I found the Saviour for my eyes!

I have high astigmatism since 5 years old, so do not be surprised seeing me in my spectacles! Astigmatism will easily cause dizziness after long hours of computer/handphone usage due to the light diffraction.  Recently I suffered from dry and irritated eyes as I had to face the computer for long hours (can be up to 12 hours a day) 🙁 I also feel that normal eye drop only helps to relieve my eyes for a short while. So, I was recommended with this product and I truly love it after trying. Please continue reading if you are facing some eye problems just like me!

You can call it eye patch, or eye pad or eye mask. It is a product that relieves eye irritation and it helps in treating presbyopia(老花), myopia (近视) and etc. The name of the product is 晶睛黄金视力眼贴 (Golden Vision Eye Pad). Yes, it is a product based in China, as all the ingredients are Traditional Chinese Medicine and the formulation was developed by TCM doctors from China. Thus, it has a strong smell of Chinese Medicine (I personally love TCM smell but if you don’t, rest assured that the smell is acceptable).

This is the big box containing 10 small boxes inside. It is cute isn’t it?!
Different small box has different cartoon on top!


One small box contains 10 pieces, one big box contains 100 pieces!!
In this decade, everyone uses phone or laptop for average of more than 3 hours per day. It can be even longer for students and working adults. I also observed that kids nowadays are provided with iPads, iPhones, tablets and all sorts of digital products. Everything is going digital, but our eyes are working really hard to adapt to the changes.
This is how the eye patch looks like! Just place them on your eyes and rest for 15 – 20 minutes!
How does it feel during application?
It leaves an icy/cold feeling after placing them on my eyes! It was really comfortable until I actually fell asleep…
Who can use it?
This eye patch can be used regardless of age and sex. My whole family is currently using this and they leave good feedbacks as well!
When to use it?
For better result, use it in the morning and night. For me, I only used it at night as I usually do not have time in the morning haha.
How long to see the result?
I have only used for few weeks and I think it truly helped in relieving my irritated eyes. To treat eye diseases, you need to use at least few months to a year to see the results. (The result varies with each individual)
How much it costs?
1 x big box (10 small boxes, total 100 packs) + free 10 pieces : $95
3 x big boxes (total 300 packs) + free 30 pieces: $220
If you want to try in smaller amount,
1 x small box (10 packs) : $13
*1 pack contains 2 pieces.
If you buy 3 boxes, it is only $0.67 per pack!!! So cheap!
This product is currently not available online or in any outlet in Singapore.
If you’re interested, do text +65 93291393 for more information!
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