SHOP: Lenses from MrLens Malaysia


I wear dailies so purchasing them in Singapore can sometimes be VERY expensive 🙁

There are also occasions where I would travel in to JB just to stock up them because it is a lot cheaper across the border. Even though I will be able to save a small sum of money by buying my lenses in JB, I always end up getting stuck in the jam for hours. I can still remember clearly getting stuck for 5 hours just to come back to Singapore!

I started ordering Contact Lenses online (I mean legit brands ONLY!) through various online platforms and MrLens ( is one of them!

What I love about them is that:

  • They carry 1-day Acuvue Define!
  • The website is super friendly – Idiot proof in my opinion!
  • Cheaper than market

I need to compliment on the fast delivery because the lenses came within a week. I heard some of them got their lenses within 3 days too!

My 1-day Acuvue Define cost only RM118. The exchange rate is at our advantage right now, so if you do your calculations,  1 box/30 pieces of lenses only cost me less than $39.50! It can cost up to $60 per box here in Singapore! Without further considerations, I bought 6 boxes at one go.

If you ask me how satisfied am I with MrLens, the answer is, VERY SATISFIED and I will definitely order from them again once my quantity is low. I can save the time and effort travelling across the custom!

Check out my happy face – with 1-day Acuvue of course!

They carry a lot of popular brands, so pop over to see if they carry what you need at 🙂