Omakase Burger Introduces the Newly-Perfected Five Star Burger

Author: Alex Chua

I may have discovered one of my favorite new burger places. Gourmet burger brand Omakase Burger, located in PICNIC at Wisma Atria, made me happy for an hour as I wolfed down the buns. So meaty and succulent. It could be a carb nightmare for some, but such a joy for me. All thanks to the pure passion of founder and owner Cheng Hsin Yao. His relentless pursuit of perfection has resulted in the newly improved five star burgers crafted with the world-famous Martin’s Sandwich Potato Rolls – well-known in the US – which are brought into South-east Asia and Singapore for the first time.


So what makes a great burger? The Omakase burger comprises of five crucial components stacked on top of each other – bun, beef, bacon, cheese and sauce. Each one complements the other like gloves and hands. The patty is a blend of four cuts of 100% USDA Choice beef. And the bacon is prepared without added nitrates and smoked over applewood chips. Blended daily with 13 ingredients, the Secret Omakase sauce is sweet, tangy with a subtle hint of spiciness. Imported American cheese melts evenly into the crevices of the beef patty. And need we say more about the bun? Celebrity chefs like Chef David Chang of Momofuku and Chef Bobby Flay as well as famed burger chain Shake Shack uses these springy rolls at their establishment.


The result is a rich, deeply meaty and tasty burger, with the pillow-y soft roll holds everything together. Served with either ordinary or the new Homemade Chilli Cheese Fries (Cheng’s own recipe and highly recommended) for a creamy and more meaty sensation. Although it could be quite heavy as dinner for some, I managed to finish it because one simply does not waste a good burger-and-fries meal.

Omakase Burger at Picnic
435 Orchard Road
Wisma Atria, #03-15-49,
Singapore 238877
Opening Hours Daily: 11am to 10pm