Whiten your teeth in just 1 hour!

Hello! How are you guys? I was busy with my music videos (coming out on August!) and I just started my full time job. Well, I am still in love with this busy lifestyle, hopefully won’t get bored with it!

I always wanted to whiten my teeth to remove all those stubborn stains on it. So, I tried out the LED teeth treatment at Mirage Aesthetic Clinic. Scroll down to see the effect!



This is the holding area at Mirage, the clinic is quiet and peaceful.

The beautician brought me to a consultation room to evaluate the condition of my tooth. My condition was not that bad, because I didn’t consume much coffee or tea, but I love Milo and Chocolate though.

This is the treatment room, very comfortable.

Yes, this is the LED machine (Not sure what is its name) that was used for the treatment.

Took this picture during the treatment process, the LED light was strong so I was given an eye protector.

Please be prepared that you are going to wear that ‘plastic holder’ for one hour, to ensure that your mouth is open all the time.

(It was a little uncomfortable but after all, no pain no gain!)

Another thing you have to take note is, your lips will dry out badly so the beautician will apply the lip balm regularly. Also, if you had sensitive teeth, you will feel a little uncomfortable during the process. However, it was bearable for me.

For this treatment, it consists of 3 rounds of chemical application. Each round lasts for 15 mins,  the beautician will remove the chemicals after each round and reapply for next round. So, the total time spent was around 1 hour plus for me.

Let’s see the result!

Pardon me for the super aunty outfit, was doing workout. ><

I was totally satisfied with my tooth now, it was whitened by about 3 -5 shades!! However, there were some stubborn stains which couldn’t be removed. Perhaps need more treatments in the future.


Now, I can smile confidently!


If you also want to try this out, call Mirage to make appointment +65 6262-3358!

Oh yes, the price is $180 now (usual price up to $480) !!

You can also drop them a message to enquire >> +65 8240 3523

Remember to smile~

Thanks for reading, see you again!




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