Go Pikachu Crazy at Pokemon Cafe: Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Edition


Author: Alex Chua

Staying true to the Alola style, bottles and paper cones used to serve Fish n’ Fires lined along the counter

Attention all fun-loving fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon – put down your Nintendo 3DS Console and enjoy the warm hospitality of Pikachu and his fellow friends at Bugis Junction this November! Returning for its second debut, the Pokemon Café reimagines the Alola region of the Pokemon world and brings it to the cafeteria setting. The pop-up cafe, a joint collaboration between PARCO Singapore and home-grown brand Everyday with Fries (EWF), dishes out mouth-watering food that are pleasing to the palate and feast to the eyes. Time to say aloha to the new Alola!

Alola Region Volcano – pour the strawberry sauce over the volcano and enjoy the sweet messy eruption!

In case you didnt know, Alola is made up of small islands cluster. The new menu features beach-resort like dishes like Alola Regions Fish n Fries and Iced Island tea served in an Executor bottle. Other Alolan elements include a bubbling volcanic cake, a 3D-themed booth, right down to the piped-in music and décor.

Grab these ultra-cute figurines and merchandise before it’s all gone

The best thing is this pop-up cafe is 100% instagram-worthy, right down to the walled pillar, the limited edition coasters, the Pokemon Sun & Moon themed merchandise, and the service crew who adorn Pikachu yellow tee and pointy Pikachu ears!

Remember to take home the Pikachu’s Favorite Ketchup bottle home

The first dish I tasted is the I love Pikachu Patty! Hidden in a yellow Pikachu crepe lies a smooth layer of mashed potato stacked on top of a chicken patty. Surrounding the crepe are creamy gravy, seasonal vegetables and a heart-shaped tomato rice. This cute-looking dish comes with a miniature ketchup bottle you can keep for memories well-indulged.

You got two Pokeballs to dip your fries with

The second dish – the Alola Region’s Fish n’ Fries – features a cone of crispy fish fillet and twisty fries. Accompanying the sinful-but-tasty fried stuff are mayonnaise and ketchup pots that resembles the Pokeball and Great Ball. Simple, easy and albeit messy dish kids would love!

Conventional yummy ice-cream sandwich meets Pikachu cuteness

And who can resist their desserts! Youre in for a sweet ride with Pikachu’s Ice Cream Bun, Level Up with Rare Candy! Raspberry ripple ice cream wedged between buttered soft burger buns, and a hyper-chocolatey Rare Candy you could only wish theres a second piece!

Can you spoon Pikachu’s face?

I couldn’tAnd for my personal favourite, the Volt Tackle is Strong, showcases an artfully decorated yet sinfully delicious marshmallow praline cake surrounded by caramelised marshmallow sauce and berry sauce. The praline cake texture is soft and creamy, the taste surprisingly wonderful. It definitely puts a smile on my face, and so does every chocolate-lovers!

December is coming and it’s about to get cold. Grab a Pikachu to hold close to you!

Pokemon Cafe is available at a limited period only, from 24 November 2016 to 19 February 2017, So what are you waiting for? Hop on to Bugis Junction and enjoy the gastronomic parade with Pikachu now!

PS: For the Pokemon Go players, Pokemon Cafe is a PokeStop too! So sit down and chill while stocking up your items.

Pokemon Café
Bugis Junction EwF outlet
200 Victoria Street, #04-05, Bugis Junction

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pokemoncafeinsg

Instagram: www.instagram.com/pokemoncafeinsg