Review – Creme Simon Restorative Sleeping Mask

Hello! I have been really busy for school work lately. Everyday from morning to night, my group members and I camped in the computer lab trying to finish up our final year project. To be honest, the process is really tedious! I can’t imagine that we are only left with 4 – 5 weeks to complete the project. OMG *Nightmare* Someone please save me from turning into a panda. — Life as an University student. 
I have been really picky in choosing  mask as using an unsuitable mask will easily cause outbreak and that is scaryyy. Recently I came across this French skincare brand – Creme Simon. So I tried its Restorative Sleeping Mask and the result was amazing! 
Sleeping mask is basically a leave-on product that stays on your face overnight. However, this can also be used as emergency quick-fix mask, just apply a thick layer and wash it off after 20 mins, you will get a soft and smooth skin. This mask is also non-comedogenic, which does not clog your pores after using it. Furthermore, the mask has calming and soothing effect which reduces redness and treats blemish. 

How was the result?
The mask leave my skin dewy, luminous and smooth the next morning after application. My skin was glowing! It also reduced the redness of my pimple mark. Sorry that I do not have any before and after photo to show as you know, my morning face looks like shit. Haha!
What I like about this mask:

  • Do not cause outbreak
  • Light and non greasy (gel-like structure)
  • It hydrates my skin
  • Nice scent 
  • Soothes redness and reduces blemish because it contains Aloe Vera
*This mask is suitable for normal, sensitive to combination skin.
Oh ya, the packaging of the product is really pretty! I think I am someone who really care about how products are packaged. Their gift sets are also perfect to give to your girlfriends on special occasion 😛 
I can’t wait to try out more of their products, hopefully more reviews will be up after I try the other products. If you’re planning to try this mask out. Please do not hesitate to visit their stores in Singapore or online store:
You are able to find their retail stores at Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia!

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