The Fitness Couple Journey – Part 2

Excited to know more about our Fitness couple journey so far?

Here’s the update from November till now.

What’s fun so far?

  1. Get to attend unlimited fitness classes
  2. Get to try different activities and workouts (obstacle course, trampoline, dance…)
  3. Get to know more people who share the same mission

Read on for more photos!

Obstacle course at Bounce Singapore.

Thanks to our Trainer, Eddy (click here for his portfolio) for teaching us the proper usage of gym’s equipment to avoid injuries and maximize our results.

Thanks Safra EnergyOne for sponsoring us 3-month gym membership!

Equipment fitting at Scuba People for scuba diving lesson.

In the end, we didn’t attend because Ben and I were not feeling well. 🙁

But still, thanks Scuba People and Ministry of adventure for offering the opportunity


One of us already lost 10kg over the past one month *claps*, he has been working really hard for this show. Of course, he is not the only one who worked hard!

All of us have been visiting gyms and fitness classes regularly! We also actively jio-ed each other for training and gym sessions.


Guess what, we can attend unlimited classes at Dancevault studios!

I have attended 3 classes so far, which include Burlesque, Bungee workout, and HIIT.

I truly enjoyed all the classes except that Bungee workout might be a little tough for the first timer like me. Everyone should try it because it was fun (a lot of jumping) and special!(and your core will be working hard) There are bungee classes for kids as well!

They offer various classes, inclusive of dance classes and various slimming and toning programs.

Jamie Teo and Jade Seah joined their fitness programs as well!

I know, you guys wanna see our progress!

Please follow my Instagram now to check it out 😛 — Kimberlyytann


We will be having our final show on 27th Jan 2018

Please come down to support us because we have worked really hard for a transformation, we truly want you to witness our results!

Come and see some six packs, fit guys, chio ladies and nice bodies… 😛

What will we do on that day? I DON’T KNOW yet for now. You come and you will know 🙂

After our show, stay to party with us! It will be a great night man!

Oh ya, please contact me if you want to come! You will know how to contact me 😀

Follow my Instagram now — Kimberlyytann

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