Christmas from the Heart at Hotel JenOrchardgateway

Author: Nigel Tan

As the end 2018 draws nearer, so does Christmas as well. Hotel Jen recently launched its festive Christmas menu and its one not to be missed. Being one of the relatively newer hotels in orchard, Hotel Jen’s buffet menu doesn’t fall short to the rest. Before I start critiquing on the food, can I just add that the nicely decorated alfresco dining is one you definitely need to request for. If you’re looking for something romantic or simply something warm that set the tone of Christmas, do request for the outdoor seating. The unrestricted outdoor view, the nicely decorated trees with fairy lights coupled with the cool wind really brings a whole new sensation to a Christmas dinner in Singapore.

Roasted Rosemary Crusted Australian Angus Prime Rib

A big shout out to all carnivores out there, Hotel Jen’s Christmas menu (on top of their standard buffet menu, which already have an extensive selection of seafood) consist of a myriad of sausages and meats! These include Coiled English Cumberland, Spiced Chorizo Sausage, Bratwurst, Neuberger and Cheese Cracker Sausage. Yes you heard it right, Cheese Cracker sausages! Who doesn’t like a good cheese sausage. The briny cheese within the warm sausage just compliments the umami-ness of the sausage without overpowering it. And if you’re wondering, the flavour of the sausage is not overpowering which really makes me return for more. They also provide condiments such as – mustard, pickles, sweet and red sour cabbage to compliment and cut through the fat.

Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway Christmas

Credit: William Tan

Next, what is Christmas without Ham. The Honey Baked Ham with Caramelised Pineapple is another dish not to be missed. Even though its slow roasted the ham still retained all that moisture and remained juicy even after the roast. The caramelised pineapples really bring an Asian touch to roasted ham as well. If you love Hawaiian pizza, this really reminds me of it, minus the pizza dough.

Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway Festive Sausage Platter

One thing I really like about Hotel Jen’s Christmas buffet is that the Chefs’ do carefully think about what side dishes compliments the poultry. The slow roasted ribeye was roasted to perfection. Complimented with the Wine ripe tomato, really brings a burst or freshness with every bite. Secondly, the Maple Syrup, Merlot Turkey. The maple syrup really adds another dimension to the dish and brings out the flavour of the bird. Complimented by the Trio Pepper in Yam Fritters, this dish is really one to be looking out for as well. The Roasted Turkey with stuffing, with the Own Grown Basil Morello Cherry Compote is also another notable mention.

Hotel Jen Singapore

Credit: William Tan

All in all, I would say that the Chefs’ at Hotel Jen did a great job in brainstorming for this festive menu. Each side dish has complimented the accompanying poultry well and bringing a new depth and creativity to our normal Christmas favourites. This Christmas menu really shouts out to all the meat lovers out there. Even if you’re not a meat lover, do head down and enjoy their huge variety of seafood dishes as well. At such a reasonable price, together with this extensive selection, do head down and celebrate Christmas at Hotel Jen, and remember to ask for the outdoor seats.

Festive Season Buffet Highlights
15 – 23 Dec, 26 Dec – 30 Dec
Lunch: $48++/pax
Dinner: $68++/pax

Christmas Eve – 24 Dec
Brunch: $48++/pax
Dinner: $108++/pax

Christmas Day – 25 Dec
Brunch: $88++/pax
Dinner: $88++/pax

New Year’s Eve – 31 Dec
Brunch: $48++/pax
Dinner: $118++/pax

New Year’s Day – 1 Jan
Brunch: $48++/pax
Dinner: $88++/pax

Season Greetings,

OLDTOWN White Coffee Launches Brand New Concept Store at Suntec City

Author: Alex Chua

I prefer my Kopi Siew Dai more than Flat White or Americano for a daily pick-me-up, so it is a pleasant surprise to know that OLDTOWN White Coffee is opening its latest concept store at Suntec City Mall. The first to embrace the market with a brand-new franchise concept which will be gradually rolled out internationally, this 243rd outlet boasts a new look, new technology and with a newly curated menu.

Old Town

Fitted with textured royal gold and light oak walls and dark brown marble coffee tables, the 88-seater café possesses that distinctive look reminiscent of the decorative art-deco style in vogue during Great Gatsby era. What is more interesting is the self-ordering kiosk. Adopting facial recognition into its ordering system, OLDTOWN White Coffee Suntec is the first to utilize this technology to boost their services. This means that all your past purchase history is recorded and they can provide a more personalized recommendations based on your buying behavior. While it sounds spooky to some, it really does gives greater convenience and recommendations to us.

old town

Of course, all the above has no impact without jolly good food and drinks, and OLDTOWN White Coffee Suntec does serve some tasty, authentic local treats. Giving its existing menu a modern twist, the outlet introduces the Popcorn White Coffee Latte and Coconut White Coffee Latte.

Can you imagine popcorn inside coffee? Neither can I, though the end result tastes all-so-sweet yet quite delicious cup of java. The caramel-encrusted popcorn ignites that sugar-rush in the creamy coffee; it is bound to spice you up for that next boring meeting or movie. The coconut kopi is more subtle though, I like the sprinkled coconut flakes which emit that whiff of tropical heaven.

old town

Other whimsical, fancier concoctions are the cold brew series, featuring Sparkling Mango Coffee and other fruity favorites such as strawberry and orange. The Mango coffee is refreshing, soda fuzzy and the caffeine taste is quite mild, good to enjoy after meal to wash down the palate. Nevertheless, I still prefer my coffee piping hot with a strong caffeine kick, just the old me saying.

old town white coffee

Now comes the hearty feast, which the menu is quite extensive. I was particularly charmed by the flavorful Prawn Meehoon Mee. Rich with the umami prawn essence, the full-bodied orangey broth is both subtly sweet and amp with spiciness. There are other delectable dishes such as Salted Egg Butterfly Prawns Nasi Lemak, Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun and Rendang Beef Nasi Lemak.

old town

Saving the best for the last (actually, everything is pretty darn good!), the Satay Platters. Consisting of savory beef and chicken, this yummy local snack is absolutely a great after-work grub for the PMETs working there at Suntec.

OLDTOWN White Coffee Suntec
Address: 3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-429/430/432, Suntec City Mall, S038983 (near Tower 5)

Grissini’s New Head Chef Introduces Omakase Menu

Author: Alex Chua

There’s something strangely poetic and charming about Southern Italy. This Southern coastal region with Grecian white architecture and crystal blue waters brings more of yearning and stylish travelling than a gastronomic destination. And here comes Mirko Vinci, the new head Chef of Grissini, an Italian restaurant located in Grand Copthorne Waterfront, who wants to change all that with the introduction of the 5-course Omakase Menu (about $85++ per pax).

Chef Mirko has over 15 years of culinary experience and has honed his skills in renowned restaurants working alongside Michelin-starred chefs in Milan, London and Singapore. Capturing the culinary spirit of this lesser explored part of Italy, expect rich, full-bodied flavors with use of ingredients such as tomatoes, eggplants, zucchini, seafood.


The entree of Panzerotto Pugliese is a simple delight by itself. A traditional South Italy snack, the crispy thin dough – folded to resemble a calzone –is filled with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and virgin olive oil. A savory entree without making us too bloated for the subsequent dishes.

For Cold Starter, the Grilled Mediterranean Seafood Salad is pleasing to the eye and on the palate. Featuring a medley of fresh, sweet seafood which consists of squid, cod fish, prawns / shrimps, and octopus. The bouncy, tender texture comes with a surprising smoky, earthy aroma. Plated alongside cured black olives, asparagus shoots for a refreshing yet satisfying comeback.

The portion of Eggplant Parmigiana with Mixed Leaves & Pearl Tomatoes Salad is quite generous for a Hot Starter, but I am not complaining! The layered Eggplant Parmigiana tastes exactly like a lasagna (albeit a vegetarian version), with layers of smoky vegetal sweet grilled brinjal and homemade tomato paste. A comfort food for the soul.

My personal favorite is the Tagliolini, white inions, butter and sage sauce with sprinkles of shaved fresh black truffle. Unique and complex the sweet earthy flavors of caramelized onions mixed with the silky al dente tagliolini pasta are a perfect match-made of gastronomic heaven.

For the mains I had the Veal Scaloppine with char-grilled zucchini. With an expectation of a hearty meat veal dish, the dish is exactly the opposite of what I had thought it would be – pinkish veal is tender, delicate and distinctive. It is paired with grilled zucchini which gives that smoky and juicy flavor for a powerful dynamo.

The dessert that I recall with loving tender is the Chocolate Souffle Lava Cake with Sea Salt and Coffee dessert. Though the lava didn’t run, the mouthfeels of the rich but soft and moist chocolate soufflé cake is irresistible enough. The chocolate taste runs deep and neat, enhanced by the subtle sea salt and coffee flavors. It is a filling, well plated dessert.

Overall, the Italian Omakase Menu experience at Grissini is delightful and a smooth 5-course gastronomic ride. Totally worth a visit to celebrate life’s special occasions, or to experience an exclusive, private dining affair for two.

Grissini @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169663

Letting the Hot Buns out @ Three Buns Quayside

Author: Alex Chua

I love my burgers. Fatty, flame-grilled meat patty enclosed with cheese and veggies, slapped with two toasted buns are my simple go-to indulgences whenever I’m feeling carnivorous. When Potato Head unveils its first stand-alone location for their award-winning burger and cocktail brand Three Buns, I knew I couldn’t, and shouldn’t, miss this burg-bulous event.

Taking its sustainability business seriously, the 80-seat burger bar is retro-fitted with upcycled, eco-friendly interiors and sustainably-made furniture handcrafted by Indonesian artisans. This environmental-friendly endeavour gels well with the Potato Head Family ethos of “Good Times, Do Good”. We know they do good, so now let’s roll on the Good Times!

Three Buns

Executive Chef Adam Penny, known globally for making iconic burgers from scratch, has curated a new menu with exclusive combinations and popular signatures for us to try. First up is the Red Man Burger (Beef Rendang). Looks like a mouthful, the sous-vide beef cheeks are so tender you can almost use your lips to bite. Fully-infused with a hearty sweet and spicy blend of over 10 spices and ingredients which includes gula melaka, the complex flavours are further accentuated by the coconut mayo and fluffy coconut buns made from coconut oil and coconut milk. Yes, I am going coconuts over this, and it is really sedap!

Three Buns

Next up is the Da Cheese Master, inspired by the dirty, old-fashioned truck stop burger. Moist, juicy black Angus beef patty wrapped in gooey double cheddar, charred onions, double ketchup and rich white miso paste, the taste is solid, meaty and flavourful. Be sure to have the napkins ready before you bite into this perky delicious.

Three Buns

Vegetarians, don’t skip this burger joint just because they are selling burgers. The latest meat-free burger on the menu, Truffello patties consist of truffle and Portobello mushrooms. Juicy, whole portobellos has a nice savoury bite-feel, and I have nothing to complain even though I am a devoted carnivore.

Saving the best bun to the last is the Bun DMC. Homemade watermelon rind relish stacked on bawang goreng, onion puree plus 3 islands mayo on pillowy buns oozing with melted cheese. Sinful. Succulent. Bam! No shame to say I can have this anytime of the day.

Besides the burgers, Three Buns also sells delish hotdog buns too. One of their signatures is the Asian-inspired Seng Dog is topped with wasabi mayo, Three Buns relish and bawang goreng, all nestled in freshly toasted matcha bun. The soft/meaty mouthfeels is just pure joy.

As if the above isn’t enough to satisfy your full-to-bursting stomach, the friendly service staff presented the Sticky Icky Wicky. Date pudding steeped in gula melaka, coupled with a melange of toasted coconut butterscotch sauce and a generous scoop of salted vanilla. Tuck into this is bound for a sticky mess, and I almost couldn’t fork it because my dessert resembles the shape of a duck.

Three Buns Quayside
60 Robertson Quay, #01-01, Singapore 238252

An Ode to Surf & Turf Buffet Dinner @ Window On The Park

Author: Alex Chua

Orchard Road is a hotbed of fancy hotel restaurants and cafes with buffet-style offerings, but none comes close to Surf & Turf Buffet Dinner @ Window On The Park in terms of value for money. With its 1-for-1 offer, diners get to choose 1 main dish from the five new Surf & Turf dishes specially curated by Executive Chef Ken Chaw and team. Each main is complemented by the well-executed, free flow appetisers, soups and desserts.

Window On The Park

Comfortable, casual and laid-back, this sprightly restaurant at Holiday Inn is a great place for a after work dinner with colleague or friends, preferably in pairs so as to utilize this great 1-for-1 deal. I adore the simple, homely ambience without too many needless distractions that some of the major hotels embellish themselves with.

For me I choose the Grilled Angus Tenderloin with Peppercorn Sauce and Gochujang Jumbo Prawn. The tenderloin is tender and nicely drizzled with the peppercorn sauce, elevating its savouriness. While the star should be beef, the limelight is somewhat stolen by the jumbo prawn. Crunchy, juicy and reek full of flavour, the bite is pure satisfaction by itself.


My carnivore friend chose the Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek and Baked Alaskan Cod as his main dish. I nipped abit of the medium Wagyu and find the meat so soft you can spoon it. Presentation wise it looks somewhat similar with mine. The other 3 mains are –
• Potato Gnocchi with Wild Mushroom Cream and Truffle Scented
• Poached Hainanese Chicken with Infused Fragrant Rice and Braised Baby Abalone
• Herbs Roasted Baby Chicken with Raisin Sauce and Pan Seared Salmon with Blood Orange Sauce


While waiting for my main course (trust me, it isn’t very long), I browse around the semi-buffet spread and found a big Parmesan wheel. Apparently, this is meant to toss your D.I.Y salad (cherry tomatoes, sliced capsicum, preserved olives and many more) to make a cheesy Caesar’s Salad.

Window On The Park

Speaking of D.I.Y, you can also make your very own rojak. With a rojak section that contains all the necessary condiments and a mixing bowl to work that magic, it is very hard not to have fun preparing your very own version of local grub.

Window On The Park

Of course, the dinner buffet at Window On The Park ultimately caters to an international clientele. So you can expect freshly shucked Canadian oysters, prawns, crab meat, ssushi and other seafood varieties. You can also order the ever-popular Chef’s Singapore Laksa where you have the option of the chefs personally preparing a bowl of local goodness for you or you do it D.I.Y.

Window On The Park

No buffet dinner is complete without sweet notes of desserts. One remarkable find is the Ondeh Ondeh cake. With its thick and fluffy pandan layers, coconut butter cream and generous amounts of Gula Melaka in between, top it with one of the three flavours of ice cream for a complete after dinner indulgence!

New Surf ‘N’ Turf Buffet Dinner
6.30pm to 10pm
Monday to Thursday
S$80++ per person, 1-for-1 pricing

Pioneer Generation Cardholders enjoy the surf ‘n’ turf buffet dinner at $35++ per person.

Window on the Park
Level 2, Holiday Inn Singapore Orchard City Centre
11 Cavenagh Road, Singapore 229616

Chengdu Restaurant Launches Autumn and Winter-themed Dishes

Author: Alex Chua

Can someone say Crabilicious to the above?

The recently opened Chengdu Restaurant is known to be one of the most authentic Sichuan restaurants in town. Helmed by two native Chefs Qin Jun and Jing Xiao with decades of training in Sichuan cuisine, the restaurant serves both hot and cold favourites. For the first time ever, the restaurant launches Autumn-Winter themed dishes that would sure whet your appetite aplenty. No worries if you’re not really a spicy eater, there are a variety of food on its menu which includes non-spicy dishes.

Dinner started with off with Cold Sliced Pig Trotters with Noodles and Spicy Dip. The chef creatively uses pork elbow meat for its high gelatinous content. Steamed and thinly sliced and artfully presented with spirals of noodles and fanned-out cucumber. I love the pastel blue plating, giving the dish an added visual dimension. A light and refreshing appetiser to open up your palate.

Making a grand entrance is the Ice Ball with Whelk with its dramatic presentation. Served chilled in an ice sculpture, this refreshing dish features sliced sea snail fried with fresh green and red chilies. Fragrant with a light hint of spiciness, the whelk, with its texture similar to abalone or razor clams is slightly chewy yet succulent.

Perhaps the most unusual plating I have seen is the Spicy Pork Ribs. Placed on a sliced ‘Molotov’ bottle with its chain as the stand, the ribs are reeked full of umami from the traditional Lao Gan Ma sauce, which lends a spicy and savoury note. Love love love the irrelevance plating.

No visit to a Sichuan restaurant is complete without a mala dish, and Chengdu Restaurant’s Mala Pot pleased many mouths. Comes with fries, prawns, chicken wings, lotus roots and luncheon meat, the spiciness to me is cope-able and the fries just quite addictive.

Now for the grand finale is a big pot of savoury seafood delicious. Featuring an insane amount of red dried chillis, the broth is cooked with cauliflower, potato and cucumber. It is quite shiok especially when eaten with fried mantou buns or rice. The sweet flesh from the red fiery Spicy Crab is not overpowered by the spicy broth.

Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the Beggar Potato is coated with a secret recipe mix of 20 spices before they are deep fried. Chili powder and cumin powder are sprinkled atop for a fiery and earthy punch. While it might be plain jane from the look and first bite, it will start to grow on you after you popped a few. Simply an addictive and sinful dish.

This is one of my few favourite restaurants I’ve visited thus far. The taste notes are on point and aesthetically plated. And I just cannot emphasis enough my adoration of how each dish is presented with a surprise.

Chengdu Restaurant
Address: 74 Amoy Street, Singapore 069893
Seating Capacity: 120 pax, 2 private rooms
Operating Hours: Mon – Sat: 11.00am-3.00pm, 5.00-10:30pm. Closed on Sunday

Serenade in Oktoberfest Feast & Fun at Brotzeit

Author: Alex Chua

Ahh Oktoberfest, the festivity of beer toasting, eating sausages and merrymaking knows no boundaries. Everyone’s favourite German festival is back with a bang at Brotzeit. Bringing authentic German experiences to Singapore from 13 September to 23 October, this occasion promises to be a gastronomic feast for the senses. It warms the tummy too.

Nothing evokes the communal Gemütlich experience better than Brotzeit’s Sharing Platter – the massive Oktoberfestplatte (S$138). Featuring oven-roasted pork knuckle, juicy beer-infused Bavarian honey ribs, whole roasted chicken & a flavourful one metre long Meter Wurst, or smoked pork sausage. Served with golden-brown wedges and tangy sauerkraut on the side, this boatload of succulent platter is good for a troupe of 6. Be prepared to get a little messy but that’s okay.


Don’t pass up the ultimate Oktoberfest experience with the exclusive Gefüllter Schweinebauch mit SoBe (Stuffed Pork Belly – S$69). Available only from 1 – 23 October, this pork belly is oven-roasted with a crisp crackling skin filled with a deliciously moist bread stuffing packed full of flavour.

For someone who wants a bite while soaking up the cheery atmosphere, you can grab the Leberkäse-brotchen (Traditional meatloaf in Kaiser roll – $15). Simple meatloaf sandwich which comes with potato salad for an added starchy goodness. A good pick-me-up dish that would surely amp up your spirit.

The jolliness of Oktoberfest and its beer will leave you a little peckish. Take the Schweinsbraten (Roasted Pork in dark beer sauce – $28). A must try for all pork lovers, the tender pork collar is slow roasted in dark beer sauce to perfection, served with sides of soft potato dumplings and sauerkraut.

Of course, it is not Oktoberfest without a little fun and games! There will be traditional Oktoberfest games to win exclusive merchandise and diners who come in Dirndl and Lederhosen will receive a complimentary beer on Brotzeit. There are also family-friendly activities such as Face-Painting and a Gingerbread Décor Station.

Signature Party Days at VivoCity – Season Finale
18 – 19 October: 6pm – 10pm
20 – 21 October: 1pm – 3pm/ 6pm – 10pm

Undoubtedly the World’s 1st Egg Prata with Fish Curry Potato Chips

Author: Alex Chua

Here’s a new snack to munch on for your late night movies or exam cramping.

F.EAST (Flavours of the East) has recently launched the world’s first Egg Prata with Fish Curry potato Chips. Yes, the classic all-day comfort food has now been reimagined as crinkle-cut potato chips! I tried it myself and it’s quite addictive, especially with the spicy fish curry kicks at the end.

Retailing at S$3 per pack, the Egg Prata with Fish Curry potato chips will be available from 10-21 Sep at B1, Raffles Xchange where F.EAST will be running a ‘4 for S$10’ launch promotion in the first week until Sep 2018.

You can also find this new flavor on its Redmart Store:

Subsequently, this new potato chips will be made available island-wide at the following retailers:
– 7-Eleven from 22 Sep onwards
– Giant from 22 Sep onwards
– NTUC Fairprice from 4 – 10 Oct 2018

I’ve passed around the bag among my colleagues during lunchtime.

And here are some of their verdicts:
‘It’s a very clever idea, tastes just like roti prata and curry mixed together’
‘Quite spicy, got the fiery aftertaste but still shiok’
‘Very ingenious combo, strange yet still can tastes both prata and fish curry quite distinctively’
‘The packaging is just so cute!’

This Egg Prata with Fish Curry will join hands with the Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa in F.EAST’s unique line-up of potato chips in local favorite flavors. Made with high quality potatoes, the potato chips by F.EAST are produced in a factory that has received Halal, Good Manufacturing Practice, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point and Food Safety System 22000 certifications.

Seafood Bonanza with Sky22 @ Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena

Author: Alex Chua


Surf & Turf = seafood and red meat matchmake in heaven.

Seafood lovers are in for a mouth-watering treat this September. Sky22 in Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena has recently launched the September Seafood Bonanza – a seafood themed buffet available every Friday to Sunday from 1 to 30 September. At a ridiculously affordable price from $48++ per adult (lunch) to $56++ per adult (dinner), you can sample a medley of your favorite fresh and cooked seafood without bursting your budget.

Located on the 22nd floor of the famed hotel, Sky22 gives quite a nice view of its surrounding precinct. Best to make reservations prior to coming here as the seats (100 guests’ seats in the restaurant, 12 guests in the private dining room) can be filled up quite quickly.

Courtyard Marriott

The buffet spread features appetizers such as Poached Salmon with Fennel and Zucchini, smoked tuna, smoked marlin, salads and assorted sushi. There is also a seafood-on-ice counter with fresh prawns, mussels and scallops. I know, there are some who would prefer cooked seafood. You can sip into piping hot bowls of Clam Chowder or Seafood Chowder. I tried the Seafood Chowder, it was just exquisitely delicious, savory enough to open your palate for the main feast.

courtyard marriott sky22

One key highlight of the seafood buffet spread is the cook-to-order a la carte buffet spread with over 17 all-you-can-eat main courses and side fares. With favorites like Green Lip Mussels Pomodoro and Crab Quiche, the list is quite extensive so we’ve selected a few dishes to sample (even though the gluttony me wanted to had it all!). We got ourselves the Surf & Turf, which is my personal favorite. Each mouthful of the braised short ribs was rewarded with a quintessential doneness and flavor. The lobster meat was fresh and divine.

courtyard marriott

I had a fair share of the Oyster platter, which comprises of three different preparations (Rokefeller, Kilpatrick & Mornay). Of all I love the Mornay for its natural oyster sweetness and mellow topping.


Besides the Western seafood delights, other noteworthy local seafood dishes like the Singapore Chili Crab with Mantou Bun, Black Pepper Prawns, Nyonya Grilled Seabass and the picture above, the LaLa (White Clams) Bee Hoon. The aroma of this dish was strong and alluring, with an umami broth that I can’t help but keep sipping on it. What about the bee hoon? Simply awesomely slurp-able.


If you are looking for a place for a romantic date or to hangout with your friends, Sky22 is definitely your choice. For me, I would bring a friend or two to enjoy the good affordable seafood with a view that more than pays the price.

Sky22 September Seafood Bonanza
Date: 1 – 30 Sep 2018
Lunch – 12 noon to 2.30pm (Saturday & Sunday)
Dinner – 6pm to 10pm (Friday & Saturday)
Lunch: $48++ per adult/ $24++ per child (age 6 to 12 years old)
Dinner: $56++ per adult/ $28++ per child (age 6 to 12 years old)
Add $28++ for free-flow of house pour red & white wines, prosecco, soft drinks

Sky 22 @ Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena
Location: 99 Irrawaddy Road, Level 22 of Courtyard by Marriott Singapore Novena
Operating hours: Lunch 12pm – 2.30pm/ Dinner 6pm – 10pm

CP New Chicken Products Go Skinless and Healthier

Author: Alex Chua

If you’re throwing a last-minute dinner party or preparing a family meal to impress your fussy mother-in-law, CP Food is here to help. The Asia’s leading food brand new healthy skinless chicken products are perfect for those looking to eat well with a quick, fuss-free meal – all under 10 minutes! The new healthy range includes the two delectable items: Pepper Kicks and Glazed Teriyaki Chicken.


Boasting an authentic Japanese taste, the products are made with only chicken leg meat. Packed in a boil bag, both can be cooked by immersing the bag for just 5 -7 minutes, sous-vide style.

To showcase the many possible usages of the new products, CP Food has invited us for a food tasting at Sens Sushi & Grill.

Made with CP Glazed Teriyaki Chicken, the Japanese Eggplant with Teriyaki Chicken is one dish that would be good to eat with a bowl of rice. The piquant teriyaki sauce sits well with the mildly sweet eggplant, giving a good overall balance in taste. Not forget to mention that Glazed Teriyaki Chicken contains 35% less fat than the original version so this soul-food is good for your waist too.


Singaporeans love a good jolt of spiciness on their palate, and the Japanese Fried Rice with Pepper Kicks delivers just that. The spiciness from the black pepper is still within the acceptable range for me. Coupled with the well-done egg fried rice, the savoury taste is quite irresistible.


Besides the new products, we’ve also tried creations from existing CP Food products range as well. Some remarkable ones we fancy like the Cheesy Gyoza, made from CP Chicken Gyoza; and Grilled Gyoza with Bonito Flakes, which is made from CP Pork and Chicken Gyoza with Chive. I can have these for supper anytime.


It’s not a party without popping some Chicken popcorn. CP Chicken Pop with Honey Lemon Sauce is a must-have especially for those with kids to please. Crunchy, meaty and jam-packed umami, they are delightful to bite and not too sinful at all (I hope).

All in all, I am quite impressed with the wide range of dishes we can create through CP Food. As the prices of outside food getting higher, we should consider going back to the kitchen to cook up some delicious meals, and to reunite the simple joy of eating with family.

Pepper Kicks and Glazed Teriaki Chicken retails at $5.90 per pack, and are available at NTUC FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Cold Storage, Giant, Prime, Meidi-Ya and Ang Mo supermarkets.