Japan’s Fluffiest, Jiggly Gram Pancakes Now in Vivocity, Singapore

Author: Alex Chua

There are 2 very famous (or Insta-famous) pancake shops in Osaka, Japan, and Gram Café & Pancake is one of them. This pancake has made its rounds in social media, and I am always reeking with insatiable pangs of hunger whenever I see my friends jiggle the fluffy towers on Instagram story. Why I didn’t make that pilgrimage when I was there 2 years ago? Finally, my dream has come true. This famous soufflé pancakes specialist has opened its doors in VivoCity, the very first in Singapore, on 16 June 2019.

gram pancakes

Easily the world most recognizable pancake, the signature Premium Pancakes ($17.90) consists of three lofty 4cm thick wobbly pancakes stacked together. Soft, airy and oh-so-fluffy pancakes, coupled with the melt-in Gram original butter, whipped cream and a drizzle of sweet maple syrup only makes the united combo sinfully luxurious and scrumptious.

What’s so special about the pancakes at Gram Café & Pancakes is that these fluffy discs are slow-cooked on low heat and whipped full of air, resulting in a fluffy texture similar to a cloud or cotton candy. Everything – the butter, sauces and cream toppings – are made in-house, so that only the best, controlled ingredients are paired with the pancakes for maximum enjoyment on the taste buds.

The Premium pancakes are prepared upon receipt of order, and sales are limited to 3 times a day, with 30 servings each time at 11am, 3pm and 6pm.

gram pancakes singapore

Besides the premium dish, other noteworthy items include the Rich Tiramisu Pancakes ($15.90). Inspired by the traditional Japanese dorayaki (doraemon food-love), the chewy texture is very much akin to a dorayaki. The espresso-soaked pancake is layered with rich mascarpone tiramisu cream with dust of cocoa powder on top. Personally I like my pancake light and fluffy, but the chewy variation still tastes pleasant on my palate.

gram pancakes singapore

If you want a pancake as a meal and not just dessert, try the savory Chilli Bean Pancakes ($18.90). Chilli bean sauce and cheddar cheese is served on pancakes with sausages, potatoes and salad. To some they say the chilli is quite potent, but for me it’s pretty mild. I like the light meatiness of the sausage, not overpowering the already soft pancake base.

gram pancakes vivocity

Finally, for something non-pancake type is the French Toast of Chocolate Banana ($12.90). The classic Danish French Toast is topped with fresh cream and maple syrup, with creamy vanilla ice cream, fresh bananas and rich chocolate sauce. I like the slight crunchy texture of the toast, but if you are in Gram Café & Pancake, you shouldn’t even think of skipping the pancakes selection.

Gram Café & Pancakes
VivoCity, 1 Harbourfront Walk #02-110 Singapore 098585
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (last order 9pm)
Contact: 86666277