Feed Clean Feed Nutro – Roro’s Transformation Journey

My little baby seal doggo is not a fussy eater and I really appreciate this part of him. He finishes whatever we give him even if he does not like the food. You can tell how much he loves the food from the speed he eats.

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I’ll be honest. I do not feed him every Tom, Dick & Harry brand I come across. I am a fussy fur-mom and I try to give him the best I can. Sometimes, my friends around me commented that I am overly protective.

My little boy was born with skin problems so I tend to opt for kibbles that will give him a soft, shiny coat and one with plenty of nutrients for him so that he can remain extremely cheeky and playful. He is also rarely fed chicken kibbles.

I have recently switched his kibbles to NUTRO as it is made from a clean simple recipe that contains natural ingredients and high-quality protein from real meat. I did a lot of research before deciding to change his diet to NUTRO.

If humans should eat clean and healthy food with quality nutrients that are beneficial to our bodies, our furkid should eat the same too.

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NUTRO is a brand that helps keep his skin healthy, improve his digestion, boost his immune system and gives him stronger teeth and bones.

What I love about the brand is its simple recipe that does not contain wheat, soil protein, artificial preservatives, flavours, or colours. I don’t want to feed Roro with kibbles that contain chemicals or are highly processed. In other words, I was pretty confident with the quality of the kibbles.

nutro dog food

The recipe provides Roro with the energy he needs to remain active and playful. Natural fibres can be found in the kibbles to keep his digestive system healthy. From what I have observed, he has no soft or loose stools recently.

The good thing about NUTRO is that all the essential antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are also found in the feed. These nutrients keep his immune system healthy, promote healthy skin, and encourage a soft and shiny coat.

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After eating NUTRO for a few months now, I noticed that Roro is even more active than before. He was already a very active dog but it seems like he is running around more. His tail never stops wagging every time we prepare his NUTRO feed too.

We shave him once every few months and noticed that the new fur is a little softer than before. I believe that if we continue to feed him NUTRO longer, we may see even more results.

When Roro is healthy and happy, I am equally happy too!

nutro dog food

If you love your furkid, try feeding it clean with NUTRO and I hope your furkid loves the kibbles as much as Roro does 🙂

NUTRO is available online in 3 different flavours – Chicken, Lamb and Fish.