Another personalized Trove from Vanity Trove!

I really like the idea of Personalized Trove because I am receiving items of my own choice!

And so… this is my face every night. “Login to and look at all the goodies”.

Your trove will usually reach you within 3 days.

I received mine on the 3rd day after the ordering process.

This time round, I focus more on cleanser and mask and I cheated a little again.

Both masques were in the previous monthly trove, I liked it, so I got them again!

2 types of cleanser were chosen, Physiogel and Cetaphil. I have long heard of Cetaphil but never give it a try because I don’t want to risk buying a big bottle only to find out that it is not suitable for my skin. So this is where sample trove comes into place!

Had been using DHC Facial wipes previously, and now, I should give Simple a chance!

Out of all those, this Olay white radiance seems to be a new product and it was in full size! Yes, what you see here is what you can find on the shelves of the leading pharmacies and departmental stores.

(on a side note, yes, you can get it in your trove and your trove would only cost you $25!)

This shampoo was a bonus cum surprise item. Vanity Trove’s forte.

Giving us surprises and making us a happy girl.

I can’t wait to check out my third personalized trove because there are still so many items I wanna try!

Head over to to shop as well ok? SEE YOU THERE!!