50% off Facial Treatment at Annabelle Skin (The Adelphi)


I think my last facial was probably 4-5 months ago before I visited Annabelle Skin for facial.

Annabelle Skin is located at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street #02-42, Singapore 179803.

Nearest MRT station: City Hall Station

You know whats best? They just renovated their boutique! YAYYYY. The boutique will make you feel like a princess whenever you step in and they use Dr. Belter Cosmetic products for your face. If you don’t know about Dr.Belter, the products are all made in Germany and not some ulu countries. It is a well-recognised and trusted brand in Europe and I’m so glad that it’s available here in Singapore, thanks to Annabelle Skin!

Look at the interior. I am not kidding when I say it will make you feel like a princess.

I did a skin analysis and I was quite shocked to find out that I actually have thin and sensitive skin. I know my skin is a little thin but definitely not the sensitive part. No wonder sometimes I have mild outbreaks whenever I review new products. I also have enlarged pores issue 🙁

All the beauticians are very friendly. They explained how they can help me with the issues that I am currently facing so they recommended that I start with the Dr.Belter Intense Bio-Matrix Collagen Treatment. This treatment is a deep moisturising facial treatment that enhances skin firmess and elasticity. What’s really cool is that the Bio-Matrix Collagen has a 3-D structure similar to our skin, which helps to replenish the skin’s deficiency effectively!

The treatment started off with a very comfortable and velvety cream cleanser. It was so creamy and soft that I felt like I was having a facial massage haha.


After the cleansing was a mild peel which is very light. I couldn’t feel any peeling sensation but my face felt a lot cleaner right after the Enzyme Cream Peeling was washed off. The third step was the application of Ampoule No.2 Hy-O-Silk which contains silk extract and proteins to help increase the smoothness and fairness of my skin. I have quite severe uneven skin tone recently because of all the travels and the Dr.Belter ampoule really helped with that.

What I REALLY REALLY love about their treatment is the eye treatment with Gua Sa. EH! Gua Sa for the eyes you know!!!


The BioDynamic 24 Eye Contouring Cream was constantly being massaged into the eye area. This cream can help prevent wrinkles, make the skin looks firmer, plumper and less tired looking. Just what the eye areas need as we all know how quick the fine lines around the eyes will appear – as fast as you hit late twenties!

Anyway, I really love the Gua Sa because it was so so so comfortable that I fell asleep within the next 2 minutes. You will expect Gua Sa to be painful but no. Eye Gua Sa Lymphatic Drainage is performed with a very special eye treatment tool specially used by Annabelle Skin. It will not cause any pain of stress to the eye areas.

After the Gua Sa was a massage and a mask. The mask is made of Solid bio Matrix/Ginkgo-Biloba Collagen which can help stabilise vascular system and scavenge free radicals. After the treatment, my skin actually felt tighter instantly. I also love doing treatments at Annabelle Skin because I feel extra relaxed there. It felt as though my entire day of stress was drained away as well.

In fact, my skin always feel more radiant looking for the next two weeks after every facial session!

As mentioned, all the products used during the treatment are all from Dr.Belter Cosmetic and the brand consist of 11 different care lines and you are bound to find one that suits your skin. The products are made of natural ingredients and mineral, oil and parabens free. This means that you can also use Dr.Belter even if you have sensitive skin.

My make up stays on like my second skin now! Thank you Annabelle Skin for taking such good care of my dry and sensitive skin!

To find out more about Dr.Belter Cosmetic, please visit http://www.belter-cosmetic.com/
Or visit its Facebook & Instagram page: https://www.facebook.com/drbeltersg/ https://www.instagram.com/drbeltergirl/

You can also call 6336 8975 or WhatsApp 82281454 for an appointment. Just quote my name for 50% off your first treatment!

Annabelle Skin is located at The Adelphi, 1 Coleman Street #02-42, Singapore 179803