My Hiko Nose Thread Lift Review – Before / After Photos Included!

Nose Thread Lift Singapore

I have never done a nose thread lift procedure in my life because I was pretty traumatized after seeing my friend’s nose thread lift gone wrong. She kept crying and flooding me with pictures of her nose after the procedure. The nose threads were “almost” poking out of her nose bridge but the first thing that I saw was her extremely slanted nose. Ouch.

She went to celebrity doctor, Dr. Gerard Ee, to get her nose fixed right after that.
Please read her experience in the link above and do your research before you visit any doctor for any procedure and avoid going through the same emotional and physical pain.

I thought I will never do nose thread lift in my entire life until………




I was tempted to try non-surgical nose lift after seeing Dr. Timothy Shim‘s HIKO nose thread lift procedure results. The nose thread lift that he did had ZERO downtime and it was exactly what I wanted! If you don’t know, Dr Shim is the senior consultant Plastic Surgeon of celebrity clinic in Singapore – The Clifford Clinic.


First things first, what is HIKO Nose Thread Lift?

HI means High while KO (코) is the Korean word for “Nose”. When you put them together, you get a higher nose! The threads used are the revolutionary Polydioxanone (PDO) HIKO nose threads

PDO is inserted into the target areas, under the skin – for this case, nose. The threads physically increase the height of your nose while stimulating collagen production at the same time. This achieves a tightening effect from inside and out because the skin tissues will produce new fibroblast cells, which in turn produce more collagen. Because of these, HIKO results are both immediate and long-lasting!






Now… something more exciting!

Before/After Photos of Nose Thread Lift

No filter, no edits!

Nose thread lift review

As you can see this lady has a quite a high nose bridge to begin with.

Take a look at the before photos, on the left! And the after photos, on the right are taken 1-2 days after the nose lift procedure. You can see that the nose looks significantly higher, slimmer and definitely more defined!

Nose Thread Lift Singapore

Here is another frontal view for comparison!
Nose Threadlift Singapore

I was very convinced by this non-surgical procedure so I went to Dr. Timothy Shim as well. I like my nose to be honest, I love the curve and the height but it doesn’t hurt to have a more definition on my nose. Instead of saying I like my nose, I LOVE MY NOSE NOW!!!

No threads were added to the nose tip as I love my original nose tip. What I didn’t expect was that Dr. Timothy Shim can actually make my nose tip a little more defined with the long threads too! The results look as though I had just undergone rhinoplasty. Lol.

nose threadlift before after

The entire procedure took less than 30 minutes as I skipped the application of numbing cream since local anesthesia will be injected before the procedure. Dr. Shim used a total of 8 long threads to define my nose. He made small talk with me throughout the procedure to ease my anxiety.

As for the pain score? I will rate it a 2 out of 10.

2 for the local anesthesia injection because I couldn’t feel anything after that.



Why did I choose to do nose thread lift instead of nose fillers? 

Nose Fillers Nose Thread Lift
– Dangerous

There is a small risk of blindness and skin necrosis. If not done properly, the fillers  may clog the retinal artery and blood vessel which may lead to blindness.

– Safer

There is no risk of blindness for nose thread lift. Unlike nose fillers, nose threads do not migrate or expand the width of the nose.

 – Results last for 6-8 months  – Results can last for more than a year.

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