How I create different looks with ColorMeHappy Lipstick

What is your favorite color? My favorite colors are: White, black, pink, blue, grey, olive green, yellow… Seriously I am having too many favorite colors! For lip, I personally prefer Dark red, Pink and Coral colors.

I do not wear make up that often because I am kinda lazy and I prefer to let my skin breathe. So, I tried not to put make up unless there is an interview or special occasion. However, lipstick is a MUST for me because I dislike the pale look of myself. Trust me! Lipstick is enough for a lazy day.

In this post, I am going to show you different looks of me with the Korean Inspired Local Lipstick Brand – Colormehappy Cosmetics! Ya you’re right, this is a local brand founded by two make up enthusiasts in Singapore. Colormehappy was conceived over drinks by two friends who believed in bringing some colour into a girl’s life.

Let me share with you a bit about the story behind this local lipstick brand…

When a veteran marketer and a management consultant, first came together – they were both non regular make-up users… thus it would be crazy to set up a cosmetics company!!! But there was an item that they never appeared without – and that was the Lipstick. Make up is a woman’s armour and nothing is unconquerable by a woman in lipstick (especially hot smoking red lipstick!)

That started the journey to find the perfect lipstick (the colours, the shades, the textures..) and they realised you need different shades in different situations – and wouldn’t it be lovely to own them all?. To empower women of all ages and types to chase their dreams (and look good while doing so). But with their busy schedules and need to juggle multiple obligations, will they have time to browse the latest, choose the best and buy in a store? They came our with this solution – lipstick subscription.  For the latest lipstick/make-up to be delivered to your doorstep regularly – a monthly delivery of surprise and delight! 

Left: Pink Ice, Middle: Nude Beauty, Right: Fuchsia Explosion

I truly love their elegant packaging (with transparent cover), comes in gold and silver.

I am going to show you my different looks with ColorMeHappy Lipsticks. I was surprised that different lipsticks could create different looks without actually changing the entire make up. Let’s see!

1st look:

Innocent + Natural Style

Color: Fuchsia Explosion

2nd Look:

Evening + Wild Style

Color: Deep Choco

3rd Look:

Office Lady Style

Color: Subtle Mocha

4th Look:

Young + Sweet Style

Color: Sunset Orange

(I only applied a thin layer so that it looked more natural)

5th Look:

Fun + Korean Style

Color: Coral Magic

6th Look:

Outgoing + Feminine style

Color: Glam Red

Other than lipstick, they do have lip brightener and lip night repair oil as well! The brand takes care of your lip by providing enough nutrients and moisture! I have personally tried the night repair oil and I woke up with super soft lip with less obvious lip lines!

Left: Lip Night Repair Oil, Right: Lip Brightener

What I like about ColorMeHappy lipstick?

  • It really moisturizes my lip
  • About the same quality with big brands like Chanel, Estee Lauder, and etc, but it is so much cheaper!
  • Can stay on your lip for a long time

In this photo, I used Summer Blush + Glam Red to create natural gradient/Bitten lip. Love it!

In this photo, I used Nude Beauty + Reddest Rose to create gradient/bitten lip.

ColorMeHappy also has Lip Shimmer Series (shown in picture above).


Yes! The swatches are here!

Above are belong to the Xprecision Lips series.

“Precision shine with our Light-Diffusion Technology. It disperses light to help hide little lip cracks and rough spots, while giving a natural glow.
This is precision perfection for you.”

How about these? They are belong to Boldlicious HD Lipsticks Series.

“Our boldest colors in highest definition. This is Korean color technology with maximum drama — rich, high intensity pigments in daring shades.”

Overall, I am so satisfied with ColorMeHappy lippie products! Can’t wait for them to launch their next batch of products!

How to make your lipstick purchase?

Visit their website and order now!

Guess what, ColorMeHappy also provides lippie product subscription service! This idea is new in Singapore and I am sure that it will be fun!

$12.99/mth – > 1 lipstick/mth

$22.99/mth – > 2 lipsticks/mth

$30.99/mth – > 3 lipsticks/mth

Wow! It can go as cheap as $10.33/lipstick! <3

Do try their subscription service if you love something new and exciting!

*This post was written in collaboration with ColorMeHappy Cosmetics.





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