Benefits of drinking Ginger Tea – Dr Ginger

It is no secret that I suffer from very bad cramps every month because it has become a norm for me to whine on my Instagram Story every month!

Last month, I was whining non-stop and I was asking for remedies in my Instagram and what shocked me was the overwhelming responses you guys gave! One of it was to drink Ginger Tea to help with the pain but my reply was “I hate the taste of ginger tea because the ginger smell is too strong :(“.

I am fine with food that contains Ginger but not the tea because unlike the food dishes, it doesn’t come with accompanying sauces or flavors.

However, I decided to give Health Domain Dr Ginger a try because I know the brand well. Hands up if you are drinking their Dr Oatcare too! Haha.


I was initially very reluctant to try because I was still quite scared of the ginger taste. However, the tea turned out to be mildly sweet and nice because contains brown sugar! Oh yay, finally found a Ginger Tea brand that I won’t say no to. If you are wondering, the tea is free from artificial flavourings, so the truth is, you are enjoying the aroma of a real aged ginger.

I am currently drinking the tea to help me cope with my monthly menstrual cramps. After a cup of Dr Ginger, you can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy at the tummy area. Sometimes I will still couple it with a heat pack at the tummy area when the cramps get TOOOOO bad.


Having said all these, it doesn’t mean that Dr Ginger is only for the ladies. In fact, anyone can drink Dr Ginger as it can aid to improve digestion, blood circulation, relieve nausea and something I hate….. Motion sickness. I personally suffer from motion sickness & I hate that feeling a lot.

I also tend to overeat on some days and my stomach gets kind of bloated on days like these so I will take a sachet of Dr Ginger after my meals to help with the bloatedness. Seems like a very good tea to drink hor? It helps me with so many problems that I am currently facing in reality.

Ideally, you have to mix 1 sachet into 160ml of water for the best Dr Ginger taste but you can play around with the volume to suit your tastebuds.


Here’s a fun fact for you. Do you know that tea made from Ginger has high levels of Amino acids and Vitamin C which are beneficial to our body?
If you are like me, a troublesome woman, you can enjoy benefits like these:
– Relieve nausea from motion sickness
– Relieve morning sickness from pregnancy
– Relieves menstrual cramps

However, if those benefits are not your main concerns, you can also take it for other purposes like those below:
– Facilitates better digestion
– Improve and stimulate appetite
– Relieves stress and migraines
– Reduces Bloatedness
– Dispels coldness from body that causes cold and flu
This tea kills a lot of birds with one stone! Haha. Like I said, I am quite scared of the ginger taste but Dr Ginger taste fine for me so do give them a try.


If you are already convinced, you can buy Dr Ginger at Do also check out their other products that they carry (I personally like Dr Oatcare alot!)

Reflections on 2017


So many things happened this year and as usual, change is the only constant (k).

There were a lot of ups and downs this year but thankfully, there were more happy moments than bad ones. One of the biggest change is probably my status, going from attached to engaged.

You can watch the video below if you haven’t:

They say that a girl can get all insecure after the proposal / marriage planning and that is certainly true. I have seen so many cases of separation and they kind of bring down my confidence in marriage a little. I guess all I can do is to believe in my other half, and make things work out from there.

In fact, I am only left with 6 months before the actual day and people have been asking me if I am done with my wedding planning but the truth is, THE ONLY THING WE DID WAS THE BOOKING OF OUR HOTEL. Holy!!

I went round asking for recommendations for a videographer and photographer and received a lot of recommendations to the extent where I don’t know where to start. I thank god for all your help though!! I think I should just settle our outfits first before worry about the others. Haha.

James already had his list of brothers and I had none. I actually had a list of 6 (whom I have yet to approach) but I need to reconsider the list because I came to a conclusion that I needed only real friends who live close to my heart.


Moving on, our flat will actually come before the wedding and we have issues with the key collection which was/is supposed to happen in Dec 2017/ Jan 2018. That is because of some inheritance issues from James’ end. This is the first time that I am sharing this online.

Do you know that there is no such thing as TRANSFERRING of property from one’s name to another? Both you and/or your family member will have to bear the seller and/or buyer stamp duty! It was quite a HUGE sum that the AwYong family had to fork out to do a transfer so as to ensure that we get to keep our property. We could use that money to pay for 30-50% of a 3-bedroom HDB flat.

I must say that I am quite disappointed with how our system works and how inflexible they can get. Talk about inheritance… They probably see it as another way to milk money out of the citizens.

And then… my sister’s case. My parents have been going to our MP almost every month at the start of the case to now, once every 3-4 months and was promised countless emails of updates but to no avail or sound. It was all empty promises each visit. I shall not touch on this topic further before I get all emotional.

One of the best decisions made other than saying yes to the proposal is my lasik surgery done at Shinagawa with Dr.Lee! I have been / am still getting a lot of emails and questions on the surgery and some of you even messaged me to ask for my full details so as to get a discount. I don’t have any discount codes for you guys but they did tell me that they have this referral system where by friends and family of the patient can get a $XXX of their lasik by quoting the name of the patient. I guess you guys can try quoting mine? HAHA.


And more good stuffs? I must admit that I have been quite LUCKY this year! A lot of people kept commenting that I kept winning at lucky draws which is not entirely false. I think I won 3 out of 5 draws this year?

Hahaha. I have yet to redeem my hotel staycations from Magnum and another one at a Food tasting! I also recently won an iPad Mini 4 from my workplace’s annual Christmas party this year! Actually… other than that, I don’t remember winning any other stuffs but I am feeling very blessed already! I don’t ask for luck but health for my family and I. I have been falling sick like crazy this year, especially this year end. May 2018 be better, and healthier for me and every one reading this post!

Till then!

Far EasTone Pre-paid Sim Card For Your Taiwan Data Needs


I enjoy traveling a lot and I make it a point to travel out of Singapore at least twice a year. And so far, my most frequent travel countries have got to be Taiwan and Japan. I really love the culture and people in these countries!

I will never travel without data because I still want to stalk my friends and share pretty photos on my social media platform. And if you are traveling to Taiwan soon, I have a recommendation for you!



Have you heard of Far EasTone Pre-paid Sim Card? It is in fact, on of the most affordable mobile plan you can find in Taiwan for your data usage there. Even though the price is low (starting from NTD300), you can still expect high speed unlimited 4.5G Internet data.

This is how Far EasTone looks like and I assure you that their signal is very stable!


Far EasTone is one of the most well-known among all the telecom companies in Taiwan and the company owns most of the 2600mHZ cellular towers which can support 3CA and that is why their internet speed is a lot faster!


It is also very easy for you when it comes to purchasing Far EasTone, Just head over to Terminal 1 and 2 in TaoYuan International Airport once you have safely landed!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

If you need any assistance like crediting, balance check, just dial 777 on your phone. Isn’t it very easy to remember?! Haha.

Here’s a giveaway for you!

I have 10 FREE one-day trial for you guys if you are visiting Taiwan! All you have to do is to

  1. Follow me on Instagram
  2. Comment on my Far EasTone Post
  3. Waiting for my Direct Message!

I will provide you with a serial number and all you have to do is to enter the serial number to enjoy the one-day free trial! Contest is open to everyone traveling to Taiwan.

For more information, please visit (English).

Don Don Donki is finally in Singapore!


IF you have been to Japan before, I am quite sure that you may have stepped into Don Don Donki before!


I took a media tour today and I must say that I am amazed! Their price points are not a lot higher than the Japanese store itself! You will also feel as though you are stepping into Japan once you step into the store.

Don Don Donki Orchard Central is their first flagship outlet in Asia and they aim to position the store as a “Japanese Brand Specialist” by offering products that are either made or designed in Japan.

The double-storey retail space is also open 24/7 so you can always pop by and do some late night shopping there.

They carry a wide variety of goods including food, household items, cosmetics and novelty goods.

Don Don Donki Meat Selection

Don Don Donki Bar


My favourite sections have got to be the beauty section and party section!


It really does feel like an amusement park here! And I swear that I will never come out of the shop empty handed ever. There is simply too many things to buy!


They are also partnering with Hokkaido Marche for a Hokkaido-themed retail and dine-in space that features unique product offerings and successful tenants from the region.


“No other Donki store carries such a broad diversity of food choices, and the partnership with Hokkaido Marche will further elevate the dining experience here. We hope this will be a refreshing retail concept that Singaporeans can look forward to and heartily enjoy,” said Mr. Okada.

Don Don Donki will officially open its store to the public on 1st Dec.

For more information, please visit:

Port over to Circles.Life with Circles Switch


While blogging for this blogpost, I actually thought of the song – Cool Kids.

I wish that I could be like the cool kids
Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in
I wish that I could be like the cool kids
Like the cool kids

Why? You may ask.

Just because all the cool kids seem to be using Circles.Life right now and they seem to have more than enough data!!

I always end up using 15-16GB worth of data every month and I start panicking by the 2nd week of the month. 🙁


The real reason why I am blogging about this is because of a try-before-you-buy service from Circles.Life – Circles Switch!

Now I have my chance to test out Circles.Life for free. Yay!!!

And if your contract is about to end, you should read on. All you need is:

  • An active post-paid number from another telco  (e.g. your existing mobile phone plan that has a monthly billing)
  • A credit card
  • Contract ending before 31 December 2017
  • Most importantly, IT IS FREE!!


    What exactly is Circles Switch?
    Circles Switch is designed for people with contracts that are about to end. All you have to do is sign up for Circles Switch here, pick a temporary number for your trial SIM card and just  use the  free line. Do note that you may need a second phone, as your current number will still be active.

    Screen Shot 2017-11-18 at 2.20.00 PM

    What do you get with Circles Switch?
    – 20 GB of data
    – 100 minutes of incoming and outgoing calls
    – 20 SMSes

    And if you do not wish to continue Circles.Life, all you have to do is to cancel the Circles Switch number that you are holding before 31 Dec 2017 in the CirclesCare app and there will be no charge.

    However, after the last day of the year, if your plan is still active, your current number will be automatically transferred to Circles.Life network. This will also means your line with your current telco will be automatically terminated once your port in.

    My experience with Circles Switch



    I signed up for a temporary number with them on the 30th October 2017 and guess what? My SIM card was delivered to my doorstep the very next day! Do note that you will need your IC as a form of identification when you receive the SIM card from the courier.  I followed the steps that were in this step-by-step guide and it didn’t take me more than 5 minutes.

    I would definitely give them 2 thumbs up for their efficiency! Circles.Life, thank you for making things easier for us!

    No more long queues at the telco stores anymore! Best thing is I don’t even have to pay a single cent for my SIM card. Hehe.

    I have heard mixed comments about Circles.Life from friends and through my research online, so I’m glad I’ll be able to test it out for myself with Circles Switch. My experience with them is SO FAR SO GOOD. No lagginess or lack of signals issue for the last 2-3 weeks. If you are happy with the telco, there is no reason not to port over. If you’re not satisfied with the experience, you can also follow the instructions here to terminate.:

    I’m considering porting over early to get the full plan. Circles Switch doesn’t offer users other awesome features like customization of my plan and boosts (data top-ups).

    If I port over early (before 14th December 2017) I’ll get 3 months of 20 GB FREE (usually it costs $20 for the 20 GB Data Plus Add-On).

    Look at the banner right on the top of my CirclesCare App, it is hinting me already!


    Tell me which other telco in Singapore would let you TRY FIRST FOR FREE and PORT IN LATER?


    Find out more on Circles Switch here.

    Lazada Promotion last more than 30 days?


    I shop online SO SO much more than I shop on ground because of all the promo codes and exclusive online sales. But having said that, I still love shopping both online and offline! Haha. What’s more, I love my surprises!! Hehe.

    Lazada gave me a box for their 11.11 and 12.12 sale and WOOHOOO. I got the Philips Box! Honestly, at this point of time, I was more excited to receive electric appliances than any other thing else because my new house is coming in Dec/Jan!

    Thank you for your love for your galaxy, Lazada!!


    As expected, when I opened it up, it is a box of electric appliances. YAY!! I can save some money for my new place!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened the box because SERIOUSLY? THIS BOX IS ONLY $29? NO WAY!!!.

    But it’s true you know, all the Brand Surprise Boxes cost only $29 with products worth more than $100! I am not going to tell you what is the other item in the box but I think that it is obvious  enough even though I tried to hide it with words. Lol!

    IMG_2455 copy

    My knight with shiny armor. Hahahaha.

    FullSizeRender 3

    One of the products received was the electric kettle! I am currently using electric kettle at home right now so I really do appreciate this! I can save the hassle of boiling the water with a single flick. Haha.

    I went to check out the price of this kettle on Lazada, they are retailing it at $38 and it cost even more elsewhere you know! I really don’t know how does Philips and Lazada earn by selling the box for just $29!!

    FullSizeRender 4

    My box is already available for sale on Lazada and fastest fingers first!! I am super tempted to get another box of this also you know!

    If you are not keen in electrical products, they have other products from other brands too!

    Some participating brands: Acer, L’Oréal, Philips, Skinfood, Etude house, Maybeline, Delsey, Lenovo, Vichy, Giordano, Levis, Triumph, UAG, Mamonde, Durex, Laneige, Marshall, Colgate and more.

    There are more than 110 Flash Deals and up to 90% off. Faster head over to Lazada and shop from their universe!

    Lazada online revolution 11.11 12.12

    EyeChamp Promotions in Singapore!


    Sales and more sales everywhere! I see a lot of Single’s Day Promotion! I am someone who loves promotions a lot!! Not sure how you feel about it but I get ULTRA excited when there is a sale! I love shopping for stuffs I love like Bags, Shoes and Accessories. I am sure that all of you know me well and my love for eyewear. Even though I have already done lasik, I can still be seen wearing spectacle frames and sunglasses almost every weekend.

    Let me get your excited and share with you some 1-day promotions only on EyeChamp. As seen on the image above, they are taking part in the popular 11.11 promotion too! However, if you missed the 11.11 promotion, you can also wait for their Black Friday Sale on 24 November! Mark your calendar and save the date!!!


    Both promotions are going at 60% storewide!! Don’t share I didn’t share hor. They carry a lot of brands in-store! James and I had a hard time picking out a nice pair for ourselves because we were so spoilt with brands.

    To find out more on some of the brands that they carry or the store, read our previous blogpost here:

    On top of the 1 day promotion, if you happen to be EyeChamp’s member, you can also get to enjoy their Annual Members’ Day sale from 12 Nov – 19 Nov. Enjoy 50% discount storewide and double up your rewards during this period. That’s not all, you will also get EyeChamp $50 return voucher (Terms and conditions apply).


    If you are still looking for a place to do your Christmas shopping, you know where to go now! *hint hint* Mr. James Aw Yong, I don’t mind a pair of new eyewear at half the price off! Hehe.

    To find out more, you can visit: or

    You really need to check out the newly revamped DBS branch at Plaza Singapura!


    Adulting is hard when it comes to responsibilities and future planning. I would like to say that almost nothing about adulting is fun unless you enjoy the process. However, DBS just made banking less stressful by revamping their Novel “cafe and branch” at Plaza Singapura.



    Although it is a “cafe and branch concept”, don’t worry, you can still expect the same high-quality banking and lifestyle services from DBS!!

    The first thing you can see and smell once you step into the branch is the aroma of freshly brewed coffee from bettr Barista – a social enterprise supported by the DBS Foundation. I have also heard about plans for monthly latte art and coffee appreciation classes with DBS from the founder of bettr Barista. I bet all most of the coffee lovers out there are looking forward to this!

    WhatsApp Image 2017-11-06 at 1.40.22 PM (1)

    I really really REALLY love how hip the entire place looks. Take a look at the cash withdrawal and deposits machine. Does it make you feel as though you are in London withdrawing cash?

    There are more Instagram worthy spots to be explored there and I am so going back for a second or even a third visit!



    James, who is more into tech-y stuffs was naturally attracted to the VR corner for his retirement planning. Let’s just put it this way – no more boring surveys, no more time consuming Q&As just to know how to work towards your retirement lifestyle.

    Now, how do you spell futurtisticcccc? Haha.


    Pepper, the robot will be there to introduce you to the Video Teller Machines (VTMs). At any point of them when you feel lost at the VTMs, you can get help through the live video conference with the staff, which is a feature of the VTM. It actually provides you with non-cash banking service like issuance or replacement of internet banking tokens or debit cards.

    I personally like this service a lot because I rely very heavily on my bank token and debit cards. Should I accidentally lose either of it and I need to replace it immediately, I do not have to wait for the bank to open just to get a replacement.

    Fun fact: There are currently 13 VTMs in Singapore and  you can expect 7 more by the end of 2017.


    Finally, take a look at this pile of bunnies here! They were ALL OVER DBS Plaza Singapura during the official opening!

    The bunnies actually represents the new DBS Multiplier Account where the young adults, like both James and me who are busy preparing for our wedding and future home now, can qualify for higher interest rates with lower transaction threshold, with no minimum salary crediting amount and of course, no minimum credit card spend (YAY!!).


    You only need to have your salary credited with DBS/POSB, and transact in one or more of the following categories: credit card spend, home loan installment, insurance or investments.

    Both James and I qualify for this as both of our salaries are being credited to our DBS/POSB accounts and so is our home loan, we took up DBS Home Loan 2 years ago!

    Let me give you an example of how Multipler works:

    A university fresh graduate with a net salary of SGD2,700 and a credit card spend of SGD200/month will enjoy interest rates of 1.85% p.a. on his/her DBS Multiplier Account Balance.

    WhatsApp Image 2017-11-06 at 1.40.22 PM

    If you are interested to find out more about the plan, you can visit

    Svenson Hair Filler Treatment Journey


    Author: James Awyong

    What could possibly battle being in poverty, poor health or relationship issues on the chart of the most troubling issues this century? I would be inclined to think that there is no worthy contender apart from hair & scalp issues!

    What could possibly be one of the most troubling issues of this century? I would be inclined to think that there is no worthy contender apart from hair & scalp issues!

    Hair loss or thinning might not be lethal to our health but it sure is to one’s self-esteem and level of confidence. No matter how young you are, people will tend to associate hair loss with aging and loss of youth. It is surely an issue not to be neglected! In the past, hair problems are only reserved for males above 50 years old like your uncle or father. However, times have changed, the issue has started to hit BOTH men and women of all ages!

    For myself, I work in a stressful environment with people management, and meeting targets which eventually lead to late nights. Diet was also compromised as I have to seek quick fast food options and food tastings, which leads to obesity issues. I also have to put on styling products eg wax & hairspray which is detrimental to the scalp. In summary, I lead a life that has a high risk of hair loss and I am lucky that so far, I have yet to experience severe hair loss.

    Nonetheless, it did prompt me to seek help to maintain my hair condition before it worsen.

    WhatsApp Image 2017-05-12 at 7.51.31 PM

    I decided to head over to Svenson for a scalp scan. Svenson provides hair and scalp solutions using the most advanced technologies. And I was assured that I was in good hands as they have over 60 years of trichological expertise and knowledge.

    After a thorough scan, I realized that some areas have already started to experience slight thinning. I need to reverse the problem as soon as I can. Their Trichologist Joni Tay recommended me the Svenson Hair Filler treatment, which is said to guarantee results in 12 weeks. They also offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t see results in 12 weeks!

    The Hair Filler itself has undergone 13 years of intensive research and development and it contains a proprietary blend of 7-patented peptides and botanic actives. And what does this mean? You can’t get the peptides elsewhere, and for it to be patented, it means it is proven to work!

    In order to allow the active complex to be absorbed into the scalp thoroughly, the therapist performed a relaxing scalp cleansing session at the start of every treatment. This is to allow better penetration of Svenson Hair Filler active complex combined with a Derma Roller.

    What is a Derma Roller?

    It is the typical roller you see out there, except that it has tiny needles on it.

    The derma roller will create micro-openings on the scalp, which will help in both the healing and penetration of ingredients.

    I know it may sound a little painful but trust me; I will go through it again and again for a head full of hair!


    A cold iron was then applied to the areas to help soothe and calm the skin down. All treatment will end with another relaxing round of massage – the head and the neck this time.


    I must say that I was initially very skeptical of the treatment and I gave it a try because of the Money Back Guarantee! I did not see much results in the first few sessions until later. And I wasn’t the only one who notice the difference since I see myself in the mirror everyday.

    I went for my monthly haircut at my salon and my hairstylist asked me if I did anything to my hair as he could see my hair strands getting thicker!

    Do take a look at the before and after photos for comparison:

    James - BeforeJames - After

    It is not too hard to guess which is which right?!

    I also went home with their Haffirmation Home Care set and I love the shampoo! The refreshingly clean feel after every shampoo makes me feel instantly invigorated afterwards. I also felt my hair was more volumised overall and not as flat as it was usually even after a whole day of activities.


    I was able to tell that I faced lesser hair fall during this period. There was lesser hair clogged in the sink after a shower.

    Thank you Svenson for giving me a head full of confidence! I am truly happy with the results!


    If you are interested in the Hair Filler Treatment as well, you can visit them at:

    Parkway Parade
    80 Marine Parade Road
    Parkway Parade Shopping Centre
    Singapore 449269

    Jurong Point
    1 Jurong West Central 2
    Jurong Point Shopping Centre
    JP1 #B1-59
    Singapore 648886

    International Building
    360 Orchard Road,
    #09-06/07 International Building
    Singapore 238869

    You can also book an appointment by calling their hotline at 1800-737-8575 to find out more about Svenson Hair Filler.

    Motorway Car


    I have been driving for the last 7 years so I am definitely familiar with cars. Motorway is joining in the hype of Formula One by driving their McLaren MP4-12C Spider and Ferrari California around Singapore to spread the F1 fever on the 8th and 9th September this month!

    Even my dear boyfriend couldn’t resist checking them out! He is a fan of cars and like me, he has been driving for the last 6 years. He was more familiar with Motorway than me because he knows that they are authorized dealers for SsangYong, has car insurances and car rental services.


    We were given a tour at the show room and we simply couldn’t saying bye without taking a photo in their Maybach!


    If you are a fan of the McLaren or Ferrari….. Motorway is running a Spot and Win Contest!

    Now, what do you have to do? Simply snap a photo of the car during at either of the locations mentioned below, upload it onto your Instagram with #MotorwayLuxe or upload it onto Facebook and tag them on “Motorway Car Rentals”!

    There are some areas to take note if you are keen on spotting them. Actually.. I think you should be keen because one lucky reader will stand a chance to win an unforgettable Supercar experience with Motorway!

    Spot them at:

    8th September (Friday) – CBD area from 11am to 5pm
    – Outram Park, Tanjong Pagar, Marina Boulevard, Raffles Place, River Valley, Duxton, Tiong Bahru & Clarke Quay

    9th September (Saturday) – Town area from 1pm to 4pm
    – Suntec, Orchard, Bugis, Dhoby Ghaut, City Hall, Marina Bay, Chinatown, Bukit Timah, Novena & Holland Village

    If you want live updates, you can also follow them on their Instagram at @motorwayluxe. This can help you increase the chances of you capturing the car!

    Please tag my username at the end of your post for them to track. For example: @maybelinesim @motorwayluxe #PICKMEPLEASE


    They will also be giving away a $100 Luxe Rental Voucher with a minimum of 2 days rental. All winners will be announced on Motorway Car Rentals Facebook on 18 September.

    Here are also some special discounts for you if you are keen to give the Supercar a drive:

    1) Chauffeur-driven service at $250(UP. $488)during the period from 8thto 24thSeptember 2017
    -One-way trip from Motorway Building to any destination within 8 km radius
    -Any additional mileage will be chargeable at $30/km

    2) Self-drive of Supercar at $288(UP. $568)during the period from 8thto 24thSeptember 2017
    -Pick any location that is within 8 km radius from Motorway Building
    -Any additional mileage will be chargeable at $50/km

    Now… the car or me? Hahahaha. The car of course!


    You can also get 10% discount on your rental by quoting “MAYBELINE10” upon reservation! Promotion is only valid till 30th November 2017 so be sure to check them out as soon as you can!