revolves around pink ranger being kidnapped by the baddies & how the other rangers saved her in the end! No problem getting the kids to go crazy over this play! Next question then is how about the adults especially one who did not have a power rangers forming a big bulk of her life like ME?

Ok my truthful take is even though I may not be able to relate as much as J did! It was still worth my time catching it! Firstly, I like the fact that there isn’t¬†a boring moment. The action began right from start to the end with well choreographed fighting moves! I can just imagine how much the power rangers panted under their masks!

Secondly, both the power rangers & the baddies were very engaging with the crowd!¬†The excitement on every kids’ face is a testament to that! For instance, the baddies¬†would jump off the stage to¬†tease the crowd & the power rangers calling out to¬†the crowd for aid. In their response to save the ‘world’, the ‘world’ also responded!

Beautiful graphics with vivid colours litted up every corner of the stage as the power rangers danced into action!

Adult fans of Power rangers like J & parents who are bringing their children to GENTING, are strongly recommended to catch this show! There is even a photo opportunity with the power rangers right after the show at an affordable fee!

Shedding some light on the shopping scene in GENTING, there is a Nike Factory Outlet and they are really way cheaper than the outside retail price. I went to ask around and everyone told me that the shop is authentic. Nike lovers, rejoice!

Trendy and pocket friendly clothes/shoes can also be easily found at Padini, Cotton On and many more retail shops.

Whereas for food, there were SO SO many restaurants to choose from! We were simply spoilt for choices! But my favourite is still THE FOOD FACTORY HI-TEA BUFFET!!

The selection was relatively wide (see below). Not to mention, the price of the buffet was super affordable for us (after the conversion from RM to SGD).

Their Hi-Tea Buffet starts from 12pm to 5pm at RM38 nett/adult & RM10 nett/child. Whereas for dinner, it cost more at RM68 nett/adult & RM28 nett/child.

We had dinner elsewhere that night. So sadly I did not had a chance to try out their dinner as much as I would like to after trying their lunch! I am guessing that the variety will be even larger for dinner!!!

Enjoy delicacy from East to West, from Dim Sum to Indian Food to Western Food. Everything was served piping hot (excluding desserts of course).

There were a lot of stations to choose from but I was too busy filling my tummy, hence, the lack of photos.

At night, we tried Rajawali. Rajawali is located at Awana Genting Highlands Golf and Country Resort. If you were to visit this place from First World hotel, you will have to take a coach down. The traveling time via coach is about 15 minutes.

Like The Food Factory, it also also a buffet-styled dining experience for us. As expected, you can find another round of East meets West experience.

We had the privilege to seat at the balcony area which overlooked a picturesque view of greenland and mountains! It was really breath-taking! SO much so we almost forgot about eating all together! lol!

The Vegetable Fishball soup was the bomb. We couldn’t help but fill up our bowls again and again.

Stir fried Clams

Curry Fish

The dessert table was so instagram worthy because it was super colourful!

Even though the spread is as good as the one at the FOOD Factory, I still prefer the latter ! I find that the food in Rajawali has a tinge of traditional local Malay flavor which I am not used to. Nonetheless, there are some influencers who enjoyed the food here! So I can only say taste is really subjective in this aspect! However, this place is worth a visit for the dining experience and the view if you are a countryside person!

I would say that the most memorable part of this trip was the Power Rangers show! This goes without saying for my dear boy, J! Even though, it was a relatively short trip, we both enjoyed it very much. We will always be ready & happy to come back to this wonderland, Genting, which has continually MORPH to suit crowd of all ages!

Thank you Resorts World Genting!

Hugo Boss UNLIMITED taking Centrestage @ #SUCCESSISMADE Stadium in Changi Airport Terminal 1


Leaving Singapore with a Heavy Heart? You will be spared of this agony from the 29th April 2016 till 9th June 2016. This is very much owing to the first ever collaboration between Changi Airport Group, Shilla Duty Free & most importantly, HUGO BOSS!

This is part of the fourth iteration of BOSS Parfums’ ubiquitous Soccer Campaign: ‘SUCCESS ISN’T BORN, IT IS MADE’. Simply love this humble yet impactful tagline! Personally, I¬†think it should¬†seat in as¬†the epitome of every Mens’ success!

With this campaign, came the birth of the ‘BOSS #SUCCESSISMADE STADIUM’ situated at the departure transit area at Changi Airport Terminal 1! In fact,¬†you will spot it easily once¬†you crossed the passport check point! Here, you get to immerse yourself in a wonderful combination of¬†retail & entertainment experiences!

Still feeling the rush of excitement upon recalling some of¬†the entertainment at the ‘Stadium’!

One of which is the ‘DIGITAL PENALTY SIMULATION’ which even¬†M who does not play soccer, couldn’t resist giving it a shot! I must say she does have some talent in this, scoring a good 2 out of 3 goals on¬†her first tryout!

With that said, it really¬†isn’t an easy feat! Try it if you don’t believe! If you do as well as M did, you might just get lucky with some attractive prizes autographed by international soccer superstar,¬†James Rodriguez !

M & I saved our friendly couple competition for the¬†second station which¬†is the ‘BOSS FOOSBALL GAME’.

Time¬†just slipped by unknowingly¬†as we unleash¬†our soccer prowess¬†through our nimble hands & fast reaction! Just don’t get distracted like we did¬†and totally forget about your boarding gate timing!

Enough of the entertainment for the time being. Let’s go on to the Retail aromatherapy¬†!

You cannot mention about HUGO BOSS without conjuring that top of the mind recall of its fragrance especially their BOSS BOTTLED range!

If you ask me about my personal favorite perfume, it just had to be their ‘BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED’ in its beautiful porcelain white bottle! I like how fresh &¬†invigorating the scent is from its top notes right down to its base notes.

Shedding some lights on how its notes evolve. The top notes which you inhale immediately upon application is slightly minty as delivered by the Iced Violet Leaves.  With that, you will be lured into a smooth transition to the heart of this fragrance which is a relatively uncommon zesty Pineapple tone. Dwelling a little longer through the day would be the all-time favourite Sandalwood & Musk base notes!

Undeniably, the combination of these three level of notes exactly hit the right note for a perfectly masculine scent all gentlemen desire!

James Rodriguez of Real Madrid F.C takes the centre stage for being the Latin America and Asia ambassador for HUGO BOSS Bottled Unlimited!

Accompanying him are other big boys in the Soccer world such as Yohan Cabaye and Robin van Persie who will represent campaigns in France and the Netherlands respectively, whilst Daniel Sturridge, Mats Hummels and Isco will front the global campaign.

Back to the Final entertainment: ‘THE ULTIMATE BOSS PHOTO OPPORTUNITY’.

In short, the ‘Stadium’ is constructed in such an interesting fashion that you can get to capture yourself in some of the most intense moments of a soccer players as he prepares for success on the pitch at the Entrance tunnel (in this case shaped like the BOSS BOTTLED)¬†and….

…even the locker room setting!

To be a Soccer Star or Perfume Star, you pick!!

For me, I like the best of both worlds that explains the two ultimate goodies in my hands, the BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED in one while a soccer ball personally autographed by James Rodriguez in the other!

The Eau de Toilette 100ml is retailing at $128 while the 50ml one retails for $102.

Ironically, BOSS BOTTLED UNLIMITED is only¬†limited for a time period. While it last,¬†it might just be the perfect gift for the men in your family especially your father for the nearing Father‚Äôs Day! So don’t miss it!

JamesnMaybel’s Bali Adventure Trip with Casio FR100

If 2016 is a 365 page book, I would think JamesnMaybel has already¬†penned down¬†an exciting first chapter¬†by being part of¬†Casio’s Project: To review their latest FR100 camera in Bali!

But before I begin, let us set three important disclaimers. One to fully credit the pictures & another to prove our objectivity in reviewing this camera.

1)All photos are NOT edited (aka #nofilter in IG term) & FULLY taken with the Casio FR100.

2)No payment nor sponsorship of FR100 was exchanged for this project.

3)All opinions are made solely based on our own experience – JamesnMaybel.

With that said, now you are all set to click your way through this post as though you were also on this Bali adventure with JamesnMaybel + Casio crew!

Why Bali? What better place to review the¬†FR100¬†other than Bali with its myriad of¬†exciting outdoor activities! In fact, some of the activities we engaged in are¬†definitely ready to put the camera to its TOUGHEST durability¬†test yet. In terms of the extremity, let’s just say some bruises were inflicted upon¬†our limbs¬†during these activities which took more than a week to heal! *Sob*

So, was the FR100 able to prove¬†itself to be as tough as its sister brand, the G-Shock?¬†Let’s see ><

How can we go Bali without a single picture of its beautiful beaches! So let me start the post with my most satisfied photo of the peaceful beach at Crystal Bay!

Why am I satisfied?

Simply because we managed to still capture this landscape picture clean, clear and most importantly in HIGH resolution despite of the difficult condition we faced that day due to strong lighting. No conditions is ever too difficult for the FR100 to handle with its facelifted engine & lens! Good for those who are camera/photography newbies, this is simply a quick cheat to show off your photography skills with the pictures taken by the FR100! ><

Activities done to test the camera:

1. AVT Ride (@ Bali Quad Discovery Tours)

First day was all about beaches & high resolution landscape shots. The real adventure came on the second day with the AVT Ride being the first challenge for the FR100!

First, let me show you the standard ‘Casio-Approved’ stance we took to snap most of our shots during this trip: Shot Free-Style (With the camera lens at the tip of a selfie stick while controlled close to you)!

Truth be told, I used to sneer at the sight of selfie sticks but the versatility of FR100 combined with a selfie stick just proved me all wrong! Detaching the camera from the controller makes for a more advanced free-style camera which allow us to creatively snap our selfies/wefies!

See our Epic 360 ‘Trusurround View’ shot taken on our ¬†AVT ride!

Combined with its 16mm (35mm film equivalent) SUPER W-I-D-E-angle lens, this allows for easy capture of the magnificent outdoor as natural backdrop! Outdoor shooting never been this fun till we got hold of the FR100!

On the flip side, it is so wide, I find it hard to not get photobomb sometimes! Grrr!

One other versatile & creative way we snap our AVT ride experience was to mount the camera lens onto the front of the vehicle which continuously took videos of us going up and down the bumpy mountains!

This is just 2 of the 6 ways we manipulated the FR100 to create a wholesome gallery of our AVT ride experience. We showcased 2! We shall save the other 4 methods to your creativity! Lol!

Off JamesnMaybel go!

2. Canyon Tubing (@Bali Quad Discovery Tours)

There was hardly any time for us to catch our breadth as we were rushed to the next station after the AVT Ride: the Canyon Tubing!

After passing the ‘Shake’ test, now it is for the ‘Water’ test! How would the FR100 fare in this seemingly perilous environment?

We have absolutely no idea just like J with his worried & clueless face in this picture! Nonetheless, this was his most EPIC picture for this trip as he absolutely love the vibrancy in the ’50 shades of green’ around him as well as the¬†clear resolution of the gushing stream!

Whereas for me, my most EPIC photo just got to be this one below! Capture at the moment when I was busy snapping selfies until I felt a drop!

One moment I was seating on the tubing. Next moment, the tubing was seating on me! Haha! I was fully drenched along with my FR100!

First thought that came to my mind: Is my camera is working?!

The verdict to the Water Test was positive!¬†The FR100 has proved itself to be¬†waterproof! After which, I didn’t spare any moment¬†worrying about the water threat anymore as long as the USB ports are closed!

In fact, I wasn’t the only one capsizing. Even J capsized multiple times & to our amazement, the FR100 remained alive all these while till the end of our tubing session! KUDOS to its water-proof function I must say!

One other good thing J & I agree unanimously was its user-friendly interface! I would say it is almost idiot proof. We took less than 10 minutes to figure all its function!¬†The function buttons were well arranged on the touch screen interface! So we save much time ‘sulking’¬†OVER navigating around the buttons¬†and instead IN FRONT of the camera (for fun)!

Even after our ‘sulking’¬†wefies, I still have enough time for my own selfies! Love¬†Casio for being so customer user oriented !

The whole ride was approximately 2 hours long!

You must have thought that¬†after turning on the FR100¬†for a straight 1 hours of video recording (AVT ride)¬†followed by 2 hours of On & Off ‘Time Lapse’ on th(Canyon Tubing) would have fully flatten the battery! Then you are wrong! Our battery was only 3/4 burnt at this point of time!

With such durable battery life span, I must say it surely does live up to its name to be an Adventurer Camera!

3. Snorkeling (Crystal Bay & Mangrove Point @ Nusa Penida)

For the very last activity before we make our way back to homeland Singapore! One which JamesnMaybel has been waiting most eagerly for: Snorkeling @ 2 of the most highly-raved locations (Crystal Bay & Mangrove Point) in Bali!

At this point of time, the test is more than just ‘Quality of pictures taken’, ‘Durability’ & ‘Waterproof’. This time around, we want to experience all 3 of this qualities put together: How good are the shots taken by FR100 underwater!

Off we go to Crystal Bay first!

FR100 has proven its worth in taking landscape shots, here¬†is the proof it can take nice human wefie shot …

..as well as selfie shot!


Into the clear waters with my FR100 well secured to my life jacket!

Shots delivered by Fr100 for you readers to judge!

My photos were taken without any casing! Do note that we were only on the surface of the water while taking these photos hence this was a good 3-4m away from where we were.

Also, I must say I put my life on the line taking these shots. Firstly, I have very bad motion sickness. To compound the problem, the current on that day was much stronger than usual! Hence, my hands was shaking non-stop!

However, I think the shot was still considered relatively clear (as seen in these two pictures) very much thanks to to improved high level of stabilization in 3-axis for shake that occurs when moved while shooting!

For divers, good news for you! The FR100 can go up to 20m deep if you buy the marine casing!

Other functions of the camera which I love:

-Time Lapse

Like the videos of moving clouds and sunset in shows while the buildings in them remains stationary? You can do this with FR100.

You can record the process of the sun setting with this.

Let me show you an example of a Time Lapse clip.

-Strong Stabilization

I used another camera before and we were going around with the camera. My friend had motion sickness after watching the video so a strong stabilization helps! We recorded some videos during the AVT ride and I will share the videos with you guys soon.

-Photo Collage

You can summarize your day with these functions by rating your pictures in the camera. The higher the rating, the chances of them appearing in the random collage will be higher!

Time to end the post with a glass of refreshing watermelon juice!

Oh! And not to forget mentioning this photo was taken and transferred immediately & conveniently through the ExilimCONNECT. This app makes transferring of photo from the camera to any smartphone a simple task ANYTIME ANYWHERE!

If there is one thing we have to complain about this camera would be its price point! Currently, the FR100 is retailing at SGD699 (not inclusive of equipments for photo-taking e.g. selfie).

We really do love this camera and would certainly hope that the price point come down to a more affordable level especially when we do travel quite frequently. Furthermore,¬†we don’t usually have the luxury of someone taking¬†our wefies with a wide shot of the backdrop for us! The FR100 would be the perfect camera for this task!

My Taiwan Trip for 2015 – Kaohsiung

The decision to go back to Taiwan again when I just there last year was made just a month before I flew over.

Last November was my first visit to Taiwan – Taipei and Taichung but it was unforgettable because of the friendly people and environment there. The pace there is much slower than Singapore. When I was there last year, the weather was cooling and nice, but it was freaking hot and warm this year. I totally regretted bringing the coats over. Luckily Taipei turned cool during my last 2 days.

I went to an addition city, Kaohsiung, this year.

Recommendations: If you are planning to visit Kaohsiung, just buy the one-way ticket to Kaohsiung Airport and come back with another one-way ticket from Taoyuan Airport. I made an extremely wrong move by buying a two-way ticket to/from Taoyuan because the ride from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung is CRAZILY long and tedious. I landed at Taoyuan at 2pm but reached Kaohsiung only at 8pm because of the waiting/travelling time and jam. Although I know it is recommended to take the speed train over, but I googled and the difference between the two types of transportation was only 1-2 hours so I picked the cheaper option. The only good thing that happened was that our hotel was just opposite the bus station!!

As soon as I checked in to the hotel, we went to Liu He Ye Shi for dinner.

If you are expecting to shop in Liu He Ye Shi, save it. It is a night market full of food.

We did not take any pictures there because the night market was very empty even on a Friday night. You can finish combing the entire place within 15-20 minutes.

OOTD on the first day:

Since Day 1 was a disappointment, we made very good use of Day 2.

OOTD for Day 2:

James was decked in outfits from Uniqlo for both days. The jackets are his current favourite and I think he look damn good in the checkered white and grey shirt. I picked that out for him!!

We woke up super early for their traditional breakfast at a shop opposite our hotel because James wanted to try their Dan Bing and the Black Soy Bean.

There were a lot of stuffs to see at Pier 2 Art. And more importantly, it was free and interactive ūüėõ

There were so many trains to see and take OOTD with!

Art pieces all over the rundown railway tracks.

We moved on to a heritage tour after roaming around the area for a good 1.5 to 2 hours.

This tour cost only NT30 ($1++++) so don’t be scam by the cabs around the area. We almost boarded one of them who offered NT100 to 1 destination. The mini bus offers a lot of destinations at a flat rate of NT30 with unlimited rides + a tour guide.

I really want to experience the feeling of studying in any Taiwan’s university even if it is only for a short while.

You can also head over to Formsa Boulevard Station¬†ÁĺéťļóŚ≥∂Áęô to visit the Dome of Light.

Pop over for a short 2-3 minutes if you are on the way to anywhere because you don’t have to tap out of the station to visit the place.

I visited 4 night markets in Kaohsiung. Let me bring you through in my next post ūüôā