The Fitness Couple Journey – Part 1

Hi people! Just a quick update that recently I have been busy with work, cover recording, and… THE FITNESS PROGRAM!

Have you watched those fitness shows which they engaged the normal people with bigger body sizes to slim down within a timeframe?

Yes, you’re right, my boyfriend and I have just joined a Fitness Couple program organized by 6productions.

Benjamin was particularly excited when he heard about this program because he has been slacking for the past 3 years after he is attached… So, we decided to give it a try, once in a lifetime. 😀

You know, both of us are almost in our mid-20s and believe me soon we will turn into 30…40… and time will never rewind! So, #YOLO.

So, the journey started… in Mid October when we got to meet the other couples.


Our very first event was held in GuavaLabs , a really cozy and nice area for fitness activities.

Yoga is kinda my thing, although I stopped practicing for quite a while…However, I guess it was the first time (actually second time la because I remember I forced him to do Yoga with me before :P) for Benjamin…:)

The One-hour Yoga lesson was fun for me! 😛


So we had our second meet-up at Bounce Singapore!

Bounce is the Singapore’s Largest Adrenaline Arena Including Trampoline Park!

View our wonderful night at Bounce in the video below!

*Well you may not see me in the video because I didn’t dare to jump (lousy me)

We will be having a “couple challenge” at Bounce on 25th November to complete the obstacle course, wish me luck!

Apart from the meet-ups for events, we would schedule training sessions with our trainer, Eddy Lim (click to view his portfolio at IG)

*Sprinting in the early morning.

The training was indeed intensive but trust me… you’re not going to do this without a trainer. 😀

The most exciting part is… we are sponsored 3 months of Gym Access by Safra EnergyOne

We were also invited to join the Buddy Challenge at Safra Toa Payoh.

It was interesting as we had to go through the IPPT for army guys: Pull-ups, Standing broad jump, Push-ups, and more.

The fastest group that completed the challenge had won the amazing prizes!

We are lucky because we got the access to all the EnergyOne gyms in Singapore. The place I visited the most is definitely Safra EnergyOne at Punggol!

There are jacuzzis and steam rooms at EnergyOne as well… 🙂


So far the journey has been exciting and fun for both of us, and we really hope to see transformations in us. (I AM REALLY FAT NOW)


Please stay tuned for the next part…I will show more in my next post!

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