[James] My Surprise-ful 2014 Birthday !

Author: James

The December baby Me was supposed to be due in Jan but I decided to pop out earlier to see the world on the 30th Dec.

So yup! That pretty much summarized the reason why i always have to wait so longggg for my bday to come ! But this year’s wait was all worth it for all the fun & surprises that my girl planned for me!

M took leave from work for my big day, even to the extend of utilizing “saved up” leave! Was touched knowing this till we started my birthday eating Cai Png under my block (-,-”)

But soon enough she make it up as we head out shortly!

Our outfit of the day:

Her clothes was kinda crumpled because we spent almost 3 hours in the cinema & I guess she was busy tossing around in the chair after complaining the Hobbit was just too draggy (but nice)!!

*ok fine fine! Brownie points for companying me to complete the triology. In 3D somemore!*

Mine was alright & the rayban made me look way cooler than the 3D specs we had!

..& how can we missed out the Bday Wefie of the day!

After movies, we head down to the highly-raved Mezza9 restaurant at Hyatt Hotel for dinner! Got my biggest surprise of the day due to our first time being there! Spot any difference in my outfit ? (*hint*: Look waist down!)

The restaurant is so atas till the restaurant wouldn’t let me in without a proper long pants! So they handed me one & there you have it: Me in my SUPER DUPER oversized pants! LOL!

But the experience at Mezza9 was far from bad! At least the food & services make up for the initial “surprise”!

Had a hearty Mezza Meat platter (above) while M sticked to her favourite carbo regime (below).

How can bday go without pressie right?

M bought me something very practical & I use it every single day since that day! Shall keep the present a secret but you can check out my IG to spot what it is! 😉

Next, came the cake which I also got a surprise! Simply because i had TWO unexpected cakes !

Cake #1:

My sweet friend, Dil whom also helped me booked the restaurant, actually secretly got the staff to prepare this for me (together with an embarrasing Bday song singing by the waiters & waitresses)!

Cake #2:

This one came from M whom secretly planned with my godsis to bring it over during our dinner! Hence, the presence of my godsis was also a surprise itself! So now, you know how sneaky M can be!

PS: Thank you Brand Cellar for the lovely famous rainbow cake from MEDZS!!

And not forgetting the Miam Miam surprise as well!

Was having our food tasting event at Miam Miam, enjoying some of my favourite food that night..

..& the not to be missed Spagetti..

..& just when i thought i was just having our regular food tasting experience at Miam Miam!

This happened..

Conclusion: I must say M is a pretty good surprise planner! She keep bombarding me with surprises after surprises! Making my 2014 Bday a ‘Surprise-ful’ & memorable one! ><

As much as i had lots of wonderful presents this year from all my lovely friends, i thought my bday wishlist 2014 would not be completed without this. Something to reward my ownself after that whole year of hard work: The Panerai 112!

Also part of my new hobby! Collecting luxury watches which also serve as a good investment tool! Furthermore, I always believe you must learn to reward yourself before you will be motivated to work even harder to attain more successes!

Thoughts for 2014 Hatchday: Simply there is nothing more i could have asked for!

In case you were wondering what wish i made this year? That is to have every year’s bday like this! Simple yet fulfilling & most importantly, in the company of my loved one!

Lastly, taking this opportunity to also thank Dr Toh, Zi Yuan, Kun Xiang, William & Kiehl gang, Joanna & Hubby, Dil, Lippy & my colleagues in Allergy & Oncology team for your lovely gifts & cakes (which gained me a few kg)!