What? The Stars Cook Our Dinner @ Taste Singapore Star Charity Cook-Off

Author: Alexius Chua

The stars were aligned together for a charitable cause last Wednesday evening at Taste Butchery & Seafood Factory Outlet. Taste Singapore Star Charity Cook-off saw two A-list yi ge celebrities Li Nanxing and Christopher Lee come together to cook four dishes, and the fresh ingredients were procured from the new gourmet supermarket factory outlet.
Being also home to the first Taste Star Kitchen where the dishes made from family recipes of local celebrities can be pre-ordered, naturally it is the perfect destination where the cook-off happens, and I just happened right at the centre-stage to witness two stars fight each other out culinarily.

Taste Singapore

After the cookout, a star-studded wait staff including Fann Wong, Constance Song, Julie Tan and Wei Le served guests of the evening with tasting portions of the dishes.
I tried Li Nanxing’s Beef and Chicken Rendang, both of the dishes were his mum’s favourite. Despite the fact that the meat was slightly cold due to the wait, the flavour and richness of the rendang sauce still remain. The meat was tender and hearty, and the umami hits you immediately like a warm embrace.

Taste Singapore
Christopher’s Braised Pork and Pan-Fried Prawns isn’t a distant contender either. The prawns might look subtle in the picture, but they are stunningly rounded and rich. Well, fresh prawns need very little to make them work, but the sauce raises the umami levels to such a pleasant high. Pork, being a versatile meat, is made tender and its sauce just seals the deal. No wonder these two dishes are Fann Wong’s favourites.
All I can say is that both stars dishes are evenly matched.

Taste Singapore

Li Nanxing’s Mum’s Favourite Beef and Chicken Rendang and Christopher Lee’s braised pork are available for pre-order at $19.90 per 300g, with 3 days’ notice needed. 5% of sales revenue will continue going to Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund and Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

Taste Singapore
There was also a free-flow buffet dinner of all the premium items found at Taste Factory Butchery & Seafood Outlet and its affiliated brands throughout the event. We just went crazy with the lamb shanks, iberico pork ribs, crackling pork belly and teppanyaki chicken leg. All the hot meals were from Surf & Turf – a ready-to-eat and takeaway food section featuring Western and Asian dishes like grilled salmon, oven-roasted pork and steaks.

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