Selfie + OOTD camera – Casio Exilim FR-100L

I believe that everyone takes selfie, right? Don’t be shy! We take selfies because we want to check how we look on the screen before snapping a picture. Sometimes only we ourselves know what are the ‘best’ angles to make us look good in pictures. 😀
Other than selfie, I love taking OOTD as well. The question comes, who in the world will help you take OOTD everyday? Unless you are rich enough to hire a photographer. Haha! …Actually… I always asked my boyfriend to take picture of me. *shy* I feel kinda sad for him as I would be really angry when he didn’t take a good shot of me. Ladies, I guess this is normal right? *opps*
So, I was so HAPPY to be introduced with this Selfie camera from Casio – Exilim FR100L, simply because it takes perfect selfie and you can take your own OOTD shots without any human assistance! 
Let me show you some of the selfies and OOTDs I took using this camera first!
With the make up mode on, my face looks flawless in the picture!

*make up vivid mode on*

The long-legs mode really elongates my legs… in the picture 🙂

Believe it or not, this camera is waterproof up to 1.5 m height!
So, you can take your selfie in water as well, so cool!
So this is how the camera looks like! Pink lover, this is for you! (White colour available too!)
The lens and the screen can be separated in order for you to take OOTD.
You can either place the lens on a stand or somewhere suitable, then you will walk to somewhere further, adjust your body to the most suitable position based on your liking (will be visible on the screen), then click the snap button!

Personal tips: Put your hand at the side when snapping the picture, so that people will not know that you are actually holding a camera.

The lens can also bend to another side to be used as a normal camera.

What are the features that I like?

  • Make-up HDR and Vivid mode
  • Long legs OOTD mode
  • Waterproof!!
  • Shock resistant (truly useful for clumsy person like me)
  • Detachable (screen + lens)
  • 16mm Wide-angle lens
This camera really saves our time without having to edit pictures one by one. The make up vivid mode brightens your skin and enhances the surrounding scenery. It boosts colour saturation and background contrast to produce vivid colours, while the make up HDR mode emphasises contours to produce visually artistic images. So, no more editing is needed for photos taken with this camera!
Furthermore, this camera is user friendly and portable, you can bring it along with you everyday or during vacation!

Why this camera is preferred over smartphone?

  • Time-saving as you don’t have to edit your pictures manually
  • Water proof and dustproof
  • Will not slow down your phone 
  • Better quality selfie
  • Can take OOTD without any help
If you’re wondering how much does it cost, it is only $699!!
 FR-100L will be launching on 16th March 2017 and it will be available at the coming Suntec IT fair! (Limited pieces only). Following the IT fair, the EX-FR100L will be available at the Casio Concept Store in Tampines and authorised retailers.

With this camera, my boyfriend does not have to worry about being scolded by me already. Hehe

Thank you for reading~

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