Reflections on 2017


So many things happened this year and as usual, change is the only constant (k).

There were a lot of ups and downs this year but thankfully, there were more happy moments than bad ones. One of the biggest change is probably my status, going from attached to engaged.

You can watch the video below if you haven’t:

They say that a girl can get all insecure after the proposal / marriage planning and that is certainly true. I have seen so many cases of separation and they kind of bring down my confidence in marriage a little. I guess all I can do is to believe in my other half, and make things work out from there.

In fact, I am only left with 6 months before the actual day and people have been asking me if I am done with my wedding planning but the truth is, THE ONLY THING WE DID WAS THE BOOKING OF OUR HOTEL. Holy!!

I went round asking for recommendations for a videographer and photographer and received a lot of recommendations to the extent where I don’t know where to start. I thank god for all your help though!! I think I should just settle our outfits first before worry about the others. Haha.

James already had his list of brothers and I had none. I actually had a list of 6 (whom I have yet to approach) but I need to reconsider the list because I came to a conclusion that I needed only real friends who live close to my heart.


Moving on, our flat will actually come before the wedding and we have issues with the key collection which was/is supposed to happen in Dec 2017/ Jan 2018. That is because of some inheritance issues from James’ end. This is the first time that I am sharing this online.

Do you know that there is no such thing as TRANSFERRING of property from one’s name to another? Both you and/or your family member will have to bear the seller and/or buyer stamp duty! It was quite a HUGE sum that the AwYong family had to fork out to do a transfer so as to ensure that we get to keep our property. We could use that money to pay for 30-50% of a 3-bedroom HDB flat.

I must say that I am quite disappointed with how our system works and how inflexible they can get. Talk about inheritance… They probably see it as another way to milk money out of the citizens.

And then… my sister’s case. My parents have been going to our MP almost every month at the start of the case to now, once every 3-4 months and was promised countless emails of updates but to no avail or sound. It was all empty promises each visit. I shall not touch on this topic further before I get all emotional.

One of the best decisions made other than saying yes to the proposal is my lasik surgery done at Shinagawa with Dr.Lee! I have been / am still getting a lot of emails and questions on the surgery and some of you even messaged me to ask for my full details so as to get a discount. I don’t have any discount codes for you guys but they did tell me that they have this referral system where by friends and family of the patient can get a $XXX of their lasik by quoting the name of the patient. I guess you guys can try quoting mine? HAHA.


And more good stuffs? I must admit that I have been quite LUCKY this year! A lot of people kept commenting that I kept winning at lucky draws which is not entirely false. I think I won 3 out of 5 draws this year?

Hahaha. I have yet to redeem my hotel staycations from Magnum and another one at a Food tasting! I also recently won an iPad Mini 4 from my workplace’s annual Christmas party this year! Actually… other than that, I don’t remember winning any other stuffs but I am feeling very blessed already! I don’t ask for luck but health for my family and I. I have been falling sick like crazy this year, especially this year end. May 2018 be better, and healthier for me and every one reading this post!

Till then!