Collagen Jelly with Detox Effect?! [Review]

Hola! This article is going to talk about the NEWLY LAUNCHED product by Soar Universe Trading (SUT) – 🔥 Birdnest Collagen Enzyme Jelly 🔥 ! Such a long name ya! In my previous post, I reviewed how the Detox Enzyme Plums from SUT helped me to flush out the dirty things. 👍👍👍

Guess what, this new product is actually the upgraded version of the Detox Enzyme Plums OMG! The product actually contains Collagen + Birdnest + Enzyme and they are in the jelly form!


❤️Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkles, Anti-Acne
❤️Radiant Skin
❤️Lighten Acne Scars & Stretch Marks
❤️Hydrating & Skin Whitening
❤️Resolve and cleanse intestines problem
❤️Resolve constipation problem
❤️Reduce fat 
❤️Hormones balancing
❤️Regulate period
❤️Reduce Cholesterol
❤️Improves blood circulation
❤️Reduce inflammation

So here are my reviews!


The jelly has a nice Snow Pear flavor. Same as Detox Enzyme Plum, I could feel my stomach wiggling after few hours of consumption. After 7 – 8 hours, I felt slight stomach discomfort, I knew that it was the time to go toilet! It is normal to visit the toilet for quite a number of times on the first day. The number will reduce after one or two days. Personally, I will recommend consuming the jelly 2 – 3 times a week and best to be during the weekend. To see the effect of enhancing your skin, you will need to consume it for a longer period.

Here are some Q&As:

  1. Is it effective? Of course! It is good in detox
  2. How much does it cost? Now they are having a promotion, Buy 2 boxesget 1 box free + free 1 box enzyme mask for SGD 59.80 only (10 jellies per box)!
  3. Will you buy it again? Yes! Because detoxification is essential for better health and we all need collagen for better skin!
  4. Does it help in reducing weight? I have heard people saying that it does help in reducing weight after regular consumption. Do check with the seller.
  5. Who shall consume this? People who wish to lose weight/relieve constipation/enhance your skin texture/prevent aging. People with gastric/stomach problem please avoid.


Buy 2 boxes of Birdnest Collagen Enzyme Jelly 
(Normal price: 1 Box SGD 29.90)
Get FREE 1 box of Birdnest Collagen Enzyme Jelly 
+ FREE 1 box of Enzyme Mask + FREE Delivery

Get this promotion pack at only SGD 59.80!

💛LIMITED TRIAL SET at only SGD 6.90 each! 💛

Trial set includes:
2 x Birdnest Collagen Enzyme Jelly
2 x Detox Enzyme Plum
2 x Enzyme Masks

Get this Trial Set at ONLY SGD 6.90 
*Includes Free Normal shipping
*Add $2.20 for registered shipping


Place your order now at https://soaruniverse.typeform.com/to/EO7eRW
or PM us!

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you can message them at their Facebook and Instagram!

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