Review: OPPO N3 Selfie Phone


If you don’t have a digital camera and you are a camwhore, you should totally go for OPPO N3 because it has a flippable (206 degree of rotation) camera and it is 16MP!


What is OPPO?

“OPPO Electronics Corp. is a Chinese electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong province, China. Its major product lines include MP3 players, portable media players, LCD-TVs, eBooks, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players and smartphones.”


I never knew the existence of OPPO until  recently months where bloggers started switching their phones to OPPO just for the camera. They were founded back in 2001 and only had music players till 2008. Although it is from China, but don’t compare OPPO to other china phones where you can find them on the streets or at our marketplace because I can assure you the quality of OPPO after having reviewing one myself.





Well, you know I love white so the white OPPO definitely caught my attention. It has textured leather on the area where the camera is found which makes it look expensive and classy.

OPPO uses “Industrial quality steel in your hand” as the caption of this phone because the phone is made of Aluminium (which explains the weight).

The phone charges pretty fast too. I thought the battery was faulty until I went to googled for answers. I found out the phone can charge up to 75% in just 30 minutes! It is very user-friendly. Even my parents have no problem with the phone.



I also love it’s large screen. My dad thought I bought it for him when he first saw it LOL. He love phones with huge screen. The screen is also 1920×1080 Full-HD!



By the way, if you think the benefit is only how rotatable the camera is, you are wrong because you can also take photos remotely as it comes with an O-Click 2.0. It works like a remote control. Filters are also installed inside to beautify your pictures instantly. Try taking selfies using your current phone’s front camera, I can assure you N3 win hands-down!



For some, they might find it expensive, but as compared to the other smartphones out there, the price is quite reasonable. It is currently retailing at $849 in Singapore. However however however…. they are having a student promotion where selected tertiary education institutions can look forward to discounrs of $50 off the N3.

They also have another model – R5 at $30 off for students as well! R5 is currently retailing at $669 before discount.



I think the downside is that you might have difficulty finding cheap phone casing for this phone and it is a little too heavy for me (192g). But trust me, I don’t want a light or plastic phone too.


Find OPPO Concept Store in Suntec City Tower 3 #01-627 🙂


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