Thank you for welcoming me, MyFatPocket.

Howdy everyone!

The last time I maintained a blog was during my pre-pubescent years. I am so glad it has (hopefully) vanished into thin air and that none of the content on it would ever re-surface on the Internet ever again. There were some seriously embarrassing content there, hahaha.

Imagine my surprise when Maybeline approached me to start this little page on the MFP platform. I was all like, hmmmmmmm what kind of content can I bring to this virtual platform? Will I be able to keep up? Will I be able to stop everyone from eating at a dinner setting so that I can take an IG-worthy shot for my readers (LOL)? Do I have to dress up to the nines just so I can take an #ootd while on my way out? (But I am serious about my slippers and shorts…!) Do I have to train an IG husband out of my partner which seems like such an impossible feat? (We’ll get to that later.)

Honestly, I don’t know. But I am thrilled and honoured, and DUH of course I’m going to give it a shot.

So, a little bit about me. I am a few years away from being 30, (lol mysterious much), I am engaged. I work in the financial industry. At one point of time during my academic years, I was a freelance model + dog handler/trainer + tutor for autistic children. I relish those years and while I question my decision to be a corporate slave every now and then, I am glad I still get to do the things I love, like hanging out with dogs. After moving into my marital home, I adopted a dog named Nami. She hangs out with my 2 rabbits. Tong Tong and Puffer were both adopted from local shelters, the former being blind and deaf. The latter being his seeing eye.

When I am not busy taking care of 1) a dog 2) two rabbits 3) a grown man, I am busy hustling like the rest of the world.

It has been 3 months since my profile has been created, and I am just downright EMBARRASSED that I haven’t wrote anything, at all! But wait wait, hear me out. For the 3 months that passed, the following have happened:

  • I have purchased a resale flat.
  • I have renovated my home. (Renovation was a NIGHTMARE and I cannot wait to share with you on what you need to look out for.)
  • I was wifi-less for a long time. (You’d think you don’t need wifi when you have 40gb of data? THINK AGAIN.)
  • I get married in a month. (Read: intense wedding prep.)
  • I adopted a dog. (Which also was quite a harrowing process but thankfully we pulled through. But then again between going through the processes of renovating my home again or adopting another dog, I would pick the latter. Y’all, don’t even let me start.)
  • I jumped off cliffs at Cebu and frankly, I would never do it again ‘cos I’m a scaredy b*tch. (Honestly, just putting it out there that I don’t know if profanities are allowed on this platform. I am guessing not, hence the censorship.)
  • I ate 6/7 meals a day while traveling in Hong Kong/Korea respectively. (Also, read: intense wedding prep and eating 6/7 meals a day do not go well together.)

So if I think about it, I actually do have quite a bit of content to write about. Just raw, organic, first hand, unpaid experiences to tell you about so that you can share my joy, pain and fear.

Thank you for reading this, it does mean a lot to me. <3

Here’s a picture of my new light of life. (@ChroniclesOfNami)