Rocco is back!

Have you heard about it yet?

Rocco had been away for years…… but now….




Who is Rocco? Read on.




Rocco, is your next IN thing for eyewear.

You know me. I am a sucker for eyewear.

I owe about 6 pairs of prescription glasses of my current eye power.

I like the mix and match them to my outfit.

However, majority of my prescription glasses are in black or white. I have a current pair in Orange now though. Used to wear pink but that was only when I was still in my teens LOL.

However, I am quite bold when it comes to sunglasses. I dare to wear all sort of colours and designs so I have seriously more than a hundred pairs? Of course, most of them are cheap fashion shades.

Rocco however, brought fashion to another level.

Fashion + Quality = Rocco

My pick from Rocco is this vintage looking pair.

Well, I love all things geeky or vintage.

I would go for style than the classic look when it comes to eyewear.

I can’t wait to create different looks and styles with this pair of glasses!

Rocco will be available on Eye Trendy soon! And they are already available at some stores. A campaign is coming up soon… Follow me and Eye Trendy Facebook page as well.