EyeChamp Promotions in Singapore!


Sales and more sales everywhere! I see a lot of Single’s Day Promotion! I am someone who loves promotions a lot!! Not sure how you feel about it but I get ULTRA excited when there is a sale! I love shopping for stuffs I love like Bags, Shoes and Accessories. I am sure that all of you know me well and my love for eyewear. Even though I have already done lasik, I can still be seen wearing spectacle frames and sunglasses almost every weekend.

Let me get your excited and share with you some 1-day promotions only on EyeChamp. As seen on the image above, they are taking part in the popular 11.11 promotion too! However, if you missed the 11.11 promotion, you can also wait for their Black Friday Sale on 24 November! Mark your calendar and save the date!!!


Both promotions are going at 60% storewide!! Don’t share I didn’t share hor. They carry a lot of brands in-store! James and I had a hard time picking out a nice pair for ourselves because we were so spoilt with brands.

To find out more on some of the brands that they carry or the store, read our previous blogpost here: http://blog.myfatpocket.com/maybelinesim/2017/08/07/eyechamp-singapore-why-you-should-visit-them-this-national-day-sale/

On top of the 1 day promotion, if you happen to be EyeChamp’s member, you can also get to enjoy their Annual Members’ Day sale from 12 Nov – 19 Nov. Enjoy 50% discount storewide and double up your rewards during this period. That’s not all, you will also get EyeChamp $50 return voucher (Terms and conditions apply).


If you are still looking for a place to do your Christmas shopping, you know where to go now! *hint hint* Mr. James Aw Yong, I don’t mind a pair of new eyewear at half the price off! Hehe.

To find out more, you can visit: https://www.facebook.com/EyeChampOptometrists or http://www.eyechamp.com.sg

Eye Trendy Black Friday Promotion

FullSizeRender (12)

I am always excited about Black Friday Sale because the prices can get REALLY REALLY crazy!! Some sales can even go up to 70% off you know!

I also love November because it is my birthday month. Yes, I am a November baby! What’s best this year is the combination of Eye Trendy Black Friday Sale & November, all in one! Woots woots!!
So what is Eye Trendy Black Friday sale? They are introducing Eye Trendy Black Friday Surprise Pack this year! Each surprise pack retails at $79.90 and is worth up to $250 and here I have with me is my Mango Eyewear Surprise Pack. Other participating eyewear brands include adidas Originals by Italia Independent, Elle and Esprit.

Sooooo… It just so happens that my entire surprise pack comes in Black! Hahahaha.
Every Mango Eyewear Surprise Pack comes with a pair of mystery Mango sunglasses, Mango mug and pouch.

FullSizeRender (10)

I specially love aviators so lucky me got to keep this! Haha.


I foresee myself using this pouch as my travel makeup pouch!


And this chic mug will stay in my office with me. Like chic hor? I am using some fashion brand mug! Haha.


Since it is a black friday sale, look at how I match the eyewear with my staple black dress! Hehe.



The sale will start from 3 November 2017 all the way to 30 Nov 2017.

However, this is an exclusive sale as the stocks are limited. The Mango Eyewear Surprise Pack runs from 3 to 9 November and You can participate by signing up at with your Name, Email and Contact Number at https://goo.gl/dWG4ZD. For the rest of the brands, check out Eye Trendy website as they announce the upcoming brands and dates weekly. Winners will be contacted at the end of each week where they can make their purchase and collection of the Surprise Pack in store.

You can also get a surprise pack for your BFF this Christmas as it is already pre-packed for you. Save you the hassle of Christmas shopping & packing! Haha.

FullSizeRender (12)Please let me know what did you girls receive if you manage to get a pack for yourself!

OOTD – My Current Favourite Clothes


Here is a shoutout to all my sponsors again!

I don’t post clothes that I don’t like so what you see on my Instagram feed (@maybelinesim) is what I really like and you can see them in my postings again and again!

1) Anticlockwise – http://anticlockwise.sg
Quote “Maybeline” for 10% off.

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.45.06 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.47.57 PM

2) Qlothe – www.qlothe.com

Quote “maybelxqlothe” for a 15% off all orders, with no minimum purchase. Free next-day delivery & 30 days returns & exchanges (non-SALE items) still applies for my followers!

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.48.09 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.44.14 PM

3) Joop Boutique – They can be found in shopping malls like Jurong Point, VivoCity and Anchorpoint

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.44.28 PM

4) Dorothy Perkins – Do visit their new outlet at VivoCity (inside Topshop) for some shopping pleasures! You are bound to find something you love!

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.44.39 PM

5) OSMOSE – Other than having physical stores in malls, they have an online shop as well. Visit them at http://www.osmose-stores.com

Screen Shot 2017-09-03 at 1.44.52 PM
6) The Beverlyn Label – https://thebeverlynlabel.com

I have full of praises for this piece! It can be worn in three styles! Hope over to their website to find out how.


EyeChamp Singapore – Why you should visit them this National Day Sale

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 8.31.18 PM

If you are looking at eyewear – be it sunglasses or prescription glasses, be sure to visit EyeChamp this National Day!

I shall not bore you with lengthy sales pitching nor hard selling but let me share 4 reasons why!
Firstly and most importantly, they are a champion when it come to the varieties of eyewear brands they carry. The branch we visited is situated in NEX Shopping mall. The moment we set foot into the store, we went ‘WOWWWW’ at how huge the store is.


As usual, James is the more careful and less decisive shopper. Thus, it took him almost an hour to pick out just two pairs of eyewear due to the myriad of options he was given! There are even high end brands which are not commonly found in conventional optical shops, take for instances OliverPeoples which he eventually settled for.

Whereas for me, I was more decisive in what I wanted and so I made a beeline for their Prada and Rayban collection. Hehe!

Next, who doesn’t appreciate a bit of cost savings? There are having different promotions for most of the eyewear brands and the discount can go up to 30% off the usual retail price! WOOT!

This is on top of the fact that their prescription glasses are priced relatively cheaper than some of the other optical shops we visited.


Lastly, not forgetting the friendly and helpful staff! I would gladly give 3 stars for their customer service! The explanation was thorough and clear. We didn’t even have to ask much questions to get our spectacles fixed that day.

Also, despite the endless flow of customers in and out of the store, I managed to pick up how meticulous their staff can be. One of the staffs was able to recognize a customer despite it being only her second visit which we found out later on after they struck up a conversation.

Without a doubt, they are going to thoroughly look after your needs in this shop! Isn’t that exactly the epitome of customer service!

If you feel that the above mentioned promotion is not appealing enough, you should continue to read on! Because thanks to our dear nation’s birthday aka National Day this year, there will be two sales going on concurrently:

1) 5 Days Sale – National Day
– Storewide 50% off
– $52 Special – additional $52 for upgrade to Transitions, Crizal prevencia, Crizal easy UV and progressive lens. (Usual Price: $100)

2) Free $20 Welcome voucher
– Free welcome voucher worth $20 with every new member registration.

Receive SMS updates and enjoy exclusive discounts when you sign up as their member.

Both promotions are only valid from 9 Aug to 13 Aug only!


Now, don’t know where to find them?

Here is the full list of locations where you can find EyeChamp!

Nex Mall (Flagship)
Address: 23 Serangoon Central #B1-50/51 S(556083)
Phone: 6634 2250
Open daily 10:30am to 9:30pm

Jubilee Square
Address: 61 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 #01-11/12 S(569814)
Phone: 6451 2250
Open daily 10:30am to 9:30pm

Waterway Point
Address: 83 Punggol Central #02-31 West Wing S(828761)
Phone: 6386 0816
Open daily 10:30am to 9:30pm

For more information, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/EyeChampOptometrists

NEW: adidas Originals Eyewear by Italia Independent


When it come to eyewear & shades, what are the first few brands that to the top of your mind?

The list can run on but it is still hard to plaster the image of adidas as an eyewear brand right? This is exactly the same sentiments we had as well till we own our very first pair of adidas Originals eyewear by Italia Independent!

This is the very first Italia Independent official launch in Asia and I must say their first collection is all ready to make a huge impact in the eyewear scene!

Starting with the Mens’ Sunglasses.

There are 14 sunglasses in total within this Fall/winter 2016 Collection of which I decided to choose something subtle yet charismatic! And so, I chose the “AOM003” Model with black metal frame.

Don’t you just fall in love with the minimalist yet stylist shape of this sunglass? What will make you fall in love even more would be the super-light frames that stand out for their soft surface that is both pleasant to touch and scratch resistant!

For its prescription glasses range, they have 12 frames in total. For this, I decided to go with something more flamboyant I would say? Lol!

The ‘flamboyance’ arise from its two colour tone which in this case is my favourite colour combination: Black & Gold! The two different colours come together so harmoniously  and the most attractive part is definitely the laser-etched Trefoil logo of adidas Originals that appears on the sides of both temples!

The emblem is also present in the ladies’ range!

For Maybeline, she decided to go with something more ‘Harry Porter-ish’! Good choice for her as I feel it fully helped her pull off that intellectual look!

Furthermore, a flat lenses tends to give the frames a contemporary & classic feel while ensuring optimum comfort and non-glare internally.

To push the level of comfort even further, it comes with an adjustable nose pads for a comfortable fitting. So wearing this for days continuously is not an issue at all!

The adidas Originals collection can be found at adidas Originals stores, Italia Independent boutiques, on both brands’ e-commerce platforms as well as selected authorized list of optical stores in Singapore and Asia.

The adidas Originals range will start from S$205 for sunglasses and from S$185 for prescription frames.

Do visit the stores and give the adidas Originals collection a try at least!

I am pretty sure you will fall in love with them like how we did!

NEW: #MyKiplingStyle, What’s yours?


I must say that I have been very blessed with all the gifts that Kipling has gifted me! Let me walk you through some of the bags I own right now. I actually help out a little last year and they gave me 2 bags in return. My mom, being a fan of Kipling for the longest time, took the bags away from me right after I brought them home. Lol!

I brought their backpack and luggage to Japan with my family last year and I swear James was super jealous when I told him Kipling gifted me a luggage! Hehehe.

Traveling around with the luggage makes the entire journey so much lighter and easier – especially when we had to travel from town to town. We visited Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and  2 other places!

Other than being light, I was surprised by the compartments. They had so many compartments inside that you can stuff ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I managed to squeeze in 3 pax worth of clothing and accessories for a good 8 days! Even though it was filled with clothes, it was not hard to bring it around because of the wide wheels underneath. I was so easy to roll them everywhere. The luggages are made of a durable material – Nylon which is able to withstand the rigors of regular travel.

Of course, all Kipling bag comes with a monkey keychain – so does the luggage! I travel out of Singapore at least 3 times a year so I am very much looking forward to my next trip with the luggage!

Next, Black and gold is my usual style when it comes to backpacks. However, I brought a colorful backpack (Sanna Print; collaboration collection with Finnish illustrator Sanna Mander) to Japan this time round! The City Park added colors to my autumn. It even comes with a limited edition Funfur Monkey keychain as well! I like this keychain more than the usual because of it’s fluffiness! 😛

I also own another bag with the same keychain! It was love at first sight with City Pack Navy Black and it is also my current favourite. This 100% leather bag is a combination of style, fun and practicality all in one! Isn’t it charming?

The drawstring pocket makes it easier for me to charge my phone with my powerbank in that compartment. I can charge and use my phone on the go without the need of holding that bulky powerbank in my hand. Easy reach pockets for the win!

I love how I can easily match my OOTD to this pretty City Pack! We can never go too wrong with black and glitters.

I will be sharing more on my Instagram how you can incorporate Kipling into your daily outfits so keep a lookout for #maybelineootd! Also check out the hashtag #MyKiplingStyle to see how other influencers style their Kipling.

Thank you blessed and Kipling for making me a happy girl! 🙂 Thank you for keeping our bags light and durable! 😀

NEW: adidas Originals Eyewear Media Launch


adidas has been VERY hot lately and people are going crazy over their shoes. No doubt, us as well.

Well, Singapore is summer all year round so we get to wear sunglasses almost everyday (yay!). Be excited because adidas Originals by Italia Independent eyewear is now available in Singapore! It is also Italia Independent’s first official launch in Asia. Yay! Right here in Singapore somemore! Gracing this special evening were Mr Paolo Sasso, APAC Sales Consultant of Italia Independent and Mr George Lee, Managing Director of Sin Kwang Group.

To me, a pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses is a fashion accessory and everyone knows that on my Instagram!! We had fun trying out all the spectacles and sunglasses on the event itself.

Models also did a runway showcasing the different eyewear and looks from the latest collection. Interestingly, the drinks were also served in adidas themed – blue mocktails!

We were blown off when we saw the sunglasses. I couldn’t make up my mind if I should go for the sunglasses or prescription glasses frame because you know me – I REALLY am a sucker for glasses.

I love how slick looking they are! Some of the designs also came with a tinge of retro-ness too! The metal frames are my favourite!

I love how flat they are! It makes the entire outlook even trendier. The lenses are also treated with an internal non-glare treatment so you can read quickly, comfortably and clearly without straining your eyes.

If you prefer your shades to be more sporty, they have them in plastic frames too! Suitable for guys who wants to look extra sporty. Go on, go for them!

Not forgetting the prescription frames as well. I did not manage to take any photos of the metal frames which I personally love, but I will show them to you in another post! James and I took a few looks with the frames we got already 😀

The eyewear are all pretty unisex so you can share them with your other half anytime!

Our pick for their sunglasses! We really wanted what we wore below but they were already out of stock when we were there to redeem our eyewear 🙁 Do you trust me how popular they are now?!

adidas Originals eyewear by Italia Independent is retailing from $185 for prescription frames and $205 for sunglasses. Thank you Sin Kwang Group and Eye Trendy for bringing them in! Just so you know, they are also the sole distributor of adidas Originals Eyewear in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia!

For more information, please visit: http://eye-trendy.com/en/ or follow them on their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/eyetrendy/?fref=ts


4. The Dot x Atienza Collection

Media Release

Chic, playful yet fashionable, THE DOT is more than just an everyday product for everyday people.

Founded in 2012 by Hong Kong-based designer Suki Tsui, THE DOT transforms unique illustrations and prints by artists all around the world into bold and exciting fashion pieces so that consumers could all carry a piece of “art” wherever they go.

From contemporary to traditional designs, to collages and pencil paint techniques, each artist is carefully handpicked in alignment with THE DOT’s belief in injecting positivity and fun into its creations.

For its latest collection, THE DOT has collaborated with artist Jayson Atienza for an exclusive THE DOT x ATIENZA collection.

Known for his signature painting style involving a meticulous watercolor and ink approach, Jayson Atienza has collaborated with major brands such as Givenchy and GAP and his products are being sold worldwide in 25 countries.

“Acquainted through a mutual friend of mine, Jayson Atienza’s amicable personality and unique design sensibilities immediately drew me in and I’m thrilled to collaborate with him on my latest collection,” says Suki Tsui, founder of THE DOT.

The DOT x ATIENZA collection comprises a range of fashionable ‘art pieces’, ranging from totes and clutches to cardholders and scarves in vibrant colours. To enable the consumers to flaunt their creativity and have fun, THE DOT X ATIENZA products are also available in “plain” options where consumers are able to personalise their totes, clutches and cardholders by colouring on them for a truly one-of-a-kind piece they can call their own.

There is never a dull moment with THE DOT.

THE DOT X ATIENZA is available at http://ww.society-a.com and SPUR Urban Mine (Plaza Singapura, #02-26). Prices range between S$99 – S$319 for cardholders and clutches, S$289 – S$359 for totes and handbags, and $99 – $249 for pocket squares and scarves.

SHOP: Some discounts to help you with your CNY shopping!


Daniel Wellington 15% off at www.danielwellington.com

Quote “16Maybeline” to get 15% Daniel Wellington from now to 15th Feb 2017.

Get a free leather cut holder when you buy a cuff or strap on top of a watch! Your items will be wrapped in a special packaging too! Great for gifting! Don’t forget Valentines’ Day is near too! Shop away at www.danielwellington.com!

Carrislabelle 5% off at www.carrislabelle.com

Quote “maybeline%” to enjoy 5% off total cart

The Beverlyn Label 10% off

Quote “M.Sx10” for 10% off at www.thebeverlynlabel.com

Anti Clockwise 10% off

Quote “Maybeline” for 10% off at www.anticlockwise.sg

Pepperkoko $10 off at www.pepperkoko.com.sg

Quote “MAYBEL10” for $10 off with min. $38 purchase.

NEW: ioRA New Year Giveaway at Wisma Atria


If you have been following me closely, I have been posting a lot of OOTD FROM ioRA and Lalu Concepts.

I love their clothes a lot because they have a huge range of clothes from work wear to basics to trendy clothes. It is literally a shopping heaven for me because they clothes are REALLY AFFORDABLE with mostly going at 2 for $29 or 2 for $39!

Look at this pair of jeans below, I LOVE IT among all my other clothes because it is only retailing at $29! Love the design and the fit!!!

When people ask me about my outfit and I told them I got the clothes from ioRA, they tend to look a little surprised because they never knew that ioRA has such trendy looking clothes now!! I am a regular shopping of ANYTHING. So I noticed the change in their clothes even way before they engaged me. I have been a loyal customer ever since.

Even though the prices are pocket-friendly, the quality is not compromised!!

My favourite outlet has got to be their pop-up store located at Wisma Atria Level 1 because it is so HUGE and SPACIOUS!!

This festive season, ioRA has collaborated with Hush Puppies and Chomel to complete your shopping experience. I would guess Chomel to complete your look with all the dazzling accessories and Hush Puppies for the man in your life to shop while waiting for you! Haha. All at Level 1 of Wisma Atria.

I brought a few friends, including my mom here to shop and none of them could leave the shop empty handed. They were so stoked at the collections and prices. You can do your Chinese New Year shopping here already!!

Look how spacious the store is. I am sure your shopping experience will be a good one because you can take your time to pick and try out the clothes instead of squeezing with the crowd outside.

They have new collections bi-weekly so do pop by their store as and when you are free!

I love their knitwears a lot so it is not surprising to see me posting about their knitwears 😛 The material is so softtttt and huggable!!

Let me show you some of my outfits that I got from them:

Leather vest at $19 and bottom at $29. Where can you find such deals?!

I brought two outfits from ioRA to Japan and this is one of it. Don’t you love the colour of the pants?

Love the flow-y details of this dress! I am rarely seen in yellow too if you noticed!

To make you feel even better, ioRA is having a New Year Giveaway on 7th and 8th Jan!

ioRA is giving away $5 worth of shopping vouchers with every $30 spent at ioRA pop-up store located at Wisma Atria #01-11.

If you do your Maths, that’s a rebate of 16.66% already!!

This giveaway is only available exclusively in Wisma Atria so make sure you are at the correct outlet!!

*After the festive period, the pop-up store will undergo renovations in March 2017 and reopen in May to welcome customers with a brand new look.