Nono’s First Fried Chicken Outlet @ JEM

Author: Alexius Chua

Hailing from the land of vibrant street food culture, Taiwan’s famous fried chicken brand Monga is opening its first-ever outlet at Jurong East Mall in Singapore on 28th September. The brand has generated long snaking queues in the U.K, Canada and its home country, and attributes its popularity to its fresh, tender and juicy thick-cut chicken fillets unlike any other fried chicken brands out there. And funny Taiwanese celebrity Nono is here to blessed the opening. Together with Mingdao Liu, king of Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Monga is born.


#DidYouKnow that this Taiwanese fried chicken chain got its name from the Wanhua district of Taiwan, which is traditionally known as ‘Monga’. Its Taipei’s oldest district home to the bustling Snake Alley night market which the fried chicken fillet is famous for. So it’s a timely homage to the recent past and share the delicacy across beyond its home country.


I particularly love sinful oily fried food for its savoury bite. So its natural for me to gravitate towards Monga’s Nuggets (6pcs for $5.90, 9pcs for $7.90) and Fried Chicken Skin ($3.90). So easy to pop these into the mouth which makes them dangerously addictive.


Of course, who can miss Monga’s main offering – the big slab of fried chicken, every piece is made fresh and served piping hot. 3 flavours – The King ($6.90), which is dusted with original salt and pepper seasoning; Hot Chick ($6.90), dusted with chili paprika powder hand-made from Anaheim peppers; and The Taiker ($6.90), dusted with Japanese sauce and seaweed powder imported from Okinawa.
Among the 3 thick juicys I still adore the original one. The salt and pepper further enhanced the lovely fried taste of the chicken, and it’s just so satisfying mouthfeel to chomp into. Just to think about what I had munch makes me wanting for another bite again, just like a carnivorous caveman.


There’s also other yummies such as the Signature Fries ($2.90), Seaweed Fries $3.50, and the crowd favourite Sweet Potato Fries with Plum Powder ($3.50). While my hands dived into these finger foods I was humorously distracted by the whimsical fan and the comedic prowess of Nono during the event. For me who lived in Hougang, I must say its worth the trip to visit at least once!


Plus, to celebrate its grand opening, Monga will be giving away free limited-edition Monga merchandise to the first 40 customers daily, only from 28 September to 4 October.


Monga JEM
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-K10, JEM, Singapore 608549
Opening Hours: 11am – 9.30pm
Facebook and Instagram: @mongasingapore
Hashtags: #mongasg