OSIM uLove 2 – The Chair to fall in love with

As you know, James and I are going to move into our new place soon and I thought that we can add something which I saw recently into our cosy nest. Not to mention, like many executives out there, both of us lead a hectic lifestyle. Hence, we are always on a lookout for items that would extract those cumulative deep-seated knots in our body!

Recently, I boarded the ‘OSIM Airlines’ and flew to paradise with their new OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) massage chair; I was sold instantly! Instead of the usual 2-hand massage, it has been upgraded to a 4-hand massage. This means that both your upper and lower body get massage concurrently! This is almost like you have two masseuses working on your body at one go.
Doesn’t it sound luxurious?

When the ‘hands’ are doubled, you can expect nothing but – double the effectiveness, double the results, & double the pampering.

You can see me happily nestled within it here!

osim ulove

The luxurious chair doesn’t just end here. We were greeted with 2 different programs during the flight – One for the Head & Neck while the other one for the Neck & Shoulders.

There are different massage programs depending on your needs. For example, if your legs are constantly tired, you can opt for the Butt & Thighs program. For James, the sports program fits him most as it facilitates the recovery of muscles used in sports. Whereas for me, I love the V-Hand™ Massage for the head, neck & shoulders the most as it gives a realistic grip (that of a masseuse) to relieve those tension in these stress-prone areas!

To make your massage program even more robust, you can download new massage programs and music from the OSIM uLove 2 Mobile app. Just pair it with your smart phone and select the massage programs that you want. It is basically a head-to-toe massage and you can have it any time you want at your own comfort zone.

osim ulove 2

Who doesn’t like a soothing music during their massage? Similarly, James and I couldn’t get enough of the 3D Surround Sound feature as we fully immerse in the auditory pleasure during the massage.

And this is not all for the entertainment department; you can complete your whole package of entertainment with an Entertainment stand and USB Charging Function. With this additional function, you can watch movies on your smart device using the Entertainment stand for as long as you are charging the device via the uLove 2 USB port.

Imagine having a personal Gold Class movie seat with an add-on massage function in your living space? Just how cool is that!

osim ulove

PSST: If you think that your tired arms are forgotten, there is an intense airbag massage for your arms too!

You are probably thinking… James and I are of different built. How can the chair ‘recognize’ us?

Well, it comes with an Intelligent Auto Shoulder Detection feature such that it will assess our unique built at the start of every program for a thorough, personalized massage.

ulove 2

Fitting to our body is one thing, but how about fitting into our house?

Fret not! The uLove 2 comes in 4 elegant shades of Brown, Blue, Green and Purple. Other than having floral designs on the outer part of the chair, the inner seat is covered with quilted leatherette that guarantees comfort that promises to fit into any contemporary living space. Upon reclining, the chair spans a length of 180cm; I would think most living space in Singapore could easily accommodate this amount of space in the living room.

OSIM uLove 2 (4手天王) is now available both online and in retail stores.

Quote “MAYSIM” to enjoy the massage chair at $5499 instead of its usual price tag of $6699 from now till 30th Sept!

For more information, please visit https://sg.osim.com/ulove2-massage-chair.html.