The Body Shop – Fuji Green Tea


I love Matcha ice-cream, Matcha float but I hate green tea because the flavor is not strong enough. When I saw The Body Shop posting images of their Fuji Green Tea in their Instagram account, I wanted to give it a try as well but wooooahhh, WOM sent me a set of the products! What a pleasant surprise! :))


D o you know the benefits of Green Tea? They have anti-oxidant properties and has detoxifying health benefits. Japanese women apply the tea to their skin and bathe in it! That explains their fair and soft skin. This is also why The Body Shop came out with the Fuji Green Tea™ range. The green tea are hand picked and comes from the heartland of Japan to replenish and refresh your skin for healthier-feeling skin.



You can smell the scent of green tea even without opening any of them and they smell really pleasant. You have heard about their famous Body Butter, Scrub, Eau de Cologne and more. But what about the Bath Tea and Batch Infuser?


This is the first step you should do before your shower. Use the Fuji Green Tea™ Bath Tea (300g/S$39.90) and Infuser ($13.90) to create a detox tea bath to remove the toxins from your body. Also remove an entire day of stress away before using the Fuji Green Tea™ Body Scrub (250ml/$36.90) or Exfoliating Soap (100g/$8.90) and Body Wash (250ml/$14.90). I haven’t come across any Bath Tea yet. What about you? This is really something new to me.


After the pampering shower, apply the Fuji Green Tea™ Body Butter to replenish pure moisture and the Fuji Green Tea™ Eau de Cologne (100ml/$28.090) to refresh the senses. The cologne is refreshing yet light. The tea aroma somehow helps to calm down the nerves. It is blended with green tea, bergamot, lemon and mandarin top notes with a floral heart of camellia, jasmine and violet. Spraying this makes you smell like a Japanese women. Lol.


They are also available in gift boxes with a starting price of $21.90 to $99.90.


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