Daily Dose of Style – I just need a pair of white sneaker!

I have only a few pairs of footwear :(. Guess what, my shoe size is 41!! So, it is not easy for me to find suitable pair of footwear…

White basic sneaker is my best friend because it simply matches with many kinds of outfits! I never regret buying this Superga white sneaker as its quality is superb and comfortable! I have worn it for many occasions, although it is slightly pricey but I think it is definitely worth!

Perhaps I can share with you how I styled with this pair of white basic sneaker!

1. Casual day

2. Couple OOTD

Easiest way to match your outfit with boyfie!

3. Dress with Sneaker

People started to wear sneaker with dress, surprisingly they looked so matchy.

4. Best for trip

Bring this sneaker for a trip can definitely save your luggage’s space as it can match with various outfits!

However, I would say it is not suitable for long hours of walking because it doesn’t have any cushion layer.

6. Striped Ankle Socks

To achieve an even younger look, wear the sneaker with striped ankle socks/crew socks.

Now you know why I love white sneaker so much! It simply creates a stylish and clean look. Sometimes I wondered, why did I realize the benefits of white sneaker only after secondary school… I thought we were wearing it everyday to school!?

There are many brands selling white sneaker out there (e.g. Converse, Superga, Adidas, Keds, Nike). White is the best, do not hesitate to give it a try! 😀

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