Savour a Mountain of Premium Maguro for Just $9.90 Till 31st December!

Mountain Meshi

Author: Sandra Koh

If you are always on an outlook for pocket friendly and delicious sashimi, then you’re in for a treat this December! For a limited time, Maguro Donya Miuramisakikou Sushi and Dining and Kuro Maguro are offering premium maguro (tuna) at just $9.90.

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We really got to salute the restaurants culinary team’s dedication on bringing the freshest maguro to every patron. Such that, only meat culled from blue fins and weigh a minimum of 280 kg from Miura Misaki Port (renowed maguro wholesaler in Japan) are used, as this ensures that the maguro have the perfect ratio of fat and lean meat. Both restaurants also practise the “super frozen” (-60 degrees Celsius) technique to freeze the maguro, as soon as they are caught. As such, absolute freshness is a guarantee.


We were served with both the Maguro Mountain Gunkan, and Mountian Meishi (both priced at $9.90) during our visit. Both of the dishes actually consist of the same ingredients – otoro, akami, ikura toppings and fragrant sushi rice, presented in 2 different ways. The Maguro Mountain Gunkan takes the shape of a sushi and is served on a plate, where the Mountain Meishi comes in a delightful rice bowl filled to the brim with the ingredients. Don’t you just agree that both of the dishes are too beautiful to be eaten regardless of their presentation?

Maguro Mountain Gunkan
Maguro Mountain Gunkan

Mountain Meshi
Maguro Meishi

For less than $10, you get to experience 3 different contrasting sensations all in one bite (buttery & tenderness from otoro, savoury popping texture from ikura, and sour-sweet taste from the sushi rice). Trust us when we say it’s indeed therapeutic.

The orders are limited to 30 orders per day, and limited to 1 serving per person. Do note that the S$9.90 deals are smaller portions and not a complete meal in themselves, but hey you can always go ahead and order other equally delicious maguro dishes if you’re still hungry.

Get your maguro fix from 4th -31st December 2017 at :

(Maguro Mountain Gunkan)
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall, #03-314
Singapore 038983


KURO MAGURO (Maguro Meishi)
7 Wallich Street #01-04
Singapore 078884

For more details, please visit: