My Taiwan Trip for 2015 – Kaohsiung

The decision to go back to Taiwan again when I just there last year was made just a month before I flew over.

Last November was my first visit to Taiwan – Taipei and Taichung but it was unforgettable because of the friendly people and environment there. The pace there is much slower than Singapore. When I was there last year, the weather was cooling and nice, but it was freaking hot and warm this year. I totally regretted bringing the coats over. Luckily Taipei turned cool during my last 2 days.

I went to an addition city, Kaohsiung, this year.

Recommendations: If you are planning to visit Kaohsiung, just buy the one-way ticket to Kaohsiung Airport and come back with another one-way ticket from Taoyuan Airport. I made an extremely wrong move by buying a two-way ticket to/from Taoyuan because the ride from Taoyuan to Kaohsiung is CRAZILY long and tedious. I landed at Taoyuan at 2pm but reached Kaohsiung only at 8pm because of the waiting/travelling time and jam. Although I know it is recommended to take the speed train over, but I googled and the difference between the two types of transportation was only 1-2 hours so I picked the cheaper option. The only good thing that happened was that our hotel was just opposite the bus station!!

As soon as I checked in to the hotel, we went to Liu He Ye Shi for dinner.

If you are expecting to shop in Liu He Ye Shi, save it. It is a night market full of food.

We did not take any pictures there because the night market was very empty even on a Friday night. You can finish combing the entire place within 15-20 minutes.

OOTD on the first day:

Since Day 1 was a disappointment, we made very good use of Day 2.

OOTD for Day 2:

James was decked in outfits from Uniqlo for both days. The jackets are his current favourite and I think he look damn good in the checkered white and grey shirt. I picked that out for him!!

We woke up super early for their traditional breakfast at a shop opposite our hotel because James wanted to try their Dan Bing and the Black Soy Bean.

There were a lot of stuffs to see at Pier 2 Art. And more importantly, it was free and interactive 😛

There were so many trains to see and take OOTD with!

Art pieces all over the rundown railway tracks.

We moved on to a heritage tour after roaming around the area for a good 1.5 to 2 hours.

This tour cost only NT30 ($1++++) so don’t be scam by the cabs around the area. We almost boarded one of them who offered NT100 to 1 destination. The mini bus offers a lot of destinations at a flat rate of NT30 with unlimited rides + a tour guide.

I really want to experience the feeling of studying in any Taiwan’s university even if it is only for a short while.

You can also head over to Formsa Boulevard Station 美麗島站 to visit the Dome of Light.

Pop over for a short 2-3 minutes if you are on the way to anywhere because you don’t have to tap out of the station to visit the place.

I visited 4 night markets in Kaohsiung. Let me bring you through in my next post 🙂