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I am considered a health conscious person, but I am not overly picky on food. I will still eat Prata (my favourite!), llao llao (ok la this is considered healthier choice), fried chicken, Mac (sometimes I had no choice but this…), Ma La Hot pot and etc… Life is so pointless without good food right. 😀
I remember 7 or 8 years ago I used to buy Gardenia bread, one serving was about 168 kcal. Last week I wanted to buy the Gardenia bread again and I found out that most of the breads are more then 190 kcal!!! I was in dilemma of choosing as I preferred those high calorie ones like chocolate, butter but the calories are extremely high! But those with low calories didn’t look appetizing… *Dilemma that a girl faces* What to do? We have to be conscious about our figures and I finally discovered something useful which can help me to maintain my weight!!!

It’s a food and fitness mobile app called Crunch.

I finally found a weight management app that allows me to track the calories of my favourite hawker food!
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Crunch is a weight management calorie counting companion for everyday people. I really Iike how it introduces users to this concept of a Crunch Moment. A Crunch Moment is the few seconds of hesitation and tension when you have to make an informed choice in favour of your journey towards healthy living. So it made me realize that deciding to eat plain cendol instead of durian cendol is a Crunch Moment. Or even when I decided to put less sugar into my coffee every morning. Both scenarios are Crunch Moments – since I chose the less sinful option.
Let’s find out more about Crunch!
So many features for me to explore!


I know, I am fat.


Today I only crunched out 1 kcal?! No la, it is because I didn’t on my location service so the app couldn’t track my activities.


This app also provides articles or information regarding food and healthy lifestyle.


Okay Okay 听你的
The Crunch app is has awesome features. The features Crunch In & Crunch Out allow me to track my calorie input and output with a database of over 4,000 local dishes! Crunch also comes with a social sharing function which enables me to be an inspiration to others. What’s more, I can also treat myself with health-oriented food and fitness deals through Crunch!
One prata is worth 320 kcal? Are you serious?!


The app also suggests you on the alternatives with lower calories! Oh my god such a wonderful and thoughtful app!



I downloaded many similar applications before and trust me, this is the best among them and it is suitable for us as they provide information about the local cuisines. 
What I like about this App?
  • User friendly
  • Informative
  • Keeps me away from unhealthy food
  • Suggests alternatives with lower calories
  • Able to track my activities (how much calories I burn in a day)
Join the Crunch Community along with me today!
Download the app and add me ya! 


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