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I realized that my skin condition is getting from bad to worse after 3 consecutive months of traveling – 7-8 days a month. It got really bad when I spent 8 full days in China and we know how dirty and polluted the air can get there!

It was really not surprising when I started to experience breakouts on the forehead of my face. And as soon as I got back from my last trip, I made an appointment with Annabelle Skin, located at The Adelphi for a thorough cleansing.

As usual, I did a skin check to determine what kind of treatment would be suitable for me.


I kid you not when I say that my pores are clogged both inside and outside even though you guys kept saying that I have pretty good skin. Sigh. Even though you can’t really tell, it can be felt when I touch my face.  Just look at those bumps from the skin check scans!


So I did Double Effect Carbon-Detox Treatment and the treatment covers for both the face and the neck.

The products used for the cleansing steps are Velvety Cream Cleanser and Fresh Blossomy Tensum from the latest Bio-Classica Range from Dr.Belter. I also did an Enzyme Cream peeling to cleanse my face thoroughly from the dead skin cells and pollutants that are clinging onto the surface of my skin before the extraction. And I did mention before how much I love their High Frequency antiseptic care? They will make sure that all the bacteria and toxins are removed before the application of serum and mask.


After an ampoule care was applied onto my skin, double masking was performed to health and nourish my face. The first mask was a combination of their Line A Mask and Special Gentle Mask while the second mask was the Shake it! Mask Peeloff – Carbon D-Tox.


As much as I love the effect of both masks, I prefer the peel off mask more because I love removing all the impurities from my face! Haha. Look at how thick the layer of mask is below.


While I was masking, the therapist also did a lymphatic drainage facial massage for me and it was super relaxing. It felt like she drained my entire day of stress away.

She ended the whole treatment with Fresh Blossomy Tensum and AquaSilk 24 and my face felt as though it has never been richer. I feel so blessed to know that Annabelle Skin will also be there for me in times of clogged pores and dehydrated skin! Haha.

You can also call 6336 8975 or WhatsApp 82281454 for an appointment. Just quote my name for 50% off your first treatment!

Annabelle Skin is located at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street #02-42, Singapore 179803.
Nearest MRT station: City Hall Station

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