Bally Eyewear at Eye Trendy

So you have already heard of Bally Eyewear. Nvm if you haven’t cause you can still update yourself about this luxury Switzerland brand here.

And as mentioned in the entry above, I have this thing for men’s design. Being the blogger ambassador for Eye Trendy, I was given a few pairs of Eyewear and my first pick was none other than the classic aviator design which features a bridge nose piece and temples lined in leather.

Model Number: BY4002A

Colour: Chocolate.

It is also available in Black Polarized and Cacao as well.

B Block metal (design) can be found on both end pieces as well as on the left temple tip as a signature detail.

I like the pilot shaped lenses because it is big enough to hide my face when I am not in makeup :X

But the actual reason for me picking this design is the unique leather covering because you don’t really see it in other eyewear. Yes, there are a lot of aviators in the market, but what the leather made the whole design stands out more.

Eyewear makes one look cooler instantly but why pick Bally?

It is a luxury collection using only premium material like titanium, carbon, leather and etc and is a modern collection with contemporary style. The eyewear are Made in France and they have a whole collection of Asian Fit!

Look at how classy it still look even when I was dressed in casual.

This pair of eyewear includes a Crest Case, Crest Pouch, Crest Box and a Bally leaflet 🙂

Thank you Bally, Sin Kwang Optical and Eye Trendy!

Feel free to browse the other available designs and brands at Eye Trendy page.


See you there!!