REVIEW: Mercure Hotel Singapore Bugis


Yes once again I am out for a staycation! I always enjoy a short dose of staycation to help me retain my sanity in this relatively fast pace city. This time around, my short escape from Lion city’s hustle and bustle is Mecure Hotel Singapore Bugis.
Let me share couple of reasons why you should consider Mecure Hotel Singapore Bugis:

1) Ideal Location for Shopaholic
Located within walking distance from Bugis village which is our equivalent of Bangkok’s Chatukchak & Seoul’s Gangnam Underground shopping centre.

A little tips for the foreigners reading this post: Shopping here is considered most affordable in Singapore and usually it can easily take up at least a day to comb the entire shopping compound! So foreigners staying near here have an added advantage of exchanging more commuting time to shopping time!

Don’t worry even if you are done with Bugis Village within a day, there are many other shopping centres within walking distance. Singapore’s biggest and oldest electronic mall (Sim Lim Square) is also a stone’s thrown away from the hotel. If you wish to find cheapest watch deals in Singapore, there is Bencoolen Mall. To satisfy the foodies, there is no lack of local & international cuisines located at the shopping malls peppered around Bugis eg Bugis Plus, Bugis Junction etc.

Now, let’s move on to the hotel.

2) Lots of Instagram-worthy spots with its Quirky-looking furniture & Interior Design

I shall let the pictures do the talking for this point.

Interesting famed up images lining the corridor while you make a beeline for your room.

In this case, we were given the room. It is a double-storey room with the bed located on the second floor which can easily house 5-10 people within the room.

Upon opening the door to the room, you will be greeted with the open concept bathroom.

Well equipped with basic amenities e.g. Bath gel, toothbrush, Shampoo, conditioner etc. Basically, you do not have to bring or buy any of these items. Just bring yourself and many many sets of clothes for taking IG-worthy pictures!

Other practical items within the room include coffee machine, teabags, two TVs (for each floor) with access to movie, documentary & local channels & most importantly a complimentary handy (for calls, SMS & GPS). Which means now you can afford not to bring along your phone as well! Lol!

While I look down from the second floor, I found the best angle to capture the simplicity & artsiness of the whole room!

Glad we brought along a few outfits to do #ootd shots!

There are a myriad of quirky-looking chairs in alfresco settings (Below).

If you are into vintage, you are going to adore this hotel even more as there are a lot of backdrops with old, ubiquitous HDB flats, most recognized internationally as Singapore’s unique landscape.

Just imagine how many pictures you can take with this beautiful contrast here!

Yearning for a city view? Be sure to visit their Infinity Pool (1.2m in height). Do a couple of laps & take a short break to enjoy a good view of the city landscape. If not for a swim, this is a good spot to get some Vitamin D from the sun.

Right next to the swimming pool is a small juccuzi which you can enjoy the city view in another angle.

The Gym (same floor as the swimming pool & Jaccuzi). There are not a lot of equipment in here but there are still the basic ones enough for you to shed some calories eg Treadmill, weights etc.

3. Comfortable beds

The beds and blankets were overly soft and comfortable. We sure had a difficult time getting up in the morning. We requested for late check out because M wanted to sleep in more after breakfast.

4. Nice Decent Restaurants & Bar in the Hotel

If you are keen in exploring the F&B, I will highly recommend the Royale. In fact, the breakfast is also served at this restaurant. For Dinner, you have a choice of Peranakan based Buffet or western Ala Carte cuisines. The Buffet is valid on Fridays and Saturdays only from now till 26 August 2017.

One of my favourite Ala Carte dish in their menu was the Salmon. It may look well cooked on the exterior but the interior is extremely soft and tender.

Nonetheless, the portion isn’t extremely big. Hence, if you are a big eater, you might want to consider going for the Buffet instead.

Breakfast was good with a considerable variety e.g. eggs, hashbrowns, ham, sausages, beans, cereals etc.

Last but not least, know where is my favourite hangout place other than the room itself? The bar counter where they serves drinks till late night.

Mercure Hotel Singapore Bugis is located at 122 Middle Rd, Singapore 188973.

For bookings, please visit:


Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 9.27.54 pm

Tell me what you look forward the most to after a loooong day of work?

For me, it is a good warm bath!

Recently, I just upgraded my Instant Water Heater and ever since then, it has totally revolutionised my bathing experience!

For this post, I will share my personal experience of the installation process & the special features of my new instant water heater, AURES ROUND LUXURY RT33.

Firstly, let me share how my previous water heater looks like. I would say a typical one with manual knob to adjust the temperature. Nothing fancy looking. Even the black wiring is visible and I was so ignorant about the safety aspect and took this for granted! I read up on the wiring and realized that people can be electrocuted to death while showering soooo… Better to be safe than sorry.

also face one of the most irritating problem which I believe most people will face; inconsistent temperature of water especially when you flushed the toilet bowl!

Before (my previous instant water heater):

Before the actual installation, a contractor came over to have a quick assessment. Following on, the actual process only took around 1.5 hours on a subsequent day.

All in all, it was a hassle-free process! Furthermore, I appreciate that they emphasised a lot on the safety aspect such as hiding the wires under a proper casing so that it would not be exposed to water & hence the risk of being electrocuted!

I picked Aures Round because I thought it looked pretty futuristic! Hehe. Maybeline also picked the same model! Her dad also bought another 2 water heater for the guest toilets!

Now, let me share my experience with the Aures Round Luxury. I can confidently say every shower is a bespoke experience!

It was love at first sight with its elegant Italian design & nifty functions that operates under soft touch interface.

The feature I like the most is its ability to memorise up to three shower profiles. Like for my case, I share the bathroom with my parents. As such, we can ‘save’ our own desired temperature and just switch to our own temperature profile with a soft touch.

Another feature which I appreciate is the fact that it can maintain the temperature fairly constant as compared to my previous one. This is even after I flush the toilet bowl or on the tap which has interconnected pipings. It also has other features like the anti-scalding system & total safety system while allows me to shower in ease.

This is the reason why I go out lesser after work as I got a date with my luxurious instant water heater! Hehe.

Thank you Ariston for not just protecting me from getting electrocuted but also scalding! We sure are fans of Ariston now!

REVIEW: OSIM uJolly Back Massager


The SIM family loves nothing but enjoying life. From traveling to massaging, we will leave none out. My parents, especially my dad is a huge fan of massage. I grew up with a massage chair at home because of him. He will also travel out of Singapore to Batam, Bintan or Malaysia just for massage!

Just last year, I bought him a uPhoria for his birthday so that he can shift the leg massager every where – his bed room, living room and even his own private karaoke room.

This year, we have a new addition to our collection! It’s uJolly! I have to admit that my dad got kind of addicted to it because of its flexibility to move it everywhere. If not for the love of my parents, I would have shifted it to the office to enjoy it myself. LOL!

My parents do not move about or workout as much as me so I am worried about the tension in their muscles. Given the amount of stress in our daily work life, some massage will help relieve the tension. I don’t want their lymph nodes to swell so anything that can make them happy and pink of health, 1 for my family please!!

It can be fitted to almost any chair you can find at home – this is why I say you can move them around anywhere! It is like an instant relief to your back, neck and shoulders at your own comfort.

You never have to miss your favourite show in the living room or pause your work for a massage now! Work + Massage together sounds like a good idea!

Take a look at how relaxed my parents are below! One of the functions they love most is the warm air! I am personally good with or without warm air but if I am suffering from menstrual cramps, it will make me feel aloooooot better. It is very similar to the Hot Stone Massage you can find outside. Instead of paying for a massage session outside, how about buying OSIM uJolly and use it for the next new years?!

The all new V-Grip Technology make you feel as though it was a human massaging you. It can effectively get rid of swells and knots on your aching shoulders or tired back. For people who suffers from constant backache like me, you will only benefit from uJolly!

My little dog is such a sticky boy. He wouldn’t even let my mom enjoy her massage in peace! Lol!

What about me? I still prefer enjoying the massage in my own room. That’s the benefit of a portable back massager! We don’t have to fight over where to keep it. Whoever is next in line, just bring it anywhere you desire!

Take a look at the control and you will be able to spot 4 different auto specialized massage programs. My top 2 favourites are the Neck & Shoulders and Limbar while my parents prefer the customized personalized massages instead. Just adjust the settings before you start your massage!

How does it sound so far? I hope you’re mumbling VERY GOOD! Haha.

Mothers’ Day is coming soon so instead of buying her fancy gifts, how about pampering her with uJolly? You can bring her to any OSIM outlets and try it out before you buy.

However, if you already know that you ARE going to get it, head over to to cart it out! It is currently retailing for $449 instead of $499! YAY!!

SHOP: Free $10 ezbuy Credits on Taobao or anywhere!

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 10.58.01 PM

When it comes to online shopping in Singapore, I can shop and spend a lot at one go and end up hurting my own pocket. I have long heard about Taobao and have always wanted to try shopping there because it seems to carry ALMOST EVERYTHING at a cheaper price.

However, I couldn’t do it without the help of my friend because my Chinese sucks. I can speak but not read and write.

Until last year, I do not have my own Taobao account until I tried ezbuy. ezbuy is a one-stop global shopping platform for all shopping addicts like us who are stuck in Singapore.

ezbuy makes shopping so much easier! I am relating this to Chinese websites. Although you can buy stuffs from other countries but come on, admit it. Most of us use ezbuy for Taobao! Hehe.

You can control how much you are willing to pay for each item. Take a look at the picture below and you will noticed that $20 is the max that I will pay for a piece of skirt/top in ezbuy.

I also enjoy shopping on their mobile app as they have flash deals very often. For example, you can a backpack for $5 there. There interface is also neat and easy to navigate around. Sometimes I browse the app for at least 30 minutes before I manage to fall asleep.  Of course, I have to check out my cart after that too 😛

Just click on the item you want, and add it to the cart.

You will also know how much the item cost in SGD. If you are shopping on Taobao website itself or on your phone’s browser, just paste the URL into the app and it will follow the same.

If you plan to ship heavy items like furniture over. I will suggest you to sign up for Prime as you can enjoy unlimited shipping at $2.99 nett!

Some very common stuffs which I used to ask my friends for help till I tried ezbuy myself includes:
– Phone Cases
– Soft Toys
– Shoes
– Clothes
– Hair Clips
– Socks and more…

I got these phone cases on ezbuy even before my iPhone 7plus reached me last year LOL! Guess how much were they? Less than $5 each!!

My $9 Pastel Pink Sneakers which got everyone going gah gah.

My friend even bought her furnitures and pets’ accessories via ezbuy! I was very shocked when I heard the price. She bought her bar counter at $25 (inclusive of shipping fee)!!

Check out my roro behind the gate she bought from Taobao too. I am not surprised if her sofa and bed are bought there too. She’s a fan of ezbuy really. But then again… who isn’t when you can look for everything there?!

For people who are getting married, you can shop for wedding decorations, Sisters’ and Brothers’ outfits from ezbuy too!

The only thing I probably can’t get from ezbuy is……


Lucky you if you are new to ezbuy. I have a $10 credits for you with no minimum purchase!

Don’t say I never share ah. No minimum spending okay! So head over now to to claim your credits!

REVIEW: Trichokare Award-winning Hair Densifying Treatment @ $40


I have very thin hair and I have tried various shampoo, hair tonics and even oral supplements to help hair growth. I haven’t really seen many improvements so I kept switching hair products to see which brand helps to solve my hair problems.

After a visit to TK TrichoKare, I realized how dirty and clogged my pores are after a hair scan. It really frightens me as clogged pores could lead to hair loss and reduced hair growth. For me, I am born with naturally thin hair as I suffer from anemia.

When I first stepped into TrichoKare, I was greeted with happy and friendly faces! They brought me to a consultation room to answer some questionnaires to understand my diet, lifestyle and some personal information before a scan.

I saw how dirty and greasy my scalp was through the scan. It was then when I realised that no products will going to work for me until I clean my scalp thoroughly. You know, I wash my hair at least once a day and I never thought that the scalp could still be so clogged!!

In fact, I didn’t know that I have greasy scalp to begin with.. However, after a single treatment at TrichoKare, I could see visible results! My pores seems to have opened up as 80% of the oil clogs were removed during the treatment and there was lesser hair fall after that. When the pores are opened up, it will helps to promotes new hair growth. Imagine a plant with clogged roots, do you think it will be able to take up any water or nutrients? How will it grow healthily in that case?

My trichologist was quick to point out to me that I need an SOS Scalp Cleansing Treatment!

I was told that their mask could help soften the oil clogs. Oil clogs are not there just for a day or two. It could have been accumulated so it is important to soften them and remove them thoroughly in order for hair to grow well.

The whole process was very comfortable and relaxing. A visit seems to be able to take away a day’s worth of stress. Did you know that stress could lead to hair loss?

I knew I was in good hands as TrichoKare is a leading trichological centre that provides customised European herbal hair remedies that are validated by certified trichologist.

They have also won numerous hair awards from Her World, Elle, Women’s Weekly and more. From these awards, you can tell how effective TrichoKare is when it comes to promoting healthy hair growth, preventing hair fall and hair loss. In fact.. both James and I are very tempted to visit them on a long term basis and we are not kidding about that.

I ended my treatment with Infrared machine to help penetrate the serum into my scalp!

My scalp was OBVIOUSLY a lot cleaner. The trichologist was honest enough to tell me that one treatment would not thoroughly clean away all the oil and dirts as they were built up over a period of time but at least 80% of them were gone! My scalp felt a lot fresher and cleaner after a single session.



Enjoy the Award-winning Hair Densifying Treatment at $40 with FolliGRO Ampoule and Energy Serum free! The total package is worth $743 but right now, it is only $40 for you!

Head over to to sign up the exclusive deal!

NEW: EhBuzz – Top Food, Beauty & Fashion Guide

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.38.40 PM

Have you heard of EhBuzz – the new online portal? It is actually quite easy to use and ANYONE can use it.

Just create your own account and you will be referred as HUNTERS in the portal whereby you can hunt down different places and key in your own review/ experiences. You will be rewarded with points every time you submit a new place. The more you submit, the higher your score gets and not only that, you will be rewarded with cute badges! Doesn’t it sound like a gaming platform too? Haha!

Of course, you can also follow other users or gain followers inside the portal too. It is a social media platform afterall.

EhBuzz aims to be the one-stop portal for all but right now, only the Gourmet option is available. Can’t wait for more options to be out!

There are already more than 1000 outlets in their database so thank you for your contributions! It is REALLY easy to submit a new outlet or review. Influencers can also link their blogposts to the outlet so that people can visit your site for a detailed review of the place.

Look at an example of Tai Cheong Bakery:

You will be able to tell the Value, Quality and Service at one glance.

The reviews are contributed by the mass public as well. So if you think influencers are being paid for writing good reviews, rest assured that the consumers have their fair share of voice too!

In the review, you will also be able to tell What-you-should-not-miss-when-you-dine-there! It’s true Tai Cheong Bakery serves awesome egg tarts!!!

Yummy…. I am craving for some now!!!

You can easily identify the top buzz and outlets so you will not miss out the best. However, you can also sort them according to most rated, most fan, newest, nearest, or whatever that is your preference. Navigating around the web is pretty simple. You can read up on the tutorials if you are unsure 🙂

For more information, please visit

NEW: adidas Originals Eyewear by Italia Independent


When it come to eyewear & shades, what are the first few brands that to the top of your mind?

The list can run on but it is still hard to plaster the image of adidas as an eyewear brand right? This is exactly the same sentiments we had as well till we own our very first pair of adidas Originals eyewear by Italia Independent!

This is the very first Italia Independent official launch in Asia and I must say their first collection is all ready to make a huge impact in the eyewear scene!

Starting with the Mens’ Sunglasses.

There are 14 sunglasses in total within this Fall/winter 2016 Collection of which I decided to choose something subtle yet charismatic! And so, I chose the “AOM003” Model with black metal frame.

Don’t you just fall in love with the minimalist yet stylist shape of this sunglass? What will make you fall in love even more would be the super-light frames that stand out for their soft surface that is both pleasant to touch and scratch resistant!

For its prescription glasses range, they have 12 frames in total. For this, I decided to go with something more flamboyant I would say? Lol!

The ‘flamboyance’ arise from its two colour tone which in this case is my favourite colour combination: Black & Gold! The two different colours come together so harmoniously  and the most attractive part is definitely the laser-etched Trefoil logo of adidas Originals that appears on the sides of both temples!

The emblem is also present in the ladies’ range!

For Maybeline, she decided to go with something more ‘Harry Porter-ish’! Good choice for her as I feel it fully helped her pull off that intellectual look!

Furthermore, a flat lenses tends to give the frames a contemporary & classic feel while ensuring optimum comfort and non-glare internally.

To push the level of comfort even further, it comes with an adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fitting. So wearing this for days continuously is not an issue at all!

The adidas Originals collection can be found at adidas Originals stores, Italia Independent boutiques, on both brands’ e-commerce platforms as well as selected authorized list of optical stores in Singapore and Asia.

The adidas Originals range will start from S$205 for sunglasses and from S$185 for prescription frames.

Do visit the stores and give the adidas Originals collection a try at least!

I am pretty sure you will fall in love with them like how we did!

NEW: #MyKiplingStyle, What’s yours?


I must say that I have been very blessed with all the gifts that Kipling has gifted me! Let me walk you through some of the bags I own right now. I actually help out a little last year and they gave me 2 bags in return. My mom, being a fan of Kipling for the longest time, took the bags away from me right after I brought them home. Lol!

I brought their backpack and luggage to Japan with my family last year and I swear James was super jealous when I told him Kipling gifted me a luggage! Hehehe.

Traveling around with the luggage makes the entire journey so much lighter and easier – especially when we had to travel from town to town. We visited Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and  2 other places!

Other than being light, I was surprised by the compartments. They had so many compartments inside that you can stuff ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I managed to squeeze in 3 pax worth of clothing and accessories for a good 8 days! Even though it was filled with clothes, it was not hard to bring it around because of the wide wheels underneath. I was so easy to roll them everywhere. The luggages are made of a durable material – Nylon which is able to withstand the rigors of regular travel.

Of course, all Kipling bag comes with a monkey keychain – so does the luggage! I travel out of Singapore at least 3 times a year so I am very much looking forward to my next trip with the luggage!

Next, Black and gold is my usual style when it comes to backpacks. However, I brought a colorful backpack (Sanna Print; collaboration collection with Finnish illustrator Sanna Mander) to Japan this time round! The City Park added colors to my autumn. It even comes with a limited edition Funfur Monkey keychain as well! I like this keychain more than the usual because of it’s fluffiness! 😛

I also own another bag with the same keychain! It was love at first sight with City Pack Navy Black and it is also my current favourite. This 100% leather bag is a combination of style, fun and practicality all in one! Isn’t it charming?

The drawstring pocket makes it easier for me to charge my phone with my powerbank in that compartment. I can charge and use my phone on the go without the need of holding that bulky powerbank in my hand. Easy reach pockets for the win!

I love how I can easily match my OOTD to this pretty City Pack! We can never go too wrong with black and glitters.

I will be sharing more on my Instagram how you can incorporate Kipling into your daily outfits so keep a lookout for #maybelineootd! Also check out the hashtag #MyKiplingStyle to see how other influencers style their Kipling.

Thank you blessed and Kipling for making me a happy girl! 🙂 Thank you for keeping our bags light and durable! 😀

#JAMESNMAYBEL: Surprise Valentine’s Day


It all happened too quick. James could not digest the day well because it was full of surprises for him.

It all started from Nando’s when they gave birth to their new addition to the menu – Mango & Lime. Who would have ever thought that they would make such a good pair?

It was like our love story. We started out as being acquaintances for 3 years before we finally spoke to each other. Know what? Mango & Lime existed as well but they were never infused together right? That was just us.

However when the powers are combined, you will only experience nothing but a whole new level of fruitiness!


Our VERY early Valentine’s day went really well. It started out from a simple food tasting (James’ thought so) at Nando’s. Ironically, my first visit to Nando’s a few years back was also spent with him. Boy, he is a fan of them! He can easily finish one whole chicken by himself.

We ordered a few dishes in Mango & Lime flavour along with our favourite – Extra Hot. We love our spicy food too!

Look at the chicken below, he finished more than 1/2 of it on top of the other sides!

After the meal, everything looks normal to him. I brought him to Orchard to shop and got him his favourite bean bag chair! All he knew was “Okay, Maybeline is gonna plan the day so I will just go with the flow”. I was busy sounding him out what are the other items that caught his attention but he did not want me to spend too much on him. SO SWEET. The truth was, Daen and Melvin from The Good Folks were on standby to help me with the items. All I had to do was to send them the pictures and they would buy it for him.

We drove over to VivoCity to park for dinner 4 hours later. This stupid guy even scolded me for being stupid when I walked towards HarbourFront. He thought I lost my way. LOL. He sensed something amiss when I walked towards the Ferry Terminal to ask for directions.

He went “ARE WE GONNA DINE IN THE SEA? ARE WE?”. Only then, he realized that we were walking out of the building … towards the cable car.

To his surprise, Daen and Melvin APPEARED with his gift (to be revealed later). He was so taken aback. Me too! They surprised me with a bouquet of flowers and upgraded my cabin to a floral cabin behind my back. Thank you Nando’s and The Good Folks!!! :’) YOU GUYS ARE GOD-SENT!!!

James was exceptionally excited about the dinner because he did the shoot for them few years ago but never had a chance to experience the real thing. I saw his face on the website when I was making the reservation, his face on the voucher with a girl but the girl wasn’t me. THAT IDIOT! Lol.

Check out our beautiful floral cabin. We felt so so blessed and we were not sure what good have we done to deserve such love.

He got a new wallet (like finally!!!). We walked into Prada a few weeks ago and a particular design caught his attention. He refused to buy it because he felt that his current wallet was still usable.

A big shoutout to Dean and Melvin again for buying the last piece for him! They had to wake up earlier and buy it right before the food tasting you know?! 101% for the effort :’)

Thank you Nando’s for giving us the opportunity to fall in love again and again. We will be like Mango & Lime, bringing nothing but flavors to the people around us!

REVIEW: Stay White with White Shock by BlanX

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 10.12.20 PM

It is nice to see people leaving cute comments on my Instagram photo. For example, I said “If everything from Italy sounds good, then so is BlanX!” and someone commented “In that case, my gf needs to be from Italy too!”. This just proves that people do read my captions afterall! Haha.

And yes, BlanX is indeed the number 1 toothpaste in Italy! I wanna fly there one day!

Being a heavy coffee and tea drinker, I am often faced with the same issue – stained/yellow teeth.

Teeth whitening kits at the dentist can be expensive. There are cheaper options like buying whitening kits online but if you want a faster and fuss-free option, look for whitening toothpaste! We don’t have to put in extra effort to set time aside to brush our teeth right? It is not like brushing teeth is an option. Perfect solution for lazy people like me.

BlanX has a series of different toothpaste but my favourite is their White Shock! Let me go into more details for White Shock later.

The White Shock that I am talking about is the set on the right below. It comes with an LED light and the total set will only cost you $12.95.

White Shock is also the world’s first whitening toothpaste that continues to whiten your teeth in a natural way everything you smile. We noticed a slight difference in the colour of our teeth after each use and we can’t help but feel that this toothpaste is a confidence booster!

Do you know that each use and each smile can help whiten your teeth?

Actilux Technology is a patented compound ingredient that intensifies its whitening action in a natural way when exposed to the light. This technology is found in White Shock and it can last up to 24 hours after you brush your teeth.

The photocatalitic micro-crystals, Actilux binds to the enamel of the teeth during regular brushing and this creates an invisible barrier that removes and blocks the causes of teeth staining – like your usual coffee and tea. So the more you smile, the more light it is being exposed to, and the whiter your teeth gets!

BlanX LED Light is specifically designed to maximize the activation of Actilux. Other than whitening the teeth, Actilux can also provide antibacterial protection.

It is very easy to use. Just throw away the usual cap of the toothpaste and replace it with the LED light.

When you turn the cap, the LED light will automatically be activated and you can re-use the LED Light because it has a 3-month battery life!

Sounds amazing already?! Get ready for your Valentine’s date by using White Shock! Just remember to keep smiling when you are on White Shock. That is what we are doing now. We are trying hard to get rid of the additional stains we got from all the feasting during CNY. No one will ever complain that you smile too much 😉

If you are interested, you can find BlanX at selected Watsons store and White Shock is currently retailing at $12.95.